Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 24, 2017

Prayer vs Manifestation. The Wheel of Life and Death and Life.


I swear the red sea within my mind was parted and refilled as I slept last night.  I woke up with so much understanding today.  I am not even sure where to start. But lets start with the word Prayer.  We pray a lot, especially at times when we need something or want something so desperately the only option we see available is prayer.  But what is prayer really?  Why does it seem to work for some and (mostly) not for others?

Prayer is a whole body activity, to include of course, the energy field.  Thru many of Gregg Braden’s books (I love that man) he often talks about prayer and how to pray.  In a few of his books he repeated the experience of the man who “prayed rain” notice a word missing from that phrase… the man didn’t pray FOR rain, because in the use of the word FOR, it engages the continue lack thereof.  So when we pray FOR something we are emitting the energy of not having and that is what we get back, the continued energy of not having.

In this mans experience he felt the rain, feeling it on his skin, falling down from the sky, loving and honor its presence in that moment as if it was already happening and at the same time, giving thanx and celebration.

Now lets look at my very real example of prayer manifesting as an outcome.  I am honored to be the poster girl for what not to do in anything!!  I am learning so much about my own experience and I pray, you are too.

I have been hijacking everyone’s reading powers and placing my teeth in their field of magic and of course, using my own as well.  I can see this wonder full new choppers, I can feel them in my mouth, especially since I already have partials, that is not a hard thing to replicate.  And thru YOUR loving hearts, doncha know I have exactly the right amount of money to get these new choppers.  I also have the right amount of money to be put to sleep to have this work done, something extremely important to me.  But not a penny more.  How fantastic a creator we are together.

I do not have the money to get my teeth pulled, never even thought about holding that in my prayer space.  But then again, that is not something I wanted to or even thought about recreating in experience, in feeling.  Which really helps me understand why I am, at least today (I have not heard anything from the loan company yesterday) so far apart from the implants.  I have no idea how that feels (having the actual implants inplanted,) what it feels like and therefore, have not really been feeling the whole kit and caboodle in my outcome.  Want it yes, but holding the feeling as if it all already done, no.

And then, because I work in harmony with each and every one of you, your harmony, your desires MUST equal mine and vise versa, energetically speaking.  Keep in mind, we are all a work in progress, every one of us.  Our greatest challenge is keeping our own bias out of the prayer energy.  Also, being able to keep pace with my energy field, without bias, without bringing in your personal experience or even expectation of how or what should be.

Let’s look at another real example happening with the pipeline in Dakota.  In the first phase of their group manifestation, their joint prayer and focus opened Obama’s heart and eyes to their desire and the work on the pipeline was halted.  Regardless of what some may think or feel, Obama is a high frequency human.  The moment Trump got in office, wham… undone and is pushing forward with force and might only because those holding ground there did not change the octaves in which they pray together.  In this case, they must use full base power, the true power of anger and desire together to reach thru the darkness of what is now in play.  The actual pipeline is secondary to the reality of why it is now going thru.  It is the power and greed that must be addressed, not the pipeline itself, with all the strength anger has available to the task.

That’s another part of our own valuable power we think is bad, the shear strength of it can destroy things… hence its value.  But often it is misused because it is so strong.  Creation and destruction, one and the same force displayed differently.  Maybe these wonderful souls should import a ton of Maori people and feel with everything inside them, their haka chants and movements… that’s some anger being utilized in the greatest most powerfully displayed ways.  War dances and do not stop.  Go in shifts if you must, but do not stop until resolution happens.  And it Will, if Will is applied.

Speaking of war… the first thing I was thinking of as I awoke this morning was the essene war scrolls.  The community I lived in talked about them a lot, interpreted them as if they would actually be going to war, war as we know it, killing with guns and stuff.  Ohhh no, not at all.

Just like with the Dakota pipeline, there is a war happening, what is good for the All vs what is good for some.  It’s time to do the war dance, get deep in the base of the emotional field of love, of anger, of protection and target the greed and power.  For the pipeline itself has already been resolved in phase one.  But just like my implanted teeth, we target what we see and know and not the whole of it.

A precious soul sent me an email yesterday containing a mans blog that he had written on Feb 13th, man talk about more fully reflecting what I tried to share yesterday.  I am going to pull a few of his, Matt Licata’s paragraphs from his sharing entitled: Orphaned pieces of psyche and soma.  (I would strongly suggest the full read, more than once.)

Love is the totality. It is whole. It is raging and alive in the darkness, shining brightly in ways the mind and the conventional world may never understand. Within the confusion, the sadness, the despair, and the aloneness there is often something very real attempting to break through the dream of partiality, attempting to clarify what is most important and something you may have forgotten. There is a richness here – something is happening – but what that is may never support the consumeristic spell of consistent feelings of happiness, certainty, and a life without vulnerability.

Here, in the very core of your friend’s experience – which is utterly inseparable from your own – everything is alive, everything is path, and everything is holy. The divine is not only the joy and sweetness, but comes at times as Kali to reorder your world. Let us step out of the trance and into the fire with our precious friend, hold hands with him or her and keep them near. We can then turn toward Kali together, create a sanctuary for her wrathful wisdom-essence to unfold in our hearts, and finally see what she has to say.

Of course, I had to look up who Kali is and smiled…   Kali is the Hindu goddess (or Devi) of death, time, and doomsday and is often associated with sexuality and violence but is also considered a strong mother-figure and symbolic of motherly-love.

Death is crucial to our evolution, otherwise there is no room for the new.  Sexuality and violence, if we actually seen the explosion of an orgasm… it violently releases it seeds of the new.  Watch a mother bear protect her cubs, that is love in the most violent extremes called, protecting.

Now lets take this a bit deeper, a bit wider.  Yesterday, I kept seeing my mother, us rallying around her in her final three months here in life.  Keeping in mind, it was fully my mothers choice to leave and we all had to honor that place within her.  But what if she wanted to stay…

The visual I get is like a wheel with spokes, my mother the center piece.  Everyone around the world that aided in my mothers well-being would make up the rim of this wheel.  All funneling into her their love, their ability to keep her environment safe and nurtured.

Had she wanted to live, then there would have been a group of us that would rally at her bedside, deep in the base emotions of the cancer that ate at her.  Deep in the Afib of her heart that could not find rhythm with life.  We would have to, with love, crawl into her pain body and raise her up, together, as a team.

Usually tho, we try to work it in the opposite way, let’s be light and happy and hopeful and hope she catches on.  That is equivalent to blowing a dog whistle, outside the auditory ability of the person in illness.

This morning, as this flood of understanding and what is coming unfolded within me.  I could see, 12 communities set up around the world, each housing 12 tribes of 12 aspects within each tribe.  With whatever is being work on, prayer, manifested into reality, one would be at the base of emotions and the other 11 would be flowing in the higher octaves thru the spokes, feeding and replenishing the ones at the base level of change.

This all takes such a unified energy, a true collective, together, in harmony.  But let’s start with ourselves first lol.  The way I see it tho, we gotta be so close or this peek, this understanding of our evolution and where we are heading, would not be presented yet.

I am going to ask, for those that have had implants implanted in their mouth, hold that energy for me.  I will do my very best to tap into your knowing (no bias, no good, no bad, no thing other than the implants implanted period) and hold it within me.  Even if I have to get this all done in sections, it WILL be Done, Thy Will Be Done, eventually!! lol

Also, one more thing lol.  YOU are my crew, my team, and I Am Yours as well.  We cannot say we are empowered with Christ energy and still be looking to the unseen world for help.  We contradict our very knowing by doing that.  We are Here.  ❤

I love you all so freakin much!!  Thank you for allowing me to twist and turn and face wonderful challenges, new light thru each of your amazing wonder in my world.

(((((HUGZ))))) of radical love and empowered Lives to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Really, you just need to feel the energy of the new teeth in your mouth, then let it go… (Bashar, Abraham, et al)


    • You are welcome to do it your way and I will do it the way I am receiving instruction. Thank you ❤


  2. Thank you Lisa! I liked the direction of today’s blog. It felt different….but raw, real and genuine.

    I have studied all of the major religions of the world in depth. In the Mormon church they used to have this study called deep doctrine. Basically it was everything pertaining to spirituality. Many conversations about the what ifs and whys. Things that couldn’t be explained. Over the past 15 years, this deep doctrine has pretty much stopped and is even frowned upon. “Keep it simple” “don’t ask questions about anything to anyone” “just accept and have faith.”

    But the problem with that is we tend to forget. Forget where we came from and why we were even asking questions to begin with. It was saddening for me because there was no depth to anything anymore. Just happy, happy, happy! And if we are happy and only seek the light, then we purposefully lose the other half of the yin yang sign. A balance of both sides is impairative. Just like your example of death and destruction…..kali!

    Thank you for allowing us to place comments and to open things up for discussions. 🙂

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  4. If I remember correctly, you had spoken about your teeth well over a year ago. Why all of a sudden the urgency?

    I know when my daughter had to get braces, they were more than happy to set up a monthly payment plan. I understand money is tight, but maybe if you had of taken just $5 from each session you had and saved it. Even just 2 a day. $10 a day at 5 days a week is $50, or $200 a month.

    Maybe this is a lesson of choice points? You ignored it and went into denial about your teeth until the very last minute. Then all of a sudden we are being asked to pull it all together for you. I certainly don’t mind helping. But from a planning and financial stand point, you kind of dropped the ball.


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