Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 23, 2017

The Ego – The Master of Matter!!


Ahhh duality, the under appreciated, undervalued gift of life.  We have two minds that absolutely MUST work together, in harmony with each other.  The soul mind and the ego mind.  The Master of energy and the Master of matter.  Both brilliant task masters.  Each very different from the other.  When the ego is hard at work, it is working in the base emotions, concentrated, diligent and purposeful. The soul mind, swings from the tree tops in deLight.  The soul mind is bringing all the particles of light together and funneling it to the ego, for use.

In the infancy of our new lives, the use is always a collective thing.  All-ways.  We have much to learn, to discern and disengage from, for it to be readily available to any one person, any one community.

I think yesterday was one of the greatest lessons to date, in understanding and truly valuing the duality within me, within us.

The field was down yesterday, or as God says, int burst into purposeful chaos, orgasmic bliss of itself.  I was even showed a repeated visual of the sun bursting its magnetic fields on spaceweather.

Orgasms are like that, they burst the concentrated energy that was built up prior to that moment and releases it outwards.

So imagine my surprise, when the cosmic orgasm produced a phone call to me in the afternoon from the loan company, who just the day prior, approved my home equity loan, to say their may be a complication.  I genuinely thought I owned the dirt beneath the trailer, turns out, nope, not really.  I own 1/226th of a share in stonehenge.  There are 226 mobile homes set up here and we all own a share in the entire community, as a whole.  As the lady I talked to in the office said, I own my neighbors palm tree and they own mine.  Well just shit!  Without owning the land, there is no real equity.  Especially given that this is a 1981 model.  Like our cars, mobile homes depreciate no matter how much you have upgraded them.

The loan officer, feeling the tears in my voice, said he is going to talk to the funder to see if they can work around this, but chances are, they won’t.

When I am filled over the top with emotion, I do what I do best… put a blurb on facebook to just release it outwards and then can get to processing the rest.  My heart in that moment, was truly shattered.  Instead of getting a much needed hug… I got obscurities… something better coming, and stuff like that.  Unless you are sending me a check for the balance of my teeth… no it’s not. And I realized, this is where most of us lose our steam.  We actually do everything we can to stay out of our base emotions, to stay out of the master of matter territory, ego and we swing from the treetops professing something better is coming.

And why would we think for a single moment, having a broken heart, feeling deflated over something that was just a moment ago, hopeful, means we have moved out of our heart center.  Unless we do not fully appreciate the tears of our own heart.  Of our own desire changing and sometimes, that even means falling apart.  If a plan, no matter how divine it is, does not catch wind, it will get grounded.  Even this is sooo crucially important in our evolution of understanding our WHOLE self.

Let’s take a different look at this working model that is crucial.  Imagine you have someone you love in a hospital bed, hanging on for dear life.  Those that love that person gather around the hospital bed, hearts broken, heavy and praying like there is no tomorrow, and for that person in bed, there may very well be no tomorrow.  That emotion is the greatest creator of all time.  That heaviness is FULL of life’ Love at the base level of Life itself. It will facilitate more miracles than a 1000 people all around the world singing songs of hope.  The heaviness of love and desire is not something to push away, but to be used!!

But man oh man, we don’t really like to get down and dirty.  To ache for a better outcome.  I do.  I spent all night aching.  It is simply the master of matter in my heart saying, ok… plan two.  We will work on a plan two, or in this case, I think it’s like plan 5!! lol  And trust me, I do not give up, but I know when to give in.


This morning, more separated from the disappointment of not actually owning the land beneath my trailer, I realized this working model here at Stonehedge, is actually a perfect working model for an enlightened community.  Go figure.  No one owns anything and everyone owns it All.  (In this save, minus the trailers set up on the dirt.)  Even what I pay in “maintenance fees” each month, we all chip in for the lawn care, the pest care, the cable, water and sewage and so on.  There is a wisdom to the working model.  Just not with the people within it.  (The folks here do do the best they can with where they are at, collectively.)

Now, to set up a true working model, our job is not to stay outside of the harmonic of the person hurting, but to join in there, with love, with knowing, with partnership of all working bits and peaces.  To add lightness.  My son did just that.  Ohhh what needed comic relief we both needed.  He is having a very difficult financial time in his world.  Not for the lack of turning every stone and even building his stones only to be taken away for the moment.  And so he called me to find out what was happening within my world… and we vented and then changed the subject to something that happened to him recently and it just turned into such gut hurting laughter for an easy 10 minutes.  And thru that laughter, it did produce something he has been looking for for days and wham there it was, which was also the brunt of this laughter escapade too.

Yesterday, in my looking towards what’s left that I can do to get this done, my last and only option is selling this house.  Yet, nothing about that felt right.  Especially this morning, it is not time to unhouse myself.  There is too much change happening everywhere and no place to feel like moving towards.

So lets bring all this together with the information released the last several days.  We really do have a gift called the ego mind.  So many people want to kill it, stop it, squash it and yet it is the very reason we are here in this amazing landscape of duality.  We have this amazing gift, this very powerful tool that exists no where else in all of creation… that alone should reveal how special we are, but instead, because it really is so foreign, we are throwing the baby out with the bath water and calling ourselves complete.

Now the untempered ego.. that’s a bit of a bully.  It has grown untempered thru lifetimes, but when integrated and fully partnered with the ALL of Life, it is an amazing task master!  What good is a car if all you have is the gas and the oil and all the other fluids.  It is our mind so familiar with matter that knows how to construct an engine, a fuel line, tires and even, the human to drive wherever they desire to go.  Even if they want to avoid going anywhere…. that would be felt as… unsafe.  Go there anyway!!!  We are needed there the most!!

Have an amazing day my beautiful co-creators.  Let’s get a little dirty today, the eclipse is counting on us, since we released it as such!! 😉

(((((HUGZ))))) of power and bliss to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.  The Kitchen Sink Special click here.  (Consists of the two books I have written and many workshops, including “Learn to Meditate”, “Learn to Read,” “The Super Powers Course” and more. All geared to help us all grow, connect and expand.  Full details on my website.)

P.S.S.S.  GoFundMe Teeth Project: (with unyeilding gratitude, thank you for helping make this a reality.)














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  2. Lisa, sorry for the pain you experienced. That is what my riddle was about yesterday. Your mom handed you this amazing king size candy bar for free. A gift of love and appreciation in her own way. So why would you go into debit for something that was free?

    If it was only for your teeth, then give that time. Your gofund me has only been up for a few weeks. It may not happen over night….but you will be provided what you are needing. Asking for funds then asking for a loan is an old fear setting in. Nervous it won’t happen-but it will!

    You have to learn to trust us. So many of us read your posts and are guided by them. But sometimes we are here to guide and help you and you have to allow for that to happen. If not, you miss out. Did you know I tried to visit your office to give you a few hundreds of dollars for your teeth? I tried calling, no answer or return call back. Not only was I sad I couldn’t give you my donation, but I was sad because I couldn’t meet another soul family/member of my tribe (you). Because I didn’t set up a time for 30 days away….you ignored all of the other ways someone can enlighten your life. Spirit moves through all us, and in different ways. I have a hard time fitting into your calendar…but just know that it will happen if you have an open mind and allow us to be there for you. Patience my dear!

    I know if you don’t get the loan it will be hard. But I promise you-looking forward….it will be a blessing. A loan for your teeth is not needed. Hold onto that gift from your mother. Charish it! Don’t run or throw it away because of fear.

    I think it was you that said old patterns are returning. But it’s up to us if we keep choosing the old way of doing things….or finding new, more creative ways for a better more satisfying outcome. 🙂

    Love you lots and sorry I couldn’t meet you or give you my donation.

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    • Hi Rachel and (((HUGZ)))

      I never received a phone call from you. When were you here?? Your best way of contacting me is via email. I have three phone numbers, one I only use for readings and even if you left a message, it remains on the computer (google voice) buried with all the recordings. I am sorry we missed each other.

      That said, there is no fear and I am sorry you are misinterpreting my determination as fear. I have no problem with a loan, an investment into my own desires, gifted by my mother. A gift to pull from when needed… and I have been doing that on more than just the monetary level of this gift.

      Forgive me for desiring to blend the old with the new, the possible with the impossible.

      I do hope you enjoyed your time here!! Next time your in town, pop an email, that I am sure to get!!

      Thank you for your love ❤


      • Thanks for responding! You know how we all have certain spiritual missions? Well mine is to be Gods “bad” cop to His “good” cop. I’m usually off on the sidelines quite as a mouse. Most people don’t notice me. I give little clues and tidbits here and there but most are ignored. It’s not until I throw down a powerful punch (like thunder from zeus’ lightening rod) do they then “see” me. But because of this and my ‘job’….I usually go by a different name. My real name was left on your office phone. But please forgive me for not allowing your loan to go through. It was a lesson that needed to be realized and not one that was supposed to be manifested.

        Over time you will learn about me and who I am. If you are curious….ask a few questions to God who I am, my job and our connection to one another. Take care Lisa!


      • If you actually interfered in my loan, that would not be nice. There is no bad cop in gods world… perceptions there of, just like there are no bad humans.

        I do not have an office phone. I have a reading line, which is only used for readings. I have a cell phone for personal calls and texts and I have a landline for no real reason at all lol.

        You take care as well. ❤


      • Lolz. Comments on here have gotten so BIZZARE over the years!! What the heck. God IS. No good cop, bad cop. God is neutral, love. So much love. He doesn’t interfere with lifestreams, this is a dishonor of free will. And he certainly doesn’t punch people lol. Learn about who you are? We are one. I am you. You are me.

        Latest Kryon vid is super awesome to anyone interested!

        Hearts up everyone ❤️❤️ shits getting beautifully weeEiRRdD down here. Discernment discernment discernment!

        Lol lisa!! Replying at the same moment. Love it

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  3. EternalEvelotion- I completely agree with you! But ONE Diamond Can produce a million reflections of light. What way is the light refracting? North? South? Left or right? There are many ways to see things that aren’t always black or white or even with our physical eyes.

    I may not have interfered with her loan on a 3D earth level. But what could be the BIGGER picture as to why spirit didn’t allow for her loan to go through? We may not know our future and what lies ahead….but if someone believes there is order in chaos and that everything has a sequence to the events that shape our lives, then why does or doesn’t something take place?

    Neutral is correct…and why I used “” for my good and bad. But emotions have a hard to separating that. Whether Lisa gets the loan or not is neither good or bad. But the fact that I said I stopped it…then pulls out emotions of me doing something “bad”. Lisa could be mad and sad and angry with me because of my comment.

    Last thing- say I am holding up that diamond to the sun and you are standing on the other side of me. You see the reflections of the diamond on your side and I see the ones on my side. Can I see yours? Not from my angle. Can you see my reflections? Not from your angle. So I may have information that you aren’t even aware of and it’s playing itself out, but you are only seeing a small fraction of it. This all goes deeper then we can see here. 🙂

    Lisa and I have had past lives together. She and I have karma to resolve. Do you know who I was in a past life? Do you know who Lisa was to me? This all may seem “weird” to you. But this is how the new earth works now. By bringing our stories together to co-create. We’ve talked about it for years! Now it’s time to apply it in action.

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    • Who is I? Whose past? So much contradiction. There is but one truth. It’s not so complicated love ❤️ Presence, oneness, love, source ❤️


      • Yes! Yes! Yes! Obscure rationale is the answer for the all knowing. I get it! But truth is, God/Source is simple and yet is very complicated. Hence- Divine dichotomy!

        I’m loving our conversation because you are bringing up very important things… free will.

        I could just say here who I “am” or who I “was”….but that would be too simple and infringe on Lisa’s choices. But I will say this. In 3 weeks time I will be relocating about 2,500 miles to Florida from my home state.

        The reason for my move is to help set up the first tribe. Didn’t Lisa talk about the tribes forming smaller groups of about 3 or 4? First working together on the internet and then in person? Well all of that is unraveling (This conversation via the internet right now) then in 3 weeks it will start to evolve into physical form.

        Lisa is being asked to be apart of this tribe and it’s work….but what happens next, all depends on her free will. The tribe that is being formed in Florida will work specifically with the energies of the president and some higher powers. Florida is Trumps second residency and he has made two trips to Florida in the past month alone. Why not start the tribe in D.C.? Because the energy that we will be working with will be controlled. We will provide what is needed at those times of travel.

        This will go one of two ways. Lisa can read all of this and decide I’m crazy and not have any part of it. Or, she can decide to participate either out of curiosity or any other way that might move her to do so. If she decides I’m crazy-then she and I will go our own ways. I will continue to set up the first tribe and the work that goes along with it. She will get updates about the tribe(s) but will not be an active co-creator.

        If she decides to be apart of the first tribe and its establishment, then we will work together and her energy will be involved in the co-creation process.

        No matter what she decides to choose, I will honor her decision and free will. And like I said before…Spirit speaks through all of us. We each bring a different puzzle piece to the table. The more pieces we can put together, the greater the energy will be for the changes we are wanting.

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    • Thanks Rachel ! you certainly have pointed out some very valid points here & I’m so glad you genuinely had the confidence to speak your mind. Always a sign of spiritual maturity to say all you did it & with valid research. Because Lisa has been lost for so long in deceptive illusion & manipulation from dark entities, mimicry & dependence on other souls energies, she has completely forgotten how to re-connect with her true higher spirit family & in the past year they have resorted to contacting higher awakened human souls that have some form of contact with her to try & help break this disconnect barrier, so you are not alone when you said you felt you had karmic ties to her. Sadly enough so far, each time, energetic help is given by some of us already, & I have been chipping away bits for months, Lisa responds as it is all an attack or threat to her so maybe you’ll have better luck ! Many more things I could say regarding my discussions with her higher spirit family, but unless Lisa makes some effort to see the chains that bind her, none of what I could say would matter. She has had a difficult life & her survival mechanisms have made her extremely stubborn & often unbudgeable. Honestly, I’m not really even supposed to say as much as I’ve said as this is Lisa’s choice & her journey to stay chained or not…..but hopefully with the new photon fields we are in, more activation of her own energy will show her what is real, & her own beautiful energetic gifts have always been within her reach if only she would allow herself to see them as well as her loving spirit family that are longing to connect with her again…just maybe she will see that her familiar go to, trusty team is not what they appear to be & are not as ‘Light’ friendly as she imagines & the emerald city they infused into her thoughts is more deceptive illusion to her & her followers to stay trapped in 3D illusion. Being empathic, I really am getting tired of being exposed to all these chaotic games being played out with naive souls so hopefully this is coming to completion soon, but inevitably her approaching timeline will match whatever she chooses to move forward with in accordance to her energy awareness match….hope you have more success in getting her unstuck before that time arrives. Thanks again Rachel & Love to you & to Lisa !


      • Bev37-

        I’ve been trying to find a way to reply to both you and Kiera. I have an assumption of what Lisa may be thinking of me. So I feel like I’m trying to balance on a very thin line. What’s that saying? “It’s easier to catch flies with honey then it is with vinegar?” Words and how they are used are very important right now.

        But with what you have said, I’m not aware of any of her or your past situations. I seem to find more clarity in a situation when I know nothing about what’s going on. Relying on my inner guidance is important. The thought that I had yesterday was this; and the reason I’m sharing is in the hopes that Lisa will read it as well.

        When we all came to our own awakening, we were guided to our new spirit jobs and our special powers. We went deep within our own selves to clear away our past to become stronger and more powerful so that we can help others and this new earth. That is what Lisa has done. BUT!!! She has become so used to being the teacher and guiding all of us, that I think she has been misguided about a few things along the way. She has isolated herself in this bubble that only she is a part of.

        Which brings up another topic. Creator/God/Source! I feel that Lisa desires and craves the light so much…that’s the only thing she can trust. Unless it comes from Spirit, she pushes everything away. But what tends to happen is God will distance (Him)self from (us) her so that she (we) can grow on her (our) own. And like an 18 year old moving out of the house for the first time, they won’t know how to truly survive unless we stop helping them and allow them their own personal growth to develop. Sometimes helping someone too much can be just as damaging.

        So maybe this is a transition in her life to start allowing others to be in her life as well. Maybe the students can now become the teacher and help her if she is willing to accept it.

        Our spiritual powers are enhancing which means our jobs are changing and evolving. It is going from ME to WE. We will have no choice but to start working together. If one decides it’s not for them, then they will be left behind. I don’t mean that in a mean way, but in away that the new earth energies will no longer be able to support that same job like it did before.

        Thanks for making this an open decussion. I am reading and listening even if I may not be responding. 🙂

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      • Thanks Rachel….it is all very complicated to explain in just a few paragraphs, but I like where you are going with this, only it gets much much deeper with several more twists & turns….not sure how long you’ve been reading Lisa’s blog but Kiera & I have been guided to energy assist for a few years now….long story, but similar to your description of a diamond’s reflections, often viewed differently from different angles…& most will see it as fake in the beginning….don’t think it’s appropriate to tie up Lisa’s space here so you can visit me at my google site if you wish…..or Kiera’s….
        much Love


      • Ps- Did you write the Cosmic Trigger? It’s beautifully written!

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      • yes…quite awhile ago (2015) I’ve been spending most of my time at a site known as ‘the pond’ – I think you may be interested in joining us, Kiera is there too, although she hasn’t posted anything for a few days….


  4. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    I have been reading about manifesting, creating. Keep focusing on creating, attracting what you need. Have the thought of what you want, feel what you have it, joy, feel the emotion of joy, peace, happyness when you have it. Use your heart, and mind heart connection to create. Some one said that the thought, feeling emotion is the trinity of creating, that Essene’s used that. Also had the thought that maybe focus on healing your teeth by creating new one, regrowing the teeth. From what I understand we can heal ourselves in this way. We just need to work at it and remember that we can. Follow your heart in what to do, what is best for you.


    • You are absolutely spot on accurate, with your perfect description of how to actually go about POSITIVELY manifesting something in this slow-ass reality.

      What you just described (which I also described to her years ago), is what Lisa’s Ego is currently rejecting — her Ego is calling it “obscurities”.

      As you can see she is not one bit willing to give up CONTROL, and is not allowing her Soul self to call the shots in her life, and she continuously & stubbornly allows her Ego self to reject all of our “Source” advice…and chooses instead to wallow in lower frequency emotions instead of doing what a MASTER does — immediately using and transmuting those base emotions into the *positive* high frequency ones you described.

      I feel for Rachel, who is apparently a highly developed Being of Light, obviously a Master herself, which is SO RARE to find in this dismal Earth hologram — but for her to partner up with someone who refuses to evolve further along with the rest of us….

      That would only entrain her downwards, in frequency. Plus Lisa would be parasiting off of Rachel’s energy.


      Now the regrowing of the teeth…..YES, we would have had this ability restored to us by now, if our DNA wasn’t still being blocked, from us accessing this wonderful healing/regenerative power.
      (**It also depends on your Soul Contract, and whether you have “allowed” for this teeth regeneration to happen as part of your life theme. Because if you haven’t, then your own Soul Contract can block you as well…and you are shit out of luck.)

      Anyway, I focused on doing this teeth regrowing for years, and had no success at re-activating my dormant DNA and regrowing my Tetracycline-poisoned teeth, and was forced instead last year to finally go and get 17 expensive crowns to save my mouth.

      Do the dollar math, on THAT one. Crowns are usually $2,500 each.

      But I practice what I preach, I walk my talk, and I allowed my Higher Self and the universe to take over and manifest for me the best result possible in this situation.
      With my ego entirely out of the way and on a leash, I trusted in receiving every POSITIVE “obscurity” that I could get, and that’s exactly what happened.

      You receive, what you Believe.


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  5. I wasn’t trying to throw you off course. Just playing the devils advocate so that the other side of the coin could be understood! 😉


    Understand the Divine Dichotomy in All Things
    “It’s important to learn about Divine Dichotomy and understand it thoroughly if you are to live in our universe with grace. Divine Dichotomy holds that it is possible for two apparently contradictory truths to exist simultaneously in the same space.
    Now on your planet people find this difficult to accept. They like to have order, and anything that does not fit into their picture is automatically rejected. For this reason, when two realities begin to assert themselves and they seem to contradict one another, the immediate assumption is that one of them must be wrong, false, untrue. It takes a great deal of maturity to see, and accept, that, in fact, they might both be true.
    Yet in the realm of the absolute—as opposed to the realm of the relative, in which you live—it is very clear that the one truth which is All There Is sometimes produces an effect which, viewed in relative terms, looks like a contradiction.”
    – Conversations with God, Book 3

    “In ultimate reality there is no such thing as good and evil. In the realm of the absolute, all there is is love. Yet in the realm of the relative you have created the experience of what you “call” evil, and you have done it for a very sound reason. You wanted to experience love, not just “know” that love is All There Is, and you cannot experience something when there is nothing else but that. And so, you created in your reality (and continue to do so every day) a polarity of good and evil, thus using one so that you might experience the other.
    And here we have a Divine Dichotomy—two seemingly contradictory truths existing simultaneously in the same place. Specifically:
    There is such a thing as good and evil.
    All there is is love.”
    – Conversations with God, Book 3

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  7. Hello…always love your words. I have a friend who is well off….right before Christmas had open heart surgery. She came home and I helped care for her….hardly complained and now two months later….jumped back in life. She once told me…i don’t even know what spirituality is! her own way….shes the most spiritual person I know! Life is a wonder! Cyndy


  8. Just for clarity, the reply on the page above from Rachel to ‘EternalEvolution’ on the tribes/Lisa:

    The use of the word ‘apart’ is an entirely different meaning and intent to what I assume was meant – for a person to ‘be a part’ of a venture is an inclusive intent; ‘apart’ is an exclusion from the venture.

    Maybe the subconscious at play here is sending a contrary massage?


    • You are right Judith! Thanks for catching that. 🙂


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