Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 19, 2017

The Essene Community and The Emerald City!!


I should have realized this time period we are in, the creamy middle of the two lunar eclipses, was going to be a pivotal point in our energies fields.  But I didn’t even think of it.  Hell I am hanging on for dear life watching this most amazing real-time show called… us in evolution!!!

I should have also realized, that with the massive spin taking place in the field, in the emerald city, in us on the 17th… that meant something bigger than even I could possible understand or foresee.  I went into the office yesterday, perky, normal (well, as normal as I get lol) and excited… moments after entering this sacred space of ours, my body temperature started dropping.  I started freezing.  Thank god I had two jackets with me, I put them both on and I was still freezing.  I was truly waiting to see frost form on my skin, I was that cold, even sitting outside where the weather was supposed to be 70 degrees. I wasn’t feeling anything except popsicles!!  I think even all my antennas froze and snapped off.  I wasn’t seeing a thing, my head was getting foggy, I just wanted to crawl into a warm bed.

When I finally got home, the opposite started happening.  It was only 68 degrees in my house and I had to shed my jackets, I started sweating.  What the hell??  it was great to warm up again, but this is overkill!!

I wasn’t even going to write a blog today, until I looked at spaceweather and then suddenly, I have insight to share.

A GASH IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: An unusually wide and sinuous hole has opened in the sun’s atmosphere, and it is stretching like a gash across the sun’s entire southern hemisphere.


This is a “coronal hole” (CH)–a region where magnetic fields open up and allow solar wind to escape. Solar wind flowing from this coronal hole could buffet Earth’s magnetic field, off and on, for the next two weeks. Much of the material will pass to the south of Earth, mitigating its impact.

I highlighted the one sentence that spaceweather is discounting as important to us.  The emerald city, aligned as the sun the southern part of the sun’s energy is always aligned with the northern pole of the earth, sharing the energy to and fro.  So this gash… which fully resembles the field on the 17th, will continue to release energy into us.  We have been wiped clean for this event (hence my freezing solid yesterday lol.)

However, there are two areas in which we inhabit.  The earth with our bodies, the rest of us (our fields) in the emerald city, so we will get a double whammy (so to speak) with this ongoing energy.  Raising the cellular structures (heat up everyone) and removing old concepts, ideas and stuff within the rest of the body as the fullness of God moves in.

Let’s be very very clear on what this even means… so no one is saying hey, we are all source energy.  Of course we are.  Everything is or nothing would Be.  I am going to grab an line from yesterdays quoted sharing “According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God…”

When we think we know something, when we embody fear or the side effects of fear, we keep the fullness of god out of our container, our field of life.  When we look at something and it hurts us in a personal way… there is something deep within that needs clearing.  For example, the cruelty of animals is a big thing.  I personally won’t look at any Peta videos because it is awful, meant purposely to trigger anger and put one into defensive mode in the energy field.  But do we realize that all the animals are god incarnate too.  Filled with love and purpose in what they are choosing to do or have done in their incarnation.

The more we rise to the level of love, the fuller god can move into our container, our field of life.  For so many years we have said, god is love and only love.  No judgement, no condemnation, full allowance of our personal choices, full understanding of why we would choose something not life enhancing and move in to love us more deeply.

In this way, we should always remain Pro-active and not De-fensive.  Knowing the difference is key.

What we also must fully realize too, God/Source/Creator is not a solo gig.  Like the petals of a flower he lives, shines, emanates thru you, thru us.  Pluck one petal off a healthy flower, the whole system knows what happens and becomes weakened and is no longer what it was designed to be.

Over the top of that analogy I am also seeing the twelves tribes of the emerald city.  Twelve different flowers that make up the bouquet.  Each tribal flower having 12 petals and a center.

Which really means, for the emerald city to be fully active and functional on earth, 144 of us must place every ounce of our life focus into whatever this means, together.  As we get closer to this unified energy field, my beloved Architects community will start to become realized at the full on ground level, for we… the inhabitants.

Back in our closest memories, the Essenes lived very interesting lives.  A closed community if you will, empowered and unaffected by the outside world of duality.  It was a fully Christed community.

As we grow, together, we will pick up where that community, purposely, left off.  Only this time around, it is duality that will disband, not an enriched People and Community.

Again we ask, what are you willing to give up so you can In-body THE All????

How on earth do I transition from a partnered channel with god himself to just little ole me.  Jeez.  I’ll just do what I did yesterday… tiptoe away… I will add in here, there is no ONE… it is The ALL.   History perverted what was.

((((HUGZ))))) filled with the unified flowers (us) of Shambhala…growing!!

Lisa Gawlas (and you know who lol)

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