Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 10, 2017

The Tree Of Life, Reborn, With the Lions Gate Passage!!

I should have realized there was a reason spirit seemed to be jumping over the energies of July all the way thru June.  The readings focused on what was happening in June then the 8/8 Lion’s Gate.  I had no real clue what the energy fields of July would be like or even present, that is, until yesterday.  Of course, I was hoping for such a smooth ride that the details of the month was unneeded in detail or understanding.  Yeah right!!  More like, I think if we really knew, we would have slept thru July and just woke up in August!! lol

In one of the readings last month, I remember her reading starting out with a song clip “fire in the sky” and then a single fire/bon fire about 20 feet above the ground over her field.  Since she was the one and only, I didn’t dive much deeper than that for understanding beyond her reading.  Silly me!!

I had 3 readings scheduled for Saturday and I assumed I was simply too stressed out to read, cuz I could not lift the energy high enough within myself to connect.  I rescheduled everyone to Sunday with a promise I would work thru my own shit so I do not do this to them again.

My first lady on both days was an ET reading.  I had attempted an ET reading last week and got a big red X in the ET zone with the information stating that the energies bouncing around earth are too high for clear transmission.  I kinda wish they had said, but wait, those energies are going to get higher as we move deeper into July…. but nooooo!!!  I truly live by the rule “forewarned is forearmed!!!” lol

So as I tried to connect to the ET field, there was a huge bonfire in their communication area, which happens to be the far back and right of the yard, above the treetops.  I knew there would be no connection for her this day.  That said tho, it was far from a total loss, quite the opposite really.  Her soul light and the ET’s who lay in wait for their time with her, gave us a stunning, if not completely intimidating (to me anywayz) view of the full scale of July.  Let me present a humble image of what was shown (thru all three readings yesterday) and the information that came thru it all:


Like I said, humble!! lol  There are 5 bonfire like flames that make up the straight part of the U shape on either side, and 4 that make up the curve.  Nine are a combination of purification fires as well as the fires of passion.  The white ones are crystalline fires.  All of the  crystal fires had little specs inside them, that became understood they represent seeds.  The last orange flame and the first white flame represent the end of July and the beginning of August.  It was also made clear this system began the day prior on July 8th and concludes on August 8, what we call the Lions Gate.

Let’s first really understand these fires, which are all individuated, and serving the whole of the energy system as well.  Each one of the 7 are purification fires.  When I receive information this big thru a reading, I will share it on facebook just to get it out and shared and kind of like bookmark the information for the next day’s blog.  A wonderful soul asked what purification meant, was it a physical purification?  The reply to her is so important for all of us to clearly and fully understand!

It is the debris field of our ego’s perception of itself.

The ego’s perception of itself.  That’s freakin huge!!  The ego is an amazing thing and loves to see itself as perfect in all ways.  Of course, it is, but not really at all either.  Let’s take some time to really understand this, cuz July is filled with the energy.

Do you take full personal responsibility for the life you are living or are you blaming someone else, or outside conditions/events for whatever you created.  The other side of the coin, are you owning the greatness that is your life or giving your power away to someone else for living it/having created it for you?  Both are disempowering.  Both set up conditions outside oneself for it to either continue on (blame) or fall apart as soon as the conditions are no longer in one’s life (giving someone else the credit.)

I can pull on my own current situation to the later of the two examples.  I have used my mother’s money to do as much good as I was capable of doing with it, including creating this new website as well as the Retreat Center.  Even, the life I am currently living.  To the degree that I made sure money was put aside to sustain me.  I have not lived like that once in my whole life and here I am, fully dependent on my mothers energy/money to keep me going.  As it runs out, I am in panic mode.  Was.  I am not any longer, I worked my inner ass off yesterday!!

I can even bring myself to the top side of the coin, blaming spirit for not giving me a heads up of what was desired BEFORE I left Florida.  I would have shipped my furnishing to Texas instead of spend thousands of dollars replacing everything I had in Florida.

This blame game weakens the energy fields of the whole.  Not just myself, but the whole of life.  Can you imagine that what is inside of you, that can appear so frivolous and personal, affects the whole at every moment???

As I came out of the fires yesterday, I realized everything that I have experienced, especially these last several weeks, was the most perfect storm to push me, eyes wide open, into the purification fires, and that is only the first bonfire!!

Once you resolve one fire, IF you resolve one fire, the energy turns from purification into a heightened passion.  Again, using my own self as the example, I not only got to a state of understanding my issues and the reasons why everything unfolded as (perfectly) as they did, I Am grateful for it all, the chaos that is.  The shakeout!! lol

The second fire I am in right now is something that has been my lifetime issue.  Money.  But not like one would think, I feel no lack of it, I do not dream of millions, maybe I think, the word would be sustainablity.  The parallel analogy I am getting is like air.  Air is always around us, abundant and therefore the in breath.   So is money.  So is everything in life.  We have been programmed since birth to KNOW air is our birthright, breath in, there it is, nourishing our body.  Not once in all my life did I ever worry about the quality of air I was breathing in, or that it may one day become unbreathable.  Even with all the outward conditions in life, the smog fields in various cities, my consciousness knows I can filter the air to make it pure for me.

Money is the very same way.  It is abundant and all around us at all times.  We just hold our breath and see lack or incoming lack and therefore… well, we experience no money or the lack thereof.  Is it any wonder that 1 percent of the world’s population holds the majority of money.  You think they are stockpiling because of greed… not really.  They are taking in the programming of the entire field.  We continue to relinquish our share back to them and then bitch because they are holding more than their share.  We are such funny creatures and god knows, we love to blame others for our energized lack (of anything.)  By blaming, we give to them freely and usually find ourselves in more lack.  And this applies to anything and everything, not just money.

Here is a little news alert, until the vast majority (of all collective consciousnesses) clear our personal fields around money, it will continue to be that way.  This is a major lesson on earth.  We cannot wish it away, or pray it away, but dive deep inside of ourselves and change it, change us from the inside out and NEVER the other way around!!

After I published my blog  yesterday, I got on my mower and started cutting the grass.  Pondering as well as listening to the audiobook (for the second time) Between death and life.. by Dolores Cannon.  I was pondering the cockroach being dropped on my head and dancing in my hair to wake me up.  I remembered my Terminix days (I worked for them for 2 years, eventually becoming a branch manager) and bug school.   Cockroaches make full use of their immune systems.  Chemicals that kill them today most likely won’t work tomorrow.  The moment they are sprayed, the entire roach population starts developing what we know as antibodies against that poison.  This is why they are pretty much the only creatures that have survived the dinosaur age!

Think about that for a moment, the entire collective of cockroaches change because of the few willing to go into the fires and start the process.  Granted, there are those rebels of cockroaches that will not get it, they are too deep in their own story to realize its a whole story and they will continue to be killed by various pesticides that the rest of the population is immune to.  For the human, that is the greatest reflection of the ego there is.  Arrogant!!

Let’s talk about that word, rebel.  The soul itself is a major rebel, when allowed.  But it is a rebel for the greater good and will sacrifice itself for the betterment of others.  The ego, in its rebellion will sacrifice the All for its survival and material perception of comfort.

Knowing (within oneself) the difference, is key.  But let me promise you, there is a fire burning for that right now.  Whatever “that” is!!

So, yeah, I jumped into the money fires (smile) for the greater good.  Hell, if spirit asked me to go into the middle of traffic, drop my pants and take a shit in the middle of the highway… I will pace and pump myself up/find my bravery to do it… and eventually… do it, without understanding why.  Cuz the one thing I know for sure, spirit will ask us to do many thing without explanation.

Which brings me to another fire lol, expectation.  Which I know I am still flicking embers off myself.  There are two sides to expansion (well maybe many more but let’s look at two.)  Expectation based on past events.  Whether the past event was perceived good or bad, we are remembering it (even if unconsciously) and anticipating the same moving into anything that may be similar in our lives.  In this scenario we do not allow for the new, but create events that bring to our faces that this is not the same.  And when something is in our face, it rarely smells or tastes pleasing lol.  The other side of the coin (one I am still working thru) is expecting others to be like you.  All of my life, if I see a need that I can assist with, I jump in and assist in whatever way I can.  That is just a core to my energy signature.  There are many still getting themselves to this place, and they tend to only focus on their own needs and desires without the first thought of others.  We can contort our own energy field by expecting anyone else to behave as we do.

How often do we get ourselves in a tizzy because we are asking a person (be it a spouse, a child, a friend, a co-worker, etc) to help with… fill in the blank and they just don’t, nor even think to and our minds, ego’s that are designed for survival, goes into an inner (or outer) bitchfest because someone is not behaving like you would or want/need them to.  It drains the entire pool of energies doing this!!

Surrender and removal is key!!  Surrender to yourself that this situation is not going to change and then find a way to remove yourself from it.

Well, this sharing went in directions I wasn’t planning!! lol  Before I give you a novella to read, I think we can say we understand the fires??  Not one soul is left out of these fires, this is not only planetary… per my lady’s ET team, it is everywhere, multidimensionally and celestially too.  ALL of Life is changing.

I don’t fully understand yet the 4 fires that make up the arch of the U but they are counted as 4, a cycle of completion on earth.  I have a deep feeling this is where the final choice lays… but until I know that for sure… today it is an assumption (and spirit is not giving me a yay or nay on it either, dammit.)

What was stated yesterday tho, that even tho this looks like a U think of it as a boomerang energy.  Delving into the deepest emotional fields of all incarnations ever held on earth and bringing to the fires any remnants left untended.  9 degrees of hell (lol, sorry that was my thought of the fires and my processing.)

The crystalline fires start the solidification process based on the 9 fires of July.  The crystalline energies hold all the seeds of what was done/released and what wasn’t.  You/we are either going back into the wheel of major challenges before departing this incarnation… or entering the temple of god (which would be you, not outside you.) Actually, let me reverse that, the temple of god enters you, pure, clear, untainted by the past programming,   The tree of Life reborn.  Those choosing the mantel of major challenges will serve as fertilizer for the new tree.  To witness what was released and vow to never return it to this realm.  As with all fertilizer, use with gratitude, but do not consume it!!

I was going to close here for the day, but nope, spirit…. God wants to make a point very clear (as I just added god enters you above.)

We all have the godspark inside of us.  It is impossible not to, it is the only Source of Life that Is.  That spark allows for life, allows for moment in life, allows for all the basic requirements of being in life.  That spark is also what enhances our magnetic field of creation.  It does not matter if we are still seeing god as separate from us, in other things, an old man in the sky on a throne waiting to cast us into hell… The only thing those perceptions do is create the reality you are in.  No one, no thing, can cast god out and no one is godless.

That said, why settle for a spark when we have the ability to fill the entire container with the full on Presence, life force of creation.  This really is the full on point of what we call our spiritual journey.  It is not about how many spiritual abilities we can uncover (tho, they naturally become uncovered with more LifeSource running thru our veins,) how much knowledge we can possess in this realm.

It is only and always about being Self Responsible.  Changing what we can within ourselves, asking for help from others when it’s needed (cuz god is not just hanging out in one and many have a good container filling.)  And assisting the All in all we do, say and think.  All this, frees the ego from the (self-imposed) bondage of survival and fear of not surviving.  The ego is a treasure when fully empowered within the GodHead!!

Don’t wait to be pushed into the fires, jump now!!

sun holeOhhh, before I close, let’s look at the sun today:  SOLAR FLARE AND RADIO BLACKOUT: Sunspot AR2665 has grown into a behemoth almost as wide as the planet Jupiter: movie. Stretching more than 125,000 km from end to end and containing dozens of dark cores.   …”This is the biggest sunspot of 2017 so far,” says Desypris.

Use this image in your meditations to jump into the depths of your fires to purify and become impassioned as you exit!!  If you do not feel impassioned, you have not finished the work!!!  Keep going!!

Added note (after publishing.)  This is the first of 3 major choice points we are all in.  The one occurring now, the one that will occuring thru the Solar Eclipse on 8/22 then the final one at the equinox of 9/22.  The word I hear is “Refining, refining, refining.”

With ohhh so much love, clarity and union from and thru the heart of God thru each other!!  (((((HUGZ))))))

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. ❤ So much love to you, Lisa… and all the blessings I can send.

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    • Thank you and back atcha love!! (((HUGZ)))))


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  3. Lovely new picture ❤ REALLY nice and well done web page, wow!!


  4. Thank you, Lisa. The first thing I noticed when I opened my curtains and looked outside today was a van going by with the word “Fire Escape 3333”. Later on I was even instructed to read your blog first. Now I see why. Everything you have put out there resonate with me.
    Thank you and Blessings for the Nation Of Lights. Looking forward to being a paid member soon. I/we love you dearly! 🙂 ❤

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  5. […] came across an interesting article by Lisa Gawlas today where she touches upon the energies between July 8th (Full Moon in Capricorn) and August 8th […]


  6. […] came across an interesting article by Lisa Gawlas today where she touches upon the energies between July 8th (Full Moon in Capricorn) and August 8th […]


  7. “So, yeah, I jumped into the money fires (smile) for the greater good. Hell, if spirit asked me to go into the middle of traffic, drop my pants and take a shit in the middle of the highway… I will pace and pump myself up/find my bravery to do it… and eventually… do it, without understanding why.”

    Hilariously enough, this is what you’ve ALREADY BEEN DOING, all along….”taking (rather large) shits” in the middle of our collective Earth Ascension “Highway”…always slowing down our progress….

    ..the HIGH-way that we lightworker groundcrew Forerunners (aka Ascension Team) have been clearing for you all, over and over again.

    The GOOD news, is that we Galactic Lightworkers have now lifted your (ever-shitting) asses SO HIGH in Frequency, that I see/hear my lessons to you now finally coming out of *your* mouth — whereas in the past I was saying all this to you, and you were arguing back at me (your mirror), projecting onto me your angry angst and politely and sarcastically telling me to get lost and go to hell.

    Because, how could I possibly *know* you? — you would spout…

    What you will discover, is at the Ascended Master levels, you KNOW all others, better than they know themselves.

    Because you continually experience, BEING ALL ONE.


    • My greatest hope for you Keira is that one day, maybe another lifetime from now… you can share your point of view without this insatiable need to tear someone else down to do so. That is the epitome of an ego (aka false light) and you display it so well!! Thank you.


      • I don’t know, but if someone kept crapping in my garden, I’d be tempted to lock the gate.

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  8. Like

  9. “As I came out of the fires yesterday, I realized everything that I have experienced, especially these last several weeks, was the most perfect storm to push me, eyes wide open, into the purification fires, and that is only the first bonfire!!

    Once you resolve one fire, IF you resolve one fire, the energy turns from purification into a heightened passion.”


    I AM, the crystallizing, purifying *Fire*!!!!


  10. 🔥 I AM *ALL* FIRES, contained in ONE…. 🔥


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