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The Emerging Collective IS the Body of God Thru US <3

god collective


I do believe I understand (well, as much as I am capable of anywayz) why we had an unviewable field the day before yesterday.  Now to try to put into words what is happening.  Challenging let me tell you.  So I did my best to create a visual of what was revealed thru a few of the readings yesterday.  With this visual I mixed the energy of my 2nd reading with a part of my first reading and I am adding a second picture to show the opaque coloring.

emerging collective

opaque coloring


My first lady had those brick-red wood cross sections above her opaque (the color of the outer circle of the bottom image) however, her emerging bubble was more round, but not spherical.  My second lady did not have that red cross-section at the top but her emerging bubble was elongated like in the image.  Both that same amberish/goldish opaque coloring.  I could barely see thru it to the inside.

There was absolutely nothing else in the field, no ground, nothing outside or above the image, just these really large bubble looking things.  However, there seemed to be a constant wind with each one, because the bubble itself was never stable or still.  There was also zero audio with either one of these readings.  It was like I was looking into a void that was now producing something.  At first I thought these bubbles were our new “bubble of creation” or our personal energy field.  Nope, that didn’t sit right at all.  There are times, yesterday was huge for me, I try to understand something so hard I keep the very information out because I am going thru my rolodex of my mind trying to figure out what I am seeing, especially while we are connected.  What I see does not matter unless I understand what I see and how it applies to you.

My first lady’s call dropped and as I was walking away from “reading land” to my computer, I must have shut off my mental processors too, because instantly I felt (not heard) that what I am seeing is the new emerging collective spirit has been talking about the last couple days/readings.

Let me get back to this in a moment.  About 15 minutes before my first connection I had this really odd energy in my heart area.  It felt like someone was blowing up a balloon inside my chest and it was actually rather uncomfortable, not so much painful, just really really uncomfortable and it didn’t go away.  The closer we got to reading time, the more elongated this balloon in my chest got, going up into the bottom of my skull, expanding my throat area to the degree it was getting hard to breathe normally.  WTF??  Is this a heart attack???  It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  I didn’t associate it with my connections in the field until my second one showed up.  This energy remained and bulged and moved even in between my first and second reading, but again, about 15 minutes before my 2nd connection, this elongating balloon of energy went down below my solar plexus as well.  When she and I got connected and I seen her “bubble” I realized what I was feeling inside of my body for over an hour now, is this energy that I am seeing with my beautiful lady’s.

My second lady, not having the red (to represent placement on the newer, higher vibrating earth, thru the heart) cross sections, she had something really different.  Lets say this bubble was about 20 feet long, the top 5 feet started to present like pin pricks with what I seen as escaping white fizzy energy thru the pin pricks (think, salt shaker top lol.)

With both lady’s I knew they were both inside this emerging bubble, but because of the opaqueness of the bubble I could not see them clearly at all.  There was much more wobble to my second lady’s bubble and let me tell you, I felt every wobble in my body.  I cannot even pretend to say this was a pleasant experience, not at all.  It became challenging to breathe, I was truly waiting for my chest wall to just explode, the growing pressure in there was intense or at least hurl from the inflated energy in my digestive system.

It took me a whole freaking day of processing and really tapping into the energy in my core to understand the significance of it all.  Unlike every other collective (group of connected consciousnesses) being a part of the brain waves of information, this collective is forming in the core of our Beings.  It is not a heart thing or a mind thing, it is a pure soul thing.  It comes without words (hence no hearing thru the first two readings) and moves in a rhythm of connection inside.

When my day of readings was over, I could feel the energy of this bizarre over inflated elongated balloon inside my body start to release, but not in a usual way.  Going back to my 2nd lady and her aerated upper quadrant, the energy started to release from the top part and I could feel it hit my brain, individual sections of my brain at a time and that part of my brain just became exhausted, like it melted down.  This happened over the series of hours and I just became depleted mentally and physically.

The nine hours of solid sleep I had must have given me the understanding I awoke with today.  But I will get back to this in a minute.

My third lady was so different, there was no opaque bubble that I could see, altho the space was there for it to be or become.  Instead, all around this center space was a mix between what looked like paint made of light, creating a wavy circle around this “space.”  Mixed in with this (easy 5 foot high) wave of white, red and blue light wave was what looked like colored sprinkles (the kind you put on ice cream cones, made of the same color as the light band.)  Unlike my first two ladies, I had no balloon effect in my body, which I was more than grateful for.  I also had scattered hearing thru her reading too.  Her team kept relating these color waves and sprinkles as “particles and wave energy.”  What the hell does that have to do with the price of eggs???

Again, it is only this morning that I understand more.  All collectives, to include what we call the christ consciousness collective and the shambhala collective forms and it used within the outer brain wave patterns.  This is a crucially important way of getting the brain onboard of our limitlessness and was the key player/connector in the evolving stages of our growth/spiritual evolution.

This new collective is now forming within the heart field, inside, superseding the brain itself and using fully the soul mind.  I am not describing this correctly (dammit.)  What my third lady’s team kept saying to her in relationship to this energy around the new collective that is being held for her is “Be the sage.”  There is no room for doubt.  Actually any seedling of doubt, keeps us in the field of light without entire within the new emerging collective of all those who KNOW they are Sage.  If there is an inkling of doubt that one is not capable enough, wise enough, spirit enough, well then get over it (smile) because there are no free passes into the magic we have brought forth.  It must be OWNED to be used.

My last two readings were information sharing, thank god.  I know my biology could not take in one more expanding balloon without creating physical harm to my biology.  Now imagine how powerful this collective is that we now are or can be a part of.

From what I am understanding, this collective is as pure as spirit, as we are when we are not incarnated.  It is how we were in the original earth, within our original incarnations in the earth realm before we created duality to the degree it has been.  Which actually makes sense now that I think about it.  For the last few years, spirit has been all about the integration of the ego (not killing it or divorcing it, but integrating it) within the construct of our spiritual mind.  The master of matter (ego) and the master of energy (soul) now one whole unit working fully thru the heart space of Self and each other.

Wow here is an interesting added insight.  No one that is still using their mind (thinking of all the other collectives out there) can access the collective that we have brought to life now.  It can only ever be accessed thru the heart, thru a complete release of self (small s there) and what is happening… OMG, we are becoming the living body of God/Creator/Source.  Holy chit batman!!

OMG, I just got a flash of the thing I shared yesterday about the supercell thing at my ceiling.  There is so much more to it than i even realize.  The energy of the cloud was presented because of my connection with God showing up as cloud energy (in readings as well and especially from the audio book of Erik when he crossed over and god visited him as a mass of fog or cloud energy.)  The old man in the white hair and robe, from my catholic days.  The gold still remains the highest energy of spirit, and obviously there is nothing higher vibrationally than God!!  Those coin looking things, that is each one of us forming this emerging collective as the Living body of God, together as one.

Let me give you two very real examples of what will keep one out of this emerging collective, two sides of the same coin.  If you start any sentence with “I don’t think I can” or the first thing you want to do is tell everyone what you can do (not in the excited, OMG I just this experience way, but in the way I hear a lot of people connecting with me… I can do this and this and this and this… that’s ego on both ends.  The part that needs to be acknowledged and/or the part that keeps you suppressed.  The sage knows its wisdom and has no need to tell everyone how wise and capable (or uncapable) he/she is.

God creates himself (my personal preference, if you don’t like it, tough cookies) anew every moment of every day.  What was discovered yesterday now blends into what will be discovered today (sounds like the field this week lol.)

WOW oh WOW oh WOW!!  I am sooo freakin excited!!  I hope you understand and OWN the significance of what all this means and what I am desperately trying to put into words.

I am going to leave off there and get ready for another exciting day in the field.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love and appreciate you!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of wide-eyed wonder and excitement to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

















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