Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 17, 2016

The Golden Age of Gaia Begins.


golden age

Man, oh man, oh man, yesterday was one of those days I needed to be strapped in from start to finish, the vibration and the information released thru the intensifying vibration thru the day left my mind quivering!!  I wish my brain was really as efficient as a hard drive is, so I have full and total recall, but sadly, it’s not.  So, I say that to apologize for anything I may have forgotten yesterday.

This eternal flame was prominent in every reading and I didn’t realize until about the 4 reading in, was that it was actually changing thru every reading, going from looking like fire to being encompassed in a golden light energy, talk about your golden age of Gaia being held and expanded thru the eternal flame of love.

I really don’t understand the reason why each person showed up in the position they did, except one, but I know there has to be a reason, but I was much more interested in hearing the replies back from everyone’s questions, holy heavens even!!

The main theme thru every question and reply was, its time to see ourselves differently, more than we ever have before and completely release our old stories and experiences.  The memory itself is powerful and we have arrived here with trace amounts of past experiences which is creating (or should I say, recreating) our present experiences.

My first lady was a great lesson for many of us waiting for that “partner” to arrive.  Like so many of us, myself included, we know what we don’t want in a relationship, of course this is based on past experience and how we see ourselves now.  By, and I use these words hesitantly really, because the energy of memory is what is recreating what is available… but even changing the words to say… I want him or her to be this or that is really the way we disguise even from ourselves, the energy of past experience and yet, it is the creative force in front of us.  When we fully let go of all that we don’t want, and even redefining what we do want (it really is the same energy in a different dress) it allows the fullness of the moment to unfold perfectly and abundantly in ways we could not foresee or dress up.

So when my lady’s team finished explaining how she is talking and what it is doing to withhold what she desires most, a partner who is, for lack of a better way of saying it, equal in energetic vibration to her, and to just Know, when the moment is right and all is aligned for that exchange, he will show up without effort.  The image they gave her to focus on was Cinderella dancing with her prince at the ball.  At that moment, Cinderella was no longer identifying with the step sister role she had played or anything within her past, instead, she was gliding all over the dance floor, to them, (and in this visual) not another soul around, fully and completely experiencing each other in motion, in energy, in the Moment, Cinderella only remembered midnight when the clock struck midnight… we need to do that too.  We so want that “forever” partnership and forget how important this moment is.  In the scheme of creation, everything is forever, but in this realm, it may just be a dance or many.  Let it all go and focus on the heart of love itself, yours!!  You will magnetically pull to you that which will serve the greater all in expression, in all ways, not just partnerships.

In the same vein, another lady I connected to was so focused on what she didn’t want any longer that her entire energy was pulled away from this flame thing, all my other readings were completely connected to and using this eternal flame energy in their own way, this lady tho, she was on the edge of the field, the only time I seen the field like this.  It was a huge round disk of earth, I am not sure if it was lifted above or just that I could see what was beneath the crust of the earth, but it glowed a gel like yellow.  I really thought it was her soul energy she was sitting on, but this morning I realize it is the spirit energy of earth itself.  Not the soul of Gaia, but something else, pure source energy tempered down a bit to be what feeds all, just below the surface of the earth and supports us in all we do and don’t do.  Zero judgement, only love and joy.  So she was sitting on the edge of this disk, looking out into an abyss of… to my eyes, nothing.  She so focused on what she doesn’t want any more that (and I so could understand that too) that the energy of what she did want, I don’t want to say it was missing, but in the energy I can read and pick up on, I couldn’t tap into it.

Such important information came thru with her (well, with everyone yesterday) but the more we look at what we do not want, we are constantly tapping into our old memories of how anything played out, and trust me, a lot of the old story lines simply cannot play out like that in this new earth, the energy is wayyy to high, so instead, we sit and wait.

Often times, our experience was so rough in the old energy, and with this, lets just talk about jobs or what we do or did for work/money that we do not ever want to return to doing that, not realizing how different it all is, how different we are now.  I can give you my own personal example of this importance and not keeping ourselves from an experience or job based on past memories/experiences.

From 2003 thru 2006 I did nothing but readings for a living, I was sooo burned out on them to the degree I hated waking up and looking at my schedule.  I didn’t want to do it any longer, it became so repetitive and for the most part, I really didn’t enjoy it.  Back then, I was doing reading like your typical psychic, focusing on the mundane aspect and dealing deeply with emotional issues that kept people from what they want and let me tell you, it was deep in there.  I stopped doing readings and started working at KFC/taco bell as I put myself thru massage school.  Once I graduated from massage school, of course I did massage, but I could not help but do readings thru the message sessions, very very different than the email or phone readings I was doing.  I loved it, a lot.  I got to watch the physical body and energy body grow and change and evolve for 7 years.  When I moved here to the Jemez, so far away from anything, the last thing in all this world I ever wanted to do, was readings again.  But, even before I moved her, out of the clear blue, after 7 years of not a single person purchasing a reading, suddenly, people were coming out of the woodwork to get a reading.  Geez… I was really deflated, but did it anywayz, for which, I am sooooo thankful for.  Because moving here changed it all, changed how we see each other, changed the focus of everything and we grow and learn and change because of the connections.   I could have very well just deleted my reading sections on my website, but I didn’t.  I sure wasn’t looking at how much we changed, instead, I was looking at making money to cover my living experiences… as spirit would say, whatever it takes to get you to the next phase of your evolution!!  It became so important that I focus on readings again that my forearms thru to my fingers blew out, I spent my massage time focusing away the pain in my arms and hands than I was on the client, so no readings in the message sessions and that sucked.  I didn’t love doing massage, I loved the information and understanding that came thru the messages!!

So I say all that to anyone who may be presented with a similar job opportunity that they had unpleasant memories in the past of… judge not, we are not the same and your presence is more important in where your team is opening doors than you may realize.  Walk thru!!

Then there was this amazing beautiful guy I was connected to, I got a song clip just as I was dialing his number “Jesus Christ…. Super Star” and his position on this eternal flame was at the top area, his spine completely aligned with the north side of this eternal flame, his face obviously facing away and north and the fire and seeds and all that is mixed in that eternal flame energy was swirling out of his heart area, into swirly flames about 2 feet long from his heart.  It was soooo pretty to look at.  Everyone was actually, but he was the only one in this position, the others connected to this flame was facing it and working directly in it/with it.

The stunning information coming thru him as he asked questions about those on his spiritual team like buddha, krishna, AA Michael and so on was that we really need to lose our titles around all our past helpers.  We pigeon-hole their energy and what could be revealed thru this group soul energy.  Those that we have individuated based on their physical life, in tend to keep out the fullness of what they have to share by only seeing/understanding what we think we know about them.  Keeping in mind, our ascended masters work as a whole collective, the same way we are going to remember to work together too.  Like a beehive serving the queen, the queen here would be life itself, we are the worker bees making the honey of life manifest and enjoyable.  When we put importance on one thing above the other thing, the hive dies.  When we work together in unison the hive thrives and expands.  So if we can look at the “ascended masters” of yesterday as a whole collective, the parts you need of their energy will flow to you effortlessly in areas never thought of before.  We are now blending all the separate abilities/incarnations into a whole living system of ourselves.

There was a time, all the time getting to Here, we needed different aspects of ourself, our teams to be individuated, so that we could polish those attributes to a glossy, super faceted shine.  We have done that (for the most part anywayz lol.)  Now the game begins in earnest!!

There was a lady who showed up on her knees digging in the ground but also in the flame at the base too.  What she presented as understanding rocked my precious mind.  She was pulling these crystals seeds to her by the magnetic field of attraction thru her fingertips.  Now this understanding is going to take us for a loop, or at least it did me.

We have been so oriented to the ground level of life.  Thinking even of a garden, the ground is where we do our planting.  Not no mo!! lol  We are interdimensional in all ways, so the air around us is no longer just one-dimensional field of energy separated by anything, it’s all available.  Equally, time is so unlike it has been before, again stacked instead of sprawled out.  Unified instead of separated.  So when we are pulling the seeds charged with our desires enlivened in them, we need to know where to plant it.  Not everything is going to spring from the ground itself, some may need to be planted in a quadrant of your life field (the energy system fully surrounding you) lets say 3 feet from the ground and 2 feet to your left, that hits a specific dimension and time quadrant where the life force of that seed of desire already exists… and it slips directly into your current reality.  However, if we are constantly planting on the ground level, the ground does still move with “time” or better stated, our calendar.  So if we want to wait til the season arrives in which that thing appears, we can.  If we want or need it now, that too is available.  Our job is to learn the difference and become proficient at it all.

I know there is so much more I want to share that came thru yesterday, but my mind feels like the more I write, the more it is slowing down to a stop. Maybe it found the molasses slick lol.  So I am going to end here for today, and get ready for my next extraordinary day of connections!!

I love you all so much and I wish there was another way to say how grateful I am for your Presence in our world.

((((HUGZ)))) of love in full bloom in every conceivable way!!

Lisa Gawlas

As I close out, I hear my most favorite song from one of our newest spirit angels, David Bowie – In-Joy:














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  2. Hi Lisa, Still waiting for you to contact me….


    • Did you email me?? My emails get lost/buried a lot. Can you resend it please??


      • I only have this blog as a point of contact Lisa. My email contact is filled in with this post for you to contact me


  3. I only have this blog as a point of contact Lisa. My email contact is filled in with this post for you to contact me.


    • I have tried clicking your name and nuttin. So please, any contact with me should be done directly thru email. One may think I am blog savvy, I am not. lol ❤


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