Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 19, 2016

Speaking of “The End Times” or was that… The End of Time itself???


I have got to say, again, thank you so much for giving me the greatest seat in the world!!  Front and center in the fullness of your Light as we witness and experience the greatest evolution ever known to humanity and we get to witness it and (pretty much) understand it, breath by breath, together!!  And, might I add, work out the kinks and the successes, together as well!!

My privilege is I get to see the field from so many different angles, ways to use the energy and that truly is my greatest gift unto me from you.  My challenge is trying to bring it all down into words as a usable, exciting energy system.  So I think for today, I will just describe the constant as best I can, then add in the variables.

That 15 foot eternal flame of life is still very present in everyone’s reading.  About 10 feet to my right, or the north (future energy) is now the full moon energy, it too was a constant presence/energy thru all the readings.  Not that I had seen it thru all the readings, but its energy is rather distinct and equally has created a swath of field energy that connects the field together from one end to the other.  The moon, unlike the last time I seen it, is no longer shining towards earth outwards, but instead has turned its ice crystal infused moon beam towards our present moment of now.  With that constant in the field, the full moon is already releasing its ice crystals and affecting our now moments.  This has got to be a biggie to be affecting us a week prior, which means, it will also be affecting us a week after, that’s a HUGE energy influx!!  It also takes us to the moment of February.  Keeping in mind, even tho we use months as a bookmark, the months themselves are really energy systems growing and evolving with us, because of us and vise versa.

Altho I can see the ground itself, somewhat, the focus is not at the ground level yet.  Instead, there is a sea of gel like energy that stretches from the eternal flame thingie to the Presence of the full moon.  I say sea, but it’s not moving its just vast.  The gel is clear and there are sections that to my peering eyes have no rhyme or reason.  These “sections” are not that big, some as small as a golf ball, some as big as a baseball, not all round, some in shapes, some in what looks like globs lol, but all connected by this thin membrane between each section.  Inside these little sections, I see a little crystal seed.  The energy of the ice crystals are already starting to flow from the full moon and enter the gel, the timespace/interdimensional frequencies

Now lets leave that for a moment because I am being reminded of my first lady of the day and the opening of her reading, take this picture, change it from water to fire and only the top section of the wave leaning forward, that’s the part it looked like:


This wave was just before the energy of February, at least the top curl part of it.  It was still gathering everything from this month, like a tidal wave pulls from the ocean itself, her life field was pulling from everything we call January to release itself, flood her life in February.  I couldn’t help get excited when she said that her and the family are moving out of their house in February as deep renovations begin.  Talk about the universe working with you, rebuilding from the purity of the eternal flame and what her team kept repeating without showing details (dammit) is in it is the “Bounty” with its energy release.

This is important for everyone to realize.  There are many “variable” that are in play, so someone may be experiencing something now, and you may not be yet, that in no way means you have done anything wrong or need more clearing… because let me throw this little word of caution out there, if you do clearing, which is an old earth energy and was needed for there, you are also going to be clearing all this new energy, out with the crystal seeds that you planted… only to begin again and again.  To think you need clearing is to see yourself as less than… and I promise you, you are all that and a bag chips too!!  And YES, you are still going to be human and have human emotions and moments!!

Ok, back to the seeded gel land!!  Within these uncountable clusters/sections I know time/space and dimension are included.  Let me throw in something that just excited my beating heart while listening to my audio book “My Life After Death” by our beloved Erik Medhus (of the Channeling Erik website.)  He was talking about the dimensions from his on the other side of the veil perspective and he said there is an INFINITE amount of dimensions.  So many ET’s that I had introduced to their human here on our side of the veil, repeatedly said there are uncountable dimensions and yet we think there are only a few.. 12ish.  NOT!!

So in this gel land we now live in (smile) ohhhh and I didn’t even realize this was important, silly me, but it is… what we are seeing is all within earths atmosphere, actually, gel land is about 4-6 feet deep so far.  So with all these interdimensions, it is still housed in timespace too.  Not time as we think of the tick tock of the clock… but… something else (not quite sure even what I am seeing.)

My last reading of the day, her team said something puzzling and yet, enormous too!!  “Time runs perpendicular”  I had to stop and google perpendicular because I suddenly was confused.  How the hell can it run perpendicular??

Hmmm well… I found a website this morning that instantly explains it:


Two lines, vectors, planes, etc., are said to be perpendicular if they meet at a right angle. In R^n, two vectors a and b are perpendicular if their dot product

(I made planes bold.)  Planes of existence/experience.  Two lines, one would be timespace the other would be dimension.

So I googled what are vectors:

plural noun: vectors
  1. 1.
    a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.

Now lets take this to a little holy shit moment I had last night as I was percolating on the entirety of the days readings and trying to wrap my mind around it all, I had CSI Miami entertaining my lower mind as my upper mind processed and I about shit when my attention was called to the TV as they were talking about the ancient Mayans… and at that moment the guy said something I never seen this way before… The Mayans talked about the “End Days, The end of time.”  I think we have become so focused on the world coming to an end, that maybe, just maybe, they meant more literally… when time no longer moves as it has.  The end of time as we know it.

Science now sees the element of time as a dimension within itself and if our dimensions are merging and opening and becoming less separate than ever before for us, then time itself MUST change.  And let’s go a wee bit deeper down this rabbit hole, if time is changing, and eventually will end in the way we know it, then too, must our bodies.  We age because of the pull of time.  If time is no longer pulling, then our bodies aging process MUST change too.

We already know our cells are changing, our minds are changing, everything is changing.  However, keeping in mind, everything is still a process.  Yes the process has sped up, but it is still a process none the less.  We have got to orient ourselves, our functioning mind, into the changes.  That will not happen overnight.  But it is already happening.

Now lets learn how to work all these seeds and stuff.  Of course, I am going to give you my own experience over the last couple of days, it really has provided that holy shit moment (ongoing) and it is now front and center in my face to share.

Back in 2012 when that beautiful blue-eyed man showed up in my world and thru our intimate relationship activities (smile) I started to watch a network of energy build each time and eventually started to produce what my team called “The Tree of Life” outside in the back yard right next to this beautiful tree that already lives there.  This tree of life was made of light and sparkles and stuff.  My blue-eyed man left and I eventually didn’t give any more attention to that tree… for years.  Pretty much completely forgot about it and silly me, assumed it went too.  NOT!!

A couple of days ago, as these seed crystals started to embed themselves in various readings, I thought about my own and my own needs.  Mid month was here and my biggest bills are coming due (rent and car payment.)  I paid all my first half of the month bills with gratitude, but that’s all I had enough for.  So in between two readings suddenly, right in front of my own body was that True of Life.  Holy shit, I forgot about that.  It was more stunning than ever before and so full of Light like never before.  My team also reminded me of the connections I have that are a part of my body.  Very much like this:


Only those plugs extend from my physical body.  All I had to do, is plug something.  And I did.  My team changed the energy of the tree of life to the money tree, and from one of those pluggie things at my sacral area, plugged it into the tree of life.  I felt a little surge of excitement, the tree lit up and then the whole thing faded from my vision…

Not even a full minute later, my attention was brought to something someone in that instant posted on my facebook “BTW… Lisa Gawlas it might be ok for you to mention on occasion that you accept donations!!!”  I know this precious soul is so tapped into my tree of life because she sent a donation to me the day i was leaving boston, that allowed the breathability to pay for my car parking and baggage without holding my breath.  (And trust me, so many are, you may not fully realize just how much you cover my ass in timing that cannot be called anything but perfection.  Thank you for feeling me so intimately and loving me that much!!)  I cannot tell you how stunned I was for the immediacy of it.  Of course, I will never ask for donations, I don’t share to get money, I share so we could all figure new selves out.  But again, the instantness, as you can tell, the afterthought that went with what she actually posted on that tread, amazing.  I smiled and had no desire to share that out loud (my team could care less about what I want to share or not share lol.)  And in the few days since, I now have my car payment covered, big YAY!!

I find this all so freaking amazing and a blessing to be able to witness, experience and be a part of.  Ohhhhh… so, the eternal flame thingie and the tree of life, same!!  Thru the readings the last few days, we all work with the energies uniquely.  So find how you work with it and know that within the tree of life is also the money tree, the partner tree, the new car, new job new anything tree (energy stream.)  There are many branches to that tree!!  ❤

Just to give another example of how another works with this energy.  I gotta share this cuz it was soooo freaking cute.  The first thing I seen was hands clapping out there by the full moon.  At the same time, I heard a song clip “Its like thunder and lightning.”  I also couldn’t help but think of that lamp device that you clap on and clap off.  The clap is the signal, the vibration that produces the lightning, the energy of creation itself to come forth.  Equally, it is the same motion that uncreates too.

It is so time to play in new, exciting ways.  If there seems to be anything you want, or held back from this moment, it is simply the universe forcing you to play with your new tools, your expanded super powers of creation.  Who the hell plays when they have everything??  Sneaky spirit!!

I love you all so much.  Shower time for me!!  See you on the field, we are so freakin exciting!!  Thank you for helping me to see the new tools of Life, of Love, of US more clearly!!

((((HUGZ)))) of an endless and timeless bounty!!

Lisa Gawlas

Hopi Food for thought about these times.. the end of time. WE HAVE ARRIVED and we have only just begun!!:





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