Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 18, 2016

The Planting is Underway as we Move into the Fertility of February!!


Once again, this lazy butt woke up late, it’s already after 7am…. grrrrr…. but I didn’t want to let a day go by without sharing the evolution of the field, of our lives.  So this is going to be short, with the days readings mushed together, but I hope, as exciting to you as it is to me!!

What I have forgotten to mention about this 1 foot tall “eternal flame” thing that is still a very constant part of the readings… at the top where it spans out and starts to come back down towards earth, it stops about 1/3 of the way down, until yesterday I couldn’t understand why.  But the story is getting fuller, yay!!

I am pretty sure I am understanding that this eternal flame, is also representing the core of your life, the center of your created reality.  The place where all energy is a constant stream of fire, love, and seeds of life, even if that life is experience instead of something tangible.

Thru the readings, each in their own way, started to show that bits and balls of this fire energy is dripping or spouting out from the main flame.  Although the shape and sizes of what is coming out of, off of this flame, the part that is coming back to earth, lets just go with little fire balls, like the size of golf balls, clear, stunning to look at and inside each ball, a crystal seed to be planted, or even, has already been planted.  Seeds of passionate life that will never cease to exist.  For us to use, to embed in our lives and know if we have planted it with the correct and the pure frequency of desire, it will show up before we know it.

I want to talk really quick about the correct frequency.  As planting season goes, we think of planting in the earth itself, but we are now opening and fully multidimensional (even if our physical mind has not caught up to that concept of reality yet.)  We are also embedded in the energy we consider timespace, so time is all around us.  As we tune in to our desires, those seeded fire balls embed in the time and dimension it already exists and will present itself into your life.  How and when… I have not seen yet.

With one man, his opening had these beautiful, wispy flames about 6 inches tall each of them, everywhere I could see surrounding the main eternal flame.  This was such a stunning visual and beyond that, it was his desires already there, within his reality, reality to reveal themselves in the right moment.  He himself was sitting at the very top of the main eternal flame thingie, facing east (new beginnings and growth) patiently waiting the arrival of his planting.  Patience and knowing (not that you know what is going to be presented to you, but you know something will, is key.)

This coming full moon on the 24th, with the release… ummm… avalanche of the “ice crystals” they will embed themselves in the fire-crystal seeds as the final spark needed for life.  Think, sperm meets ova.

Thru one of the readings, I got a very quick glimpse of February, it was flashed into the reading for a moment, but I got the fullness of what we seen.  It was this thick orange membrane.  I seen that membrane in one of the readings a week or so ago, the fullness of fertility.  Which really makes sense.  We are in the planting season now.  Getting familiar and aligned with the soil of our lives, and all this energy takes hold in full on expression as we move into February.

And on that note, my day is about to begin!!  Have an amazing day seeding your amazing, abundant garden of Life!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with a fertile bounty!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. Thank you!


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