Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 23, 2016

Ice Crystals Galore!! Happy Leo Full Moon!!!

leo moon

Ok, I am starting with this crazy vision of mine today.  Now that I am not in a state of shock of being able to see without my contacts or glasses most of the day, two days in a row, I have become hyper observant of what is happening thru my eyes.  I cannot say I understand it, yet, but I am aware something really different is at play.  I suppose this is the great side effect of all these changes we are going thru, instead of the congestion and voicelessness and stuff.  I’ll take improved physical vision any and every day!!

When I woke up yesterday, my vision was just as good as it was the day prior, but then, right before the sun started coming up, it went back to being blurry as usual.  As twilight started to fill the morning, I went and stood at both my back door and front doors to see what I could see… splotches of color that once was my car and my back yard bird land.  You should have heard my stomping my feet, yelling at spirit, this would be the worst tease known to my life.  Either give my vision clarity or don’t but don’t freakin play with my emotions!!

As the sun started to rise, I was still blurry until the sun started its ascent in the sky.  My vision again, started to improve, with each rising hour, I got clearer and clearer.  I retracted my bitching.  This is just freakin weird.  I went down to the river, I wanted to talk with the Guardians about what the hell is happening here.  Nuttin but silence except to hear “we told you there would be a day the blind could see.”  Well, I am not officially blind, but I have always said I am as blind as a bat.  They didn’t utter another freakin word, dammit.

Just after 4pm the sun started its decent and my vision started to go back to blurry, slowly just like it cleared slowly in the morning.  By sunset my world was a blur again, but only until sunset was over, then I had my regular semi clear night vision that I am accustomed to when having one contact in.  Freakin strange!

I cannot say I understand it at all and no one on my team has give me any sort of understanding yet, I’m hoping today they will.  I only have 2 readings, a semi day off so let me tell you, I will be investing my time doing all I can to understand this for all of us, not just me.

I do have to pay attention to the fact that this vision clarity happened the day after I spent a day and a half within myself.  I could not put out a blog, write a single word on facebook, it was like I was strapped to my couch with a gag in my mouth, except for the days readings.  Ohhh and lest not we forget the bizarre aggravated mood I was in, for no apparent reason.  The two MUST be connected.  Included must be an odd fragment of the old as the sun rises and the sun sets, only while its in the motion of doing those two things.

Now, as I was sitting pondering the sun last evening and realizing in the field, the energy has not been on the sun at all, but the two points of energy we call the new moon and full moons of January.  Someone posted on my facebook a post declaring “The full moon in Leo.”  Hay!!  I am a Leo!!  lol.  But her post also was declaring the dateline of January 22nd, I am not sure it that was just the energy of the day or the full moon itself.  I had looked a few weeks ago for the full moon date, I had seen the 24th-25th as the full moon.  I took to google just to be sure… and it got even stranger.  Talk about time mixing itself up.  I have seen some declare the 22-23rd as the full moon, then the 23-24th as the full moon and even the 24-25 as the full moon.  How on earth do we get 3 different timelines for a single event that is usually static or at least, consistent on a particular day.  So I just went to, which is more my life’s calendar of events than anything and they are declaring today the full moon.  Works for me!!

I find it incredibly interesting if not fully synchronistic that for the last few weeks the moon has been releasing and threatening to release even more “ice crystals” to enhance all the seed crystals released thru the new moon energy.  And the northeast and mid-atlantic states are currently undergoing the “Blizzard of 2016” (CNN’s headline of the storm.)

The winds of change blowing in from the depths of purity off the ocean, crystallizing the new energy and laying it heavy on some seriously old energy states.  I LOVE how life works in the metaphysical and natural landscapes.

OMG, I just realized something.  In yesterdays readings, the full moon was much closer and clearer and very different than it was in any of the readings prior.  One of my ladys had this crazy hatchet in her hand, she was up near the moon surface, which was now bubble and oozing with these impregnated ice crystals, and she was slicing open the various moon beam streams to fully release these ice crystals to the old earth, what I call soap-bubble land.  behind her was this thick silver band of energy that really reminded me of the band that holds a globe in place.  Wait, found a picture:


Forget the base, there was no base.  But I did tilt the image on purpose because that is about the area she was working from, a bit to the right or north of the field, that band of silver taking the already impregnated ice crystals, releasing them with her special tool looking very hatchet like, sending the energy down across the band as it goes thru the umbilical cord below the earth to seed itself in the soap bubble world, the old earth.  Making this Blizzard more important than ever before!!

One of my ladies yesterday, again positioned at the full moon working the full spectrum of pure energy arcing over our earth to connect with the energy of the new moon, which also became a black hole.  Talking the energy we are now living and enlivening on this version of earth and sucking it in, changing it to the degree it can be handled in the dimensions of earth that are still very dense and heavy (various versions of fear energy) so assist them in moving mind, body and spirit, upwards.

Also, thru one of the readings, it was said that even tho this full moon is on a particular date line, it will continue to release its energy thru the “first season.”  I found that term quite interesting… of course her team was talking about spring, I could see the equinox pole embedded in their energy statement.  But the FIRST season??  Are we not in winter or does that not count as a season lol.  Of course, spirit always talks, uses words very particularly from their side of the veil and does not always give us a full explanation of how they are using their words.  Dammit.

With that, I instant hear “first fruits.”  We are currently in the first ever “growing season” of this new pimped out earth and I suppose, we shall get to eat of our labors, of our growth, more easily then?  I dunno.  Maybe that is my eyes, the budding fruit???  Still going thru its growing season with the rise and fall of the sun each day.

Ohhh yeah, I so forgot about the 5 planet alignment that is currently underway too.  Five is change.  These planets are changing it all in their energetic connections to each other, enhanced by the energy of Leo moonshine!! (hiccup)  Unless you are looking with the new eyes of the new earth, there is so much more expanding around us than most will ever figure out (myself included, I don’t do planets or astrology, I barely can keep up with the ever change soul light) but most will interpret the energies from the old versions of understanding.  Time and experience will help to broaden the view.

Damn, talk about getting lost in time.  Its almost time for my first appointment.  I gotta go!!

Happy avalanche of Ice Crystals, New Growth and brilliant lunar energies to ALL!!!

(((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in love, wonder, and intense growth to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Full Moon special!!  Save 23 percent off of a 15 or 30 minute reading today and tomorrow (23rd and 24th.)  Lets blanch February together!!  Enter coupon code: FullMoon (exactly like that, no spaces capital F and M)






  1. Hi Lisa, thank you for speaking of the Blizzard of 2016. I Iive in Pennsylvania and we are expecting 24 inches if snow. We have received half of that thus far. When I heard that this storm was coming, I was trying to remember something you said awhile back about snow and its meaning but I couldn’t remember. As you know, Pa is a heavy dense state and we need something to help cleanse and clear that heavy dark energy. I believe this blizzard will help break it free. Thanks so much for today’s sharing. Roy


  2. Reblogged this on unity2013.


  3. Oh for gawd’s sake, woman — just go and get the damn Laser Eye Surgery.

    I too went blind as a freaking bat when I was 12 years old…suffered with the contacts and heavy glasses until the horrid disease Ocular Rosacea gave me dry eye syndrome and I could no longer wear contacts at all.

    So at 25, I was one of the very first of the laser eye surgery “Guinea Pigs” in North America, to have it done.
    Very experimental at the time. Cost me around $4,000, if I recall. I gave up getting a car, just to get my eyes done.

    I went and did it with no hesitation, with the firm Belief that I would never experience any problems — and that’s exactly what I experienced — thank you very much, Universe!
    (everyone around me was shitting their pants in fear, always expecting me to have terrible side effects. I consistently flung their “fears” away from me.)

    That was 23 years ago, and I have never had any problems, besides a temporary blurring out a bit the past few years when we are shifting interdimensionally — and for the first time, my reality here has been becoming unfocusable for short periods of “time”.


  4. Correction — the eye surgery I now remember cost me $6,000.
    $3,000 per eye.


  5. In bright light the pupils are narrowing themselves. Which means the “depth of sharpness” is increasing which means less blurry.


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  7. Ice crystals on our balcony were very different from that one in the first photo!


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