Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 28, 2016

As We Enter the Sun Phase, We Also Enter the Expanse of Being Multidimensional.


Once again, I had no intention of writing this morning, I didn’t think I had anything new to share.  Yesterday left us all in the void, or as my first lady’s team said and showed us, it would be like looking into the center of the black hole, bringing the video I shared the other day of the black hole eating a star.  One the star debris was surrounding the black hole, that split second moment before the light poles come on-line.  That is what yesterday was, I suppose.  The day all the magnetic energies grouped, aligned and ready for the electrical infusion on the sun today moving forward thru the 3rd.

Since there has been zero sneak peek into this phase, I figured we just have to wait and see what happens and what it will produce for us.  Not!! lol  Once again, my sleep time revealed something phenomenal was revealed, that took me a bit of waking up, to understand.  Two coffee’s later… I get it, sorta.

But first let me tell you about a quick but odd experience yesterday that happened on my drive home from getting bird seed.  I was just leaving the Pueblo/Reservation when suddenly I felt my whole… I don’t know, energy field maybe, expand, like a freakin balloon.  I was inside and outside of my car at the same time.  My eyes were seeing from the balloon state and there was an odd disconnect from the biology/body itself.  There were two cars in front of me about 4 car lengths away and another on pulled onto the road in between us.  It was at that moment I realized that even tho my physical body is in the center of this balloon sized me, I wasn’t quite sure how to move my foot to the brake (I ride cruise control all the time, so my foot wasn’t on the gas.)  Even tho the Lisa driving would have liked to tap the break to slow down (and thru the Pueblo it’s a 30 MPH cruise anywayz, so I wasn’t going all that fast) I didn’t know how to engage my foot.  I totally had to surrender to trusting that whatever this experience is, it will not involve rear ending the person pulling onto the road in front of me.  The moment I completely surrendered into that trust, my balloon state deflated and I was normal again, with full orientation to my brake, which I did not need at all.

The only thing I heard back when I said to myself, rather loudly… what the hell was that???  My soul said well, now it is time to experience what being multidimensional is in body.  Hey!!  While I am driving??  Really????

So for the third night in a row, my eyes are crying to go to sleep at 8pm, I held out til 9 dammit.  The experience that I was shown, part of, whatever in the dreamtime, holy shit batman!!

I am pretty sure I was in my bedroom, either laying or sitting on my bed itself.  A beautiful black-purple swirl of energy starts rotating on my ceiling (and my ceiling is not flat, its pitched.)  The swirling energy started to form this amazing looking electrical storm within it, but in a vortex shape, kinda like this, only the lightning was very uniform and all oriented towards the narrowing bottom center:



This image captures the exact color scheme tho. Stunning to witness really.  There was no electrical charge coming out of it, that I felt.  It must have been showing how the currents of energies open various portals.  I dunno really.  I didn’t get to see what happened as this cone of energy drew closer to the ground level of my bedroom, instead it was like my whole dream state shifted and the next thing I knew, some sort of strange police broke into my house, came into my bedroom, put the strangest looking contraption over my head.  It was large and round like an astronaut’s hat, but with slats like a bird-cage and made out of some black material I had never seen before.  It locked into place at the neck and there were shoulder things on it too, so it rested on the shoulder instead of making the head so heavy with it being on.  Then I was lead to the back seat of a car, like a criminal and I woke up.  Whatever this material was, shut down the energy circuitry of the brain that allowed the opening of the portal.  I don’t know who the psychic police were or how they came in that very instant the portal opened.  Or was it the men in black?? It was the black of night! lol

It all soooo freakin real, just like the last two nights were as well.  So as I sat here with coffee going down the pipes, I hear the first clue of what these double ended experiences are in relationship to (my car and my sleep time.)  My focus, unwaveringly, for the past 15-16 years has been on not only understanding our energy fields but using them in all we are capable of.  So the core of my (new) magnetic field is experiencing this multidimensional field in body, in our day-to-day moments.  My soul chose my car because I drive half in la la land and half paying attention, and knew I would not react adversely because of the traffic.  But also, I had the choice in that moment, to demand to move my own feet at will, or completely surrender to trust.  The choice comes down to, the will of the ego body or the will of the soul body.  Keeping in mind, there is no wrong choice at all, just a whole different set of experiences to be had.

The experience of this portal opening had to happen in my sleep time, for now.  I would shit a brick if a storm started forming at my ceiling.  Gimmie some friends to experience this with, I’m good, do it all by my self… ohhh I would have run out of my room so freakin fast lol.  I would have been looking for that car to hop into.  Now that I got a sleepie time preview, I may be a bit braver should it happen without being half in sleep and half out.  Or at least, I have the time to work up to that brave me part.  But what if someone comes out of that portal… OMG!!  In meditation, in readings, in ET connections… exciting and hoped for.  Just out of the blue and being real instead of a hologram of light… Yeah, I need to put my big girl pants on!

The only thing I get with the switch of scenery/experience with the psychic police is a memory from 2004, when I was hell-bent on experience the astral realm within earth’s atmosphere.  My team taught me how to travel beyond the astral to connect with others on earth, but until this week-long experience, never allowed me to go directly thru the astral realm of earth.  Once I embarked on this mission, instantly, I fully understood why.  In what we consider the astral realm (the lower frequencies of earth) all things get to play.  The military watchers, the discarnates, the not so nice discarnates (what we think of as evil spirits,) but my experience was all about the military watchers watching me.  I had no idea at that time such things excited.  The moment I popped myself into the lower astral realm within earth, three times in a  row, I had a military figure in my face, guns pointed at me.  Three times I tried three times I got out running and never went back that way again.

I feel we were all given a cautionary tale with the second half of my dream experience.  Keep our vibration high, fear completely out of the game and all is well.  Once we lower our vibration to the energy of fear, we will drop down to the lower astral realms, and everyone’s psychic abilities are getting stronger, not just ours.  This is the realm of duality and the experience/lessons that comes from it.

I am curious to see what today’s connections bring.  I have rescheduled 6 days in a row, because even the seeing and hearing is group consciousness oriented and not personal.  You pay for personal and even tho we all benefit from our connections, I am anal about what you get from/thru me!!

On that note, welcome to the sun side of this massive Siamese twin system!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of mind opening, heart expanding loving excitement to All!!

Lisa Gawlas







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