Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 24, 2015

Twisting and Manipulating Time!


I do believe that spirit started to prime my pump the evening before to get ready for the 23rd.  I was sitting on my couch (yup, I do that a lot lol) when I noticed a stream of white, cloud like spiral energy coming into my heart center.  My first thought was, well that’s weird and other than seeing it take place, there was nothing else to it, not feeling, to energy vibration, no nothing… at least, not until about 30 minutes later.  My lungs started to constrict and I went into an asthma-like attack.  Hey!!  That was just not nice! lol  Albuterol inhaler to the rescue, I haven’t had to take a puff on that thing since early in the spring.  Two puffs on my magic inhaler, I was as good as new… but hey… what the hell!!???  The only thing that was told to me was adjusting to the new energies.  Thanx!!  At least throw me a bone, a visual, an understanding, anything besides an asthma-like attack (and just to be clear here, it is my team making sure I add in the “like” since it is not an asthma attack itself.)

So as the time drew near to do the first reading yesterday, I was actually getting nervous, weirdly nervous.  I hadn’t felt like this since i started doing reading back in 2003.  It’s not a fear nervous as much as a “i hope I get it right, understand what is being shown” kind of nervous.

With that, I learned something that is important for all of us to be aware of.  When I did my first reading for $1.00 (via an ebay auction) back in March 2003, I started a ritual that had me praying so hard before the connection.  Of course, back then I only knew one way to connect and that was thru meditation not in real-time together.  Talk about taking the long bumpy road to a single point lol.  But I was spend easy, the first five minutes calling on the persons higher self, begging to be able to see and most importantly, understand what I am seeing and to be as clear with my communication back to the person as I am capable of.  I did this ritual every single reading for easy, 2 years (give or take, time amounts fade.)

What I realized quite clearly yesterday, when we do something so repetitively, consistently, it’s not that any of that left, it became a part of me that I still do it without even realizing it.  Like taking a breath, how often do we so ohhh, I need to inhale now, time to exhale… we create these energetic habits that we no longer even feel because it has become a natural part of us and how we live our lives.  To really make this point clear, I took a five-minute emotion and desire and it condensed itself into a nano second, so fast I was not even aware it still exists, until yesterday.

Ha!!  Meditation!!  When I first started meditating, I would literally breath in an external light for easy, 30 minutes before I entered meditation.  (This is how I was told to do it way back when.)  I eventually got to the point where my first breath in meditation enveloped me in the light… what the hell?  Now what do I do??  Did I break something?  My ritual just completely fell apart.

Little did I realize, thru all these years of meditating, the reason it changed is because I changed vibrationally.  No need to raise my vibration or for spirit to lower theirs thru the ritual, it was now even.  So now what took me 30 minutes to prepare for happened within an in breath.

Quite literally, we condensed time.  Collapsed it to make it much more efficient for the purpose at hand.  (Who the hell knew? lol I didn’t!!  Not until this moment anywayz.)

Let’s take this (surprising to me) example to the negative time area.  Many times now, I barely put my foot in the bath and the meditations are already starting.  I had not yet laid down or taken my breath, but the visuals and communication is already underway.  So, in relationship to altering time itself, it is not happening a minute after I get in the bath or the very moment I lay down, it is happening minutes before that… lets just call this -5 minutes.

The more efficient we become with ourSelves, the less time and as this real example shows, the negative amount of time it takes to arrive at the purpose/desire.


I had no idea I was going to write about this today, but, just given the information coming out of just about every reading these last couple weeks, I get it now.  Everyone that was aligned with their super powers, on this vast accelerated earth, all had been given instruction on how to use their technique that was being shown, to alter time.

HA!!  How about this startling (to me) tidbit of expanded information.  We look outside the window into the multiple realities appearing to unfold on the earth.  Many things appear to be changing for the better, others looking like it took a giant step backwards.  We cannot change the external until we change our frequency and desire internally.  The moment that desire is as natural as our breath, it is already happening in negative time.

Somethings are so big it is going to take a group of us to enact the time change around any given thing.  This is where the factory workers start to come together.  (umm incase you missed that, that would be us, with our individual super powers that link together.)

It has already been scientifically proven that when a group gets together and purposely and actively charges an area lets just say with the energy of “peace” there is a notable difference, a reduction in the amount of crime while that group of meditators are active.  Once the group ceases their active work, it returns back to the way it was.  Again, documented in the world of science and printed in many books, especially those written by Gregg Braden (one of my personal fav’s.)

What if, this happened every day.  The intent, the frequency and desire remained constant.  It would become so natural to this group that the moment they gathered, it was already happening.  This is how we change the world, for the better, forever.

My daughter has become an amazing living example of all this and how important, how incredibly life changing our focused energy is on an event that is happening on earth.  On October 20th she had a court date set for missing a probation officer meeting.  She is on probation for a traffic offense (reckless driving.)  The day she missed the meeting, she was in another city attending a court date for another offence.  Granted, she should have called her PO an advised her, but this was back in her clouded, drug weary mind days and she didn’t do that.  She and I had both assumed that the court date would simply be to get an attorney to represent her for the real court hearing.  I did not do prayers nor ask for any.

The criminal (in)justice system took advantage of that opening that was not filled with light.  They sucker punched her, had an atty (that she never got to talk to) present, and never asked her why she missed the appointment or what changed since that time.  Nope, 30 days in jail, no questions asked.  She will get out in 15 if she remains on good behaviour while in.  This is only the 2nd time in her entire several year journey in this (in)justice system that I did not do prayers and it went badly for her.

But beyond that, I have also learned how much unconditional love and non judgement affects a person.  My daughter had really low self-esteem issues, tremendous guilt from her actions that caused her life and others harm and sadness.  Your love and support has changed her heart in ways I never even dreamed could happen and happen so quickly, so efficiently.  Yes, she cried when she found out she was going back into jail, but the strength in her, the conviction within her heart that is not blaming like she once used to do all the time, instead, she ponied up, and is taking her medicine whether she needs it or not.  Not with anger, well, not much anger, but with a conviction in her heart that she is worthy of much more than jail and will look to see if she can assist someone else while in jail.  YOU helped her find her inner strength, her heart of love, thank you for loving her so much.  She equally knows, she has not gone in alone.  She turned herself into the jail by their appointed time, 6pm yesterday, the 23rd.

So, with all that (unexpectedly) said… let’s get to the bizarreness of the field yesterday!!  I was chomping at the bit to see what this “new day” looked like, what was going to be revealed and all that stuff.  To say I was utterly disappointed (which only comes from expectation… and I KNOW BETTER lol) as I connected to my first reading.

At first, I couldn’t find the energy, the visual of her field.  Finally about 10 feet into the “future” position of the field, there was something I really had no desire to see, a freaking “window” (if you will) with a shade pulled almost all the way down to the ground, save the bottom 2 feet.  WTF???  Kinda like this, only much much larger:


Now at the very bottom where the shade is rolled up, the living energy of yellow light put me straight into an asthma-like attack!  This yellow light flowed in and out of the opening, it was beautiful, bright, and very breathtaking (literally lol!)  But that is all we got together.  What the hell??  There was so much snooping I wanted to do!!  My beautiful lady just became pregnant, there is something about her and bringing our new children in to creation.  She became pregnant back in 2012 and I had the privilege of witnessing her pregnancy, her amazing little girl thru the field of light until her birth in Dec 2012.   We had seen this baby ready to enter her all this year, the timing of inner arrival itself kept changing… getting ready!

I realize now, only after the day of odd connections yesterday, that it is her and her baby’s soul that presented this soul Light that we now live within.  We can only take that purity in, in small doses as we adjust to the intensity that is the living field now.  I also understand today (at least in concept) we now live in a 3 day energy field.  Meaning today, yesterday and tomorrow is all one living energy within our construct of “time.”  That is why the window to our new reality is jogged out in “time” on the field.  Again, I had no idea about that yesterday, it’s only this morning it is being put together.

As the days and weeks come and go, we will really learn to work in this new “vat of time/no time.”  Right now tho, we are not only adjusting our biology to it, we are equally adjusting our consciousness to it as well.

So the rest of the appointments had added ingredients to reveal.  Cannot say I understood them in the moment much… my hearing yesterday was off and on.  Sometimes I would hear a word or sentence of understanding, some connections, I heard jack shit.  lol  I am sure it is my antennas adjusting to the higher frequency sound waves.  I too, as always, am a work in process.

My second lay, same set up (everyone had the shaded window thing) but within her yellow light energy were outlines made of deeper yellow of 5 pointed stars flowing thru this yellow light.  The only thing I heard about that is “the starlight has been added.”  Huh???

I want to interject here as well, it wasn’t until my very last connection of the day did I realize that what we were seeing as added elements in this light window, was a part of your/their super powers of creation.  I had no idea!!  lol

I am going to save my third one for last, I am just now understanding some of her craziness (smile, said with love!!)

My 4th man in the UK was pelting the shade on both sides with rainbow balls of energy.  Holy freakin shit batman, it was like the craziest hail storm made of rainbow spheres, about the size of tennis balls, I mean pelting this shade, top to bottom front and back!!  Altho the rainbow balls were not solid, they still had an impact I could visibly see and feel!!

When I say rainbow, don’t instantly think of the rainbows we see in the sky, this is all-encompassing colors that we cannot see with our naked eyes.  Creation uses every frequency, not just one or two.  That’s about all I understand, for now, about that!! lol

My last man stayed in my head all day, ouchies!!  He showed up with lightning bolts pelting the top two feet (again, going to scale of my vision) front and back side.  Holy freakin headache batman!!  The electricity of creation itself.  Phew baby!!!  That energy stayed in my brainwaves all freakin day long until night fall.  I knew it was a good thing, even if it hurt!!

My third lady tho, she left me pondering all the way thru this moment.  Her window showed a tiny little man about a foot tall, dressed in a black business suit, throwing hand fulls of something I could not see in our side of the shade.  He was standing at the top left of the window, which still felt like the left was showing the physical life aspect.  But much about him.. I could not understand.  So I had to ponder him all day long!!  I realize only this morning, she and her husband has employed him, using their desires of creation within their hearts.

Let me explain what I am now understanding a bit.  If we were to put the goddess energy into my visual, she would be a 100 feet tall.  We over emphasis the divine feminine because so many women out there still feel wounded within themselves and lean on that to feel better.  There has become an over emphasis of just the divine feminine.  If we look at the energy she brings… it would be that of the dreamer.  However, every dream needs a creator to make it happen, the divine masculine.  This little man in her reading depicts the energy of the divine masculine, God (if there is a goddess there must be a god too.)  However, she has employed that part of her life to attain what last week, seemed impossible.  She wanted to work with a particular lady who was insisting that she didn’t need to do that and did not accept her as an employee.  She was given an exercise during our reading together, she did the exercise and within several days, completely changed the lady’s mind and started working with her this past monday.  She and her husband started new jobs deep in their uncomfortable zone!!  She even started to wonder if working with this lady was what she should be doing.  But of course it is!!

A dream without creator energy involved is like cooking soup without using heat.  All the ingredients are there, now you must bring them together as a living experience in life.  Amp up the heat creators!!!  This is where frequency and desire (feminine energy) meld together as an instant outcome.  Creator energy.

She had also asked questions which some got answered in the moment, one was particularly dependant on what we would consider the “future” energy outcome.  This really was interesting to see and not see all at the same time.  I could see a thick yellow series of lines on the other side of the shade stretching outwards to various potentials.  That’s all I got to see.  lol  The variables at play (again, I only understand this this morning) are which is going to become more energized, frequency and desire or fear that the opposite will happen.

Now that I have given you a novella to read, (hazards of not sharing for two days lol, I had nothing new to share tho,) I want to talk about that intense, never before seen hurricane called Patricia that landed in Mexico yesterday.  Until someone put it on my facebook yesterday, I had no idea there was even a storm out there.  But, once I did know and started to lean into the information of it, holy wonder balls!!! (smile)

On the 22nd of October, our sun did something it never does either!!  From  THE SOLAR FLARE THAT WOULDN’T END: Typical solar flares are finished in a matter of minutes. On Oct. 22nd, a solar flare in the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR2434 lasted for more than 3 hours.

Now couple that with the arrival and unexpected intensification of Hurricane Patricia taken from

Impressive Rapid Intensification

Patricia rapidly organized and intensified from Wednesday night through early Friday. Maximum sustained winds with the storm increased 115 mph in a 24-hour window from 85 mph at 4 a.m. CDT Thursday to 200 mph at 4 a.m. CDT Friday.

During that same time, the minimum central pressure of Patricia also decreased 100 millibars, from 980 millibars to 880 millibars.

This places Patricia among the most rapidly intensifying tropical cyclones ever witnessed anywhere in the world since the advent of modern meteorology.

I was sitting watching the weather channel last evening and asked my team if this hurricane intensity had anything to do with the long-lasting solar flare.  Of course it was and the way my team validates information for me is thru rainbows appearing in my reality.  I had a sudden urge to make pop corn just after 6pm.  I got up and made pop corn and realized something out the window made the landscape lighting look different.  I gasped as I seen:



The position of this stunning rainbow that my camera really didn’t capture the fullness of was located on the north side of the field I read from.  Until that moment, I didn’t even know we had gotten any rain!!

I do not know how, but I know this storm, that rainbow and my eventual trip to Mexico (opposite side of its landscape tho) are related.  It will be interesting to find out how and equally, when I will finally leave on this adventure.  I am finding more and more unexpected expenses happening with this adventure.  The one that came yesterday, which I am sooooo grateful I found out about is getting mexico car insurance.  Right now I am looking at an extra $300 for two weeks of this insurance.  Geez Louise!!  But the one thing I know about spirit, hurry up and wait is their theme.  Like when moving to New Mexico back in 2010, they gave me a leave date of March 2010 and with unexpected delays, I never left until June.  Something similar is happening now.  Bob and weave!! lol

Here is hoping the shade is pulled all the way up today!!  I love you all so much!!  We have dreamed the dream, now, lets bring it all to life!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of time twisting realities to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  Lets get ready to see into the fields of Spiritual Illumination thru November.  All single readings get 11.11% off thru the 31st of Oct.  Just type in 11.11 in the coupon code section!!












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