Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 17, 2016

The Unified Field of Change, of Unconditional Love Power Source


Well!!  I surely did for foresee not being able to see at all yesterday!  One day, maybe, spirit will have some sort of mercy on our schedules lol.  I doubt it tho, it hasn’t happened in 15 years yet.  Even with that statement, I hear my team tell us, in order to do that, to never have days of rescheduling due to the powerful energies on the field and/or running thru us, we would have to be taken out of the energies that are underway.  No, no, no… we endure, thank god!!

However, unlike the three prior days where it was pretty much just not being able to view the field, but my antennas were all working for as long as I was not looking directly into the field, yesterday, nuttin.  The only thing I go at first was a connection with my laptop.  For some strange reason the DVD drive kept thinking someone was in the drive, the motor would start, then I guess once it realized there was no dvd to read from, it would pop open my DVD drive.  Over and over and over again.  I finally rebooted my computer hoping that would tame the wild beast in that drive, not so much, so I just let the drive stay open.

So as I started my bitchfest of truly, the disappointment of not seeing yesterday, my memory kept going to the rebooting of my computer.  Ahhhh, now that makes sense.  For three days we have been in-fused with higher, purer quantities of Source energy, abilities, brand new, enhanced software programs running our life fields, of course something this enormous would require a reboot of the entire collective.  Dah.  Dammit.

So in between my rescheduling as I was fixing my lunch, still bitching (I am a pro at that, but also, it is done from a place of love and desire, truly lol) and wondering what the bigger reason is for this 4th day in a row of rescheduling.  Suddenly I can hear a little something something, very personal to me.  For the last several days, since we started this in-fusion of Source Light, Source/God has been the one who write thru me and with me to be sure I suppose, I am more accurate in my words than inaccurate… started to ask me a very personal question, surprising to my ear really.  “Are you sure you have no room for a Divine Counterpart.”  Huh??  What??  What the hell kind of question is that????  To be honest, I have been on the fence of that desire for years now.  Some moments strong in the direction of a Divine Counterpart, usually when one of you show up and I see the amazing energy potential of that connection, most times tho, ehh… That sort of arrival would completely change the construct of my days and my days are already pretty intense and deep.  But I had to think about it, God himself is, in his non-invasive way, pretty much asking me to make room for that.  Alrighty then, gonna have to have a pep rally inside lol.  So as he was presenting this query, suddenly about an inch in front of my forehead, in direct alignment with my central/third eye, the rolling numbers part of a slot machine appeared.  The numbers were rolling, but there were 5 golden frames, each of the frames were beautiful, etching within the golden frames, each connected to the other.  But again, only the frame part, kinda like this:


And then the first number stopped in the left frame and all the numbers were black: 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Change in every quadrant of life, change of such totality nothing could ever be the same again.  And there is the whole element of the jackpot win.  I even giggled and said… ok what kind of jackpot are we hitting.  The query and the visual faded as quickly as it started.

I do have to pay attention to the fact that this slot machine thingie was placed an inch in front of my third eye.  To me personally, there is no grander jackpot to win in life than that of expanded abilities, understanding of those abilities and use them to assist All Life.  I also have to think about my half written book, the experience of understanding I have written about in “The Lost Codes of Shambhala.”  It’s only half written because I have not personally experienced the second half of the rest of the book.  I do write from experience, not assumptions (at least, in book form.)

A little while later, still pondering the five fives, panic struck… oh shit, please do not be a 5 day in a row reschedule system, we are getting road weary here lol and my calendar, bloated, thank you very much!!

From that moment on, the static electricity in my house was off the charts.  So much so that when my landline rang and I attempted to answer it, the static discharge from my hand was visible and completely blew out my handset.  Hey!!  Have mercy on my equipment.  lol  I went and bought a new phone, hopefully that will stop the static-fest that is happening more and more with each day in the line itself.

Now, talk about disrupting my night sleepfest.  That which writes thru me, also reads the comments thru me too.  I don’t take them as personally as lets say… God does, well with the desire for clarity.  So the last thing I read before I went to bed was a comment that was rather… hmmm… expressive and stated: “We *ARE* God/Source. Period. Exclamation mark.
C’mon dawdling children — you should have woken up to this already, years ago.”

Well of course we are, so is my computer and car and coffee pot.  Nothing could ever be less than Source energy, no-thing. However, my coffee pot, and truly, most people, will never go beyond Being that energy system.  Using the full system of abilities that is Source incarnate, that’s a whole different ballpark and thru being woken up (not dreaming at all, freakin waking this precious sleeping body up) I was able to see what we really don’t talk about and the enormity of what it means to be Here, on this fully functional new earth in this way.

When a baby is born, at least, in our day, we think the baby came in pure and unencumbered.  Nope not at all.  With this new life came old contracts/karmic exchanges, personality traits that needed to be cleared up, lots of stuff.  Given the lifespan opportunity of the newly incarnated in this version of earth (this would be each one of us) we had and continue to have to opportunity to clear up our old energy field.  If we cleared up our past debts (if you will) or cleared our persona of the ego system that keeps it haughty, then more soul energy, god source energy can reside within the cellular structure of the human incarnate.  The more of this pure energy we bring in, the more vast our spiritual abilities (and more) become.  This too is a process, one can say it is slow, but given the fact we have spent so many lifetimes attempting to achieve this goal and most of us are doing it all in this particular lifetime, is a huge telling story of the mastery within the blueprint called You.  At each quantum leap/reconstruct/release of the old, there is a new cellular Being rebirthing itself. Becoming newer, Lighter.  Making each additional release of the old karmic energies, faster, easier, exciting even.

Now, lets get a little more complicated than that, we are multidimensional Beings, so we are actually clearing up on many other timelines all at the same time, at least the ones earnestly putting for the effort to evolve even further.  Knowing something is not the same as participating.  When we crossed upwards from what I call soap-bubble land to this new/original earth, we came in a whole new cellular package of Light.  Kind of like a brand new computer fresh out of the box with all these software disks available for downloading and running.  January served as the unpacking, but also, with free will always in play, asking are you ready to let it all go so you can be filled with the vastness of the new.

February is the true essence the human incarnate being so clear in their cellular light, the software of Source Light has been and will be installed.  The creator of all life, that which is every molecule and atom and quark can only fully reside within a host, an incarnate being whose ego has been soo tempered it appears to no longer exist (it will always exist while the body is alive, minus the negative amplifications that has become commonplace over lifetimes.)

To look out of your eyes and see the godspark, the love of pure source even in the most cruelest murder or politician (smirk) is to Know others as thyself.  No one said you had like any behavior, but the love is constant.

With all my heart, I so wish I had a way to show you the evolution of the thing we call the body in the spectrum of Light I had bore witness to last evening.  So, I must thank you for the “awakening” I got the privilege to see and understand even more.

Don’t be so full of yourself that you do not allow room for More.  Please.  The Source of All Life, Lives and Loves Unconditionally thru YOU, Thru US, To hit the jackpot is TO BE the jackpot!  ❤  The Unified Field Demands it.  Soap-bubble land, does not.

I love you all so much and thank you for your extraordinary patience as we enliven our new expanded programming together!!

((((HUGZ)))) of unencumbered love made manifest to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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And the playlist continues.  (Change the energy from Haiti to Soap-Bubble Land residents.)




  1. I felt compelled half-way reading this post to bring up that we are in a leap-year…one more extra day in February no less 😉 I’m sure you’ll understand the reasons n rhymes why…

    • ; )


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