Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 7, 2017

The Field and the Amber Colored Tape Holding It/Us Together!

amber sheild

What strange times we are in!!  I personally feel like I am on the wildest roller coaster ride, good think I love roller coasters!!  But not necessarily as a way of life, thank you very much!! lol.

My dentist appt went well, I completely forgot to get pictures taken of my mouth stuffed with goo.  The check out receptionist applied a 10% discount to the cost of the dentures and the removal of teeth, saving me $355.  I was grateful, well, still am!!

Since my antenna’s crashed halfway thru the day on Thursday, I rescheduled the two ladies who I couldn’t read for, to yesterday after I got back from the dentist.  These are indeed strange days we are in!!!!!!  I arrived late for the appointments, traffic was hell getting back.  But alas, we were going to get a peek into this wildly changing field… or so I thought.

I cranked myself out into the field and immediately went to WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??  Spirit usually uses a red X when the field is unviewable, yesterday it was as if the moment I cranked it out, they (spirit) started stretching this cellophane looking amber tape across the field, first in an X formation, then they kept going until the entire field was blocked by this crazy tape.  There was such an oddness to this tape, it looked… used??  It was wrinkled and crinkled and amber in color, not a see thru amber either.  And why give the image of like scotch tape?  What the hell does that even mean.  I know spirit uses images very particularly and never without a reason, but used amber-colored scotch tape??

Usually, and only god knows what’s usual anymore, amber in a reading reflects something old, taking it from the actual petrified plant resin that creates amber.  But why use it in this way?  No reply was given.  Maybe I was so in my head trying to figure this new presentation of the closed to viewing field that I didn’t hear the truth (which can only be heard from the heart, not the mind.)

I actually googled what creates amber and now I see a larger reason for using this image/color:

Amber is the fossilized resin from ancient forests. Amber is not produced from tree sap, but rather from plant resin. This aromatic resin can drip from and ooze down trees, as well as fill internal fissures, trapping debris such as seeds, leaves, feathers and insects.

The sticky side of the tape was facing inside of the emerald city, the crinkled up surface kept all the old energy out, as much as it could anywayz.  But the sticky surface, the Light, OUR LIGHT is what is sticking and become solidified… as we go.  We just need to hold ourselves together… TOGETHER!!

I think as my day cascaded, we really got to see the bigger message, and again, I only understand this more clearly this morning.  I am sure I go to life understanding school when I pass out at night.

On Friday, my balloon equity loan was a done deal.  They emailed me all the final paperwork I need to sign, then it was a matter of setting up an appointment this week to close it out and it would be funded by the 13th of March.  My loan guy called me yesterday just before my first appt, he wanted to know why there was a 3 month delay in the atty filing the share/lease papers for Stonehedge, I had no idea.  There was also some other wording in that paperwork that needed to be addressed, I forget the word, but it means you have filed for building permits and construction… I never did that.  By the time my mother signed everything over to me, all the work on this home was already done and I never even thought of building permits.

I called the office to inquire… bad idea!!  The property manager told me that the association does not allow anyone to get a home equity loan. What???  Don’t even tell me that!!  I tried to explain to him that they are not using the “share” I own in this crazy community as equity, only the mobile home itself… doesn’t matter.  So now my loan guy has a call into the atty that represents this community and I sit having a nervous breakdown.  I just gave every cent I had to my dentist, $3600 to be exact, nonrefundable.  Not that I want any of it refunded, I just want this work done, period.  The good news I suppose is that I realized that I cannot wear my bottom dentures for 2 weeks after the extractions and they only do extractions on fridays.  So we scheduled the work to be done on March 30th, after my Marco Island trip.  So I have time to play with.

Scotch tape… usually used to hold something together that is falling apart.  Amber, old old energy solidified (or is that, petrified) in its formation (yeah and I live right smack dab in the center of it.)

My life is usually used as a fuller expression of what is happening… for better or worse.  In the moments it is happening in the worse department, I truly do not like it, but I do understand it and gave my full consent long ago.

As I was sitting here, shocked that this community can stand between me and my teeth because of their rules, my mind went back to my (very short) time in the military.  They dictate what you can and cannot do with your body and you have no room for argument and will get in trouble should you do what you feel is right for yourself anyway.  10 months and 2 captain masses later, I got out!!

I called the office back yesterday and inquired about selling this place, there is a realtor that lives on property.  Good.  Last month there were 5 homes for sale, 3 sold last week each going between $65,000 and $90,000.  I pondered…. once again, I took to craigslist and started looking at rentals in new mexico… it just doesn’t sit well inside me to go back there.  There is nowhere else in the US that entices me, at all.  But Mexico… there is a draw there.  Maybe…  I gotta sleep on this.

I have already started the process of my teeth, which will be up to a six month journey to complete.  I am not selling the house before then, I still need somewhere to live while going thru this journey.  However, as we get closer to finishing this teeth project… I will put the house on the market and take a long slow journey into mexico, looking for property to invest in, for us.  Something like we were looking at in Thailand.  When this starts to become a reality, I will be looking near the zone of silence, initially anyway, there is something that sits on my heart in that area and remains a pull.

Now to take this whole amber scotched tape business to the wider field beyond my personal life.  Spirit has been saying, since the end of last year… this is going to be a year of change, especially in the US.  Things will fall apart that once seemed sturdy… personally and collectively.

The scotch tape was not in the earth realm at all, only around the emerald city inhabitants.  Held together for a time.  Keeping in mind, it was not duct tape, so not a long time… just… a time.

On that note, I am praying that we can at least peer thru the tape today to see the energies and stories unfolding.  Again, I say thank you for bobbing and weaving with me.  Life becomes so much more clear BECAUSE you show up, even on reschedule days!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) of loving gratitude and extreme excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas





  1. Wow.. how interesting. Last night I dreamt that my daughter and I were outside in a strange place surrounded by barbaric seeming men. Suddenly I had an instinctive knowing to get out of there. We slipped inside a building and shut the door. Moments later complete CHAOS erupted outside and the men began slamming, punching, ramming into the impenetrable glass that surrounded us. We watched horrified, but with a knowing that we were safe all the while. We retreated into the bathroom to wait out the storm…

    The most interesting aspect of the “building” was that from the outside it appeared as a large stone/concrete? wall, but from the inside it was all see-through, a kind of “two way mirror”. We could see them in all their rage, but they could not see us. We chose not to watch…

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    • What a wonderful, information filled dream experience!! Thank you for sharing it. That is the way of Light, we can see them in the lower/old frequencies, but they are too blind to see us. ❤


  2. Well, I tried! Looks like things I talked about are falling into place…and not in a good way. 😦

    I wish you good luck (you will need it)


  3. Amber skies last night. WiFi & power went out most of the day! 7 all around!

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