Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 29, 2016

The Suns Magnetic Openings and Your Personal Universe Aligning.


There is so much to share and this lazy butt woke up late, so I am going to try to squeeze in as much as I can in a short amount of time.  Once again, my dream time is coupling the ongoing understanding.  The last time I had such consecutive dreams (Like I said, if I remember a dream 3-4 times a year, that’s a lot for me) was wayyyy back in my beginnings, back in 2001 when my own internal shift was so big I needed extra help to understand it.  I just wish I was more fluent in spirit speak back then.  But am very fluent in it now.  So let me give you a visual that I seen several times presented in my dream time, but as usual, not exactly like this image, and in my hurried, feeble attempt to show you what I saw I added in boxes lol, but there was no closed area to the bottom of the boxes and it was representing like circuits on all of the rings of the sun.  Also there was a constant soft yellow hue to the sun and its rings as well.  Freakin beautiful really.  Ohhh and ignore the thing in the middle, it was not there in my dream at all:

sun porgramming

This really fits in with the huge information exchange that came thru the first reading yesterday.  Her reading opened up at just below the sun’s surface looking very much like a bowling ball, weighty and all.  She was doing rhythmic laps directly around the sun in a clock wise motion.  It took me a good while to figure out what the hell we were seeing.  She was a planet not a bowling ball lol.  Her new universe created, now she has got to decide where in the universe she is going to reside.  What magnetic rotation is she focused on within herself for her next phase/evolution of herself.  For a good 5 minutes nothing in her reading changed, I had no idea really what more to even try to understand, until she started asking questions.  Her questions changed everything, added sooooo much to the understanding and even the movement of her planet in relationship to the sun.  She wanted to know how to meditate more effectively, how to see in and out of meditation, how to use the fullness of what she is capable.  With this inner focus and desire suddenly I could see an intense magnetic trail moving out from her black planet looking image outwards from the sun, finding the perfect radius from the sun that will allow the magnetic energy to attract all she needs for ongoing Self Realization and use.  As I watched her planet start to move into its new broader position around the sun, it started to become wrapped in I guess star-dust, creating a beautiful blend of purple mixed in with the black and the more she participates in her desires, the more energy that will grow from her life, her planet and attract even more for her ongoing expansions of herSelf.

I have a feeling too, given the sun image I had seen in my dream scape, all those circuit looking things are where the planetary alignments will slip into. Also note, I just slapped squares on the various rings, so they are not really where I seen them and I don’t remember the exact placements of all of them, nor do I need to.

My lady after her, me totally expecting her to unfold at the sun level, (you would think I would be so done with expecting lol, I am so human) I couldn’t see her at all.  Until I put my vision directly out the back door.  There she was, sitting indian style on the ground in the east field… waiting.  The moment I asked to whomever was willing to answer, “what the hell you waiting for” instantly she stood up and like something sucked her towards my back door… splat, she was spread eagle against the outside of my back door.  What the hell????


Ohhhh it took me a long minute to get it, but by george, I got it.  Spirit has been saying these power nodes on the 3rd, 5th and 7th are going to be universes merging.  An expanding universe (personal field of creation) will open up to draw in very particular things for your ongoing focus and growth.

She already has a focus in her life, and needs another to help her fulfill that desire.  She had an appt with this particular person that got rescheduled to today.  Right time, right place, right magnetic frequency is key for all involved.  I somehow already sucked her into my orbit lol, by virtue of the readings and much to my surprise she has never read my blogs.  I am always so surprised when I have a new person show up who has never read my blogs.  I assume a lot too.

My third lady, again the ongoing twists of each person.  Man, make me work for my money yesterday!! lol  She was on a pole that reminded me a long rope necklace, silver, light pink and light violet (which was the color theme for my door smashing lady too, the light pink and light violet, I’ll have to get to that in another sharing.)  This pole went directly thru the sun and the earth, directly in the center there was a single knot in it and my lady was positioned there sliding up and down, about 3 feet up, shimmy back down to about 3 feet down, back up, back down.  All I could feel was indecisive about something.  Sure enough, she explained that she was “waiting” for the universe to give her a sign to either stay in Austin or move back to Florida, there in laid the knot.  YOU are the decider, the more you wait, the less clear the stream of energy within you becomes to the degree of feeling knotted up about something inside. Make a decision, period.

This pole was very much the magnetic pole of the equinox we will experience on the 20th of this month.  It will go live about that time.  At this point in our expansion, all the energy is running into and thru you to decide or not decide your placement in this new world.  If you do not decide, the decision will be made for you and that is never a comfortable thing at all.  Because instead of sliding into home plate, you will be doing laps around the field to get another look at what you could have decided.

As my last lady of the day shared thru her reading, pay attention to the beating of your heart, when you are leaning towards something in excitement, your heart will beat sound waves out in that direction, follow the energy, trust it, move with it.

By the end of the day, my entire forehead was throbbing with light energy, and was shut off before I could get my last reading finished.  Crazy me decided to hop in the bath to at least release some of the energy and maybe see where the hell I am in this expanding new world of ours.  Seems like my body had a whole other agenda.  My throbbing forehead went down under.  Holy kundalini batman!!  Been a long time since it was that… intense.  The next thing I know I am reseeing the vortex on my ceiling and these two long white legs hanging down from the vortex.  From the ass up, he was still above the vortex and out of my field of vision.  I couldn’t help but giggle and think, damn you need a suntan and some hair on those legs.  Well he didn’t get any less white but suddenly he started producing some hair.  Kewl beans, talk about a man going the extra mile for you. lol

As I am talking to dangling legs in my bath, he explained that I needed to be a conscious participant for his arrival.  Well hell, I’m game but, are you going to drop in from my ceiling??  The meditating Lisa is kewl with that, the one that sleeps humanly in her bed, she may freak out to find a man nekked in her bedroom and where the hell are you coming from anywayz??  No answer to that question, but my mind suddenly remember a show I was so sad to see canceled, Kyle XY.  But instead of being grown in lab, he has been grown elsewhere and will just drop in with the ability to absorb his environment like Kyle did.  Ohhh the crazy adventures.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  There is a ton I am leaving out, but will get my ass up earlier tomorrow to fill in todays blanks as well as whatever will come thru today’s readings.

I love you all so much, thank you for Being You so radiantly!!

((((HUGZ))))) of love and excitement to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas




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