Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 28, 2016

The Body of God and Our Function Within It.



Boy, if things aren’t twisting and melting my mind with each passing day.  I guess when spirit said we are becoming the “body” of god in this emerging collective, they were bringing in some literally energy there.  My first lady showed up at the top of this now elongated and much more stable amber/goldish bubble like substance that I can now see into.  The opaqueness is turning clearer, the color scheme remains… OMG, this coloring, it just hit me, in one or two of the readings a few weeks back, I had see one (or two, i cannot remember) of my lady’s incarnated body’s from the original earth, her skin tone was exactly this color!!  Also, this is why we have termed this age “the golden age.”  My lady showed up dangling from something that looked like a spine, only it was a soft blue color, at the top of this bubble thing and from here on out, I am going to refer to this bubble thing as the skin of our emerging collective.

This spine looking thing tripped me up, because only about 6 inches was down inside this skin and about 2 feet was up above it.  That would be an upside down spine in book, but then again, why does god have to be usual??  There was absolutely nothing I could see below that 6 inch cervical spine that my lady was hanging onto.  But as the day would reveal, I could only see the next part when someone showed up, until that moment it was not visible to my eyes.

I had to understand too, that spine looking thing above the skin and suddenly that came into view along with the word “the godhead.”  This was a super unusual looking thing, imagine a huge amberish-goldish balloon with a shit ton of grapes inside filling every crevice.  The grapes (are not grapes but resemble that shape and size) are a more opaque coloring all connected to this spine looking thing that feeds the body of us.

As far as I can understand right now, the placement I see each of you in, is the energy system strongest within this body of god called us.  That too, is why the spine was colored blue, bringing back the familiar coloring I had seen over the year when god himself was present and being represented in the readings.  (And please “he” and “god” are my personal choice of words.  A rose by any other name… 😉 )

Now to contrast my first lady, I couldn’t even imagine what would be presented with my second lady, my mind was already melted from my first one, she showed up in the lower quadrant of this really large skin (lets say 20-30 feet long by 10-15 feet wide) sitting… waiting.  I realized she was in the lower lobe of the lung.  There is no right side left side definition with what is emerging (spirit made that very clear yesterday.)  It was much easier for me to understand the connection of the throat, cervical spine that the bottom of a lung.  I took to google and sure enough, there are three lobes to each side of the lung.

I am not giving what I think any of it means, because really, other than having the pure power/energy of that particular function, I really have no idea at all.  I feel like I am 10 feet over my head in doing readings with understanding now.  Of course job is to get personally intimate with your new position, if you want.

My third lady threw me for a huge loop.  When she showed up, I could see she was hanging on between the two lungs at the 5th, 6th and 7th thoracic vertebrae.  I have no idea what those three serve in functionality at all.  (It wasn’t until we hung up did I realize that the placement as at the high heart energy center.)  But it didn’t matter, she was not interested in knowing any of that.  She had just came to the USA from another country and was going on a tour about for the rest of the year and wanted to know about that and where she should be going next.  I about shit when her team and the energy they replied with thru my body said “we don’t give a shit.”  WHAT??  Hey, only I can use the word shit descriptively!!!  But they also said, it is up to you (and this is for everyone, not just her) where you put yourself on earth and what you enjoy while being in any given place.  Her teams focus was on the position she could have held and I say could have, because the next thing I seen was her letting go of the spine area and cascading all the way down to the bottom of this skin thing.  She laid there at the bottom, nothing else emerging or coming online to view (organ-wise) instead what her team said she is in the void space within the body.  Free will is also very much in play here.  She was not ousted out of the body at all, but instead, they gave the metaphor as being in the back seat of a car, along for the ride with no responsibility of direction or use of the car.  With that in mind, they also said she has until the end of this month before everything “solidifies” in it position as we enter June-July.  No wonder this is an energy system so big we need two months to house it!!    It’s hard enough being and understanding ourselves, now we are a living, function part of the godbody and we have to get to know that part of ourselves, if we so desire.

I tried all freakin day long yesterday to see where I am at in this body, I am freakin clueless.  Not nice!!  But then again, I had 10 appointments yesterday and my mind started melting down from the get go… so today, I only have 5 and will jump into the deep end of my bathtub, If I have a new job I want to know what it is and how to be efficient as I can be with its role.

My last lady of the day, she surprised me too.  Keeping in mind, any new aspect of this emerging body only came into my view as each person showed up.  So there she was, sitting on the shoulder-blade of gods shoulder.  Unlike the other ladies I had seen, this beautiful creature had white wings on her back.  We did get a little more information of her position than I did for the others, her connection is the energy running from the reach for life (shoulder to arm) and the throat expression to bring into matter/reality.  Her wings help to direct the wind flow to assist any change that is needed within her life or others.

I cannot even fathom what any of this means to us, how we use this knowing, our positions and of course, each other.  But I suppose, that’s what we are about to discover!!

With my sharing yesterday and even this morning, a book I had read a long time ago by one of my favorite authors keeps pressing at me to read, so I guess I will download it today to read.  Its “The Third Millennium” by Ken Cary.

On a completely different note, I would really like to ask any of you so inclined to send my daughter’s cat, Fenix some healing energy.  She started Peeing blood and I asked my daughter’s roommate to take her to the vet, he can’t until Wednesday.  Your combined energy created miracles in my daughters body, she is so upbeat and glowing even, I cannot thank you enough for your love!!!  Here is a picture of our 12 year old fenix:


Thank you in advance.  Until tomorrow….

I love you all so much!!  ((((HUGZ))))) of mind melting realities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Sounds like a urinary tract infection. These are deadly for a cat; it can kill them very quickly.


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