Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 22, 2017

Being ReSourced!! And the Heart of the Divine Feminine


I have decided, the greatest trickster, the grandest of sneak attackers, is God HimSelf!!  I was pretty darn sure that we would not be seeing and understanding the divine feminine aspect until maybe after the eclipse, since he said, the next phase.  Nope.  It was yesterday.  And the presentation, again, not what I was thinking!! lol

But even all this, every day, every reading since the Presence of All Life showed up to fully partner with us, I have become hyper aware of my own expectations, my own incredibly inaccurate assumptions.  He may have showed up for my one lady with a dust rag cleaning out her uterus, but I fully realize, he is arriving daily with a freakin vacuum cleaner within my personal field.

I anticipate tomorrow based on what was revealed today.  I am pretty damn sure, we all do.  It is almost second nature within us, not a natural second nature, put a deep, long, historical programming.  And it is time we all let that shit go!!

So my first lady of the day shows up, slowly walking towards the center of the petal, each step she takes to the center, her physical form starts to grow taller, get lighter, more transparent.  I also noticed that along each side of this (one of 12) flower petals were replica’s of the flower in wholeness.  Each flower was about 10 inches tall, separated by about 10 inches of space, and aligned on the borders the full length.

By the time she took her final step to stand at the edge of the flower petal, facing the great pollinator (smile… his choice of expression there) she was easy 9 feet tall and incredibly transparent.  See thru, no skin, no bones, just a human form mass of energy.  There was so much revealed in this moment that I completely missed in understanding.  It happened similarly thru each reading….

We think we can hide things, bury things, be secret about things, and yet, the Source of All Life see’s All.  We can only be transparent before him.  Our Glory is known, Seen, and loved beyond measure.  And we are NOT these tiny little Beings trying to find our way home either.  Not one of us is lost… a little blinded by duality, but not lost at all.  In the creators eyes, we are giants among giants,  we are the bravest of the brave for Being Here.  For daring to leave our soft, warm loving beds back Home to come here, to earth, in a game of forgetfulness, to create, with and thru, the heart of God, Home right here on earth.

And then, the area where my lady’s heart would be could I see it, opened up like a flower blooming, releasing seeds of its own.  These seeds were opposite of the way I see the seeds of our Creator (he really does not like that title, go figure… but in a moment, we will all understand why) open in a way that allowed a connection, jezuz… like a vagina, or dare I say… a va jay jay (god I love that word play) is open to engulf a penis.  These seeds were jumping from her heart to the pollen stems that create the god body in our readings, and each seed connected to a bulby pollin stick.

Immediately my view was of a sperm and egg at first penetration, a spark of Life, a change in cell composition.  With every seed on every pollin stick (for lack of better words lol) Source is changing.  From one second to the next, he never the same, because YOU add to his All-ness every moment of energy day thru eternity.  Your evolution is His evolution and vise versa.

I could have so easily cried from the love, from the reverence of God back to us.  That is, until the humor was restored and we continued on our view of understanding.  My lady’s flower heart became liquid at the back, at the spine and started flowing down her spine.  This takes juicing to a whole new level!! lol Her love juice was the same color as the flower petal she was standing on. And then her tailbone, now slightly curved outside of her body, was steadily dripping her flower juice everywhere she went… creating flowers in her likeness.  Imagine that sentence… in her likeness, not in god’s likeness, but in her’s.

This takes, to a very real and pray even more understandable level… “we create our reality thru our emotions” and really, thru the way we view ourselves.  WE are the creator gods, (or would that be, goddesses lol) always have been.  When we assign the title “Creator” to the Source of All Life, we are sooo incredibly inaccurate, disempowering ourselves.  He is what holds it all together, he feeds and nurtures All of creation, unbiasedly, lovingly and with sheer joy and reverence to All Life.

I cannot help but remember the many channelings I took from my friends in the Pleiades, they always signed their sharings with “with love from the One Source.”

Every heart in all the universes IS the divine feminine.  It takes in the energy around them and reproduces outwards by the emotion they feel with what they have taken in… This is every human, animal, plant, even the stars in our sky.

A flower, pushing up thru a crack in cement, took in the isolation of humanity at its seed core.  Placed itself in what most would deem an uninhabitable environment and grew and bloomed anyway.  THAT is the seed of determination!!  THAT is the energy of fulfillment where ever we find ourselves.  A flower, so beautiful and delicate, yet so hardy and strong willed.  That is why we have used flowers to represent Shambhala, Heaven on Earth.

My second lady on the field, the partner to my virgin solo man from Monday.  There is so much i want to share, but I am being asked to hold back… except this one part!!  OMG it was soooo weird.  She was walking so slowly, dressed in this pink/lavender garb, holding a baby swaddled in the same colored blankets.  Imagine both of our shocks when she got to the edge of the petal at the center, and the blanket now gone, this well fed, fat baby was now being dangled by one arm over the flower center.  What the freakin hell???  This baby looked like a real infant, and the next thing I know, she drops the damn baby into the flower center.  The sacrificial lamb.  I am stumbling trying to understand what the hell just happened.  My vague memory opened up to something in the bible about god asking some dude to sacrifice his son… well, we misspelled son in our inadequate interpretations.  We are, as creator gods/goddesses, constantly creating new life, our life.  In order for us to have more, we must return to Source that which we birthed.  So this baby represents all that got her to here, in body, in mind, in heart.  And is being ReSourced.  Made anew. We are ALL being asked to give back our Sun, so we can be ReSourced with even more powerful sun energy and Life.  To be the Sun in body and no longer external.  So that bible thing, it was never ever asking for him to sacrifice a human… we are so silly!!  And she was ReSourced immediately.  The details of which, I am being asked to hold back…for now.

My last two ladies were similar, sort of.  My third lady was sitting on the edge of the flower petal, towards the outer part, swinging her legs and staring outwards into the abyss. She had this peacoat looking thing on, colored the same as the flower petal, only deeper in hue.  A hat reminiscent of the roaring 20’s and all I could feel from her was deep compilation.  I did understand that her “dress” was representing all that got her to here, her old clothes if you will.  She just closed the door on her past and now sits in what we would consider a pregnant pause, a vital part of our process.  Nothing more was shown so I just rescheduled her.

So when my 4th lady showed up, similarly dressed, I really thought I was over lapping the readings unintentionally.  The difference being, my 4th lady was dancing a jig as she moved toward center.  She had something in her right hand that looked like a cane on moment then a closed umbrella the next and she used it as a lively dance partner.

The moment her dance brought her to the edge of the petal, wham… off went her clothes.  Nekked as a jaybird  she was.  Then she tossed her cane/umbrella way up in the air and it landed straight into the middle of the pollen head of Source and he consumed it.  What the hell????

All the tools and magic that got her to here are being transformed (and that is the closest word we possess to make this sentence true.)  And just like my lady throwing a baby into the Source of Life, she was made anew.  New antennas emerging from each hip, with purpose of course.  Similar to the one lady I seen with the celestial tail.  She too will be a fore-warner of earth movements, mans movements and stuff.

I have got to giggle, in one of the readings and god was saying, we have not even come close to discovering the tip of the iceberg, all this information and homework is simply building a new iceberg so we can rediscover ourselves if we allow the All of us to be ReSourced!!  And if not, that’s ok too… there are other planets that will host your evolution.

With the completion of that sentence, I hear a clip from Stix… the jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me!  So let me leave you with this song, Mama is earth, the lawman is ego and WE are the renegades! People will want to change you, convince you, you are wrong and they are correct.  Don’t let anyone hang you with their words and beliefs.  Mama got us and we got her!!  Renegades together…anew… ReSourceFull!!!

Have a love drenched day my beautiful C0-Renegades!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of fertile seeds from the Heart of Creation Thru the Field of ALL Creation!!!

Ohhhh and speaking of creation… my home equity loan was approved yesterday!!  They are sending an appraiser to do a drive by and I should be getting the final payout… which they feel should be near $7-8000.  My new implanted teeth is shining teeth is shining thru Because of YOU and Me and the WE-ness that make life happen!!  As soon as I have a final figure on what they will release to me, I will update the go fund me.  And again, thank you for partnering with my mouth for this gift!!  I love you All so much!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Yes ‘being ReSOURCED’ love it. Consciousness merger with source! I am currently experiencing complete overrides of consciousness intermittently since yesterday morning and they appear to be growing in intensity. Yes! This is everything ❤️❤️❤️ So amazing and exciting!! Hearts up!!❤️ Embodiment! Love you all!

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  2. This song was playing in my head before I read your blog! 💕

    Oh yeah! Polishing up our act! 👍😂✌ Love HUGZZZ, Terry

    On Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 4:53 AM, The Shift of Time and Energy! wrote:

    > Lisa Gawlas posted: ” I have decided, the greatest trickster, the grandest > of sneak attackers, is God HimSelf!! I was pretty darn sure that we would > not be seeing and understanding the divine feminine aspect until maybe > after the eclipse, since he said, the next phase. Nope” >

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  3. A riddle that applies to your life! “If someone came up and gave you a gift of a king sized candy bar that was your favorite…..would then pull out $20, hand it to them and then walk away? Mmmmm…. 🙂 this is a message from Spirit that wanted me to pass it along.


    • What??

      Well, why the hell not? Sounds like a lovely exchange of ENERGY, with possible surplus/excess feeling of abundance on *both* sides.
      Which is what we are all aiming for.

      The other day I happily gave $5 to a guy who only asked for a toonie (that’s a Canadian $2 coin)….and if all I had on me was a $20 dollar bill, I would have given him THAT, instead.

      Expansion of ABUNDANCE.

      ALLways expanding the Abundance Energy…that is how it is done.

      (send this message, back to “Spirit”. See what it has to say)


  4. “like a vagina, or dare I say… a va jay jay (god I love that word play)”


    You can call me Ray, or you can call me Jay Jay…..or you can call me johnson (slang for penis)…

    As long as you can also clearly and easily and with no discomfort issues, say “Vagina” as well — then Source does not give a shit what other silliness you want to call the vagina.

    Once your own issues are cleared, you are “unconsciously” giving permission to all others to feel free to do the same.
    YOU are the example they follow.




  5. “…the grandest of sneak attackers, is God HimSelf!!

    …the Source of All Life see’s All. We can only be transparent before him.”


    The reason you continue to MASCULINIZE the All-inclusive Source/God, is that you have distanced yourself your entire life from your Masculine side — you have not embraced it, nor become ONE with it.

    Because you are not a divine balance of Masculine/Feminine within yourself, you choose to externally admire and endow Source, with what is lacking internally within you.
    This is also another “unconscious” form of Disempowerment.

    Once you learn to BE all-inclusive by becoming a powerful *One* with your own Masculine Energy, then you will perceive Source (aka yourself) as being all-inclusive too…instead of only “Masculine”.




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