Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 7, 2017

Shifting Thru the Shit!! Welcome to July!!

Man oh man, mama Gaia is releasing some pressure all in the same timespace.  The Philippines had a 6.9 earthquake yesterday, Montana had a 5.8, costa Rica has a lava spewing volcano and three others spewing ash (how did such a tiny island get so many active volcanos, holy shit even!! lol)  Mama is doing her thing tho, that is clearly apparent!!  And we haven’t even reached the full moon energies fully, yet, 2 more days!!

There is a massive energy of CHANGE in the air and most everyone is not only feeling it, and experiencing it to some degree in their lives.  That is always a good thing, a god thing, how we handle any aspect of it… well, that is building what we would call our future life, post (sept) equinox!!  The Titanic has officially hit the glacier and that icy clear water is spilling into every compartment of every life.  Sink or swim time, this ship comes without lifeboats!!

I had come across an article about this full moon several days ago, sadly the information that tripped my trigger about it got changed and it no longer reads like it did several days ago… but is still worth a look at for this incoming moon energy:

Full Moon 9 July 2017 Ice Breaker

It’s kind of funny, the information that I originally read in the post talked about how out of control the energies are going to feel and affect so many relationships.  All that info got really toned down as I skimmed it over this morning looking to pull some of the info I read into quotes here.

Maybe her readers thought it too harsh (assuming here, as I do not know the author in any way nor the intent of why it changed) but it does tie in with something I am witnessing from the sidelines…. but let me circle back to my beginnings first.

Healing.  Purposely changing our energy field.  Raising our vibration/frequency.  All the same thing really, just different ways of saying it.  In my beginnings the huge emphasis was on owning your shit and shifting it.  99% of the time, we do not even realize what our shit is, so when you put yourself into a declaration of change, of healing, spirit is really really REALLY good at calling us all out on our shit.  It is the only way we can change and own our dysfunction and change it.

In my beginnings and what so many other told me in that beautiful training ground I grew up in, I was told that if you hear positive things, it’s your ego, your guides are not going to sing praises to you.  For the first few months, in meditation and out of meditation, man oh man, did I get called out on my shit time after time.  It was so disheartening to know I created every freakin dysfunction in my world because of… (too much shit to even list.)  That said, I started creating new habits, new ways of being in my world, flushing toilet after toilet after toilet.  Several months into this shit show (smile) one of my guides started to tell me what a good job I was doing at changing.  Instantly remembering that our guides would never puff us up with compliments, I shut her down instantly.  The good part of that was I instantly realized I have the power to block their energy from my own.   I had no idea I came equipped with shutting spirit up!!  She wouldn’t shut up in her praise, so I got out of the tub, paced a while, I was sure my ego is having a field day, then went back in later to connect once more.  Jill came in from a different angle.  She asked me, if a child in school is working hard at getting good grades and applying whatever the teacher is teaching, do you not think that teacher should praise the child so they will strive to do more??  Well… no.  I was told you will never give me praise and if you do, it’s my ego!!  I laugh at myself now, but then, I believed it with all my heart.

I think we have shifted now to the other extreme.  Spirit never calling us out on our shit and if it seems they are, it is our ego.  The opportunity to change, completely lost, personally responsibility blamed on the ego.

God bless our egos, it gets the rap for everything we think is wrong or even, right!!!

You will know it is spirit because they will use words and phrases you never use and usually have to look up.  This happens in readings, a lot!!  And let me tell ya, spirit is not bashful about calling us out on our shit and then haunting us until we start to change what they have addressed.  Best to just address it yourself, it easier that way.  Take it from one who experienced it (and continues to, tho nowhere near as intense as the early years) both ways!!  That river of DeNile invites many friends.

Then again, personal responsibility is not the easiest thing to apply.  We have been so programmed to blame something else for our inner issues.  It was my mother, my father, my childhood, this trauma, that trauma and in the end… those were simply the outcomes and often times, the fertilizer of the root of it all.  If our dysfunction never grew in our life, what would be the point of being here in a land so dualistic in its creation??  But we grew it, us, our own self, not anything external.  The outside world is just there for amplification for better or worse.  And absolutely yes, spirit will find a way to get that message to you, one way or another.  Don’t blame the ego, it is not as much of a troublemaker as we give it energy to be!!

This full moon is truly shaking up the miasms.

Ok, got all that out.  It had been in my face since I woke up this morning.  That was not my intention for today’s sharing.  All I wanted to do was talk about the Launch of the Nation of Lights website!!

So now, to my regularly scheduled program (giggle.)  The Nation of Lights is now LIVE!!  

There is so much to it and I want to introduce you to some parts that may go unnoticed.  At the top of the page, there are several links, one being “Information Portal,” that will take you into a ton of free (no paid membership required) information to understand the body, our DNA, kundalini, and so much more.

Down at the bottom of the page, is an “About” link that will tell you what the Nation of Lights is and what makes up the membership part of the website. That area includes the same video I am going to include here at the end of this sharing.

There are two buttons that hold similar information.  The Calendar allows you to see at a glance, what days are holding what events (just scroll over the date.)  The Events section gives you the clear detail about what the events are.

The membership section can be free or paid.  The Paid memberships ($48 per month) include all courses, classes, workshops, anything we do online together.  There is no additional fee for our online learning.  Anything that is done in person, and there is now a lot added, just look under Services and all members receive 50% off or more of in person fees.

We are in the midst of integrating a member chat room, so that everyone can talk and share and post any challenges they are experiencing.  Hopefully within the next day or two that will be live.  We are simply looking over options that will fit our needs and of course, the cost of those options.

I have received several emails (enough for me to address this concern) about the cost of membership.  I really understand not understanding the enormous cost involved in running an efficient online classroom that allows for full interaction at all times.  Even the ability to offer a membership costs me money every month.  My desire is to get enough consistent members that the events at the Retreat Center can be free for paid members.  We will get to that… eventually!!

We will also be implementing a referral plan.  When 3 paid members sign up thru you, you get a month membership free.  (Just working out the kinks there right now.)

Also, thru the entire month of July, anyone signing up as a paid member will receive a FREE 15 minute reading with me.  Membership is $48 and my 15 minute reading is $49, I am paying you a buck to come play with us!!  Also, Anyone purchasing a 15 minute reading today thru July 31st, will get a FREE month membership in the Nation.  Win / Win!!!

There is a lot more I am working to implement, just figuring it out in my head and in my personal life too, especially in person.  Which will always be videotaped and uploaded, so even if you cannot make the in person event, you will still have access to anything that was covered.  Some of the in person events (Like the August 5-6th weekend) will be online as well as live in person.

Another thing I want to make clear when it comes to overnight events at the Retreat Center, especially for the Into The Void workshop.  All food and drinks will always be provided, but not the cook.  lol  Breakfast and lunch is a do it yourselfer.  My daughter will be preparing the bigger dinner meals for us, but not for all occasions.  The in person group thing is to really learn to Be together, to work together, to harness our energies together… and well cooking together is a huge way too.  Our food becomes imbued by our energy (for better or worse) and is a teaching tool as well.

And let me promise you, harnessing harmony at the ground level is very different and much more challenging than doing it online.  Holy shit even!!

We also have a facebook page that is open to everyone.  Please join us there as well!!  This will be a great place for nonmembers to talk to members and vice versa.  Keeping in mind, even our facebook page is a work in progress, so bare with its bare bones at the moment.

Starting today, I am going to be publishing all of my blogs on the Nations website, for this week I am going to be publishing in both places as everyone that is signed up for the blogs to come to their email transitions and signs up thru the Nation (and yes, that is free!!)  Forgive me for not putting a link to the RSS feed, I am not sure where it is at the moment lol.  I am learning too!!!

Anyway, my day is beginning and I am doing readings at the Center today.  So please enjoy looking thru the new site, I would really love your feedback on the facebook page for the Nation, pro’s and con’s.

I love you all and am as scared shitless as I am excited about this new, expanded adventure we are in!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of love and new energies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Today thru July 31st, book a 15 minute reading and we will give you One Full Free Month of Membership in the Nation!!!

Lets make easy schedule appointments for 15 Minute Reading using this link











  1. Wow Lisa! I can’t imagine all the work you have done to pull all the new offerings together!!!!! You are an inspiration. Good for you! Good luck! many Blessings

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    • Thank you for acknowledging that, today, I cannot tell you how appreciated you are!! Thank you!! ((((HUGZ))))


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  3. Woo HOO!!!! :

    from $225.00

    (2+ hours) $225 Members or $450 Non-Members

    4 Hours One on One with Lisa (you choose the why… personal training, energy work, finding the entry to the void, etc)
    $299 or $599.

    from 124.88
    $999 (members) or $1999 (non-members)

    “Shifting Thru the Shit!!

    I have received several emails (enough for me to address this concern) about the cost of membership. I really understand not understanding the enormous cost involved…”



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    “Into The Void workshop…$1999 (non-members)”



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