Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 25, 2015

From Timelessness to Using The Breath of Creation.



Well, the field is shifting from window shade gleaming bright yellow light to… a big ass container thingie!!  Kinda sorta like this:

large vat

Only there is no top closing anything off or in.  But it does reflect a silver like pure energy that is big and fat and round like this, taking up the entirety of the field, easy (again, going to scale of vision) 25-30 feet wide.  The very top of this vat stops directly at the top of our earth’s atmosphere and where the middle atmosphere/multidimensional zone starts.  Keeping in mind, this is not a solid thing, but made of pure energy very visible right now in the field.  I think to show us the new orientation to our fields of energy itself.

The only real thing I understand about it so far, is within this container thingie, lives as a fully blended energy that contains the first tick of energy from yesterday thru the last tick of energy thru tomorrow.  Several times yesterday thru several of the readings, spirit has called this area “timelessness.”  I have equally tried to call this place the “field of creation” and they (spirit) would yank that out of my throat before I ever gave it air.  No wonder I woke up with a sore throat this morning lol.

I must have plopped deep into night school, I slept long, hard and late.  So I have got to condense yesterdays info into highlights.

I have to start with a man who showed up, he was standing on the south side of his container thingie, on the outside of it.  There a doorway that he had opened and he just stood there at the doorway looking in, but not moving inside.  Altho I really don’t understand as much as I feel I should as to why he was outside instead of in, other than there are people around him that can really knock him off-center with their issues, I also feel like there is more to it, but I don’t know what… yet.

However, he was asking about a partnership/relationship.  Now, for everyone I read for yesterday and had seen this vat thingie, there was nothing inside, the ground was actually completely bare and even the color of the ground in the picture I used.  When he asked about a possible relationship, suddenly life formed in the center of his vat, it was like this faint botanical garden started to emerge and this stunning lady with very Pleiadian energy qualities was there, waiting for him to arrive, he just needed to move into and live fully in his center, in his vat of energy.

Again, I know there is much more to it than that, but I don’t know what it is, yet.  Some parts of what I do understand, energetically, I am at a loss to put into words this morning.

I do want to share an incredible exercise that we all can do, that came thru one of the readings yesterday.  She too was asking about a relationship (whisper, me too) but this is not limited to anything at all, she also needs extra money to fund a new years even journey for herself.  Ohhh and before we get to that, our teams are making sure we get to the beginning of her desires and the replies to it.  Because it matters (wink) to all of us.

She had said she wanted to be able to just go on walks and hikes and explorations without having to need a job.  Her team said she already has that now.  All she had to do is give up everything that keeps her bound to the place she is in and start walking and trusting that every day, what she needs will show up for her (like, food, shelter, stuff.)  This was not the reply she (nor I) was looking for.  But makes sense too.  We trap ourselves by our stuff and perception of needing this stuff (like a home, food, the basics lol.)  The other options was, if she really doesn’t want to be “that” free, there is a job out there for her, one that will push her deep into the uncomfortable zone that allows her soul to grow and stretch in this new energy field we call life, that will allow the best of all worlds.  Occasional walk abouts, enough money to have it all.  This too, is already here, she just needs to look where she has not been looking (yeah, even in this shift, spirit can still be very cryptic.)

She was given two exercises to do, that the more I felt into it, the more I realized we all have this ability, so I will share it.  The first one was to clean house (if she wanted to go on a forever walkabout.)  With both of these exercises I had seen her so fully blended into the north section of this vat of energy, glowing intensely yellow but equally a part of the container energy itself.  Which would aline is with the last tick of time we call tomorrow.

To Clean house:

I could feel her inhale, the breath itself clearing all the things in her life that keep her bound to where is currently is.  With each inhale, that “stuff” broke up and became tiny specs of black energy as it went into her heart field and with the out breath actually went up and thru the crown, completely transformed into “stem cells” or undefined quantum energy that (for the first and only time yesterday) I seen piled at the uppermost part of the inside of this energy vat thing.

WARNING, if you do this exercise, be ready for things to just end/disappear from your field of life.  There are no limitations, it could be relationships, homes, jobs, things… whatever is keeping you in a place you want to break free from.  But equally, it creates more stem cell energy for what your heart is truly desiring.

Manifestation (for lack of a better word.)

Again, so blended with the north area of the vat, glowing yellow (no physical body just pure energy) on the exhale of her breath, I could see the magnetic desire pulled up from her heart/lungs and facing north/future releasing the magnetic particles within her breath outwards to find the place in time/dimension that what she desires resides.

Important note:  Looking beyond our vat of energy, for everyone right now, the future itself was nothing but a massive cloud of white/yellow/gold energy. It looked a lot like something out of my own pictures, but one huge solid cloud:


This cloud covered the energy space I consider the rest of this year, but also as wide and high as I could see too.  And there was no seeing thru it!!  Dammit.

So back to the exercise…

Using the magnetic frequency of your desire to move outwards in timespace and connect to your desire.  You may have to do this more than one time as you align to that point in created reality, somewhere.  You will know you have connected directly to that desire because you will feel the energy in your breath.  There is no one way to feel the connection, maybe a vibration, an electrical pulse back to you, a warm sensation, fireworks in your gut… the one thing for sure, you will FEEL the connection somehow.

Ohhh and very importantly, do not assign expectionation to your desire.  Stay away form laundry lists, or the how something will arrive, you take yourself out of limitless potential and start drawing from elsewhere.

Once you feel that magnetic connection, the fire up the inhale as you draw it closer and closer to you.  Do this (again, it may happen over repeated exercises) until that feeling is felt instantly on the in breath.  You are done, just wait now for it to show up.

What I had seen is that energy moving thru the heart and igniting the stem cells waiting assignment to bring that desire into your life.

There is so much more I wanted to share, like the connecting point of the multidimensions deep in the core of gaia herself.  But alas, my day is about to begin and that will all have to wait until tomorrow.

Creators, stay in your center, in your vat of timelessness and breath!!!

I love you all so much!!  Thank you for allowing me to understand me in your desire to understand you!!  What a team we are!!

((((HUGZ)))) of timeless, unrestricted everything to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  3. LISA: I re-read your prev. posting on the DNA levels, and was unclear if this was a channeling by Kyron to you or someone else. Please respond. It is good info. Pat


    • I am not sure which post your talking about. However, anything that i share directly from kryon is always in italic and a link to his website within the sharing. Hope this helps to clear it up. Or tell me which post your refering to and I will try to be clearer. (((HUGZ)))


  4. Lisa, I didn’t tell you this yet, but last week Erin showed me her/our creation in the new earth (remember my reading?) and she had finished it. The few days before, it was only finished on the left side, and she then surrounded it with shattered rose quartz that I had shattered as I sent it down to her. So it was encircled with love/heart energy, was light pink in the center and fuchsia on the ends (a spiral like the galaxy) and now finished, and she BLEW HER BREATH onto it! I understood – breath of creation. Breathing life into it. I still don’t know what it is, but it’s there and emerging. So when I saw your post of course i thought of that and our reading! Love you!

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