Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 29, 2016

The Godhead and Us – Our Part in the Living Body!

all of god

As soon as I published my blog yesterday, I jumped straight in the bathtub, I freakin want to know what position I have within this living body of God called us.  As soon as I got into my bath, the meditation, dammit I couldn’t see.  I knew I was in a rush, but also, on a mission, I want to know!! (I can be rather demanding really!!)  Instead of getting any kind of visual (it stayed black all the while) I got a reminder of that really strange energy bulging up and down my body the very day we started to see the “skin” of god, then I heard craniosacral fluid.  What???  Again, picking apart my own memories I instantly remembered my massage days, especially getting out of massage school and trying to find my natural rhythm in massage, it sure wasn’t the way school insistently taught us, which is going with the flow of the lymphatic system.. up the body.  Nope, I HAD to start at the head/crown, with my client face up (instead of starting face down like we are taught in school.)  It took me weeks to figure all this out without understanding why.  But once I found my rhythm, everything else came online so fast and my hands of light massage was born.

But lets back further up, and I am sharing all this so you have a way of figuring out which part of the living body part you are.  When I moved from North Carolina to Vermont, I spent about a month with a friend in New Hampshire, the one who owned the camp I would live in in Vermont.  She was taking her daughter for craniosacral treatments and I was allowed the privilege of watching the whole session.  Granted I was only on this path about 2 years, maybe less but I was able to see subtle energies outside of meditation by then.  I couldn’t wait to see what this doctor, an actual MD trained in craniosacral treatment would do.  He didn’t do a damn thing.  Even tho he went thru the motions, there was no connection to the energy body, the electrical body that I was able to see or feel.  Of course when you are just emerging something new within, there is that huge doubt that maybe it was just me.  But I made sure I told my friend that if he did anything, I sure as hell couldn’t see it.  Ain’t no wonder why her daughter had to keep going back for weekly treatment (for a year!)  The placebo effect was happening, at $90 a week!!!  She would feel better for a couple days then right back to how she always felt.

When I moved from Vermont to Idaho, my desire to learn craniosacral was off the charts within me.  The fulfillment of that desire came close but never got its legs (too long a story to share.)  The end result was my team saying you are going to learn your own way.  Hey!!  That’s so not freakin fair.  But I started to do hands on energy work trying to figure this all out.  My biggest thing with it all, one that was insatiable within my desires was not just tapping into the movements of the body but finding out why anyone is in illness.  That was the one thing I could not find any craniosacral instructor back then (2004) doing or hell, caring about.  While in Idaho, my friend and I went to a holistic fair who just happened to have a craniosacral lady there offering treatments.  I had read for my friend for the last  year or so, so I was already intimately familiar with her inner and outer body.  I was excited to see the connection with the practitioner and my friends inner body and even more excited that this practitioner could pick up on the fact my friend had chronic headaches.  So I asked her the million dollar question (to me) “do you know why???”  I was stunned to hear her say it doesn’t matter why.  YES, THAT matters a lot!!  If you have a leak in the system, knowing why cures the leak, putting a patch over it is just a temporary fix.   I was over craniosacral anything!!

All of these memories came flooding back to me in my 10 minute swim in the dark end of the pool yesterday morning.  In between appointments, I started looking up cerebrospinal fluid and for shits and giggles I decided to look up potassium in cerebrospinal fluid, imagine my surprise when a major component of this fluid is made up of sodium and potassium (more sodium than potassium, but still!!!)

So off to reading land I go and there is no doubt in my heart spirit knew, with this sudden and unexpected twist in the field of readings, I sure has hell needed some validation to be sure what I am sharing is true.  It started with my first connection and lasted all day long, thank you dear spirit!

My first lady cracked me up.  Again, just like the previous days, I am only seeing particular sections of the living body when you show up.  Once that part is there, it is always there, but not before someone holding that energy shows up to turn the light on it.  Anyway, my first lady was plugged into the arm pit of God!!  Geez, how do you tell anyone they are the armpit????  Sounds kinda stinky to me!! But there she was, the top of her head in the armpit and now I see an arm too.  Then the flood of what she is really connected poured in, the lymphatic system!!!  Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  That makes much more sense.  And she about shit too, because just the day before she had seen a licence plate that had her mother’s initials first then the word lymph after it.   Not only that, in the last year or so, she had two friends, almost at the same time, diagnosed with hodgkin’s lymphoma, both of her friends overcame it as well.  Her presence alone assisted all that!!

My second lady, I could see the intestines and then heard clear as a bell, duodenum.  I was familiar only in the word from my massage school days, but had to go to google to look it up.  The part of the small intestine that connects to the stomach.  Now considering this precious soul has had intense issues for the last 5 years with this very area, to the point of dropping down to 98 pounds, and is still working on producing solid waste within her body… what many people would look at as a dysfunction within her, instantly spirit said she has been changing out her body to accommodate this high energy field.  Equally, we get much more interested in our bodily functions when they are in pain than when everything is running smooth and this era of her change was in her and humanities highest good.

This, more than anything, I pray shows you not all (perceived) illnesses is something bad happening to you because you have unresolved issues.  Quite the opposite, you… WE are changing from the inside out!  This is your blessing to the world.

My third lady was a kidney!!  What I found so interesting and again, leans into the much needed validation that I am not going out of my mind with what I see and understand in the readings, she married her divine counterpart last year.  He is from another country, another continent and moved here to the USA to be with her, leaving his life and two teenage daughters to do so.  Guilt can so be a game changer and people are good at throwing their guilt our way if we are not doing what they want us to do.  And he is in the process of clearing up this guilt, to the degree he had a kidney infection a few months ago.  I could not tap into him in any way, the first time ever.  But the fact that bodies come with two kidneys but can function with one… makes me want to keep my eye on this evolution of them of their partnership!! (I am so nosy like that lol.)

So with my day done, and my energy draining like I sprung a massive leak, I hopped into the bathtub for more information.  Especially since, in my google searching I learned that the cerebrospinal fluid is made in the brain, well that would be the godhead, mr grape head (smile) ohhh grape juice!!! lol

Wait, I found a picture that can help, visually:



Now take all those smaller bubbles inside and squeeze them together and fill it up with so many more bubbles that there is no space around them.  That blue line is the spine connecting the godhead to the body itself.  The part that is outside of the main bubble starts what we call the throat.  These smaller bubbles are every conceivable consciousness, past, present and future.  It is every one of us and every planet and galaxy and things we cannot even comprehend.

This, is how I see you, thru the eye of God.  Where the unknowable becomes known every time you show up.  This is how all this new information becomes understood, it is your place, you’re living Light within the godhead.

So back to my second bath.  Which is really where the above information came thru from.  Living in my energy field, so flipping strange to me really, was the voice of god.  Now I have had my conversations with him thru the decades, but never like this.  When he talked to me, it was always way outside of myself and always in this masculine deep, raspy voice.  Yesterday, it was nothing like that at all.  Instead, it came from my intimate energy field, the part that extends just from our body, but the voice itself came from all of it, talk about surround sound lol.  Equally, the voice now smooth if not androgynous and very much like the voice I hear in the field thru readings.  OMG, it really is god speaking to us.  I knew many moons ago, “my team” collapsed into a collective voice, my team, your team, and the field itself, speaks thru this voice that I hear when we are in readings.  Not in a gazillion years would I have thought… Source him/herself (typed like that for those who do not like me calling him, him 😉 )  But as he said, I changed my relationship with him and he changed with me, no longer needing to project outside of me but as a living part of me.  And you!


So instead of being interested in telling me about this whole cerebrospinal fluid stuff… he showed me the field of light taking place on earth.  He leaned into our current primary elections and said, he has some miracles up his sleeve to do all he can to produce the horserace of the Christ (Bernie) vs the AntiChrist (Trump.)  Hillary became like a non energy in this conversation.  It kinda got me very excited!!

Since he was ignoring my ongoing query about what to do more with this whole fluid thing and potassium and stuff… we brought in the energy of my baby girl.  Something huge is happening there that I know from talking with her.  Not only did she have this MASSIVE shift within her from vomiting green bile, two days later I was hearing a song my siblings played at my father’s funeral “When I get to where I am going” and it played every time I thought of my daughter.  Death is upon her and that is a really good thing.  When I talked with her yesterday morning, she finally accepted the advice I have been trying to give her since she went into jail… think about what you want to do or be when you get out of jail.  Because of her convictions (lots of grand larceny counts as well as credit card theft) her time in the retail gig is about over right now.  She told me yesterday morning, with odd excitement, she wants to be a mortician!!  WHAT???  This way she can still use her cosmetology skills and be in a completely different profession.  She asked me to see about getting books on that.  Alrighty then.  Shocked me, but hey, she is thinking of change.

And Source said, she feels the death of her life, it is perfect she is leaning into a mortician as her next skill and current interest.  Entertain it with her, there is more happening than meets the eye.  Alrighty then!

This connection must have been more than my physical body could endure.  I started crashing, hard when I got out of the bath.  I could barely keep my eyes open for the day.  I went to sleep before 9pm and I took a fully charged phone to bed with me.  It was literally on the charger reading 100% full when I took it off and went to bed.  I woke up at 4:30am this morning and my phone was completely dead.  Yeah, big huge energy reboot of the massive kind.  Now to see what it means on the field, to us.

I cannot even fathom how the readings, you, the field will change as we move into June.  Hell I cannot even wrap my human mind around what is happening now and this is truly just the beginning!!

On that note… Thank you so much for bringing the Light of God that is You to my world, for trusting me to see you the way I do and most importantly, sharing your amazing Light within this incredible world we share together!!  I love you sooooo flippin much!!!!!! ❤

(((((((HUGZ))))) of joy juice all over your Life!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. I don’ know how you popped into my consciousness but it’s been less than two weeks and I’m feeling blessed because you so resonate with me. Thank you for what you do and what you are. Blessings, Love and Light


  3. I also wanted to be a “mortician”.

    Only those on the path of Mastery who are not “shocked” by anything and can contain it ALL — who can comfortably contain the entire experience of Earth duality, eg. *Life ~ Death*……. are attracted to this.
    Couldn’t fit it into my life contract this last time around, though.



  4. RE: the Godhead….

    4 years now of never-ceasing, excruciating higher-dimensional radiated SKIN torture:

    I AM the SKIN.


    I am what is holding all of you numbnuts together.
    I am the SKIN containing all of you numbnuts. Containing, and allowing you to continue carrying out, all of your numbnutty activities.



    • you are not holding anything of me together. What a lot of tripe! What in the divinity in you says it is positive and beneficial to denigrate people by calling them numbnuts?

      i have not read any posting here for a while as i have been out of town.

      While in Sydney, New South Wales on the east coast of Australia i was inspired by the local festival of ‘VIVID’ a spectacular of ‘LIGHT, MUSIC, IDEAS’, a city-wide, 2 week event festival where the iconic structures such as the Sydnry Harbour Bridge, the ‘sails’ of the Opera House on the harbour, the Botanic Gardens adjacent and many city buildings old and new were the backdrop for themed and culturally inspired, changing light-shows that attracted a cosmopolitan spectrum of ‘ordinary’ people who demonstrated more evolved behaviour and attitude than what has come across in the comments you have taken the time to attempt to nail into the consciousness of people who read this site and the site itself.

      the masses are resonating with the evolution changes, even if they are not into the spiritual terminology of those who beeive that they are the only ones making it happen.


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  12. Several blogs ago, you wrote you were voting for trump. That statement really bothered me from such an enlightened person. I am relieved to read your latest blog. why would you even consider voting for Trump? I am very curious about it.


    • I support… hell, I LOVE Bernie Sanders, that man moves my heart like no politician ever before or probably, ever after him could. My vote, my heart, my Will is with Bernie. Unless that is not an option in the general election.

      If in November I am forced to choose between Hillary or Trump… I will vote Trump BECAUSE he is an idiot!! (Said with love of course.) I liken it giving a child a box of matches and I know he will burn this country down fast and furiously. The fuel is already there, all he has to do is show up.

      I am ProChange. My feeling is, if we are not going to actively and consciously fix the cancer called the politics and policies of the USA, lets just hurry up and burn it down as fast as we can so we can get the rebuilding underway.

      But, I have hope that it will not come to that. More and more eyes and hearts are really starting to pop open and seeing what is really at stake right now that no matter what, will affect the All, not just in the USA but world wide.

      I hope this helps you understand my madness (smile.)

      Big (((HUGZ))) to you wrapped in Bern-ing Love!! ❤


  13. ok but PLEASE don’t vote for Trump.


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