Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 6, 2017

A CME Blast Cleanses, Clears and Refills With Passionate Pink!!


I wasn’t going to write anything today, since I really didn’t have anything to share that would be new or exciting, except what’s happening to me personally lol.  Until I went to spaceweather this morning…

I didn’t do any readings on Friday or Saturday because the place I live in had their annual community wide yard sale, a time I had been waiting for to finish clearing out my mother’s stuff.  Little did I realize it would also clear out a lot of deep deep pockets of uncried tears that were hidden deep inside.  Friday was the worst and yet, my mother’s presence was everywhere.  The first breakdown I had, those uncontrollable sobs with noise… went on and on until I heard a song come on my pandora radio and I knew I was not going thru this moment alone.  “When I get to where I am going.”  That song my siblings played at my fathers funeral (I played “Ohhh my papa” for him) and I stopped in my tracks and listened and explained to her (altho, from her vantage point now, she already knew) that I was not crying for her, I knew she is in the best place, I was crying for me.  For the 20 years of silence between us, for the time we didn’t spend together.

Another song happened during yet another deep outpouring a few hours later.  Then, to my complete shock…. at the end of the day, as I was clearing out her magazine rack to sell, there was a book a precious soul gave to her during her final weeks that I KNOW I gave to one of the hospice ladies called “The Next Place.”  It is a beautiful book that is written about dying and going to heaven and my mother refused to let me read it to her.  Now here it is, in a magazine rack.

In between all this crying and cleaning, I got a call from my loan guy, my loan was approved!!  Hurray for teeth!!  I am still a few thousand dollars short of getting the upper and lower implants, but I will get the lower implants.  I may actually have just enough left over from my loan to get lasik surgery on one eye, which was always my plan.  I do monovision now (I wear only one contact) so I do not have to wear reading glasses.  In a way, I am going to have it all, with a little compromise to get it all!!

Saturday, I was grateful for the steady stream of people coming thru the car port because in those pause points where I sat looking at my mothers stuff… I cried.  No where near like friday, but there were uncovered places coming up nonetheless.

I woke up Sunday to a full schedule and absolutely zero energy, even tho I slept a solid 9 hours.  And my body.. OMG my poor lazy body hurt like hell.  My head was so lethargic I could have crawled back into bed and slept another 9 hours.

I was not surprised that I could not see to do the readings.  I had zero vital energy at all.  The only image I got of any sort, in relationship to the way I was feeling (and my bowel trots all morning) was that of a cantaloupe cut in half and all the seeds and gooey stuff in the center being scraped out.  That’s about how my heart felt too!!

I came home and could not just sit on the couch when my house looked like a tornado hit. I packed up 25 trash bags of stuff to donate to the club house sale this weekend and 15 bags of my mother’s clothes to donate.  Not a tear was shed.  I don’t think I had the energy to cry another tear, or maybe, I cleared all the hidden spots.  I don’t know.

I did check spaceweather yesterday and yeah, there was solar wind, but that had been ongoing.  I figured my body just caught up with the emotional dump the last two days.  Until I went to spaceweather this morning:

SOLAR EXPLOSION MISSES EARTH: A coronal mass ejection (CME) billowed away from the eastern limb of the sun during the late hours of March 5th.

INTENSE PINK AURORAS: Yesterday, the solar wind was supposed to slacken, prompting auroras around the Arctic Circle to fade. Instead, the wind quickened and there was an explosion of pink.  “The display on March 5th was so intense, even the fjords changed color…”

And the green of the emerald city is revealed with the pink too!!!

It really is the explosion of Pink that made me take a deeper notice.  On Wednesday and Thursday most of the readings seemed to center around the color pink, held together with white.  Everyone seemed to have pink outfits on or pink somewhere in their reading.  And now I know why.

It is the release of passion of this next phase coming up, the true emotions of the divine feminine made manifest by the divine masculine (the white in readings.)  A new breath of air being released thru the fields of spirit, of heaven, to assist us with what comes next and clear out any emotional debris that may be left inside of us.  No seeds of the old will be carried forward!  Not within the emerald city anywayz.

Well, I have to leave here shortly, I have my initial dentist appointment at 9am to get fitted for the dentures, do a medical history for my la la land juice when I get my teeth extractions and implants placed in.  I will try and take pictures and update the gofundme when I get home.  I cannot thank each and everyone one of you enough for making this a reality.

Another shock that happened over this weekend, it looks like Valorie will get out of jail on May 10th.  The office of the jail she is in insists her release date includes the time she was sentenced for her parole violation.  I will make calls when I get back to affirm this.  This would truly be the best miracle ever!!

On that note… have a pretty in pink day!!!  I love you all soul much and soul much more than that too!!

((((HUGZ))))) of dreams come true to and thru everyone!!!!

Lisa Gawlas









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  2. OMG…I cannot wait to see your new teeth…As someone who also stresses at times about getting dental work done, and how it will get paid for, I know you must be ecstatic about this FINALLY becoming a reality!! We all wish you a beautiful pretty new smile…When we see you attain this dream then we’ll know that just maybe we can soon have this too. Here’s to a new pretty smile…😂😘


  3. Reblogged this on SilverAngelsWings and commented:
    Re-blogging this on SilverAngelsWings…wow, Lisa is sure releasing a lot, An inspiration to us all! Stay calm & Love one another, & remember, self Love equals Self Healing…xx Much Love & Blessings to all my dear friends, I Love you all Sylvia Melaynia xx


  4. Oh, poor Love….a lot of releasing. My Heart ached for you….So looking forward to how the new teeth look….As you can imagine, I am very interested, having no upper teeth myself, & a denture that snapped in two twice….sigh….Lisa, much Love & Blessings to you xoxoxo Thank you for helping me stay on track…xxxx


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