Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 8, 2016

The New Earth Set Up in it’s own Realm of Reality!


Ohhhh lordy lordy, things are much more different than I ever dreamed them to be.  My first two appointments yesterday were such magnificent compliments to each other, to just how incredibly different it all is and I pray, my humble, incredibly inadequate words can explain just how different it is.

My first man showed up like a giant made of golden energy wayyyyyy above the earth.  It took me a moment to realize his presence was up on the magnetosphere, using his feet to open and close the magnetosphere shielding to allow the “space” energy in or keep it out.  I say space for a reason, the energy coming thru is so much more than just what the sun releases, altho that too, is a huge part of what we are ingesting day by day.

What surprised me more than anything is that I didn’t recognize the magnetosphere at all.  I could see him standing and doing his thumping on something made of a gold energy but his team needed to tell me what he was working on.  I have been connected to the sun and the magnetosphere since my beginnings, I would have said I know the energy, the signatures well.

Now let me put him on pause for a moment and go to my next appointment right after him, so far, she is the only one I have seen that had any visibility of this earth, but it wasn’t topside, it was inside the earth itself.  She was on what looked like a snowmobile just big enough to have her set on it, with a small plow at the front.  She was beneath the earth moving upwards, moving dirt out of the way from east upwards to center, what her team explained as the southern pole of the earth.  I also eventually realized this snowmobile looking thing was part of her, very much like a transformer or shapeshifter.  Her team explained that what she is doing is creating (this is where our words completely fail us, because no matter what word I use, its inaccurate in fullness) an open pathway inside the earth from the north pole to the east pole upwards to the south pole (which is where I call reading land) to the west and will finish when the west connects with the north.  This plowing, if you will, that she is doing is done inside the earth in a perfect triangle, but at each major point (north, east, south and west) she is creating an opening from inside the earth to outside, like holes I guess.

What I found equally profound, important and oddly synchronistic, both of them are scheduled on the same day at the end of January in the same order, he is first she is second.  Hmmmmm…..!?

Thru the day of ponderings (smile) I realized my first man on this brand new field of life readings gave us more information than I realized.  WE are truly in a new realm!!  Think about that for a moment.  I am realizing this earth, this life we are now on is no longer tangled up in all the other earths.  It has been pulled up or pulled out of the web of all the past energies.  Which is why when my one lady asked about a reading in december it was like looking off a cliff into the abyss, that was more literal than symbolic.

So if we have been pulled up, or out, however you want to say it, then we would have had to have a new energy of space, a new magnetosphere around the earth, a new earth itself.

Makes complete sense now why everyone teams for the last year, most especially the last quarter of 2015 kept insisting to realize we know nothing and even what we thought we knew, is no longer relevant.  The only story that is in any way relevant to us, we have not been privy to until now: earths original beginning.  We have seen and remembered the layers upon that, the era’s that have come and gone, the story books stacked on top of the platform it all began on, but has on purpose, been hidden away.  Until now.

The new realm must give birth to a new reality.  A larger reality than we ever dared to dream.  Until we fully understand those two aspects of importance, that is when we will start to really understand our fuller roles in it.

There is so much more but I just realized I have a 7am reading this morning so I am going to have to end here for today.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and orientation to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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