Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 9, 2016

The New Earth – The Old Earth


Ohhh it is starting to come together in understanding, I swear, all day long yesterday, I felt like each session was adding to the information lottery we all had won!!  Plus, I woke up early enough to be efficient in today’s sharing!!  YAY!! lol  Equally tho, I was trying to give a layout of what I was seeing without realizing the larger picture unfolding, no wonder why my computer crashed, I was putting the horse before the cart.  Well, we now have a fuller, more complete view than we did two days ago.  Here is my very humble diagram of how things are being shown to us currently:

New Earth Layout


My last, precious lady of the day yesterday, as we were talking about this new earth and even her last reading, she reminded me of things that were coming thru in November and December that I completely forgot about that suddenly makes sooooo much sense now.  Remember we were seeing crazy sphincters on our bubbles of creation, for the life of my I could not understand why and why all of a sudden they started showing up.  Well, I also had no flippin clue that when spirit was talking about the fullness of the new earth as we transitioned into 2016, it was going to be completely separate (yet, still connected as all things are) from all the old earths and timelines we have been familiar with.   It also now makes sense when trying to look into the “past” (umm december lol) it was like looking off a cliff.  With that, KNOW, that many soul blue prints changed out at the last minutes and much has changed for All of us.

Also, as I was putting this diagram together, I also realized there was, in its own way, a complete pole shift.  So many people have been anticipating one and it has happened, but like sooooo many things, not in the way we anticipated and expected it too.  I also fully realized as well, if north and south flipped, east and west has too, which means my “directions” in the readings the last few days, were wrong.  East is now where west was and vise versa.  Confusing!!  I am confused enough already!!  However, I am getting a little off the hook as I hear spirit say that the interpretations of the positions was accurate, just not the direction, which are only important to me in setting up the reading scape itself.

This is also going to give a whole new meaning to “as above, so below.”  Because everything we are doing, we are doing for the All and has an effect on the All.

What I did not place in the diagram, because it obviously emphasising the new earth and not to scale, is the magnetosphere of the old earth, touches the bottom part of ours, of the new earth.  I surely don’t understand how any of this really works, yet, not sure I ever will really.  However, I am also hearing that the way the sun and the planets affect our new earth is going to be different than the way it has affected the old earth.  But, in a way there is a double whammy happening to the old earth now.  Because not only is the sun and planets affecting all the timelines of the old earth, so are we, our energies and all that we think and do, together.

When it comes to the “changes” that are and will continue to happen thru this first quarter, I was able to see thru several people yesterday, some of the soap bubbles starting to pop.  Equally, I seen some of the ones I was reading for, with a hands on approach to assisting.  Altho I cannot see their body or energy on the old earth, what I do see is like a state of suspended animation on this earth, levitating and drawing in the new enhanced energies of this new earth and funneling it down (thru that gray line in the diagram) from their crown to the part of them that is hands on with the people they love and need their assistance going thru the “changes.”

Another thing I did not show in my diagram is our “unified bubble of creation.”  That is surrounding the entire top part of the south pole of the new earth.  There are workers still pimping that area out.  What I could see within it was this fibrous network of energy coming together.  What I find interesting, is a statement spirit made thru a couple of the readings, well, two exactly.  One the first day back, and then again yesterday, when “grid work” was stated.  Spirit said (and please, I really don’t fully understand this yet, so don’t shoot the messenger, please) that grids are part of separation (the old earth) and we need to move away from that.  Even as I tried to call the pattern I see on the center bubble of creation a grid pattern, I was tongue lashed by spirit (somethings just won’t change, dammit lol) and they want us to really feel the “network” of interconnectedness that we are all a part of now, well, at least those on the new earth.

Ohhh another thing that was soooooo freakin kewl to see and understand yesterday… can I just say, again, I do not know what I would do without you, without your Presence in my world.  YOU enlighten all of us in a way, no one ever could.  Thank you all of this info, for seeking and sharing!!

Thru one of the conversations, we were talking about not knowing anything until the moment it arrives.  It was explained that at this moment we still use our base consciousness which is led by the ego, by design, not anything we have done wrong.  Thru this current year, we are going to experience a melding of our soul mind more at base level than ever before.  So in its own way, we are going to go thru a pole shift in our own consciousness.  The ego does not know what it does not know, what it has yet to experience, the soul mind does, of course.  So what was shown to me was like a weaving of the soul mind into the lowermost part of our consciousness (the part we use day to day) slowly, over time, as the soul mind and all its abilities and insights/knowings become the base of our consciousness here in the realm of matter.  Our knowings are going to expand, our ability to see and hmmmmm…. not sure the words to use here, but let’s just say, make steady the energetic progress of this world and the release of the other.

We are here to be the steady hand in the changes underway.  No fear, no trying to stop anything (that would be futile anywayz.)  To see from the eyes of the soul is to know the wonder and magic underway.  The soul mind cannot live where the separation of fear still exists.

We all have new expanded, enhanced skills available to us, our job is to tap into them, since we are already using them as we prep this new world and become familiar with it all, with the fullness of ourSelfs, Now.  I can see them thru the readings, but am having a hard time trying to describe any of it when it is still so very individually unique and I gotta add, super awesome too!!  Our bodies and energies systems are still catching up to the fullness of ourselves and will for a little while yet.


Well, I think we all have a tummy full to digest here, so I will close for today.  I have more I want to share but my team is saying… enough for today.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to All!!!  I love you sooooooooooo much!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas






  1. Flippin fascinating!!!


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  3. Lisa this is brilliant! Thank you for selflessly sharing..have re-shared on Google. What came to mind was a blog back in 2009 that quotes William Buehler (retired U.S Naval Commander) and parallels what you are seeing:

    “A long, long time ago our Universe was generated as a relatively temporary reality with the express purpose of creating a new form of human (stellar) race with a much modified version of the 12-strand DNA molecule. This “New Race” would more efficiently unify the three realms: angelic, human and devic. In effect this Universe is parallel with our real one which is in the Metatronic range of Universes, but organized to permit new operative principles relative to Free-Will, albeit at lower frequencies….

    This is more than a New age. It is the completion of the work of all the ages: to create a new future that has always been created – our return into the Ranna Time Wave or Metatronic reality… (Interesting Lisa, that the Metatronic universe has been referred to as the ‘diamond star systems’ by Maia Nartoomid).

    The implications of this shift are staggering. Because it will be a quantum shift, most of the potential realities are inconceivable to us. Those persons not able to transition will re-cycle into temporary shards or unstable Time-reality frames. These will be like pieces of a broken mirror formed by whatever fears and delusions are entertained by the souls who magnetize those particular forms of insanity, “Time” being mainly created by mental thought forms. The fragments will eventually dissolve back into a common Oritronic continuum and the souls will then have to work their way back to the same point again…..

    My main message is that we have no other more demanding task now as souls and as a cosmic race than to facilitate the Ascension and to realize our initial objective in creating the new DNA.” WB

    Yep, if we have any fears – NOW is a good time to deal with them!! LOL 
    P.S Great pics by the way!


  4. Ask about the “Phoenix”


  5. Was working in the field doing Land Surveying a couple of days ago one morning with husband and our electronic field instrument (laser) would not read the cross-hair target I was holding – I and it were directly in front of the Sun, and lined up in a straight line with our instrument some distance away. Funny, as though we had had no problem with the previous readings all in different alignments. I immediately said to my husband that it could likely be electronic interference due to pole shift. The issue lasted a few minutes and then returned to normal. The instrument was fine – not broken in any way or malfunctioning.


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