Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 18, 2017

The God Head and The Petals of Life!


The closest image I have seen of our new bodies on the right of this picture.  The left reminds me of yesterdays progression in the field,  sort of.  Taken from:

I really do not know how to begin today.  In my “processing” yesterday, one phrase was repeated over and over “digestible bites.”  These “digestible bites” is how the information, the restriction (for lack of a better word) of the readings and field is unfolding, day by day, for now.

My first lady yesterday… It was (visually) almost like her feet were stuck beneath the sphere of the emerald city and my outside deck it appears on.  As I watched her stretch herself from beneath this sphere and move outwards just outside the sphere, she kept a curve of her body (aligning just outside the sphere) as she filled out the more she curved upwards.  So the lower portion of her legs, were not separate, but blended together as one biological visual, then she became more, human looking, looking exactly like her beautiful self.  As her torso and head filled out and became incredibly visual in my field and now about 5 feet long, again, with staying with the gentle curve of the sphere, the higher she went upwards, the more intense the light field was around her.

She appeared with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, held at her chest, at her heart.  I did not get one snippet of audio, nothing to help us understand what the hell are we seeing.  What does this mean??  Why are your feet under the sphere???  I realized not only is my hearing in the garage, so is my feeling communication.  Both essential to understand what I am seeing vividly.

I figured I would hone in on something familiar, maybe that will break me open.  The flowers she was holding.  For the past 2 years, flowers in a reading always represented, in some way, the energy of Shambhala.  What I did find interesting was the flowers that shew as holding as a bouquet did not have the clustered petal flowers in it, like a rose.  Instead they were all single layer flowers, like daisies… all different, none recognizable to me.  So I went on to try to understand that… nope.

So I did what I normally do when I try to understand things from my head, I asked her to ask me a question, get me out of my head and let the rest of my antennas come on thru my heart.  She told me about a series of dreams she has had recently, all prior boyfriends, and the choices she made, even with a guide showing up to explain the choices.

I learned dream interpretation long before I learned even how to understand a meditation or reading.  Silence from within me.  I had no idea.  Well, that is not a true statement, I thought i knew, based on how I would have normally interpreted this prior to this moment.  I was shut down, with love of course.

When we retracted from trying to understand her presence in the field, and she asked about a DNA test she had done from a hair follicle to see why she is feeling constantly run down and her sinuses or asthma like symptoms never seem to clear up… that which communicates thru me, was on a roll!!  Our DNA is changing, old labs that once showed perfect levels of any given part of us, some will be up, some will be down and what our science cannot look for yet, is what would be shown if they knew to look for it, but they don’t so they cannot see that.  They only look for the familiar.

So it looks like her whole system is out of whack, and it is, but not in a bad way, in a biologically changing way.  It was stated to trust her body, it knows exactly what it needs to ingest to go thru these biological changes with ease and grace, well as much ease and grace as it is capable of while changing.  Our ongoing jobs is not to stop the changes, but partner fully with them and allow for the occasional (or constant) uncomfortableness.

With all this information flowing freely, I started my bitchfest (with love of course.)  Why can I hear all this and not a darn thing from the field.  Instantly and about a foot directly above my crown I heard “you cannot understand it yet.”  Well then, why the hell show us??  Tease!!!!! lol

My second lady unfolded in the same exact way, but in a placement a foot to the right of her.  My first lady was still there, my second lady now in place.  No hearing or seeing.  Until we were looking at each other on skype and she was asking something about her present experiences, wham… back to me.  Now this is just freakin weird.

Thank god my 3rd lady was an ET connection.  This will be the determination for myself… is it me, is it the field, is something beyond bizarre happening.  Well lean in to all three.  Her ET connection went off without a hitch.  All my antennas were working just fine.  Freakin weird!!

My next connection to the field showed up… same as my first two, jogged over to the right by about a foot (using my scale of vision) and my other two ladies still in view and their placements.

However, with each new person, I am realizing more details.  The emerald city sphere thing, only at the bottom 3-4 feet does it appear solid and even, bronzy gold now with all these intricate patterns on the surface.  Above that is pure light, first its more like a night-light, then increases in brilliance to flood all my ladies curving upwards in their position.

Also, everyone was slowly growing taller and wider.  As they became wider, the foot of space remained equal too.  OK so there is an enlargement (hear, enlarge my territory) and an expansion that is taking place at this moment.

The Light that is illuminating is pure Source.  God.  Creator.  Pick a name.  This is very much starting to look like a flower, each human the petals of a flower, the center, the light of the emerald city, the pollination of Source.

I found a very simple way of giving everyone a visual, keeping in mind, the light was pure white not blue, but I liked the blue for this art:


Also, the petals in this flower turn down, where everyone on the field yesterday, curved upwards.

My last appointment just confused me.  It was a man, a virgin no less (smile) and I already had to reschedule an appoint with his wife on Wednesday, so when he turned into a living flower petal, his wife emerged with him, closer to his body than the rest, but still some space between them.

The very moment I explained what I did (barely understand) and that his wife was there too, wham…. the entire thing started spinning sooooo damn fast I couldn’t see the individuals any longer, except, none were curved upwards any longer, but parallel to my deck or the ground and blending as one whole system.  It all reminded me of helicopter blades in rotation.

What the freak was that????  I had no idea, except that he was the only man on my dance card and everything went wild with his presence.  Hmmmmmmm…….. Or maybe, the better word would be, activated.

If weird didn’t get weirder… when i was explaining to him that it must be because of his divine masculine presence, that that difference is what created the spin.  Instead of hearing like I usually do, I swear I head a head in my gut that was nodding yes.  What the hell is that??  There is head in my freakin belly and its nodding yes.  That felt, Freakin weird.  Talk about our gut feelings become real!!! lol

Keeping in mind too, that thru out the day, as I am driving my own self crazy to understand… I kept remembering the use of the word “the godhead” in several readings past.  The emerald city is the living god head.  Well, god’s head jumped into my gut!!!

Needless to say, everyone except ET lady got reschedule.  I came home and just plopped on my couch and pondered… hard!!!  And the understanding unfolding… I will keep this in a coherent, linear story form.

The very first time I heard the voice of god was in 2004.  He was not in my bath, but out in the living room in front of my computer.  His voice was a deep raspy masculine voice that decided to answer a question I had long ago forgot about and no longer cared about.

After the blessed mother gutted me of every belief I had, I felt more lost than anything.  I no longer held the identity of mother, single mother, catholic, anything really.  The good, the bad, the ugly all flowed out of me that weird day in 2001.  I would go into meditation time and time again, looking, desperately looking for orientation to my life, to life itself.  I would repeatedly ask “who am I?”  Not looking for the profound, just orientation to my self and life and stuff.  It was always repeated back to me by my team “when the time is right, you’ll.”  What the hell, I need to navigate my life now… can we hurry a bit!! lol

2004, it was answered.  I didn’t like the answer at all.  Hell, I didn’t care about the question any longer, I filled myself out, had orientation to the life field, my life field.  Then here is god showing up melting down my wires.  I put him in time out for a long long time.  Free will can be pesky!!  lol And honored.

  I eventually realized I would one day emerge as a teacher via the internet, hence his placement.

When I moved to the Jemez in New Mexico and started doing these types of readings, his voice changed.  Or maybe, better stated, I changed.  I was no longer in deep relationship with the society views of life, and the raspiness that he once presented, was gone.  Even the deep masculine tone, now talking in higher frequencies, blending with I suppose what we would call, the feminine voice.

The voice that talk to my lady the other day, was not a voice at all, even tho, I could hear words, but there was no real voice.  I don’t know how to explain it.

Yesterday, he explained, the clearer we are in mind and heart, the closer we get to his, I don’t know, true presence, fullness.  That is such an inadequate way of saying it… I hope you know what I mean.

So, going into digestible bites of understanding and connection, on Wednesday, it was a stream of audible energy, broken up in tons of particles (that star-dust stuff forming a funnel to become audible, but without a true voice.)  Even when asking who is talking and his reply being “we all are” was purposely hmmmmm, fragmented as we all assimilate what is now happening.

He (and please know, the word He and God are my personal choices of label and I am keeping it like that, smile) explained that my feeling center yesterday had to be shut down so I did not get overloaded with the full presence of his expression yesterday.  Words themself can become too tainted and he knew, I would process myself into understanding.  Cuz I truly am a light-aholic and I don’t stop until the last drop is assimilated.

He used the flowers thru my first lady to represent the divine feminine and the ability to bring life into form.  My first lady humbles me to no end.  She is 40 and just gave birth to a 5th child (in their blended family) and there is yet one more out in her time tunnel.  The grace and love she exudes in being a mother (while also being employed) humbles me.  I don’t have that kind of patience.  But thru many of her readings, she is revered as the divine mother.  So it makes sense she would be first on this odd stage of a day.

My last session, a man, the energy that puts all of life into motion.  Had he not been on my dance card, I would be seeing flower petals but nothing spinning.

Even our feet are something to be revered.  Going into the image above of the flower petals all stemming from the center of the flower, from the Source of All life, this is huge and again, in this way, in the way I have yet to be able to explain in fullness what we got ourselves into next, has never, ever been done.  So please, do not be pulling anything out of our history books or even our personal history… let every day be new, clear, untainted by any version of the past or even projection of the future.

And I have to giggle as that freakin bizarre head in my gut nodding yes… his way of affirming the godhead!!  I love our creator, he is funny and freakin bizarre just like us… or are we just like him!

I did look to see what is defined as the godhead and found something wonderful to connect all this with take from here:

Colossians 2:9 is one of the clearest statements of the deity of Christ anywhere in the Bible: “In him [Christ] dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” The word for “Godhead” here is theotés. According to this verse, Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. He embodies all (“the fulness”) of God (translated “the Deity” in the NIV). This truth aligns perfectly with Colossians 1:19, “God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him [Christ].”

To dwell in us, as us!!

I am going to tiptoe into my day on that note.

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))))) filled with the Glory of God thru You!!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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