Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 26, 2016

The Magnetic Force of Creation is Set!!


Finally!!  Life returns to the surface of the earthing in reading land!!  YAY!!  We once again have our personal bubble of creations set, and let me tell ya, they are as beautiful and radiant as the unified bubble of creation, only instead of being gel like in texture, it is much more glass like in texture.  Solid, reflective thru the whole universe and made up of that mixture of deep golden bronze coloring.  And thru the readings yesterday, it was finally revealed why spirit is showing this amazing color mixture.  The golden energy is from the sun, the bronzish coloring is from the earth, the two blended as one whole living system.

Also, thru January, when spirit was showing us the “original earth” and this new expanded one, the original was always shown to the left (denoting past,) yesterday, it is now snug as a bug in the core of our earth in a reddish, bronzish color.  It kind of reminds me a power cell plopped into place.  With this original earth at the core, i can no longer see thru the energy center of this earth down to the old “soap-bubble” earth.  If one needs to revisit that, you must take the long way.  Point being, no need, but if you want to, you can of course.

There already feels like a lot of similarities to our original birth and path (I am talking this lifetime here) happening thru the readings.  Example, my first lady of the day opened with a mole digging dirt up from the surface of a bare, but soil rich earth.  His little hands were digging to beat the band.  When I looked to see what he was digging for, that is when I seen this large core I know as the original earth.  This is her power animal (not to be confused with animal totem.)  Her Guide to unearthing the original wisdom and the ability to remove what is in the way of that target.  Hence watching the dirt fly all over the place.  Just like you and I arrived Here with our memories of all our stories in tact, so has this earth.  With it, its easy to assume that old story still is valid now, just like our journey to here… doing the same things in the same old ways and adding a new flavor to it all.  That still muddies it down and makes invalid energy wise.  But we are creatures of repetitiveness and habit, more than likely the reason it will take us the full stretch of this year to settle into the new living system we know as the new earth.

Her mole knows how to tunnel into the earth for its target, how to remove what is not needed and move fluidly to its Source.  This is the power of this new earth he shall show her.  I found it wonderful when she said she has been asking for the wisdom of this new earth, to use and live.  Well, very much like the journey getting to here, we must dig for it and we have the greatest creatures here to assist!!

Now let me back up to this amazing dream experience I woke up from.  My soul was in deep space, the sky was amazingly black all around.  In the center of deep space with the massively huge silver thing.  The surface of this thing was polished to a super shine, reflective and super stunning to view as it was suspended in the black sky.  The shape was very much like this:

the silver bullet

The only thing I understood from my souls perspective is there was a group of us working this energy thing.  Ohhh and the top was not open like I made this picture, that the closest I know how to make this image 3D looking.  I really suck at art in any way, but at least microsoft paint gets me closer than my damn hand does in visual.

From what I am understanding given the days readings yesterday, life creates and uncreates thru magnetic force and release.  In my world of readings, silver is the higher vibration of earth energy I see, gold the highest spiritual vibration.  Getting to this point in our evolution… all thru January, gold was the element of creation that was being shown.  Our souls working overtime to get all the magnetic flakes/particles of creation set and ready.  Now, we are at the ground level, the human soul level of creation.

My second lady showed up with this really long (easy 5 feet going to scale of my vision) silver drill bit sticking up out of the center of her creation.  Even tho it was placed in the area I call, NOW, it also had the energy of the spring equinox within its system.  My lady herself was looking very much like a fairy dressed in silver.  She flew semi-circle in front of that drill bit thing, east, north, half way west then back again.  Her team said she is working with the elementals, ALL of them, not just the ones we know about.  At the simplest interpretation of what she is doing, is taking the energy of the spring (east) and the energy of the future (north) and releasing it in the west (I guess that would be now, or something.)

This drill bit then, altho it was still in our opening (she needs to consciously work with it for me to see it move for her) I did see it spinning clockwise, sealing in the energies was working with.

It took me the better course of yesterday to really understand the relationship to my very vivid, very real dream and what was coming thru the readings, but for the most part, I got there.

This big silver thing is my dream, the magnetic force of creation for the all.  The drill bit I had seen in her reading was the magnetic points working with that big thing in the sky, creating a magnetic force field of attraction and repelling.

This understanding got easier to visualize as one of my ladies team showed me an etch a sketch, the golden energy would be the flakes of potential creation, the silver is the magnet bringing the flakes together to create form/outcome.  They even went one step further… the golden flakes of creation flows from our right hand, the left hand itself is the magnetic guide bringing it all together!!  I seen this from my lady that was out the outside of her beautiful bubble of creation, right hand targeting the energy into the center of her created world, the left hand guiding it all into whatever her desire is.

This is really showing that we are the Creator and Experiencer all at the same time.  In the old soap bubble land of which we came, our guides helped A LOT!  Here, we truly are the guides of this new earth.  That is not to be taken figuratively either.  How can we ever truly be a master creator if we never learn the very tools we are equipped with and constantly calling on our team, on god, whatever to do it for us.  Nope we are now each others guides and helpers.  Call on each other.  That’s how we learn… oops, excuse me, that’s how we remember what is innate within us.

Before I run out of morning here, I do want to talk about my last reading of the day.  There she was, on top of her bubble of creation looking like she just came off the ski slopes.  Skies on her feet, ski poles in her hands, dressed for the deep winter, scarf and all.  I had to ask if she lived up north, knowing they just got an avalanche of snow.  Nope, she lives in california!!  WHAT??

As this new reality started forming this month, spirit made a point of all of us understanding that we live at the southern node/pole of earth, the north pole (and this is an energy stream) is connected to the old dense dualistic soap-bubble land.  Its cold down there (emotionally speaking.)

Her skis allow her to slide in and out of all the dimensions with ease, her poles again magnetic guides and more.  Her team talked about that scarf, I found it exciting that she was actually wearing a scarf in her moment.  Take it off!!  No more shielding our expression on any level of reality.

Little did I realize, even as we talked about what was happening in her life (I really can be slow on the uptake) that she lives in the midst of duality, she is married to an alcoholic and they never really talk about that fact.  She has kept her scarf safely over her throat chakra and became skilled at navigating the upper and lower dimensions.

Her team was so wonderful and creative in their visual replies, she said she didn’t want to open a can of worms, they showed a silver (labelless) can filled with worms and literally dumping it out.  Then, they turned it all into a bowl of spaghetti, saying the answer lays buried at the bottom and when something is at the bottom of anything, the weight of it all starts crushing it, making it/the answer/action not only unseeable, but unrecognizable until you set it free.

One of the most important replies her team gave her in response to her questions of… what should I do.. she has two teenage boys and their reply was stated many times thru our session “what do you want to teach them.”

Her entire reading was enhanced on my drive into the big wide world as I was listening to my audio book (which I started over again) “My Life After Death” and Erik was talking about his life review and the choices he made, the effects it had on the others involved in his choices, the good and the not so good choices.

We ARE the guides, the living example of this new earth, in all our authenticity.  No more covering up any part of ourselves.  No more holding back.  Get those worms back on the ground where they belong and trust all will unfold perfectly (do not interpret that to mean, easily.)

Well, my mind just went blank lol.  So I will close there for today.  But I do want to take a moment and explain the layout of my day and the boundaries I had to create.

I spend easily 8-10 hours of my day, sharing, exchanging energy and information from the moment I get out of bed.  I do my very best to reply to emails, but often times, I fall behind simply because I don’t have the extra time to tend to them.  When my day of readings is done (usually by 2pm) I am so done.  My energy field wraps around me like a blanket and I digest all that was presented thru the day.  I can barely go near a computer by that point in my day.  So a long time ago, I opted out of replying anywhere else privately except emails.  I talk out loud in group fashion on facebook but refuse to have one more place to look for private conversations, I cannot even keep up with emails.  Even replying to the comments on this blog, often times goes forgotten as my day barrels away on me.  I tried to get as much done between the time I wake up (usually 4-5am) and before my first appointment rolls around (8am) and I am not that efficient any longer and I apologize.  If you have written an email that I have not replied too, it simply got lost in my inbox, please forward it to me again.  You are not being a pest, there is just so much of me in a given day and either forget or tap out or both.  I try, I really do!!

And the next phase of my day is about to begin!!  I love you wild and crazy guys and gals, soooo flipping much!!  Thank you for always being there to show us all the way!! ❤

((((HUGZ)))) of eternal gratitude!!!

Lisa Gawlas





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