Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 1, 2015

“September Will Be the Most Energetic Month, EVER!!”

intense energy

Happy September everyone!!  Wasn’t August a wild ride!!??  And as I sit here staring at the screen trying to figure out where to start today sharing, I hear my team chime in with some really surprising news.  August was a prelude of where we are heading, individually and collectively.  It had themes of its own for each person, a preview of what our next grand story can or will be.  With it, if something came up or into our lives we no longer wanted, we had the opportunity to clear it once and for all.  We had many new skills come on-line, new directions presented, opportunities of service, and more abundance than we ever had before (being clear, abundance is everything, not just money.)  Equally, there have been many experiencing redirects in their lives as we move into the most potent energy times this earth has ever known.  Sudden job losses, relationship departures, even to the extreme like my daughter, plucked out of their own lives and the energy that had them crashing into landmines.

This is tho, very much a free will story.  I am witnessing some people moving back into old story lines that should have been finished, but can’t seem to let it go.  Others who lost their internal compass, their magnetic flow because they have an idea (mentally) on what they want even tho spirit shown them other, more fruitful options.

And now, our seeds of our new Self are planted (or unfinished old selves, depending on our choices and focus’.)  And thru my last lady of the day yesterday, doncha know spirit snuck in the sentence “September is going to be the most intense energetic month we have ever known.”

If these last couple of days are any indication, holy cow batman.  Yesterday, for those on my side of the dateline, I couldn’t see the field at all, but I could see the massive energy system exploding us upwards (in frequency) into September.  I had two wonderful ladies in today’s dateline, one in Australia, one in New Zealand and I could see their field, or maybe best said, their upper atmosphere clearly.  Thru two separate expressions, they have really given us a huge view of this transition we are now in as we head to the solar eclipse.

My first lady in australia showed us all something incredibly important, I could not see her body, it was truly an explosion of energy, moving on the thick magnetic line of energy I tried to show (quite humbly) in yesterday’s artwork , but from her explosive energy was a gold ring that looked and reminded me of a wedding band.  This band of gold started to enlarge itself outwards as we moved towards the eclipse on the 13th.

Her team explained this represents the “holy union” within herself.  The full marriage of soul, Source and physicality.  The expanding rings I was able to see took in the phrase “enlarge my territory” in expression.  An expansion of energy, of magnetic attraction to serve and to enjoy.  To experience herself (ourself) in our expanded magnitude of spirit in body.

My last lady of the day, she had both hands firmly gripping that silver energy thing and was spinning like crazy around and around in a counter-clockwise motion… opening.  Releasing all the magnetic energy to fulfill her desires, that which she has been reaching for and is about to come into fruition within her explosive, expansive field of life.

Their teams explained why the visual of this time is set up like it is.  Our upper atmosphere is where our higher consciousness resides, the electrical field of experience.  If we completely surrender to its knowing, we are going to find ourselves in the most amazing version of life never imagined.  However, if we find ourselves wandering around aimlessly, pushing here, going there, trying to find what our ego has an idea of… or reinventing our past in some way.  Lets just say that is going to be as explosive an experience too.  Ohhh… but instead of opening the energies as I watched my lady do, it would be sealing them up, because it’s not new energy but old that needs a bigger grand finale so you can let go.

Among the vast blessings of my day yesterday, I had the amazing privilege to read for my youngest client to date, a 14-year-old girl, a gift from her mama.  Her voice so tiny, all I could think of is the voice a faerie would have.  She was so soft-spoken and these old ears had to keep asking her to speak up, and yet, don’t let soft faerie like voices fool ya, there is a very wise, very aware Being coming thru her.  First, she understood the language of the reading, a lot of adults do not (to include this one typing lol.)  Thru her, I learned so much about this present moment for our children, especially our tweenagers and teenagers.

First lets talk about the nervous system, as she was asking questions about her “future” her team had said no worries, don’t even look there.  The nervous system in her body is still maturing, growing into its full capabilities and will keep doing so until the age of about 21 years old.  With the fullness of maturity expanding every day, what she desires, where she focuses and what she is able to do, will also change.  Unless there is an outside source (this is not the case for her, but I know some people…) filling our children’s heads with their desires for them, diffusing their own agenda with the outside sources agenda.

When she asked about what her job will be in the future, her team said, it is not comprehensible from today’s vantage point.  Not yet created in the field of life and therefore, this crazy girl doing the viewing for her, would have no context of understanding.  But to stay present, find what brings you joy and expand there.

Even tho she was in our dateline, I could see and hear for her perfectly and her team explained because she does not have the responsibility we do.  She had this wooden gold ladder that was set int the ground at the full moon we just went thru, leaning upwards on the high wire that will take us all thru the solar eclipse and her job is to just enjoy, to be Present in her days.  By simply being joyfully present, she is changing the field of life around her.  Her team did encourage her to expand on the spiritual abilities she now has and all that will come on-line as she moves forward.  She is also doing and experiencing the Superpowers course with her mother.  Imagine that!!!

Don’t ever underestimate the abilities of our children and encourage them in any direction they desire.  Ohhhh and their consciousness has come in ready to be wide open.  Unlike us older folks (smile) who has to constantly deprogram and reprogram, because WE did our work, they have arrived ready to do theirs.

I hope you are as excited about Being in the fullness of September as I Am.  Even tho August presented some emotional challenges for me, the outcome of it all is so extraordinary.  Heaven moved in where Hell existed (obviously speaking about my daughter there.)  It brought her closer to me, which brought her closer to herSelf.  Trust me, YOU had a super powered hand in all of that!!!

Speaking of my daughter, she needs a few addresses that were torn up thru the fight in her cell, (the day she went to max.)  Lia from Holland, I have her letter to you but I have an incomplete address to mail it out.  Please email me it.  Also, I think the name is Ashley from Lancaster, PA, your address too was tore up, she has a letter already written to you and keeps asking me to find your address.  Ummmm… here is my attempt!!

I am going to be so bold and write a few sentences that Valorie wrote in her letter to Lia, so that you know how much you all mean and how much you all are affecting her (this includes the love you send, even without letters, she is not only feeling it, but expanding with it!!)

“Thanks so much for thinking about me.  I am in a rough place, but all I need is strength to go on in here.  People like you make things better and brighter, you don’t even know me and still wrote me.  Thank you!!”

If you have a little love and hope up your sleeve and want to release it in writing, feel free to write her at:

Valorie Gawlas  0039229

Unit 2  Pod 2
Hampton Roads Regional Jail
P.O. Box 7609
Portsmouth, VA 23707

On that note, my day begins!!  Thank you for all you Are, all you Do and all that you are Becoming!!!  You rock our worlds!!!

((((HUGZ)))))) of love made manifest to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas






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