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The Clan of Merlin, Jesus, the Earth Group Soul and More. Oh My!!!

creation changes

What an astounding day in the field yesterday was!!  OK, I can truly say that every day, but yesterday was… different in its astounding-ness.  My first lady, a precious soul who has allowed me the pure gift of connection, of witnessing her personal evolution for many years now, was first on my dance card of mind boggling events.  And for her, it truly was an event, two events to be exact;  But I will get to that in a moment.

She had this frequency pattern connected from the side top of her head down to her ankles that really reminded me of the shape of a butterfly wing.  It had nothing to do with wings, it just reminded me of it (and I share that analogy to help you visualize it too.)  Within the this frequency pattern, that truly vibrated to light, enhanced only slightly by color (so I knew what I was seeing in outline) was the same exact pattern that formed the same shape, only smaller and smaller until it was just a few inches out from her body but connected into the top and bottom of her waist area.  Think like the ripple effect when you throw a pebble in a pond, except the expanding pattern from her is different, again, shaped like the outline of a butterfly wing.

I knew she had this on both sides of her body, but my visual clarity was only on her right side.  Her emotional frequency output.

It was explained to her (us) that the strongest vibration would of course be, at the point of origin, closest to her body and change… not tone down at all, but smooth out the further away it got from its origination point.

Then it was stated that the element she works with is plutonium.  We both were familiar with the word, the element, but neither of us really knew what it was.  Handy dandy googled helped us both out and this morning, I found a bit more:

Plutonium is a radioactive, silver metal that can be used to create or destroy. While it was used for destruction soon after it was made, today the element is used mostly for creating energy throughout the world.  (Taken from the Live Science website)

Plutonium is also used as a fuel in nuclear power plants and in making nuclear weapons (“atomic bombs”). The isotope used for this purpose is plutonium-239. It is used because it will undergo nuclear fission. Very few isotopes will undergo nuclear fission. (Taken from google)

As I look over the other information about plutonium, its ability to heat and cool itself this piece of information came thru for all of us to understand more deeply.  The one thing that was common in the field yesterday, was the clarity and extraordinary abilities enhanced by our emotional output.

Our emotional frequency heats up to the point of changing (think, boiling point) the more aligned we are to the energy of love in whatever we are connecting/directing that energy towards.

The heat is drawn out and it all cools down when we are anywhere near the energy of fear.

This cooling down part can be a blessing and well not so much a blessing depending on what we are focusing on.  If we are using our heart energy to manifest and we are afraid it won’t happen, there is drag on the outcome… at times to the degree, it never arrives because the energy did not heat up to the boiling point of change.

Let’s clarify this even more.  If, in a statement you say… “I am praying for…. (fill in the blank) the word “for” declares the absence of (fill in the blank) so the universe says…ohhh look, they want to remain int he absence of (whatever.)  We may not even realize the word for is where the energy of fear resides.  So it remains in the cooled off state of whatever it is (or isn’t,)

To truly partner with the universal creation energy that you are very much a part of… partnership is key.  Blending in as and with.  This also allows us to know whether it is timely or a needed delay is purposeful.  The delay can be every part of our manifestation skills as instant outcomes are.

Now let me spin this back around to my first lady yesterday.  We still had a couple minutes left in our time together and she must have looked at her clock and said, ok our time is up.  At that instant, the recording of our reading, which I physically have to press the #4 key on my phone to activate or deactivate, ended with the familiar google voice lady saying “Call recording off.”  What??  The phone is still to my ear and not displaying my phone keypad (I looked.)  I giggle to her about her instant power of creation and it happened because of her love for me.  I told her we still have several minutes left and she made the last few minutes about me, my health and my lungs.  She asked about an allergy test and wanted to donate funds to make sure I get that.  I explained to her that I am waiting for the clinics referral for a lung specialist, not an allergy test.  I had completely forgot about that referral, it has been several weeks now.  Later in the afternoon I get a call from “The Lung Doc,” sure enough, it was my referral coming thru and getting an appointment made.  November 28th I go in for a series of tests.  I emailed her immediately… because it was her plutonium butterfly winged energy that sent what I needed to me, almost instantly!!  Thank you my beautiful lady!!

Love is freakin POWER FULL!!!!

Now let me bring my man to the party.  This man i have written about several times as well, in our beginning of connections (I think 2- years ago) any time he was on my dance card, as I was dialing is number I would hear the song “Jesus Christ Superstar.”

But, before I get to his expanding story… OUR expanding story.  Let me tell you something that is now a consistency on the field when someone (not many people do) asks specifically who their “team” is.  I always use the words, your team or my team, in truth it is one collective voice that speaks and never individuated nor do I see them, unless asked to.

Several times now, we are being shown what we know as our spirit guides usually several feet above the person who is asking.  But very consistently now, the team on the ground, always in the right field of the person, is their “alchemist master(s) teachers.

With my guy yesterday, this all went to a whole other level of holy shitness!!  In the portal I was seeing his “guides” thru, they explained he is the guide and they are learning from him (and for anyone of us at the forefront of this crazy field of Light Creation, the same is true,) and behind them, they had guides helping them and then the secondary guides had a team behind them and it stretched on and on.

It was explained, what we are doing and how we are doing this, has never been done before in any created landscape of matter.  NEVER.  We have put experimental rooms together before incarnating here, Now, to practice various scenarios, working out the best possible use of energy thru matter… but anyone who has ever done meditation knows that what we experience outside of matter (in meditation) is very different when we apply the work in our day to day life.  The same is true here Now.

Now before I get to his team on the ground, I must say at the top of his head, looking very much (at first) like horns growing up and out of his head, made out of gold in a soft serve ice cream swirl pattern.  The more he and I talked (this happened before I even said ready, set go in our connection) these things grew to at least 7 feet out of his head.  Then they retracted or extended depending on his emotional out put thru our conversation.


And yes, I am (my team is, I had to look up its accuracy to be sure lol) purposely making the word… the noun “matter,” possessive.

So not surprising to me, his element is gold.  What did surprise me was seeing who was in his alchemist master field.  The spokesperson was a “wizard” (my word, not his) from the clan we know as Merlin.  What truly shocked me was who was standing next to him… Jesus, the man we know as Jesus.  And then, Jesus, with a smirk in his energy field said, YES, I am of the Clan Merlin.  WHAT?????  Well freakin holy shit, of course he would be.  This man known for turning water into wine, bread into fishies.  When he was alive and kicking on this earth, of course he had to have a master teacher, many of them actually.  Some in body, many not.

What we ALL have to realize, with any past association we have or had… even they are learning from us.  Let’s take this man we call Jesus, who lived with the earth was still so dense and dark and well, violent really.  Even he was limited in what he could do, because of the energies that was earth, then.  He didn’t have the new elements, the new platonic solids and stuff to work with.  They simply could not reside, hold form in that dense field of energy.  Which is why he left the teaser… “you will do more.”  (Ok paraphrasing there, but that is what I hear this morning so it remains in quotes.)

My third lady of the day, a beautiful virgin (never had a reading with me before) upon our field, left me astounded even more than I was already.

She was doing some crazy cartwheels in about a 15 foot radius around her center.  I could only see half of this field she was creating, the part on the right side of her field, since she was still underway doing her movements.  To be true, the energy she was doing was more like moving feet to hands, feet to hands in a single movement without the stretch of the cartwheel itself.  Hard to explain, but important to share.

What it all came down to, was she was creating her new hologram of Life, completely and fully partnered with “that which we named Gaia.”  That quoted statement was repeated many times during our connection yesterday and the reason became clear.

We tend to create everything in our likeness, including the energy, the spirit that is the earth.  We depict her as a woman, all-ways refer to her as a woman (as I am unconsciously doing here, now) and we have even given her physical attributes of human qualities.

She is not human and has no form, and is genderful (I was going to say genderless, but it was changed.  In our limited perception of ALL that IS, we pigeon holed ourselves into two genders and with that, gender specific roles.  Let that go!!

My personal mind immediately goes back to one of the audio books I listen to by Dolores Cannon, “Keepers of the Garden,” in which the Being from another universe (what we would call a highly evolved universe) stated they have 7 distinct sexes where they are.  He never explained what that is and my mind cannot even comprehend what else, beyond man and woman, there could be.  And I instantly hear from our precious energy soul (which is actually a group soul, not a single entity,) I cannot comprehend it because I am so ingrained in the two I am familiar with.  It is ingrained in every collective here on earth and now, we are going to start releasing that falsehood to allow higher truths and new forms, in.

So back to my lady and her emerging new hologram fully partnered with the soul group of the earth.  It was explained, that yes earth has many partners that work with parts of her energy, but not her fullness.  There is no need for that, the parts are as important to master and use as the whole is.  So as her half completed (to my eyes) large bubble became clearer, i realized there were what I know as longitude and latitude lines, only… much more than is normally located on the globe.  And half of her hologram bubble thing was beneath the earth and the other half above it.

Of course I had to question why only half and it was explained that putting the energy together in the spiritual.ether department is much faster than the completion of it on earth.  So the left side Physical life, in which she will experience so much more) was still in process… progress.

It wasn’t even until after our session and I went looking for a visual for her to use in meditations that even more became realized.  Let me just give you the first and then second visuals I sent to her, ignore the land mass on the first visual, there were no land mass markings on her emerging hologram bubble:

The codes of Life are still being aligned (for lack of better word) and embedded.  As I placed this picture here, the first thing I wanted to do is discount that big circle thing on the left of the image.  Nope.  There are many various intersecting points on the new grid of the earth that has various portals, vortexes, and energy surge points.  So it is as relevant to the sharing as the things that reminds me of a computer circuit board.

Thru this all, the soul of the earth stated to my precious lady that as the left side comes online, emerges into her reality, much will change in her world.  Including what she does and that the earth is already prepared for the ongoing “give back” to this lady.  The earth explained that it is (in part) a monetary give back since we live in a monetary operational world.  People often discount their need or desire for more money to be able to do more things that they desire.  Never discount what you desire and where you live (meaning, earth.)  Earth is abundant, every day, in every way.  Why not you, too??

So, on that note, have the most amazing, abundant, love filled day in all you think, do and say!!!

I love you and appreciate you more than my words can ever express.  Thank you for Being Divinely YOU!!!  (((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. YES!!! When you said Jesus was in the Merlin clan, I instantly thought about what Jesus said and then it clicked about what he meant finally understand how he said ‘you can do the same and more’ and ‘with the faith of a mustard seed you can move mountains’. So it makes alot of sense that in the density he was incarnated at the time, that the energy did not support the many things that he and we could do now, with this new energy!!! AWESOME! Thanks for sharing this and let’s get magical!!! 😉

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