Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 9, 2017

We Are Morphing, Changing, Crystallizing.


Finally!!  The emerald city has morphed again.  I sat outside having a smoke before my first reading, praying…. PLEASE let there be something to see and understand today.  Just before I got up to go inside to call my lady, I got a glimpse of a single windshield wiper hanging downwards and wiping back and forth.  Well, that has got to be a good sign.  As I opened up my calendar to see who is calling who and where are we meeting, I got a glimpse of a structure that looked like it was made out of glass or something.  I am feeling hopeful now!!  Sure enough…

The emerald city has morphed into a clear teepee structure.  I thought it was glass, but no, it is a perfectly clear crystal.  I assumed quartz (I can be filled with assumptions lol) crystal because of its clarity, nope.  It was explained there is a new type of crystal hidden deep within the earth, undiscovered at this point that will eventually make its way top side.  That is what this teepee is made of, to give us all the resonance of its might and power.

What was crazy, even tho the spherical teepee shaped emerald city was crystal clear, I could not see into the teepee from the outside, which almost defies logic.  But who is logical these days, these are surely not logical times we are in!!

There was a door that was opened for my lady, she was standing at the threshold of this doorway with her right left lifted up and bent at the knee in a motion that would take her inside.  That position was held until we fully understood its presentation.  The right leg, her emotional spiritual path of life is going to be lifted higher than usual, with a much-needed flexibility (bent knee) of movement.  Suddenly I could hear all this applause taking place inside.  When I shifted my vision from outside to inside, there should have been a sign that said, “objects appear larger than they are!!”  lol  There was not a huge space inside and altho it was not crowded, it was full.  Full of Light Beings.

The last two days of readings last week, it seemed like everyone was sprinkled all over the field, except in the emerald city itself.  It was going thru one (of many more to come) mortifications, and we were (some still are) tidying up our lives, inside and out.

There was such a feeling of celebration that she made her way back into the emerald city.  There was a main speaker, a tall, beautiful Being of yellow-gold Light.  All the other light beings that surrounded him, were white.  To be clear, this Being is not an him or a her, he was sure to express that over and over again.  But it is my personal choice to call him a he, cuz he feels like that.  He finally gave us a name to call him… Sting Ray.

It was explained to her, these next two quarters coming up, are connected to each other.  In my view, it looked like the golden arches of McDonald’s, only the center did not touch the ground, leaving flow between the two arches.  Starting at this equinox in march with a mid-season touching in (but not down to the ground) at the solstice in June and ending with the equinox in Sept.  During this 6 month period, we are going to see a lot of movement in people’s lives.  She will suddenly become prompted to move.  Soul family, our Tribes of Light will be gathering at the ground level of life, together in the same communities.

As he was explaining all this to her and showing us the magnetic field of attraction going outwards to pull soul families together, thru the core of each person involved in each group, I felt such a sense of timing within myself.  Just the night before, as I was talking to my oldest daughter, I told her, as soon as my teeth are finished, I am selling this trailer and moving to Mexico.  Very particularly, around the Guadalupe area, between the zone of silence and the pyramids.  It was the first time I said that out loud, hell I just came to that decision the evening prior and the truth and the excitement of saying it out loud filled me just like it did when I finally made the decision to move to New Mexico.

Listening to Sting Ray prepare my beautiful lady for what will be shifting around inside of her and why, I finally felt somewhat in my flow, oriented to a new, exciting direction.

It was also explained to her, all those white Beings of light, were people, her soul family, the ones that must make their choices as well, to move.  Sting Ray assured her he is now with her 24/7 in her realm, at her side, for assistance.  Her job right now is to attune to his Being, caught first in the peripheral vision and her job is to expand her vision to his vibrational field, so she can see him and talk to him freely.

My second lady gave me understanding to the way I have been waking up this last week, especially yesterday, I felt like king kong slept on top of my body all night.

She was inside this crystal teepee surrounded by Beings of Light as well.  But they felt different from my first lady.  It was more like they were her medical team (for lack of a better description.)  Her body kept distorting itself, the way I had seen her.  First she was short and as wide as she was tall, wearing a soft pink shirt with white cuffs and collar.  Her team was behind her and I could see her back at the same time I was seeing her front.  They had her back opened up where the lumbar spine meets the thoracic spine, and let me tell ya, I could see her spine and the vertebra’s clearly.  The one that was doing the work had some strange-looking tool in his hand and was inside her spine and creating this light energy that slowly moved upwards.  And it was as if each vertebra was a light switch, as this light moved passed each vertebra it flipped a switch on, increasing the energy and the light.  When I looked at her from the front view again, instead of being short and squat, her body was now super long and thin, like a straw.  This morning I kind of think of taffy, pulled out one way then pulled up another way.  Our entire bodies, our entire fields are being stretched and morphed!!  Ouchies!!!

The next thing I see is when all this light inside her spine is done, switched on and up I guess, then new threads of light started to move outward from her spine, each thread a different color and wiggled as it came out to about 3 feet in front of her.  These threads of light started to cross over each other and intertwine at various sections to create a an egg like formation around her.  There are particular amplification sections, that when she has a steady emotional feeling and thought, that activation point enlivens and draws near, or pushes away what she is feeling.

I was so grateful when her team explained how this works.  Because at the end of the day, we are still human with a very complex emotional system.  Incase no one noticed, I bitch, a lot.  Quickly and purposefully.  I have got to release the debris that I know will not serve my higher desires, keeping it in as if it is not there, does not work for me.  It actually creates the opposite experience.

Her team explained what they meant by held steady.  We can easily use my current situation as an example.  I want my new teeth.  I want and desperately need my loan to go thru now.  Both intensely emotionally held in my heart and my mind.  The day I found out that this community can block my already approved loan because they don’t want a bank owning property here, pissed me right the fuck off!!  I did what I do, I vented on facebook.  I can’t and won’t keep that shit in.  I am so not afraid to get pissed off, it’s purposeful.  We get confused in the community of light that thinks we must never get pissed or at the very least, never express it.  Bull shit!!  Holding in the chaos is what eats away at us and our energy stream, our emotional output.  Anger is there to simply show us, something’s not right in the field, address the situation differently.  This news was also the last straw that broke my hold on this property.  I am ready to be done with it.  Just for the record, it is day 3 since my wonderful loan guy tried to contact the attorneys for this place, they still have not reached out to him to tell him what he needs to do to get me funded.  He calls every day and keeps me in the loop.  I so love my loan guy!!!

So it was explained to her, it is what is held steady in the field of emotion, of desire that is amplified.  Not those fleeting moments when we are shaking things off our field.  Phew!!  That was a relief for both of us!

Seeing what was being done to her, helped me understand how I woke up in the morning.  My spine (not my back, the spine itself) and my shoulder down my arms to the fingertips ached, I guess what arthritis would feel like.  It not so much pain, just… ached.  This mornings primarily my wrists to my fingertips that still have this uncomfortableness in them.  My reach for life.  Yeah, it’s a changing!!!  WE are changing, if we are allowing it to continue.

Ohhh and with my second lady, there was something that was not seen with my first lady, and this morning, I think I understand that windshield wiper more.  It did remain in my first lady’s reading at the top of the teepee.  On the outside of my second lady’s teepee, her outside field, it was raining crystal shards.  At first glance it reminded me of long icicles, they were an easy foot long each and raining down all around the exterior teepee thing.  With my first lady, and that single windshield wiper thing, I feel it says that the incoming energy is clearing as she gets ready for the next phase.

My third lady really took me by surprise, she was sooooo different from these other two.  Her entire field was on fire.  I mean, massive flames so high and so deep I could not see thru any of them.  Behind the emerald city area, there was a thinner, trail of flames that led to this odd, large smoke cloud that I could not see into.  What the hell??  The first thing I thought of was the phoenix from last week or the week before.  Sure enough, this was the same exact lady!!  I was excitedly shocked.  Of course spirit remembers your readings, I never do lol.  But unlike the first reading, there was no phoenix, instead these flame were all-encompassing.  Last time, there was just a ring of fire around the emerald city.  And what the hell was that trail fire behind her placement in the emerald city??  Thru our conversation, it became clearer and this morning, crystal clear.

Life is going to send in irritants, purposely so.  When we are in the fires of burning away our old life, all that got us to here, we also must recognize what fuels our fires of anger and cut it off at the source.  In this reading, that cloud of fuel was her soon to be daughter in law’s unpleasantries and the demands coming from her to my lady.  So the phoenix, the new way of life, went back down into the flames and the flames are burning higher… louder to change, to let go.  To remove the fuel from your place in life.  And I know that is not always easy when our own children are involved, but vital to our well being and the overall plan of our lives moving forward.

Anger simply says, something needs to change in this situation.  Since we can only change ourselves, then we must change the approach we have been enduring, rising above it and eventually, completely out of it.

These situations are purposefully placed in our lives.  We will never have a fully enlightened community if we do not find inner and outer ways to work thru the conflicts that lower consciousnesses inflected in our world of Beingness.

Just like the sudden surprise of this community saying home equity loans are not allowed, pissed me off, but pushed me into the place of now I am ready to move, to sell something that kind of keeps me connected to my mother and the life we never really spent together.  So I spent most of my afternoon kissing the two attorneys involved on their cheeks, and breathing into their heart an exceptional yes, so I can just get my teeth done and start to process of selling this place.

My last ladycoal shovel, she was out in the future somewhere, shoveling something that looked like fluffernutter, but not sticky!!  Everything was pure white all around her, again marshmallow land!!  She had one of those old coal shovels, spirit must really like those old coal shovels, they use that image a lot.  I think it comes down to using old tools to create new ways of Being.  Not everything from our past is useless lol.

So there she was, clearing a path moving towards present moment.  Every shovel of white marshmallow looking stuff she tossed to the side, solidified like a shiny plastic.  I could see the waves that started to form on her left and right, solid white shiney plastic looking something or another.  Nothing was uniform and I did my best to give you a view… humble as it may be:


The waves were not uniform at all.  And what was explained to her, this was the path and codes she has laid out as she moves to “central point.”  Central point was repeated 4 separate times, all in relationship to the moment of the equinox on the 20th.   It was also explained that as she is making her way back to central point, time is equally moving towards her.

I could actually see the long thin silver magnetic pole coming up from the earth to just below the area that is now the emerald city, with this little disc like thing on top of the pole.  This disk looked like it was clear crystal with air bubbles inside and had this opal like sheen to its outer surface and (going to scale of my vision) was not much bigger than a half-dollar.  That is “central point.”  Nothing more was explained about that!!

Ohhh and one thing I also understand this morning, around this teepee looking field that only seems big enough inside to fit you and your current posse.  We can look at it as a facet on a massive diamond that is reflecting you and what is coming up for you in the golden arches that will take us to September!!

I’m excited!!!  Hope you are too!!

So much love and gratitude wrapped in massive bear ((((HUGZ)))) to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas












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  2. So if you sell the home, you should have enough for all your teeth, and some left over to start anew. Keep focusing on what you want, that it is here now.


    • Yes, but this house could sell a year from now, or 4 months from now… and my teeth hurt now. I need this loan to deal with my teeth and the sale of the house will simply pay off the loan. Do you not think I am focusing on what I want and need??? lol Love ya!! ❤


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