Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 3, 2017

Be Aware of the Presence of Light Interacting with Divine Timing!


I had the most extraordinary experience on my way into work yesterday.  An experience, so ordinary in its extraordinariness, that I think that if I wasn’t aware, I would have totally missed it.  I say this part due to a little blurb I read on facebook yesterday from someone just venting about everyone talking about all this new energy and using new ways of to describe it and yet, he feels nothing new happening.

I was sitting in my car waiting to make a left turn onto the road the marina (my office) is on.  There was a massive line of cars coming down the road in the opposite direction.  I was sitting there for a few minutes on a cloudy, foggy morning when suddenly, this massive beam of light came thru the passenger window onto my face.  I acknowledged the light, and with it, without words, I heard watch, someone is going to let you make a left turn and that light went back behind the clouds as fast as it came out.  Within seconds a car stopped and flashed its high beams three times, signaling to me to turn.  I was in awe!!  But it could easily be missed if we didn’t take the second to acknowledge the light suddenly in the car.

What is happening now IS a conscious participation in our active field of life.  Almost being forced to become hyper aware of what we could feel as slight nuances happening in our life, a split second.

But there is even more to this experience that is equally important to understand also.  For this incredible timing to have happened the way it did, God had to wait for that exact moment he knew a car would be making its way into my path and lean on that drive to not only stop, but flash its lights at me, since God came in on a sunbeam, those flashing high beams was his way of saying… look, I’m over here too!!  He uses each of us to get something done.  And with that, I cannot help but think of the opening prayer of Saint Francis: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

It took a hundred cars going by for that one person to be open to act, that is what we know as Divine Timing.  It has nothing to do with the universe forcing us to wait and wait and wait… it really is a matter of your needs and desires being in front of the right person, that then become right time.

This amazing experience became the corner-stone of understanding with my first reading, my beloved architect.  He was out there with my canoe lady, standing just left of the equinox energy (representing his physical life) and all these twinkling light were to his left, right and even in front of him.  He was facing where the emerald city is, directly in front of my office door.  It was stated to him, clearly that he will be the first one to bring “The First Living community of Light” into creation, the community he has been working on for the last few years.  I made bold first living because that is where the emphasis was when I heard this sentence (three times during his reading.)

It was also explained that the twinkling lights, like looking at the stars around his feet, but in broad daylight, would present just like my experience 30 minutes prior. These lights around him are his celestial helpers and when he is being presented with the best possible connection or situation, the light field around him will enhance, visible in his ordinary moment.  Small example, he may be on the subway, get an important phone call, then suddenly the lights on the subway surge brighter for a second then go back to normal.  Or a sudden sunbeam may cross his face.

Come to think of it, Marta, the stars in your eyes that I had seen in your reading yesterday, was saying the same thing.  I just missed its meaning totally, until this morning.

I do want to circle back to that “First Living Community of Light.”  This too, was explained to him thru his reading.  The core people in this community will be fully connected, in whatever way their strengths in Light serve the greater all.  Enlightened Awareness.  No exceptions.  Period.  That is truly LIVING.  And WE are Ready!!

I have also realized something else this morning.  It’s funny really, looking directly at something, I miss the larger details.  Since the eclipse on the 26th of Feb, no one has been inside the emerald city, nor can I see inside it either.  Everyone is somewhere external to it.  Yesterday, sheez, it was like a wind storm happened and everyone was scattered all over the place.  Including behind my building.

There is a time to be inside, deep inside ourselves, extracting the new nuggets placed within our light body for use.  Then there is a time to be outside, to experience and realign our placements.  As we take what we discovered within and use them in our actual lives, the field we call the emerald city, shifts and changes, enlarges with higher frequency detail.

I am not working today or tomorrow as I focus on this yard sale and anticipate a call from my loan guy today… geez nothing like taking me to the very edge.  My dentist appointment is on Monday.  I sent him a text last night asking if I should still be hopeful about this loan going thru… he said yes, stay very hopeful he was just playing a game of phone tag with the atty and she was supposed to do the drive by Wednesday evening.  But then again, after my left turn incident, I did take that opportunity to ask about my loan, I was assured it would go thru and even got a little extra…. it will be paid off long before 15 years.  Phew!!!

Have an amazing day, weekend, Life everyone!!  I love you all soul soul much!!

(((HUGZ)))) filled with the rapture of Light thru You!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I had a similar car experience this am, I knew it had significance but I let go until I read your blog this am. Your morning blogs always bring me back into focus and help start my day on a positive note! Blessings Lisa.


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