Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 7, 2016

As the Field Moves into the Unified Field of Life, WE are Assimilating the Full Energy Load.

new energy body

Well, hello again!!  It feels like an age since I last sat down to share!!  I have missed our time together tremendously, both in blogs and in the field.  I had intended to put out a sharing or two while I was at my son’s house, but I was disconnected from the moment I left my house, I had nothing to share.  I did take the plunge into the festivities of the mundane, drinking, dancing, just plain old having fun, living life and laughing a LOT!!  New Years day came and I was filled with congestion head to chest, voice took a leave of absence and I must have been running a low-grade fever, I slept for two days, but then again, so did everyone in the house.

I know energy changes when they are running thru my body… but changes into what?

Well, I finally got my grove back yesterday and was able to do my readings, talk about serious performance anxiety!!  I was still congested and coughing and slept like 11 hours the night before (woke up really late today too.)   There is a ton I want to share, but since I only have 45 minutes before my day of readings begins, I am going to have to give a brief overview.  I started to create a diagram of all the placements of everyone yesterday, no two people were in the same position, but my computer crashed as I creating it.  So your left with my words.

There was one common theme between all five people on the field yesterday, everyone was wearing a skin like clothing of an interesting red, some had gold threading in their clothes, others had gold energy surrounding them, but everyone had the elements of red and gold very connected to them.  This was showing our particular collective, we are now dressed for the big show.  Red being the full energy spectrum of what we call the new earth, the shambhala earth, heaven and earth as one.  No more prepping, now it is assimilating and use time.  The gold is the signature of the high spiritual vibration that is us.  These two elements will always be present for those living in the landscape of Shambhala.

My first guy showed up in the deeper west, very particularly, on the other side of the mesa that actually is a part of my back yard.  My memory was taken back to the first year (I think it was the first year) that I started sharing and reading from here as we really started to prep ourselves to live the energy of Shambhala, thru a few of the readings back then, I would see this ocean on the other side of the Mesa, the Sea of I Will.  Spirit asked you to jump off the cliff into the unknown sea of life we are living now.  Well my loves, you jumped well!!  We Are Here.

His team explained that we are going to spend January acclimating our whole body and mind to this new field of Life, of energy.  They said we “are acclimating to the three R’s: the new Realm, the new Reality and our new Role thru it all.  I actually wrote the three R’s down since they repeated it several times thru his reading, and I wrote it out of the order they said and they corrected me rather quickly, they order they give is the order in which we are acclimating.

It was also stated thru the readings yesterday, as I was bitching about all the different positions and roles of each person and having to learn new language and even a new field layout as we went, that the factory and the factory workers are now set into their position.

The last couple of months of 2015, with everyone’s superpowers being emphasised and the direction to really dig in and learn how to use them, spirit started to talk about our initial time in this new full on landscape of 2016 as a very special factory and we are the factory workers that will set it all into motion and development.  We Are Here.

Two of the five people yesterday had positions in what we perceive as the future, very particularly just after the first quarter of this year, so I am calling that time, April.  Both their teams explained that not only is their energy in that quadrant of time, so is most of their biology, they have both experienced the changes that we all will be going thru in their biology and will know instantly how to assist and remove the fear that normally arises with any changes.

My ears became perked, changes???  What changes??  Why do we need spotters in the future to help others thru these changes??  I know when I am being blocked let me tell ya.  The only thing spirit would show me was this energy system between my man in the deep west and my lady in the deep west and far north…. like an intense ocean current of waves that went from west to north (moving into the future from the present.  There was zero past I could connect to, at all.

One of my lady’s asked about something we seen in our last reading in December, it was the strangest thing I had ever experienced, there was no past for me to move into and bring that reading up.  Instead, I got the feel of being at a high elevation and just behind the center of life (my backyard lol) there was a cliff that only showed the abyss down below, nothing else at all.

Thru all the readings, I could not see the ground at all, and only one person was at the ground level, everyone else was hovering between 10 and 20 feet above what I know to be ground level.  Again, this too is part of our acclamation that will continue thru January.  Also one of the many reasons so many people are experience congestions in the head and chest, spirits lube job as we acclimate to breathing in and using the higher energies of this new land, new us.

This one lady tho, she was laying on an interesting looking bed.  The bed was not much wider than she was and no longer than she was.  It was made of this red solid material with gold inlays.  My mind went back to the “sleep temples of ancient egypt” with a cautionary expression from her team explaining there is so much we do not know about the purpose of those temples.  Humans uncover a nugget and tend to think they know the whole story, none of us do…. yet and on purpose.  Thru some of the readings yesterday, it was told that the fuller truth of our past, but most importantly of our “original past” will be given to those with purity within them.  Meaning, they will not try to tie it to something they know or think they know and will allow the information to come thru untainted by bias.

My lady in on the bed of a sleep temple thing, the top of it was interesting, like all these silver nodes or buttons, smooth, elevated disk like shapes next to each other from top to bottom, side to side.  Kinda like this, but not really either, there was no spacing between any of them:

silver spheres

She was laying on top of them and what her team said was think of a computer and this is the linking up of the software or something.  The gold lines in her bed was the electrical conduit to release the energy into her.  She was in a purposeful time out, physically speaking.  So much was happening energetically that physical movement at this time would be detrimental to the process.

I had another lady hovering above the center of the field itself, about 10 feet above it, in a fetal position rotating head over feet thru the whole reading.  She looked like she was surrounded by the eye of a needle made of gold, with this long golden line coming down to where the earth would be if I could actually see the ground.  Her team explained that she was in the spin of the (new) axis of earth, bringing in new magnetic energy, she too will be in this position for the next couple of weeks.

I was a curious cat and wanted to see what the hell am I doing, everything is so different, yet, what I do, other than learning the new language and layout of the field of life, is the same.  So I delved into the bath and was kinda surprised at what I seen, but grateful that I had seen anything.  I was actually about a foot above tumble lady sprawled out, or hovering face downwards to earth and like the old operators back in the day, I had all these plugs that I was plugging into sockets I could not see.  I felt like octopus lady, so many plug-ins I swear I had a bunch of arms.

Before I close I do want to swing back to my first man of the day again, because his image really has stayed with me.  I had just watched the mini-series “Childhoods End” on my flights home and the ET in this series, looking a lot like our depiction of Lucifer is what his body kept reminding me of.  Not the horns, tail or wings, just the color and texture really:



This ET character brought the “golden age of man” to the earth, lasted only 15 years in the series, but my man in the field brought up a great point… how many of us were activated, changed, over the last 15 years, since 2000?  There is a correlation with that.  And even tho in the series, earth was ending at the end of the golden age of 15 years, it was the children who merged back into source.  Do we not consider ourselves the children of the universe, the children of Light?  We are already changing earth and in its glory, it can look like it is destroying itself, because that is what change looks like.  But WE are the Light of the New World, the foundation that life will be lived and enjoyed upon.

Ohhhhh, one more thing lol, someone also asked about 6 months down the road.  Her teams reply was spirit has no idea what that is going to look like and who will be involved.  We all have our new soul blueprints, new alignments, new marching orders, but we still also have free will too.  Some, inevitably, will find this job too hard and retreat from their soul agenda, which always changes the road ahead.   These next three months are going to be Key to the players who remain and the integrity in which they conduct themselves.

This is already an interesting ride.  Ohhh lol, another thing which is going to make readings really odd, unlike what I am accustomed too.  What I call the field, my backyard, thru this point has always represented your person point of created reality.  Thru the readings yesterday, it was stated that not any longer.  The field, once I can see it, will be the unified point of created reality,  Meaning those of us who are living the full energy of Shambhala, our collective will be seen and experienced thru that center point.  The unified energy of life, of us, is no longer individuated.  We are a team and must fully meld together like a team.

Like I said… interesting!!!

Until tomorrow… I love you so much and am super glad to be back in your field of Light again!!!

((((((HUGZ))))) of unified power changing it All!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. 1. “I know when I am being blocked let me tell ya.”

    Do you? Then recognize that your “congestion” and “coughing” and “asthma” are all Negative Energy Blockages that you are still carrying around — the coughing being the beginning “release” of these Energy Blockages, which are blocking your Higher Dimensional Photon Light.

    From flowing through your body. And grounding into the planet/planetary grid. Which it is supposed to be doing.

    We are here for the Planet, before all else.

    2. “new Realm, and new Role”

    Ask your team what the difference is, between “Realm”, and “Reality”.

    The only thing I’m getting so far, is that “reality” could be referring to that which is “holographic”….which are usually 3D-based holographic “realities”.
    Now transforming into an Earth holographic 5D reality for our special case of accessing both 3D AND 5D.

    But perhaps this has nothing to do it…

    3. This ongoing “superpower” thingy.
    I don’t have specific superpowers, nor do I know what they are.

    I AM a Super Power. Period.


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