Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 18, 2016

The Bubble of Creation Turned to Electromagnetic Field of Experience!!

Now we can "see" what that "fiber" really has done!!

Now we can “see” what that “fiber” really has done!!

Well my slight panic attack of one more day of not seeing was unwarranted, phew, thank you dear good god!!  A four-day fast is long enough to go without munching on some serious soul food!!!  And holy wonderment, what deep soul food you all presented, a brand new flavor arrives!!

There was a constant thru ever reading that brings in this new exciting flavor within our deeply rich, highly electromagnetic field of Life.  That clear glass bubble of creation has changed, even what the field wants us to refer to it as, has changed. That clear glass bubble is now a thick wall of energy in motion, still forming a half bubble on everyone’s field of life (well, half above the ground, half beneath the ground, the part I do not see.)  Everyone’s energy field had movement to it, but not the same movement for everyone and I am kinda lost as to the specific reason some were moving in two simultaneous directions at the same time, some one direction.  I don’t understand this part, yet.  Its kinda sciency.  One of the readings threw out the phrase “torque ratio” for one of the reasons.  Torque: a twisting force that tends to cause rotation.

I had to get a wee bit excited when I went to call this our bubble of creation, which I have done for years now, was taken out of my mouth and replaced with “area of multidimensional experience.”  THIS IS HUGE!!  This means we have learned/remembered enough about our selves as creator beings and working with the full spectrum of energy to fulfil our desires and needs enough to master that part of our hugeness, now, more has been added, revealed, whatever. lol   This also means, more of your superpowers are available, more has been added to what you are now capable of doing and understanding.  Which also means, more homework for everyone!!  Yay lol.

My first lady of the day gave us all an amazing view of inside the brain lol.  I could see the glow of her pineal gland, at the back of her head, where the visual cortex is located, I could see what looked like a movie screen.  From hear pineal gland to that movie screen were three threads connecting one to the other.  It took me a bit, but I eventually realized that each thread represented each eye, left eye, right eye, third eye.  The threads themselves moved, sometimes all spread out, over lapping and even braided.  The braided presentation was showing the use of what my team has called “the central eye.”  We tend to use one form of vision or the other, our physical eyes or our third eye, rarely, purposely all three together as one full spectrum of sight.  If we want to play in the landscape that is now fully available to us, and see beyond our mundane life to the energy of all the dimensions surrounding us, to include many many portals (as was shown with my last reading of the day) we can open and use… you gotta have your vision working, otherwise it is all just a potential of opportunity.

I just realized something, big and huge and even, exciting!!  I am going to jump to my last reading of the day, and once again, I got to see her environment thru her central eye.  The color coded tubie things we are just going to call portals.  This is the second time in the last couple of weeks I was able to instantly see thru your eyes, even if you haven’t put in the work to bring it all online, it is all still there and functioning because I can see the fullness thru you.  Imagine as you work to bring this all together inside yourself, you will then be able to see thru my eyes during our connections. I see and understand so much more than I am capable of putting into words or analogies, you wouldn’t miss anything that is beyond our realm of communication. Plus you would see just how extraordinary you really are.  I see that each and every day.  I experience it every day!  YOU can too!!

There is so much I have to share and sadly, this lazy butt didn’t wake up until 6am, so my time to process and share is shortened this morning.  So I am going to bullet point what is so important for us to be aware of right now, other than, we have all changed, expanded and LIVING fully in the multidimensional fields of life… for use… as long as you have eyes to see and ears to hear. (smile)

Inside the core of the earth, the earth our teams are calling the “original earth” (Aka the garden of eden,) is a solid magnetic core.  So the core has a core lol.  Unlike our actual earth where the core is a molten iron magnetic core, this one is solid, producing very different magnetic fields, hence the visuals of everyone’s formerly known as bubble of creation turned to area of multidimensional experience.   I may even be safe in saying that everyone has their own unique magnetosphere around them.  Your job is to understand how to work in harmony with it, your power grid if you will.

One of my ladys was sucking up the energy from this magnetic core, in the stream of energy coming from the core of the core suddenly apples appeared.  As the apples moved upwards to her realm of multidimensional experience, the apple turned into what looked like applesauce filling her experience (outside her body but still within this new electromagnetic energy field) the core of the apple itself went into her core, into her body.  The seeds of the original fruit and wisdom of life, turned into something I sure as hell didn’t expect.  Instead of seeing the tree of life as I expected, nope we now have a really thick growing vine of life.  (Think, Ivy, but not literally Ivy lol)  We are to be in motion, expanding, reaching, wrapping around others ready to connect with the Vine of Life and all that goes with it.  Trees are stationary, vines are not.

Now lets leave all that there for today, because I have got to share some news that exploded in clarity yesterday for me.  First, one of the reasons language, words are the last thing our teams will use is because of the diverse interpretations of words.  My team has never ever used words like soul mate, twin flames and the like.  Ever.  They do use soul family, group energy/consciousness, when I started to experience and really understand the fullness of Shambhala, my team gave me a label, something they never have done before in relationship to the relationship potential that will open many portals, what we also call the key to a lock.  A Divine Counterpart.  What I have done for the last 8 years, first is misspell it, or maybe better stated drop the hyphen that should have been placed Counter-part.  This is why so many people over the years assumed that twin flame and divine counterpart are the same, not even close.  I just didn’t “see” the difference until yesterday thru a fluid and wonderful conversation on facebook.  Thru it all, I also discovered a part of my own self I had not even looked at before, but suddenly, a light bulb flipped on.

Let’s keep this whole thing in the magnetic field of life, because it is really important, at least to our emerging understandings and abilities.  As a precious lady was talking about the twin soul and divine counterpart, I got up from the computer and as I do when I am deep in processing, did some mundane things, like empty the family dollar bag from the day prior.  For close to a week, I have had this really bizarre yearning inside for a swiffer wet mop.  WFT, I surely don’t need one… but hay, who am I to argue with the bizarre?  I bought one.  I don’t have to understand my promptings, just trust them.

Well, I got shown in no uncertain terms what my team has been saying thru the freakin box the swiffer came in:



The magnet!!  The Divine Counter-Part would be the opposite forcefield of the magnet.  In which case, the term twin flame would have to be a same pole frequency coming together to amplify that aspect.  As I went to take a shower, I really seen the energy of both, as twin flames come together, they (thru my visual mind you) amplify lets just say the south pole (since spirit keeps insisting that is the pole we live upon) and I could see these circular energies light up as more and more twin flames unite and enhance their energy fields together.  Creating stronger fields if magnetic flow.

The Divine Counter-Part would be someones opposite.  This I suppose I have known, but not in the way I understand it now.  I am fluent in the multidimensional realms of creation, planet earth herself, not so much.  My Counter-Part would have to be so in tune with the (new) earth and all that goes with it.  Silver and gold.  With this partnership it would fill in the deep ridges and grooves with an energy system that has never been before… the lock and key!!

I have even got to go back to that one session I had that brought the awareness of the earths energy and her storage systems to my field of vision and understanding.  The Ley lines and ley stations that harness and store earth’s power, her energy for free and full use.  We didn’t need technology back in the day, WE ARE the technology!!  Ohhhhh… let’s go a little deeper, with the ley stations, this is where twin flame energy and really understanding the fullness of use in that vein, is so key.

Ohhh suddenly freakin Mexico is becoming more exciting.  The Zone of Silence: Some believe the area is a magnetic grid point or portal where earth energy is concentrated.  The storage area, think, hmmm what the hell do they call where all the electricity comes from that we use in our homes.  I suppose like a power plant.  Makes me even more curious why they built the pyramids seemingly so far away… but then again, how many homes are built (safely) around power plants.

OMG, this crazy revelation just hit.  Jorge de Norte (my divine counter-part apparition lol) was giving more information than I ever processed.  If I am human (and I am lol) and living on the south magnetic pole of the new earth (we all are) then he MUST be from the northern pole.  The place of interdimensional space that feeds both the new earth and the old earth.  Ok, I am so interested now.  Let twist and turn and rediscover our enormity, together!!

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I am leaving out sooo much information, my ass will get up earlier tomorrow, promise!!

Big big jubilant ((((HUGZ)))) to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

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