Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 20, 2017

Ejaculation, Penetration, Holy Heavens God is in “Season!!!!”


Mercy, mercy, mercy!! When things change, holy heaven, they change!!  I think I will ease myself into today’s wild wonder.  Phew baby!!

The field, the reading platform changed.  It is now a beautiful open flower with 12 petals in the hue of a pink/violet.  The center of these petals, a green puff-ball that sort of looks like this:


Only there was no open space, all those little green thingies were tight together and so full.

I actually started seeing the field long before my first client showed up for her reading.  This alone was different, I almost always only see the field, especially when it changed so dramatically, when we are connected.  Not yesterday.

I also understood that each petal I was seeing represented the 12 tribes.  On each petal would be 12 people who made up the energy of the expression of the petal.

The center peace (yes, spelled that way on purpose) is God himself!!  And let me tell ya, yesterday, he was all male!!  Even tho we all know he has no gender, or better stated, is All genders (is there more than 2??  “All” seems a bit too much to use, but hay… ahhhh “All” the humor!!)

I was chomping at the bit to get this day started and start to see the rest of the story.  My day stated unusually late, 10:30am , on purpose, it also ran unusually late too.

Finally, it was time, I couldn’t crank my antennas out fast enough!!  Let me tell ya, we got so much more than we bargained for.

My lady showed up in her biological form on one of the petals facing towards center. In my wildest imagination, I could have never foreseen what happened next!! This puff ball of center peace opened up just slightly and with something akin to a gust of wind came from the center and spread, head to toe all over my lady.  These tiny little green things flowing towards her in this stream, only once they left the center, they actually turned white.  When this gust engulfed her body, I used the phrase “its the breath of God” and instantly I heard God, using a male voice saying ohhh no, that was not breath, that was ejaculation!  WHAT????  Hey!!  You can’t talk like that, hell you cannot ask me to repeat that!!  And yet, to be accurate, I had to.  I lost it, completely.  When I get extremely nervous, I laugh, I had since childhood (to really bitter adults,) and I was in hysterics and blushing like there was no tomorrow.  And I hear, “who do you think invented ejaculation?”  Stop it!!  The first time God shows up as the center peace of readings and we are dropping immediately into the Holy Gutter!!

He even stated that yes, he was using a masculine voice to relay this ummm energy and skills of Man.  Inside the ejaculate, were the seeds of him.  When I finally got some composure and could continue with the rest of the story…

I watched as all these tiny seeds melted onto my lady’s whole body and her body immediately started changing, become swirly patterns of colors. the front surface not solid any longer, yet the back side, kept its solid/human view.  My vision was brought to the tailbone of her spine and it started growing.  It grew down to the ground, over the ground about 2 feet and then curved upwards about 4 inches and finally stopped.

I had seen something similar to this in an ET connection or several.  So I had an idea of what was happening, but god made sure I was sure.  He ignited her celestial DNA and the first thing to come out of this is her full tailbone, an antenna like appendage that connects directly to Gaia and the lowest frequencies just above the earth.  With this, she will always be in direct contact with Gaia, and be aware of extremes that may be happening within her.  Her responsibility is to tell others about what she is picking up.

The little part that curved up, served a similar agenda.  There is a lot about to happen on the top of the earth, and she will be able to pick up the warning signals and her responsibility is to let people know, so they can find safe refuge, and she will even know where that is.

I think my first lady was there to break the ice, because my second lady took me way over the top!!  She was sitting at the inner most area of the petal, where it blends into the center peace, swinging her legs from the knees down, back and forth, quite rhythmically.  I do want to state this is the very same lady that was holding the bouquet the day everyone emerged like a living petal.

And then it happened, again.  This seedy center peace, which is God and not just the energy of god (he kept correcting me all day long using that term) but the fullness of himself made manifest as this pollinating machine! lol  The next thing I know, a gust comes out of these pollen heads and moves between my lady’s legs, which were close together, and as this “ejaculate” moved up towards mid-thigh, it went from clearish to a golden color streaming into her vagina, into her cervix and moved up the entire length of her spine.  Once it reached the top of the cervical spine, it started this slow rotation and in various areas, not defined yet (as he kept saying, on purpose… ) sprouted this little green things, one at a time, one place at a time, that looked exactly like the cluster that represents God.

Keeping in mind, it probably took me 10 minutes to even tell her that.  I lost it as soon as I seen the stream move between her legs.

Let me tell you, the humor and the pure joy the Source of All Life was having yesterday with us, was felt so deeply in my core.  He even made wise cracks, filled with truth tho, “you just got a blow job from God.”  As he formed lips in the cluster of his center peace-ness, I lost it even more!!  OMG!!!  How do I keep my reverence for the speaker, for God and crack jokes and talk about sex at the same time!

I really thought I lost most of my embarrassment about sex long ago.  Having done in person group workshops geared around the lighting and movement of Kundalini thru masturbation… this took it all to a whole other level.

My third lady showed up… Jesus I cannot take this!!  There she is, standing on a petal with this odd looking knit hat on.  At first it reminded me of a knitted fedora hat without the rim, and my vision was pulled up closer… OMG its a freakin vagina!!  Stop it, just stop it!!  My lady cracked up and said she had a friend who actually made her a hat that was a vigina!!  Well she obviously seen what your head really looks like!! lol

At least with her, god wasn’t ejaculating on her or giving her blow jobs, no… instead there he is formed like a beautiful light pole and slid his pole of light down into the vagina on her head, down thru her spine and out the bottom of her biological vagina, came well, light seeds of the Creator!!  She took the phrase an innie and outie to a very real level.

There was information about what was happening and how to become more consciously aware of the experience for each person.  I can barely remember the details, so I am giving you what I do remember clearly, the freakin visuals!!  Mercy!!!

My 4th lady was different.  Instead of being on a petal, she was hanging on to the outside of the petal with her hands.  It was explained that she just arrived where she needed to be, (in her life, she literally just moved) and it will take a bit of “settling in” before we can see her relationship on the petal, within the tribe.  So we focused on her more personal, immediate, life stuff and let me tell you, I was grateful to get a break from all this sexual activity thru God!!

I am going to repeat to everyone what as repeated to her over and over again.  “Hold your ground” and something on the order of “demand what you expect.”  We have a tendency to let go of ourselves to conform to another’s desires, expectations and even, manipulation of truth.  Do not ever bend to conform.  Change will never happen that way.

And my grand finale, phew baby!!  My lady was standing on the petal pregnant, or at least, she looked pregnant.  However, when I moved my vision into her belly, it was not a baby at all.  It was a mish mash of… I don’t know.  What looked like plant material, some little feet with shoes on, it was just… bizarre looking.  Next thing I know, there is god and his non form head looking like a large vacuum hose sucking the contents of her belly, out!!  What the hell?  Then, if that wasn’t odd enough, from his suction energy form stemmed an arm, a finger I have no idea, and up her vagina it went.  And then another extremity appeared and went upwards and into her head at the crown.  So my lady has a three-pronged creator doing really weird things to her!!  Sucking and inserting simultaneously!!

It was explained that all of life is changing biologically.  Our plants, our animals, ourselves.  As all DNA goes thru change, the physical body is doing all it can to recognize the new energy and process it and it needs a little help to remove what it will no longer process, hence his vacuumness.  He knows what needs to be removed and we must trust and allow the process without fear interference.  When we do not honor the bodies promptings, we are not honoring our own changes.  So with this, we say… do not bend to another’s perceptions of what is.  Most look outwards in the dark and not inwards in their own light.

The part of him that moved into her vagina, OMG it was crazy, there he was with a little dust rag, cleaning out her uterus.  What the freak!!  And hell yes, I cussed my socks off and the source of all life laughed with us, thru it all.

So with her, there is a lot of dusting and cleaning happening right now, to ready her biology for the next phase after the eclipse.  Thank god (simile, wink) we didn’t have to wait til then to see… He reached thru into the “9th plane of existence” (his words, hence the quotes) to retrieve something that looked like a cross between clear quartz, amethyst and celestite all together as one large (easy 4 inches wide and tall) geometric shaped thing.  He inserted it into her uterus.  It was also explained that matter in the 9th plane of existence does not work the same as matter here in the 3D realm, it is alive, very conscious and hmmmm… I am not sure what the word would be, but once it is implanted, grows into the uterus and becomes one with it.

The part of Him going into her head, he explained there is no cleaning needed there, but it will go live after the eclipse.  It was as if his finger merged into her pineal gland and suddenly these sound waves started moving outwards like a pebble thrown into a pond moves the water.  It was explained that the pineal and her uterus will work in harmony, one sending out light waves and streams, the other, sound waves.

And this… straight from the Source… “Do not think any of this has been done before.  If you say this already happened, clear your ego.  You will miss the divinity of life expressing thru you in fullness.”

Interesting, with that statement, it is equally understood that the ego is the one place that is completely up to each person to clear and partner.  God, thru the rite of free will, cannot and Will not.

So, in between all my melt downs and smoking cigarettes like crazy, I was reminded about my own journey.  I was barely 4 months old, still in the petri dish called my bathtub when my kundalini was ignited… over and over and over for I swear, months.  I could not put a toe into my bath water without the surge of sexual energy firing my grid.

Then, thru my beloved teacher Sananda, when the tabby, trigonic filled smokey quartz took me to the Qumran cave number 4 to read directly from the scroll, hidden safely by Jesus himself… Sex again eventually became a focus point.  Not any particular positions, but the combined rhythmical, purposeful movement of two bodies (I had enough understanding of my own body a year prior lol.)  And then again, in 2010, as the half written book “The Lost Codes of Shambhala” spilled out of me in two 12 hour days and then stopped… waiting….

I kept close to my reach, a conversation I had in my infancy online on that precious spiritual forum I grew up within for the first 2 years of my new life.  It was a conversation about love and sex and this sprung from my fingertips in reply… and I am going to give you that part here, a link to the whole page about sex here.

What if… there was something already inside of us that could heal depression, physical
               illness, the world around us, would you be willing to look there?  Our medical or
               mental profession do not address this aspect of us—THE SOUL AGENDA and
               what it is trying to bring to your attention and awareness.  

There is power in our sexual energy that most people take for granted because they do not 
understand the “whole” of it all.  The manifestation energy of the orgasm is intense and powerful!

What if... Our sexual energy was our closest connection to our Creator—THE very connection of creation?
What if… The energetic exchange merged three energies as one (physical you, spiritual you, & Creator)?
What if… The creation of the soul was done through the orgasmic flow of our Creator, in a pure and loving state so that when we shared ourselves in this manner, in the physical world of Being, could we not touch and feel the heart of God within the exchange?

This is why, God is kicking off his Presence, his Fullness in our connections from here on out, with the amazing expression of what we call sex.  Life producing Life.  But not in any way we understand it… yet.  Not in our tantra books, not even in our truest of collective memories that has been allowed in this realm of creation to date.

But the truth is coming (and yes, pun very much intended.)

On that note, I have one reading today.  A man!!!  I am so freakin excited to see what happens today with a man on the field.  God bless him, a virgin upon my field no less.

I love you all soul freakin much.  Thank you for allowing me my humanness as we move thru these unexpected, heavenly releases of wild wonderful Source full energies and understandings!!!

As I found the main art for todays sharing, I fully realized that WE, our physical bodies are the very heaven we have sought!!  We are the heavenly body!!  I think I knew that, but not in this way!!  lol  BTW, I had no idea what to title todays sharing, so I asked God to pick a title.  He went for the shock value… just like yesterday thru my every moment!! lol

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with explosive, expansive orgams to and thru ALL!!! 😉

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. Inside the ejaculate, were the seeds of me.

    Simply allow me, to blow my load…


  4. ~

    Fascinating. On a very puerile level.

    Wow…it seems that I’m no longer used to listening to people who still have these (now “odd”) kinds of spiritually childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, babyish, uncleared 3D programming issues:


    “As he formed lips in the cluster of his center peace-ness, I lost it even more!! OMG!!! How do I keep my reverence for the speaker, for God and crack jokes and talk about sex at the same time!

    I really thought I lost most of my embarrassment about sex long ago.”



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  6. […] of readings ever.  Especially when God shows up ejaculating all over the folks in readings.  Here is the blog that recounts that information and […]


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