Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 21, 2015

As the Quantum Soup Begins to Boil…


Ahhh gotta love the unexpected evolutionary twists and turns of… well… everything!!  I know something huge is underfoot when spirit turns off my ability to see “the field,”  not my ability to see, just the ability to see the field as we see when connected.  That was the way of it yesterday pretty much, except as information applied to the All (instead of just the one I was reading for.)  These are the moments spirit has said many times in the past, sometimes conversation is more important than the reading, that was so true for yesterday, with tidbits of information strung thru the day that just had me saying… well just holy chit batman!!

Of course, equally, I have done readings long enough now in this amazing evolutionary space we have created together, to know that when we have a massive shift and spirit gives us a target date, every time before, they shut the field down from our snooping eyes while it goes thru its finishing changes to become its/our next version of it-ourself.  Why on earth I truly expected this massive change spirit has targeted in our timeline as the 23rd to be the exception, we can always hope!!  Nope.  So now let me piece together all the bits of wondrous information that came thru all the conversations yesterday together.

Lets start with my first lady, even tho the information I began to receive came after we hung up, it was still initiated by our connection.  The hazard of being the first one on my dance card on any day, I am not sure if I cannot see due to myself, the field, your own changes or a combination of it all.  Not to mention, not being able to see first thing in my day starts my own inner melt down.  It sooo sux when we show up so ready to do our work together only to find out that ain’t happening.  So, after we rescheduled and I decided to do my dishes and ponder why I could not see for this wonderful lady, I started to see the upper atmosphere of both the middle/multidimensional plane as well as the atmosphere within the accelerated/ascended earth plane coming together and spirit said they are binding together at this moment.  They gave me a visual example of two pieces of cloth that   have been stitched together then go thru the process of being a new material as they bind the elements of one cloth into the other, creating a whole new version of material without separation qualities within it.  They (spirit) equally stated that this binding does cause turbulence in the atmosphere.  Of course, I was thinking the metaphysical atmosphere…ohh hell no, when spirit has something to show to make a point, they do it in our version of reality.

After I finished my dishes, I noticed a weather alert on my phone, I opened it up to see there is a snow system making its way to my world.  SNOW??  It has been so beautiful here, 65 degrees or higher during the days, where the hell is snow coming from??  Well, its moving in from the north and it is a slow-moving system that should arrive over the next 48 hours.  Well just shit, I am not ready to turn my heat on.  But I also felt the connection of what spirit just said about our atmosphere… it’s a related “proof.”

I still tried to see with every connection and went nowhere fast in the field, but wonderful, if not unnerving revelations came thru the rest of the day.  The analogy spirit used for our moment that will last thru the rest of this in between time (until one tick after midnight on the 23rd) is akin to creating soup.

Earth itself is the pot that is holding all the ingredients (us) within its mixture.  Those that live and love within the ascended body and earth (that’s us) have all been sliced and diced and plopped into this pot and we have been simmering together since the 28th of September, changing, releasing our new spices into the vat of liquid (source energy) within the pot of new life (earth.)  These last three days, the heat has been turned up as we move into the finished soup stage.  In the final stages of soup, all the ingredients are now soft and their essence has been released into the water, the water changed now to reflect the combined, bound together ingredients, it thickens up and never again looks like or tastes like it did in its original state.

Thru one of the conversations, I could see this large white canopy stretched out from our present moment to the morning of the 23rd, spirit said it is equal to putting a lid on the pot of soup and I cannot see thru that for a reason.  What was shocking was the fact that this canopy as it attached to the 23rd, was an easy 10 feet higher than where we are now.  Meaning, we are going thru a massive frequency upswing thru these next couple of days.  Quantum solidification is at hand in a higher landscape of us.

Sticking with the soup analogy, in other conversations, I started to see the bubbles at the top of the liquid in the pot of soup with a clear glass lid on it for my viewing pleasure.  Each time the bubbles burst it released its new essence in the area beneath the lid, binding not only the middle and earth atmosphere together, but now including the life forms that are in this precious pot and our new flavors together.

What I found interesting as well, spirit said in no uncertain terms, this soup creation is NOT happening within those living within the filtered earth, however, anytime we change, it changes those on the filtered earth.  And here is where spirits purposeful use of “filtered” really comes into play… if you can imagine there is a sieve beneath our accelerated world and thermographic changes happening in our world seeps into the every version of the denser, duality fixed life beneath this realm.  A sieve filters out the meaty parts so no one blows up from the chunks of pure light and wisdom we are building and creating with, they just get the juices, which is hard enough for some of them to absorb.

As we were talking about the effects to the filtered earth, this amazing revelation came thru one of my precious ladies.  My vision (yes I could see all day long yesterday, just not the field itself) went to the crossing area of 2015 into 2016.  Like the last several years, there is an easy 20 foot gap from the ground level of 2015 to the new, higher landscape of 2016 and now a space between the two, one fades into a black gap I cannot see thru, but is also the very place the atomic energy was released from back in June-ish.  This imagery was like seeing two tectonic plates rubbing against each other, creating intense friction, which is always a raise in vibrational frequencies on earth.  But anytime there is a raise in the entire collective of earth realms, there are effects we experience at all levels.  The visual shown with this was actually pretty awesome to see, but later as I was about to find out, not so awesome to see in real life.

If you can imagine all the individual collectives (belief systems) bound together like spider webs, so connected to what they believe many (this the filtered earth areas) cannot seem to untangle from that collective.  Whatever we are doing topside, is sending shards of rarefied light (spirits terminology for what I was seeing) into the individuated (again, particular belief systems stemming from fear and separation) spider webs and it was like watching a match flame being placed on the silk of the webs, melting it down.  Equally, spirit said this will have an affect we will see, but to know this is the higher frequencies emerging, even if it looks like the opposite.  Chaos ALL-WAYS precedes change.  So as we close out this year (I don’t think we really have to wait that long lol) we will see earth events happening, rare storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the like as the density releases and moves upwards into the Light of truth and love.

I heard something on TV yesterday, I cannot remember which program it was on, the TV serves as background noise to occupy my lower mind as my higher mind is weaving all this information into a story of understanding for the morning.  But now and again my attention zooms into something being said on a show that just hits me!  The show was talking about the most efficient animal on the planet, which is the condor, then they said the most inefficient animal on the planet is the human.  However, when the human is on a bicycle, they become the most efficient.  The first thing I thought of was how many readings have I seen someone show up on a bicycle, our tools create the efficiency of our work and the balance needed to be efficient.

One could argue that the bicycle goes against nature, it allows the human to travel at speeds that otherwise could not happen, it can get from here to there much quicker and by using less energy than walking or running… as we use the bicycle for our greatest good and ease, so does mother nature use what we have created to assist her process.  Those things like HAARP, CERN, fracking into the earth… yes they have their detriments and one day, none will exist, but while it does, might as well use it as a tool instead of a complete detriment.

That being said to say… no matter how events take place, a higher good is happening thru it.

As my day of conversations ended, I needed to go the store to replenish my nicotine supply and other necessities (smile.)  On my way home I heard the nerve-wracking sound of the emergency alert system break thru the song that was playing on the radio.  I truly expected them to say this is just a weekly test, instead, my jaw dropped to the ground when they issued a tornado warning for an area just outside of Albuquerque.  Really??  I thought I lived in a tornado free zone!!  Not even 10 minutes later, same thing happened only now they were issuing a severe thunderstorm warning that seems to be creeping my way.  Well holy mother!!  I’ve been under the up spout of one tornado once and I have no desire to experience that again, ever.  I really love a good storm, but that is more than I can handle!!

When I got home and turned on the local channels to see the weather updates, sure enough, we have a long system coming in from the NorthEast ridden with electrical pockets of thunderstorms and it was heading my way.  Dammit.

The thunder started rolling and rolling and rolling, then the winds kicked in (both of which I love.)  I could feel the energy from this storm, it was crisp and clear and intense.  The lightning started, the electric went off for a few seconds creating a reboot of everything that gets rebooted when unplugged.  I knew this was not the only reboot, but I really wasn’t prepared for the next one about an hour later.   I went down in the reboot too.  The electricity stayed off for about an hour, maybe less.  I lit candles to see by, stretched out on the couch (it was only about 6:30 -7pm and I could not hold my eyes open to save my life.  Until the electric went off this time, I wasn’t even tired and now I cannot hold my eyes open.  I nodded off until I heard my TV wake me up as it rebooted to back on.  Didn’t matter, I had to go to bed, there was nothing left of my energy field in my body.  I was down by 8:30pm (and up at 3:30 this morning.)

But before going there, the local channels also broke in with a new alert.  In Albuquerque, a 4-year-old little girl was just shot in the head due to a drive by road rage event.  She later passed away, the shooter still on the loose at this posting.

It was clear when i heard this, the high velocity of energy that came in with this storm melted this mans version of reality to the extent he became reactive and impulsive, and this little angel went back Home because of it, forever altering the lives that loved her.

I contemplated an event that happened in the morning that again, was sooooo unexpected and not even nice.  My daughter had a hearing to attend due to missing two probation appointments back in the summer.  We both expected this to be the hearing where you ask for a court appointed atty to represent her for the next real hearing.  Nope.  They sucker punched her.  There was an atty already there for her and they gave her 30 days in jail, period.  No caring about how much she changed, why she missed them in the first place, none of that mattered.  30 days, if she is good she may get out in 15.

We wont even mention the fact my daughter is going thru serious vibrational upgrades in her biology.  She has been running a 101 degree fever the last couple days, has flu like symptoms along with bronchitis.  Her light was too bright for them to handle and they had to tuck her away.  I did zero prayers, didn’t ask for help because we really thought this was the assign an atty phase.  It really proves how much you and I affect outcomes, hearts that may be closed down and blinded by the presence of light.  We really are the factory workers of the new.

And my daughter, those sad and still very sick for the upswing in her vibration, showed a sense of strength I have never seen in her before.  She went home, called all the people she needed to (her attys and such) to let them know she is going back to jail, went to the jail to check in and register and she will turn herself into the penal system Friday by 6pm.

I swear it is like this system doesn’t want anyone to really get their life straight.  She has put in so much positive energy rebuilding what she tore down and like the drive by shooter who could not handle the higher energies, neither can this system without our help.  Just like our spiritual guides helped us getting to here…

This is a new jail that she has not spent long term time in called the Western Tidewater Regional Jail in Suffolk VA, if you can please help me in laying down tons of foam Light before she gets there and while she is there, which ironically (or not) is the 23rd.  I would soooo appreciate it, as will she.  Thank you in advance.

Ohhh one more thing before I finish this novelette (smile,) one of the beautiful ladies I was talking with yesterday was saying that her travel plans that she is currently trying to put together is being challenged to the core as well.  The next thing I know, I see this big ass hairy spider (when I say big, I mean like 4 feet tall by easy 6 feet in circumference, taking in to account its legs position.)  It was half in the house and half outside and looked kinda like an albino tarantula! I see enough spiders in my house, don’t need an over sized one in a visual too!!   Actually, I found an image that is so similar to the coloring I had seen, not the black but the gray white parts of this colombian tarantula:



What was explained thru our conversation, if you look at the various sections of each of this spiders legs, this is what is happening right now, the energy system we are in is moving and realigning to many of the connections that will come to pass.  So the delays, while annoying to the human (speaking for myself here lol) are on purpose because of the constant redirection of our ongoing choices underway.  Equally, the grid itself is changing and aligning with our adventures forward as we settle into our new day.

On a completely different, but similar note… my team wants this to be included in the closing here.  There are choices some have put into action that cannot be undone or interfered with (from spirits intervention) until you have completely moved thru the lesson of your choice(s).

Ohhh (I am never gonna get this finished lol) one more thing about yesterdays information in our finishing of our quantum soup-ness.  Spirit had also said that over these next few days as we approach the 23rd, there will be information/technology drops in your consciousness.  With this I am also seeing this morning, the bubbles bursting when soup boils.  This is happening because of the shared ingredients now merged as one large interactive consciousness.  In this realm, the accelerated earth realm, there is only once group consciousness that exists and it is what my team, for over a decade now, has called the Shambhala collective, we are now the Shambhala Consciousness of fully realized creators in body.  Nothing less than this can Be Here.

With that, stay centered on who you are, not who you have been and the trials and tribulations it took to get here.

I love you all so much!!!!

(((HUGZ)))) of gratitude, joy and new adventures together!!

Lisa Gawlas

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