Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 9, 2017

The Power Cleanse of this FUll Moon and Sun Energy Releases. Holy Freakin Cow!

Happy full moon everyone.  The moon is shining brightly in the sky as I type this out.  All I can think is how can something so beautiful, so radiant, kick up so much dirt in its presence.  This moon’s light is less a shower of light and much more like a firehose on at full force of light, cleansing out as much as it can thru the entire planet.  Of course where there is a deep cleanse there is also a refueling of finer energies, but man oh man, I am waiting to feel that part of it all!! lol

To say I am stressed out like a mad woman these days, huge understatement!!  I have truly forgotten how heavy being human can feel in times of great stress.  I have not felt this energy since 2012-13, not to this intense degree.  Of course, I have not felt like I bit off more than I can chew since moving into the Jemez in 2012, financially speaking.  I know with crystal clarity, this is my big cleanse.  Those darn dust bunnies that have been hiding in the deep recesses of my mind, my world, untouched for years, are now being power cleansed and have moved to the forefront.

We all having something big that is coming up for its big dance, its last dance (if we allow it.)  Mine has always been money, the root of ever suicide attempt I ever made, minus when I was 13 and it the well filled up with the loss of my grandmother.

I became well aware of breaking my number one rule yesterday and I have to laugh because I just put the reasons why in my information for the Into the Void workshop.  Stay out of expectation: “I do not wish to feed your expectations, because that simply breeds disappointment, which gives way to failure to achieve the ultimate goal.”

What creates our expectations… desire??  Needs?  Past experience?  All of it?? For me, it is all of it.

Unless today is the very first time you are reading my sharings, you know I have been working my ass off to get the Nation of Lights up and running since the end of March when I hired my first webmaster.  If it all had only been an online thing, this would all be a non issue for me.  But nooooooo… along comes the landscape and spirit wanting a physical place to start working together from.  Something I swore I would never ever do again after the closure of The Wonder of You and the downscaled Soul Center in VA.  I have no desire to be part of such a big project.  But F**k, when spirit asks… freakin haunts you to get something done… I get something done, whether I want this or not.

Of course, when this energy/spirits desire was presented, I still had $15,000 left from the sale of my mother’s home, which was originally supposed to be my safety net for the rest of the year.

Of course, I do what I do best, bitch to spirit.  Why not tell me this, give me a hint on this in April so I could do things differently, planned the money differently.  But nooooooo, lets wait until I am content with all that took place, including living in one hell of an expensive state/area.  I shook in my shoes moving into the Jemez where my rent was $695 a month and my income at that time (transitioning out of doing message and only doing readings) was barely enough to cover the rent, forget the electric and all the monthly bills that go with living in a house (as opposed to an apartment.)  Now my rent is $1195 plus bills, but at least my car is paid off, so that $400 a month can be funneled into the rent and it breaks even.  I am ok and with my daughters occasional income, we will be fine here and I freakin LOVE this place, this area, everything about this I love.

One stroke of the pen and my cushion became torn and the filling, now gone.  I was leaning heavily into Howard’s enthusiasm and reassurance, not ever realizing he was all talk and just siphoning money (with my ok, I am as responsible for this depletion as anyone outside of me.)  So $2000 is now considered bad debt, he ignored an email requesting some of that money back.  The things he said I needed for the site will not refund the money.  It’s ok… I am still breathing.  Got me a workaholic rockstar of a webmaster, which creates new debt, we won’t even talk about the ongoing debt to make the website functional in all quadrants.  It’s ok, I am still breathing, occasionally hyperventilating, but breath is breath lol.

Not only did I get the gift of howard, enter my friend and what was supposed to be my bookkeeper.  Her greatest gift has been understanding with ultimate clarity the details and need for the Into the Void workshop.  And how amazingly different we are in person over lengths of time together, than we are for moments together on the internet.

My break even point with the site and the center is 60 paid members.  That just pays cost, not my webmaster nor myself, just cost of functioning.  I knew it would take a while to get to there but… (I so cannot help but laugh at myself) I expected at least 10-20 members thru the announcement via my blog.  I have put $300 workshops together (going back on past experience) that would be over filled in a day.  So surely, 10-20 is not an unreasonable expectation (silly, silly me!!!  I freakin KNOW BETTER!!!)  Past experience, desire and need all mushed together in my human suit!! lol

Before I went to sleep that soft launch day, the membership site thingie said we had 8 members.  I was grateful, so freakin grateful… this is going to work!!  Until I woke up the next morning, even more excited cuz now we had 20 members and realized there are two options, free and paid and all are listed together. all but 3 (now 4) were free members (67 free.)  Ohhhh I could feel the stress avalanche starting and free fell thru the rest of the day (cannot say I am out of it yet, but I am really getting clearer on cleaning my own inner house this morning.)

I crack myself up, I really thought I would get a free pass (just like that massive change energy last spring/summer) with this clearing moon.  I was clear… or so I thought!!  Dammit I still cannot walk on water and right now, not sure I would be successful walking on ice cubes, the fires of my leo stress would melt them instantly!!

So yesterday, I am walking around, aimlessly most of the day, demanding spirit give me some sort of sign that I am not totally off my rocker, have not completely miss heard, miss felt the energy of creation with this monstrosity I am now carrying called The Nation, even as I went to sleep last night.  I am breaking here, I just need a sign, a sign that I have not made a major wrong turn in this world.

Jezuz Christ if I didn’t wake up at exactly 5am (the energy of change) this morning with something dancing in my hair.  I really thought it was spirit… until I realized it was a freakin COCKROACH!!!  Holy shit, it just seemed to drop into my hair and dance.  Thank god it fell onto my pillow and stayed there until I walked it outside and shook it off into the yard.  WTF????  I have not so much as seen a cockroach here nor in Florida, the home of cockroaches…. and I wake up with one in my freakin hair!!  This is NOT a good way to start a day.

Until I looked up cockroach thru my go to site of totem info:


Cockroach teaches the art of adaptability and ultimate survival instincts under any conditions making this creature an emotional and spiritual shape shifter. He will teach perseverance and tenacity along with going with the flow of events. Cockroach applies determination and fortitude to survive in any event. The wisdom of Cockroach teaches how to keep in touch with the world around you, shows how to strengthen vitality and quickness of movement, ability to discern when and how to move, and make use of available resources. Are you looking into the recesses of your spirit for answers? Are digging deep enough to find what is hidden? Are you adapting to recent circumstances as well as you could? It time for Cockroach to teach the art of adapting and finding what is hidden.

No I am not adapting, I am falling back into old energy patterns where money and stress are concerned.  Being brought to the geyser like flow thru people and events at the ground level.  Spirit is good like that.  Freakin spirit!!!

mr bunnyLet’s couple this cockroach disgusting way to get a message out with a conversation I had yesterday with the Nations resident Bunny and his former owner.  Mr Bunny has an amazing, completely humbling back story.

The guy who gave him to me only had him a few years, he came with the boy he adopted several years ago.  He explained to me that his son had rescued this very bunny about 5 years prior to his adoption with the man.  The family the boy was living with had a dinner event where it was a “bring your own meat” kind of dinner party.  Some guy came to the party with this rabbit who was going to be slaughtered and made into dinner meat.  This young boy cried and tantrumed long enough that obviously the bunny did not become dinner but his pet.

When this man explained to me on first meeting that his son could no longer have the rabbit in his life (the boy is now 19, lives on his own and cannot have a bunny) and if he could stay with the property, I told the man, as long as our landlord does not charge me a pet deposit, of course he can.  I called my landlord and he waived the pet deposit in the interest of the bunny.

I was drawn into that rabbit’s heart field instantly.  To the degree I could not help but feel into the needs and desire of that bunny and provide for it.  Got it fresh veggies and even tho I am standing guard over every penny now, he needed a new pen, he needed out of the shed and seclusion and put near the earth.  I got him a new pen with joy and gratitude that I could.  And let me tell you, after feeling his joy yesterday when we transferred him to his new condo under a shade tree, I would do it again in an instant.

I had not even thought about looking up the energy of a bunny until this morning, and I have to smile:


Movement in life, fertility, sensitive, artistic, plan for possibilities, check what is in motion now, move carefully in work or play, allows for taking advantage of brief chances available. Is it time to observe and watch or time to make leaps? Rabbit can teach you how to plan and helps in setting them in motion. How are you eating habits? Perhaps you need to increase your vegetable intake? Rabbit is a joy so enjoy the movement at this time.

He was fully liberated yesterday… that is a word that was used repeatedly on my facebook when I showed the pictures of him in his new home.  Spirit was able to sneak a peek thru my stressed out head and say… that is exactly what the Nation serves too, full liberation from the mundane stress into full freedom of it, if allowed and applied properly.

So, I am now taking the same exact approach when I found out I had stage 3c melanoma cancer.  What is the worst that can happen… with the cancer, I became so free when I realized it was death.  With this, is it homeless.  I have been there many times before, I can do it again it that is my path because nothing will ever take away my self-starter energy and that is my strength in this, I can and will begin again anywhere, anytime.  I would rather die doing/creating something than live doing/creating nothing at all!!

Before I close I had to check out to see if the sun is playing a part in this.  But freakin of course it is!!!

SOLAR FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Big sunspot AR2665 erupted on July 9th at 0318 UT, producing an M1.3-class solar flare.  (2665 is a 19 vibration, new beginnings and full completeion, but also a 1.. new beginnings in totality.  2-duality ~ 66 full on soul partnership ~ 5 change.  Appropriately named!! lol)

MINOR GEOMAGNETIC STORM: A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm occurred during the opening hours of July 9th as Earth made first contact with an incoming stream of solar wind. The storm has subsided now, but NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of additional storms during the next 24 hours.

All houses are being powerwashed on earth, from sun to moon and I am sure many other things in between.  Hold on tight, know your strengths, stay there and dance like there is no tomorrow!!

By the way, I will be closing down my current site before the 23rd (when it bills out again) and everything I do will be thru the Nation from here on out!

Thank you for giving me the space to vent and process, I pray it is as clearing for you today as it is for me.  I love you all so freakin much!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of power cleansing and liberation thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

My new link to book readings is now here:

July Special:  All Reading purchased thru today and the rest of July includes One Month Paid Membership in the Nation!!

Also, Any paid membership in the Nation receives one free 15 minute reading!!!  Hopefully the link to schedule the free reading is in the Nation’s confirmation email, if not, just hit up the reschedule zone please and let us know.  We are tweaking as fast as we can!!  Just click here:

P.S. We made a major change to the information available thru the Nation.  The “Information Portal” is now available thru free or paid members.  This gives you an opportunity to look around, especially in the member only (free and paid) Information Portal to see if you resonate with the information.  It is all the backbone of any and all courses I am or will be presenting.



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  5. “I really thought it was spirit… until I realized it was a freakin COCKROACH!!! Holy shit, it just seemed to drop into my hair and dance. Thank god it fell onto my pillow and stayed there until I walked it outside and shook it off into the yard. WTF???? I have not so much as seen a cockroach here nor in Florida, the home of cockroaches…. and I wake up with one in my freakin hair!! This is NOT a good way to start a day.

    Until I looked up cockroach…”


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