Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 24, 2016

The Avalanche, The Openings and Stuff.

openings of dimensions

What a strange day from start to finish yesterday was.  I was excited to have free time and energy to do some meditations since I only had two readings scheduled.  I thought the first one was at 8am, my usual start time, nope 10am… ohhhh bathtime for this girl!!  I decided to light a new candle in honor of this Leo full moon, adding in the fire energy to my bath.  I played with the flame for a few moments, half testing my vision to see if I could see the flame clearly from across the tub, I couldn’t, I was just hoping that it was still too early in the day like the day prior.  So then I went old school, playing in ways I hadn’t played in a very long time.  I asked the flame to bend right, it took a few moments, but it flickered right, then I asked to move left, again with a pause, it did.  I asked it to dance and it did.  Yay, that still works.  lol

I had a hard time connecting in meditation, so once again, I went old school, which is what I do when my mind is more chatty than focused, I took myself to the edge of the ocean, strolling along with my spirit team until I get focused enough to go beyond that.  In my beach creations, the weather is always perfect, clear skies, warm day with sea breezes.  Not yesterday!!!  The moment I oriented to the beach, I was in a very very different scene.

I know the energy of the eastern sea board, been to the Jersey shore a lot in my growing up and young adult years.  Instead of being with my spiritual team, I was with y’all.  US.  Every one of us was shoulder to shoulder stretching the entire eastern sea board as the storm that was already in progress, literally on the east coast, was happening.  We were all in a very interesting color form, ice blue.  Beautiful really.  We all had the form or shape of the human body, we had these interesting looking hoodies on, kind of like litter red riding hood, hood with shawl like cape, it too, was this ice blue color.  Actually, the entire color scheme was akin to the image I used as the main art in yesterday’s sharing of the Lion.  The first thing I felt was the winds blowing in off the ocean, catching within our hoodies so that they puffed out, but never came off our heads.

We were working the energy blowing in from the ocean, enhanced by the release of the full moon and assisting the ice crystals of various frequencies to go where they are needed the most.  And that was all I got to see.

It was only after disconnecting from that image, excuse me, event we all were partaking in, that I started to hear/understand the enormity of what I had just seen.

First of all, water itself is the most multidimensional element we have available to us.  It exists in all realms at all times.  It works in unison with the winds, giving it its ability to change form and go where it is needed most and not for drinking purposes, but to distribute the energy embedded within it.  From vapor to solid, it has a mission it is always undertaking.  Kinda makes sense why 71% of the earth is water… and our bodies are 50-75% multidimensional energy, I mean water.

What surprised me and excited me more than anything was the fact that it was US doing this work.  That alone was huge in my mind.  We have truly inherited the earth, we are the directors of its energy sources and wise enough now to know how important these fluctuating earth events are.  Those of us in full alignment with this new exciting earth are assisting the ALL in all that is happening, topside as well in soap-bubble land too.  Key word there, assisting/directing, not trying to stop!!  There is no stopping what is already underway… and who the hell would really want to??  (I hear a snicker in my ear, “the republicans” yikes!!  Too funny not to share, but know, spirit has a keen sense of humorous observation too. 😉 )

Ohhh, maybe that was stated to job my memory, dah.  While I was watching, pretty much a still shot save the massive winds blowing in, I was hearing how some of this huge storm was being directed to the densest of areas, of collectives (mind sets) and Washington DC was in their target range in a dimension that was… unlike our new earth.  Talk about night and day energy systems (no offence to the night time.)  So I have to smile as I pulled up CNN to see what happened with this storm and their headline is Winter Storm Jonas Buries Baltimore, New York City and D.C. Areas With More Than 2 Feet of Snow.”

My team also went on to explain that we are now working in body and soul at the same time, in the vast interdimensional fields of life.  Meaning, and this is really important for us to understand, since our soul is now fused to our biology in a way it never was before, when it is working for the greater all, it is also using a lot of our physical energy to get the job done.  This is one of the main reasons we are so damn exhausted this month.  We moved into our new home and now we are getting everything in order.  At the same time, assisting those in soap-bubble land to either get it together or move on… and this is more an energy distribution as opposed to, as one of my lady’s teams stated “getting our hands dirty.”

So, after all this interesting news, it was time for my first reading and I got my damn floor.  I was not completely surprised really, when we are in a massive state of change, it is impossible for me to see and understand what I am seeing.  All I could say was thank god I only had two people on my dance card, I don’t even know how that happened, but am grateful it did.  Well, actually that was a day that was blocked off, cuz I should have been returning from Virginia, and am even more grateful I didn’t go cuz the got snow too and no doubt, it would have affected my flight.

But here it was, 10am and my eyes are as blurry as they always have been.  Where the hell is my clear vision?  My second appointment wasn’t until 1:30pm… back to the bath I am heading.  I couldn’t even reinvent my beach scene.  What the hell!!  Now I am just teetering on pissed off.  I got nothing but the snow channel and I kinda mean, literal snow because each time I opened my eyes I could have sworn I was in the midst of a blizzard in my tub.  I would lay back down, reorient myself to meditation, get nothing but snow, but more like the old days when a TV went off air and got the dots and static we called the snow channel.  But each time I opened my eyes, the energy around me was more intense than in my meditative state.  Freakin weird.  I tried for a half hour then just gave up, besides it was nearing the time for my last appointment.

I sat on my chair, looking at the clock, my vision back like the old days of 3 days ago, freakin blurry.  My heart just getting sad, I want it back!!  However, my physical body was in full on body buzz mode, from feet upwards.  Must be that damn snowstorm!!  However, my team did say this energy is going to be released in waves, larger and stronger waves almost back to back.  But again, with my 2nd lady, my floor was crystal clear, well as clear as my old eyes get, and the field nowhere to be found.

Now I was just a pouty face chick who had to round up the garbage to take to the dump.  When I emptied the lint garbage in front of my washer and dryer, I noticed something between the space of the two and was stunned to see this:

sock and booty

Down there on the floor, in the same exact spot, is where they were laying.  They aren’t mine.  I live alone, no one does their laundry here and they weren’t there a few days ago when I did my laundry.  My washer and dryer used to live on the other side of the room, so I had already cleaned under and behind my washer and dryer and nothing foreign was moved to the new spot.  Maybe I got someone’s sock and bootie/slipper and they got my new improved vision??  I want to trade back thank you very much!!    Interesting enough, that’s a right bootie, it was my right eye that was visually restored for 2 days.  Hmmmm… Not a fair trade!!

Anyway… Ohhhh I just seen that Alaska had an earthquake in the wee hours of this morning (1:30am) a major collapse of a dimension energy system!!  Go team!!  Hand in hand, avalanche of snow, opening of the earth’s multidimensional energies!!

The only thing I know for sure, all of this is giving way to the energies of February!!  On that note, I am going to close for today, I need to go adjust my attitude and get ready for the days readings.  Instead of being aggravated today, its more like heart broken.  I want to send the freakin sock and bootie and get my eye sight back in the trade.

Here’s hoping…having hope!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of openings on all levels of Life!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  2. “What the hell!! Now I am just teetering on pissed off. I got nothing but the snow channel and I kinda mean, literal snow because each time I opened my eyes I could have sworn I was in the midst of a blizzard in my tub. I would lay back down, reorient myself to meditation, get nothing but snow, but more like the old days when a TV went off air and got the dots and static we called the snow channel.”


    That’s ALL I’ve been able to “see”, for the past 5 years. And I always thought I was blessed, that I could even see this snow/static energy all around me as I was/still am constantly downloading it.
    Downloading it NONSTOP.

    Over the years I’ve tried to describe to others, the low frequency zombie populace, what it is I see, this “snowstorm” of energy everywhere.


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