Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 20, 2016

Partnering with the Meta-Physical Diamond Body.

I added the Diamond shape energy field to this image.

I added the Diamond shape energy field to this image.

There is sooooo much i want to share, I am gonna warn you, this is going to be a very long sharing!!  I process so much thru you, thru the readings, but there are times, when I really need to understand things more personally, full participation from the inside out.  These last two days provided just that… on steroids!!  So the first part of this sharing is going to be how the body works in this new, extraordinary field of energy.

The energies for the last week or so have been so high, the energy from the field, thru your readings, off the charts!!  When the energies get this high, my eyes are the first things to really get affected, well, my eyes and/or throat area, ohhh and lungs.  My trio lol.  I have not been wearing my contacts because of the energies, and unless I am going somewhere, I rarely put on my glasses.  Three days ago, I had to go restock some of my food stuffs and of course, my very important smokes, I dug my glasses out of my drawer, I about shit a brick when I took them out of their case, put them on my face and was still as blind as a bat, well distortedly, blurry and crisp at the same time.  What the hell??  I took them off my face and looked at them closer, the right lens was missing.  I looked in the case, no right lens sitting in the case.  Where the hell did the lens go?  I know they were both there when I put them away, they went from my face back into storage, now, no where in my home is the missing lens.  Well just shit.  Since it was a good day for my eyes, I put one contact in, I am a monovision kind of girl and never wear both contacts at the same time.  This was Wednesday.

Thursday, phew baby the information, the light energy coming in thru each and every reading was truly off the charts.  My mind processing on over time and with each reading I could feel the energies intensifying as they came thru me and my eyes started to pick.  If I didn’t have an appointment at the post office to apply for my passport card that afternoon, I would have immediately took my contact out, but I couldn’t since my glasses were now bust.  Plus, I didn’t even have my contact in for a whole 24 hours, this should not be happening.  The discomfort in my left contact wearing eye was getting so bad that I couldn’t do my last two readings, I was too distracted by the picking in my eye.  I tried to have a conversation with my eye, I will take the contact out as soon as I come back from the post office… chill out, will ya. lol

BTW, all went super smooth at the post office and I had to smile a big smile when my investment for the passport card was $55.00  In about 6 weeks, I will have my ticket in and out of Mexico, YAY.

I suppose, in some way, my eye did hold back what it was trying to release until I plucked out my contact, cuz the moment I took the contact off my eye, holy chit batman, the pain started, the watering, the sinuses, did I mention the pain??  All I could do was wonder… what the freakin hell??  This very moment started my decent into hell, I mean understanding.   And for me to understand what I am about to share, it all had to happen exactly this way.

I was shown how I take in energy from the field, thru my mouth/breath and this energy, the electromagnetic field that is now you, comes in thru me, curves upwards to my pineal and out my eyes so I can “see.”  I was even given the placement of a horseshoe magnet in my head, but this magnet draws in the energy from the mouth and releases it thru the eyes, all three of them together as one.

Because I had a seal over my left eye, the energy bottled up there and could not release fully, as soon as I took the contact off, wham, my poor eye did all it could to hold it all back until my day was done, but the decent into pain started in earnest.  I had hoped that sleep would cure my woes not even close.  I woke up yesterday looking and feeling like I had been in a serious cat fight!!



There was no way I could even look at my computer or my phone, the light was searing my brain!  Even just being in my house with a light on hurt so I retreated to the darkest place on my house, my bathroom.  No windows, no sunrise burning its way into my eyes.  I retreated to my bath, hell-bent on doing energy work to help my eye.  Not!!  Instead, I was given a visual as I laid in my bath water, bitching… My body was a beautiful patch of green grass, a visual I had seen before as I try to “see” my placement and field in this new energy system, and then I seen all these flowers growing out of my grass, but the stems were thin and weak.  Very much like if you were using soil where the nutrients were depleted.  I hurt too much to even go any deeper into what my team was trying to show me.  I’ll figure it out later, I have got to email those on my schedule… That was equivalent to placing a hot poker in my eye… holy hell did the pain body step up with the effort.  I would type words, close my eyes, regain a breath, type few more words… and eventually got it done, but not in time for my first appointment.  I met her on skype only to find my voice is going thru changes too.  Not completely gone, but croaky and filled with effort.

By 10am, I couldn’t stand the pain any longer.  I took 2 ibuprofens that did absolutely squat.  If I wasn’t so afraid that the tears from crying would hurt more, I would have just cried it out.  But instead, suddenly a thought bubble appeared, literally a thought bubble to the left of my eye… percocets!!  I was given percocets when I went for my cancer surgery back in Nov. 2012, I only ever took one, I hated the way it made my head feel, but hey… they are designed for pain.  I am in freaking pain like I cannot remember experiencing before.  I decided to take two, since they are close to 4 years old and probably not as strong as they once were.  HUGE mistake on my part.  I forgot how much my stomach hates percocets.  But I have got to focus on the experience that happened, no matter how much it all hurt.

About 30 minutes after taking these two percocets, my head started to get really really fuzzy, yeah that’s the part I really do not like.  Not only was I getting fuzzy, I was also getting really really dizzy.  I put my face in my hands, trying to must running energy to my face, but instead, I got the most amazing visual and experience and understanding.

With my face cupped in my hands, obviously my eyes are closed, I could see this amazing light infused lavender energy swirling about, changing from a swatch of energy to forming an eye, to enhancing the pupil of the energy and I understood what was happening with all three of my eye circuits.  As this light infused lavender was shape shifting over and over, this brown-black energy would come in from the bottom or sides of my inner vision and run up and over the lavender, hiding it for a minute, and doing this in waves.  With each wave of this brown-black energy, which I knew was the energy of the percocet, the pain in my eyes retreated, the swelling went down, the tears that have been constantly streaming from my eye since I woke up, stopped, the sinuses cleared.  I was stunned, especially to literally feel and witness the swelling of my eye and face retreat within minutes.  Holy percocets!!

I took my hands off my face and for a full minute, all was perfect again in my world.  Just for a minute.  Then, the hot stabbing poker energy left my eye and was now full throttle in my stomach.  Holy fuck batman, have mercy on this gal!! My head was sooo dizzy I couldn’t walk straight at all.

Now let me interject the intense, insatiable desire to bake homemade bread thru this crazy morning of pain.  Before I took the percocets, I put my sunglasses on and proceed to make the dough for bread.  Amazingly, the pain body decided to sit in the background until I was done and the dough was set to rise, then it came back with a vengeance… hence the percocets.

Now I am stoned out of my mind, my stomach searing in freakin pain and I have got to endure baking bread, am I a lunatic or what??

The nausea in my stomach was overwhelming, coupled with the searing pain that was in a constant place in the front of my stomach/solar plexus area.  This is a weird pain, unlike any I had experienced before.  I went into the bathroom, squatted by the toilet, incase I puke, the position of squatting seemed to tame the wild beast in my stomach, by the way, my eye is fine now.  Not even swollen.  I am willing to trade back the pain.  It was easier to have my eye hurt than this red hot poker being pushed into my stomach.  Ohhhh… what a great idea, puking!!  Lets get the freakin percocets out, they did what they needed to do, now they need to exit!!

The only time the nausea was so intense was standing straight up, hell at this point I don’t care if I hit the toilet bowl or not, lets get er done.  Nope.  I walked around aimlessly, because sitting or laying hurt more than anything.  The nausea was, well… nauseating lol.  I went back to the toilet bowl.  I decided to put my fingers down my throat to start the gag reflex, jesus christ, I could have shoved my arm down my throat without effort.  No gag reflex… what the hell??  Where did that go??

Instantly I realized I am not working WITH my body, nor am I paying attention to what it is trying to show me, I am very much attempting to force my will upon it.

OK body, lets partner.  What am I missing here and why wont you let me puke.  I could see a triangle of energy, the top points of the triangle connected to my pineal gland, the outer lines in front and in back of me, coming into me at the solar plexus in front and back.  The energy triangle started to move at the bottom, like a bell would move when it is being rung, back and forth, up and down with sway.  We were going to use this energy system to create a reverse flow of the stomach, and together, my body and this crazy consciousness called Lisa, took the energetic triangle and focused it at the stomach and created a flow of energy that brought everything in my stomach up and out with a serious force, in three waves.

That same amazing feeling I had for a minute after I uncupped my eyes came back… it was like freshest feeling, ever.  No pain at all.  For a minute.  I have no real way of explaining the way I felt those two times, like I got this brand new body that has not experienced 3 years of wear and tear at all.  Both times tho, it only lasted a minute.

Now I just want to go to sleep.  I am still stoned, dizzy, low-grade nausea, and I have to put freakin bread in the oven.  Dammit what the hell is so important about this bread.  In the oven it goes, over to the couch my ass heads and the flames in the stomach started again.  This time, my body told me to use my breath to even out the stomach.  Gathering the inhale was incredible really.  I could see the silvery energy of the inhale gather like a mallet or something and plunge into the stomach area, tempering the chaos happening in there.  It was unlike any breath work I have ever done and I have done a lot.

So now here I am, trying to keep my eyes open while my bread finishes baking and at least for right now, nothing hurts, I’m stoned and dizzy, but not in pain.  I nodded off and that which bakes with me (smile) tapped me on the shoulder to wake me up, my bread was done.  I let it cool for 5 minutes, ate two pieces, yeah nothing like bread to absorb the crazy in the stomach… and to sleep I went for the next 5 hours.  But not your regular sleep, I was lifted above my body on the couch, and was swimming in all the love energy you were sending me, to assist my chaos.  Thank you!!  It was like moving around in silly string energy.  Then I got schooled on how important it is to use the full spectrum of energy, of the electromagnetic field that has changed everything within us and around us, a true partnership of triology: The multidimensional body, soul, field.  A living consciousness that MUST participate together.  All I kept hearing too, was we are not constrained by physics itself, our entire body is meta-physical.  Even as I woke up this morning (at 2 freakin AM!!) the emphasis was on META:


1. a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “after,” “along with,” “beyond,” “among,” “behind,”

When I woke up 5 hours later, the first thing I did was look at the clock, which normally, is so blurry I have to squint to see, was clear as day.  For a minute.  Dammit!!

I understood the reason, it was equally, as clear as day.  We are now in a brand new field of energy, of Life, of Being BEYOND what we ever thought possible… hoped was possible, but never experienced.  Including the change in the DNA blueprint that we now occupy.  Our memory of how we looked and worked and felt even a minute ago, is stronger than our knowing that we are completely free of all of it.  But this too, is part of our amazing journey now.  As my clock turned blurry like it usually is when I have no contacts of glasses on, this statement was clear as day.  The moment I remembered that I can’t see the clock clearly, I couldn’t see the clock.  Same with the 2 other experiences I mentioned above.  The new energy body was completely in place, until the memory realized it was missing the adverse experience.

This full restoration of the biological field we call our bodies is going to take some reprogramming.  Just like meditation took time and effort to hold that vibration and release the doubt of what is being experienced, we are in a similar moment with our new bodies and field work.  We MUST incorporate all the new to hold what we are fully capable of.  That is why when my team showed me skinny stems on my flowers, because I am not using the full brunt of what is available now.  Of course, until yesterday’s adverse experience, I had no idea!!

The moral of the story here, our job, if we so desire to BE the new energy, is to understand our relationship to it all now.  It is not like it was, it more than it ever was and we must incorporate those ingredients into our entire system of Knowing and holding that knowing.  Just like moving thru meditation created many changes in the body (what we call the energy flu) the same is happening to us now.  Releasing the old programming of all that got us to here.  With each release, the new cells coming online will forget any sort of dysfunction we brought to here.  Our physical cells are utterly conscious and work differently as a whole than they ever did before.  They have a Will, just like the field has a Will, and we MUST temper our personal Will to flow with, be in full harmony and participation with the Will of the All!!

I think what I am going to do is make this sharing a two parter, just to keep the information organized… inside and outside.  This morning I am better than yesterday.  My eye is still picky and leaking, as are my sinuses, but nowhere near like it was yesterday.  My throat is sore, I think it is due to the gag reflex amputation lol.  My voice is barely audible and even tho I got an additional 5 hours of sleep last night, I feel like a slug.

I have got to share a funny visual my team gave me before I feel asleep again for the night.  I could see my pantry of so many things my team has taught me over the last decade and a half, energy work, beyond astral traveling, so many things that sit, per the visual, in mason jars collecting dust.  Now it is time to take it all out and play again, using the enhanced new energy within the mix of amazing capabilities.  Yesterday’s experience, was my teams way of forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and understand this new matrix from the inside out.  And how important bread is!! lol The greatest healing elixir ever!!

BTW, I just grabbed the art for this sharing and added the important energy field of the diamond shape, granted I am barely understanding the upper part of this field, obviously, more to come.  May it please be gentle, I am listening now lol.

I love freakin life!!  I love you so much too.  Thank you for surrounding my life with your constant love!!  I feel you!!

I am going to close out this sharing and start my next one about the field itself!!

(((((HUGZ)))) of new programming held steady day by day for All of Us!!

Lisa Gawlas










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  3. Hi there. I read your blog pretty regularly. I was wondering how long it took you to go from seeing visions a couple times a day to as regularly ad you do now. Is there anything I can do to tap in “better”?


    • Hopefully Lisa answers you, but in case she doesn’t this is what you should also know:

      If it is in your “Soul Contract”, that you ALLOWED yourself the ability to “see” the energy field(s) within this dimension (most of us Locked ourselves down with visual blocking filters, dammit),

      …then you will have no difficulty improving your special vision by using whatever method you like best, for “zoning out” of this reality (UN-Focusing from this reality).
      Getting yourself into a “daydream” type state removes your focus from the material holographic reality, and lifts it to higher dimensional frequencies.

      The trick/secret is to only use, what works best FOR YOU. Because each one of us is different/unique, we will each use different preferred methods for “seeing” the higher dimensional fields.

      eg. I believe that Lisa has said, that she zones out of this reality to see the energy field by first looking at the floor.

      Keep in mind that Peripheral vision is typically where you “see” otherwise hidden higher frequency happenings. Simply because we are not 3D-brain “focussed” on the periphery of our eyes.


      • Thank you very much for your reply! I do catch things in my peripheral vision but most things come to me with my eyes closed, as it is now. I don’t see a whole lot with my eyes actually open. Things have changed drastically in the last year though as I’m just now realizing that I’ve been doing these things all along.


    • Hi Josh (((HUGZ)))

      Practice, practice, practice!! lol Don’t gage anything by me, nor anyone else. I had no idea there was even an alternate path to take, I was shoved into this crazy world thanx to a Ouija Board session. I started meditating Nov 2000, I started to do readings march 2003 and even then, not knowing any different, I went into meditation to do the readings, came out and emailed all the details of what came thru… took me hours!! Until one day my teams said… why don’t you do the readings with your eyes open at the key board! I was shocked, and nervous and even more shocked when it became so easy (and took a lot less time) to do. Maybe that is a good way to start straddling the realities, sit at the keyboard, go into meditation, then open your eyes and type every single thing out, including when you ask questions. It also really starts the flow of “channeling” too.

      Once I got out of my own comfort zone (and not having a clue I could do anything outside of meditation) the abilities seemed to avalanche in place and expand over time to be a constant.

      I hope this helped and more than anything, have fun!!!

      Big (((HUGZ)))


      • Thanks so much for the replies. I ask people questions all the time on the internet and rarely do they get back to me. I’m just trying to put all the pieces together.

        I like all your suggestions and am ready to put them into practice. The last couple weeks has been non-stop “life” stuff thrown at me and it’s time to refocus.

        I’m very grateful you put so much time and energy into the blog. It’s something I can look forward to daily and I almost feel like we are communicating, as there is nobody in “real life” who can relate!


  4. “I was lifted above my body on the couch, and was swimming in all the love energy you were sending me, to assist my chaos. Thank you!!”

    You are VERY WELCOME.

    I’m also the one who sent you the Electromagnetic Field info the other day. Which had been energy-exchanged to me just the day prior, from someone in my group of Second Wavers, known as Christine.
    Originally I was going to post that EMF info here in your comments section, but my HS instead transferred it to you as a few-second Thought-Send data packet, through the new crystal Earth grid.
    That damn thing is efficient!

    Now here is some more unasked-for unconditional-love help for you — do yourself and me and the rest of us a favour, and buy yourself a handy dandy, effort-free BREAD MAKER.

    Now *this*, is the best Bread Maker I’ve found on the market, and still is:


    • P.S.

      The “Diamond” energy shape is your MERKABA.

      The top triangle pyramid spins in one direction, while the bottom pyramid counter spins the opposite way. Clockwise/Counter-clockwise.

      Its spinning generates your personal Vortex field of energy — which is in the shape of a Donut ~ the infamous perpetually spinning Toroidal Field….the secret of perpetual motion of all things in the 3D/4D universe.
      Information energy flows IN to the center of the Donut Torus, and flows OUT the other end, and around again towards the top.


    • Very cool visual of the Merkaba (Torus energy generator):


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