Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 27, 2016

The New Wheel of Life and the Magnetic feilds Within.


What ever this pivotal point we are all in, a part of, is, is so enormous that I have been schooled consciously in my sleep time two nights in a row.  I didn’t really understand the night before experience, until the enormity of last night as well as two days of (non) reading conversations and lines came into play too.  I pray I can get this information and understanding out coherently.

The night before last, in my crazy dream time, I was poking a long silver thing into a very high hedge, this hedge was easy a foot over my head and long, I couldn’t over it or thru it.  I felt like I was taking some sort of measures within this hedge (maybe I am a scientist on some other planet lol) and when I poked the long silver thing into the hedge, holy shit this bizarre looking bee flew quickly out and into my face, in my dream and in my actual bed, I jumped a foot backwards.  I literally woke up because my whole body reverberated in my bed.  This bee was like no other bee I had ever seen, the closest thing we have is a bumble bee, only this was one solid color, like dull dirty yellow, fatter and longer than our actual bees and had no wings, but flew like a freakin bullet towards me.  This energy and visual stayed with me all day yesterday.  I just couldn’t figure out the higher purpose, again, until today.

Let me just say too, for two nights in a row, I am being sucked into sleep.  By 8pm my eyes are burning and watering so bad I am challenged to stay awake until 9.  I couldn’t even fight it any longer last night, 8:30 I tapped out and went to sleep.  Usually, going to sleep that early means my body is awake by 3am, just a wee bit too early for me.  4-5am is my sweet spot to get my blog done before my day of readings.  Both days tho, I woke up at 5:30ish.  Intense night school!

But let’s get to yesterdays non-readings, at least the information that came thru the visuals and conversations.

I had five people on my dance card and what I came to eventually understand, in a very particular order.  My first two were females, my third was male, my last two females.  All the females had the same energetic visual coming thru, the moon beam directly over head, spreading outwards as it engulfed their immediate space of creation.  Rolling off the moon and coming down thru the moon beam itself was something that reminded me of a dirt cloud:

dirt cloud


Now remove the plane, turn the picture upside down and make the “ground” the surface of the moon.  Now know that the dirt cloud is not filled with dirt but ever frequency of energy, making it to my eyes, filled with amazing color.  Like someone took the rainbow and scattered into this rolling cloud that was spreading wider as the moon beam spread wider, but never went outside of the moon beam.

In between my appointments, as I pondered why this was the only and constant visual two people in, I heard so as a matter of factly “The Rainbow Tribe.”  Ohhhhhh…. yeahhhhhh!!

My man presented a twist to the visual, in front of his rainbow cloud, was this most stunning light blue flow of energy.  At first glance, I would have swore he had gentle cascading waterfall pouring over his rainbow cloud, I was corrected immediately lol.  It was the flow of source energy going directly into him.  I was only able to follow the stream half way down his moon beam before I lost the visual and once again, his team explaining that beyond that, it gets way too multidimensional to understand.

Of course my head was spinning as I was asking, why him, why not my ladies too. Was it because he was male and we got a resounding YES!!

My lady just after him, she had a different presentation to her rainbow cloud, not instead of looking like sprawling cloud filled with all different colors, the colors themselves took on feathery presentations.  While connected with her, I had to ask, why does the energy look different now, and I heard an echo from my previous pondering “The Bird Tribe Returns.”  Ohhhhh…. yeahhhhh!! lol

The rainbow tribe, the bird tribe, the thunder beings, it’s all us.  Different descriptions to say the same thing, kinda like the many words used to say god, creator source, allah, and so on.

As I stepped back to look at my schedule, 2 women, one man, 2 women, think… the wings and body of the butterfly.  Two Divine feminines supporting and lifting the divine masculine, who does so much work for the whole.  Eats, digests and stuff.

So last night, in my sleep time, holy shit did it get so bizarre.  First, I almost never dream, and not to degree I have been lately.  It is more like being inside of the readings themselves.  Vibrant and visual.

The first thing I had seen in my dream time was what I can only call a silhouette of a female.  She was just kind of standing there when all of a sudden she split into three images, all silhouettes, separate but the same.  As she replicated herself, this instant the golden energy appeared like a HUGE gear set up in the middle of the circle that was now forming.  Then two more parts of the silhouetted female, not bodies, more like… space appeared to create a complete circle around the golden gear in the center.  The closest thing I can find to come close to this formation is:

gear of life


Keeping in mind, the thing in the middle was gold and a gear that turned and worked the energy of the female quadrants.  5 quadrants to consistently produce change.  One inner gear, the source of life itself, to ignite the energy to produce movement.  6 in my world has always been in relationship to soul partnership.  There is nothing more connected to Source than our soul, since it lives on both sides of the veil and knows multidimensional energy intimately.

Now if we take this image itself and place it over our body, this is what our energy field looks like in the moment.  Today is the membrane thingie day, where this wheel of life gets its skin (us).

Some of the information coming out of the conversations yesterday, in relationship to the membrane thingie as well as the next 5 days of the sun side of the siamese twin energy system goes like this…

Every one of us has what I could see as magnetic wires, long thin golden wires.  These wires are emotional frequencies, the wires that have the closest resonance to the others, will form a larger wire, a larger magnetic field based on its similar frequency.  As will all the others.  This is all formed from the focus in your core energy.  The closest visual I can get to is like this:

wire bundle

So the core energy, the golden energy of life encircles the magnetic filaments of your focus and desires to ignite the experiences we call life.  The energies over the next 5 days will create the magnetic pathway in front of you based on your focus within your emotional field.  Not what you say, not what you think or hope for, but what you FEEL as a constant.

Of course, we all have this layout individually, but we also have this layout as a collective consciousness living within the energies of Shambhala, heaven on earth.  Which is one of the main reasons I was not “turned off” visually the last couple of days, each one that appeared on my schedule was very much like the bee in my dream, zapping my consciousness with yours, and vise versa, to expand the energetic understanding moving outwards.

Thru this timeframe, we have also created, opened up into a vaster dimension of life experience.  Our personal and collective universe is too high frequency for even the energies we came into in January.  Know with all your Being, that as we move forward, we are moving into the greatest creation ever and never hoped for.  Well, if you are fully and completely aligned with Unity.

Keep in mind, as we can look out the window of all lives and see massive diversity itself, those still rarefying their ego, their deep seeded separation agenda, it may look like all hell broke loose, and for them, it did.  As the song says, and we have all experienced, you gotta go thru hell before you get to heaven.  Stay focused on the new expansion of you and your field of life.  There are other worker bee’s that will help the others since they are still working thru their stuff as well.  Creation and destruction… one and the same!!  Knowing which phase you are focused on, Key!! ❤

Ohhh, as I went looking for artwork, a revelation!!  lol  The reason the feminine parts were black, is due to the magnetic bundling and energy quadrants expanding.  Each quadrant will be illuminated as we fire the grid thru the sun face.  Ohhh this is getting oddly interesting!!  The feminine (again, not gender specific, its a frequency) is life expanding, the masculine is life experiencing.  Kewl beans on my end! lol  OMG, I think last year thru the readings, spirit said over and over again, there will be 5 core energies coming together thru each person, to focus on refining your emotional field so that is vibrates with goodness and unity.  Well, we had plenty of time to get our shit removed or play deeper in it.

Man its amazing what looking for art can trigger lol.  The three aspects of the female I seen in my dream, mind, body soul, the 2 other things that came from her, the skin/membrane that brings it all together as living experience all surrounding the gear of life, god/source/creator, the masculine.

Until tomorrow, thanx for the honey of life you so willingly share with me, with all of us!!  I love you beyond measure!!

((((HUGZ)))) of magnetic bliss and dreams not dared to dream, unfolding!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Just want to let you know I have a little update on my/our mexico adventure.  I will keep any updates at the bottom of the page ongoing.





  1. Yeah, the bee is me. Sorry about that. Even my birth name means, “The Bee”.

    Someone at my blog years ago kept calling me an Angel…I said, I’m not an angel in this particular Earth incarnation — I’m a “worker bee”.

    Couple days ago my BEEutiful friend who has also been studying you and your slow soul evolution, and who has now reached a 5D level Ego-Free neutral observational state of ascended mastery….

    ….She has been watching what I’ve BEEn doing with you/to you, to expand your energetic understanding — basically by deliberately “Stinging your ass” to get it moving ~ because we have one month to go now, before you Second Wavers get the next Big 5D Wave X coming in to lift you to those higher dimensional levels at the Spring Equinox.

    This beeutiful friend of mine is also of the Bee family, and a few days ago she said that so far you have been serving in the role of a 3D/4D ruling “Queen Bee”…..and that it does not matter how much honey you coat it with to sweeten it for the worker bees, this type of Queen Bee role is NOT supported in the 5th Dimensional realities that are based on Unity Consciousness of working together in unconditionally accepted *Equality* (zero hierarchy) and joyful cooperation/sharing.





    Evolutionary change is vibrational change; Higher Vibration = Higher Evolution.

    Resonant Harmonic Induction is the method of uplifting the vibration rate that is the process of evolution.

    A lower vibration rate will entrain to higher vibration through resonance.

    In humans it happens between 2 people by choice, by intention; readiness to heal, evolve. It cannot be forced.

    A higher vibrating evolved individual can be a catalyst for someone else; if it is working within Divine Law; if there is permission and purposes are linked and the other individual chooses to evolve.

    Consider the resonance of the intentions in the following . . . .

    (Total Program Word Count 2, 581)

    “. . . . And in manifesting this higher evolution of self, I also seek to catalyse the higher evolution of those who come into contact with me; whether this be physically or non-physically; whether this be directly or indirectly; whether this be through the spoken word, the written word; through non-physical communication; whether it is through touch; through any of the senses, then let it be so.

    Let it be so, if it is my will.

    Let it be so, if in it being my will, it is also the will of the Highest, in line with the purpose of my own being, and the purpose of that being, or group of beings with whom I am communicating in in whatever way.

    As I change on all levels, aspects and dimensions of my being, I seek to resonate with these changes. I seek to resonate with the highest frequency, and that this frequency be a catalyst in assisting those who choose to, to create their own transformation, which shall be similar to my own, in that it is as totally beneficial to them as it is to my own being.

    Let it be known that the other being may be physical or non-physical; the being may be human or non-human; and this shall occur only if it is my will and their will, and also the will of the Highest.

    I seek not to experience discomfort through the changes that will occur. I acknowledge that I have freedom of choice, and may delay, postpone, or cancel the changes, and undo the changes at any time, should I so wish; merely by my intent of making that known verbally; spoken, physically spoken. I also acknowledge that at any time if I wish to reintroduce those changes, that again, I can reintroduce them by letting it be known verbally, with that intent being spoken verbally, physically verbally.

    I wish to love. It is my will to love. It is my will to inform, to educate myself and all. It is my will to give and receive, to create and give birth to all that is perfect, all that is beneficial within the same moment without limitation; without judgement; in faith.

    This program that I have spoken is my will. May it empower me. May it empower this name that is my name [state your name] with all that has been spoken.

    This is my will, and as it be the will of the Highest, then so let it be done.”


    The Grand Transformation Program is a major part of Celestial Transformation.

    “Celestial Transformation touches upon that which is ‘Divine’ and ‘Higher than Divine’ and awakens that within people. It assists in the evolution of individuals and of humanity as a whole and it also assists in transforming that which is the nation of Earth People. Currently, there is no other form of therapy which does this. Therefore it is unique. The growth available and the evolution available through the use of Divine Words of Power and Celestial Transformation is limitless. It is infinite. It is a rapid transformation and enlightenment method that is one hundred per cent beneficial. As a gift from The Highest of All That Is, Celestial Transformation contains Divine Love and Apex Knowledge, the highest form of knowledge.”

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