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The Portal into September as We Spiral Into A Grander New Life!!!


Before I start sharing the amazing information that came thru conversations yesterday, I want to first acknowledge the passing of a mighty footprint on earth, the beloved Wayne Dyer.  I find it wonderful he choose his journey back Home the night of the full moon!  Thank you Wayne, for all you shared, all you were on this side of the veil!!

For those of us still here, what a freakin time to be alive!!  With the information and visuals coming thru conversations yesterday, I am even more excited to experience September!!  I do say conversations on purpose, the field was closed to my snooping eyes.  I was not down, just the field.  It took me until my second appointment to recover from my melt down, doesn’t spirit realize we have a schedule to keep!!!  Sheez!  So when I was bitching, I mean telling my second lady after my failed attempt to align to her field that I cannot see and we started talking, spirit had said: “We have a tendency to look towards the obvious and completely miss the not so obvious.”

I was not able to see the day before nor the day after the first of three super moons, yet, could see fine the day of.  What the hell is up with that??  The day was going to provide some fruitful answers.  I hope I can explain it all clearly here.

The day before the full moon, a charge was released onto our planet, I seen that charge as a lighting of a fuse that will take up to the first eclipse on September 13th.  Little did I realize until yesterday, the full moon itself served as a portal of sorts, an acceleration or deceleration point in our life’s ongoing, crazy journey.  We tend to think, if life is slowed down that’s a bad thing, it’s actually a true blessing, it allows a delay so we can make different choices in a different direction aligned with your soul flow of desire.  Sometimes, we can get stuck being human and focusing on human/mundane things.  Until we let go and flow 😀 .

Thru my third phone call I got to see what now thru September looks like, what it means (in the vagueness of meanings lol) to us all.  I even drew a very humble diagram to help you see what I seen, however, my view was much more elegant than what I am giving you!  lol

energy thru 9.13


Ohhh completely forgot to add in the diagram, we come out as we pass thru the total lunar eclipse on the 28th of September.  The magnetic field of the equinox is pulling you towards your greatest (core) alignments.  Not what you think you want, or say you want, but the core emotional field within yourself.  I colored the background pink to help remind us all, is the session to live our passion, to live from the high heart in all we do, think and say!!

Ohhh, also, with my 2nd lady releasing the non obvious times, we were also shown a huge gray-silver tool box that was closed to my eyes.  We have been given a new tool set as we passed thru the portal of the full moon, we have either dug in and started to explore what is available to us now, or keep doing what we have been doing without the new energy in play.

Funny, as I finish saying that, I receive a marshmallow message from the beloved Kryon that really amplifies this time in his sharing today:

Isn’t That Great?
From Kryon Live Channel, “The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment, Part One”
October 2007 in Mexico City 

When the Human Being stands without the karmic energy they came in with, it is truly like they are exposed before God. For they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know what synchronicity is going to come along to help them. They have no idea what to expect or where they stand. It is as though they are fresh and new, ready to create a path they have never seen. This is uncomfortable for a Human. However, here is the promise we gave you with shift number two. I dare you to celebrate that state—a status of uncertainty. I dare you to celebrate it. “Well, here I am God. I have no idea what I’m doing. Isn’t that great?” And your relatives and your friends will look at you and they’ll say, “You really are crazy.” And how can you tell them that you stand there with a legion of angels holding your hand?

   ~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll

The night of the full moon, I stood at my front door as it shined it brilliance in on me and breathed it in, took that lung full of moon shine to bed and did ask if it could give me a dream of clarity of what it desires of me next.  Instead of waking up with a dream, I woke with what felt like a massive bruise on my right hip.  There was no bruise, nor swelling, but man oh man it sure felt like someone or something gave me a swift kick to the hip while I slept!  My right hip, my emotional/spiritual path of life.  Hmmmmm…..!!??

As my day of readings, excuse me, reschedules concluded, and my focus on my right hip, I simply stated to the universe, “employ me in whatever what you need.”  Then I decided to go grocery shopping.  I decided for my 2 hour round trip to get fruit and bread, I would download a new audio book, one that I might be able to send Valorie once we figure out how to get books approved.  We did find out all books have got to be approved first, but have no idea how to do that.  I found a Abraham title that is also available in paperback that I decided to download and pre listen to before I made any decision on sending it to her in the future.  The book is “The Astonishing Power of Emotions.”  A great book so far, but I doubt she will truly understand the language in it.  However, as spirit has a way of making a point, on my drive home Jerry Hicks was talking about being up-stream or down stream (with or against your magnetic flow of Life) and suddenly, I thought about my daughter and the plane ticket I have not canceled yet that I purchased prejail to be with her on her birthday Sept 29th.  I have been sitting on the fence of going to Virginia anwayz during that time, whether she is still in jail or not.  That is a huge week for her, she has a shoplifting charge on Sept 28th, her birthday on the 29th and then the hearing for her current charge on October 2nd.  All I could feel on my way home, either, I need to go.  I got home and that feeling left, I was back on the fence again.  And then it wrapped around me like no ones business… I will be going to Virginia the 25th of September thru at least the 3rd of October.  I have not booked the flight home yet.

But I jumped ahead of the story of my yesterday quite a bit… I talked to my daughter twice yesterday.  The energy change in her, the mental change in her, holy cow, it is the best I could have hoped for.  Her voice, what she was saying and talking about, wrapped around my heart like honey.  She really is looking at her self, not with disgust, but with love.  And again, I must thank you for this profound shift in her.  The love you send remotely, the love you sent directly broken her shell and now… its amazing the vibrational difference.  We talked about the positive use of her max time out and she understood why it had to happen and what she had all day and night for 7 days to reflect on… her words expanded my heart in such a real and profound way.  She said “I do not like where I am at, but I am happy with myself.”  That’s HUGE, miraculous even!!  I even told her that and told her how proud I am of her to get to this point.  So again, I say with all my heart and soul, THANK YOU!!!!!

My own heart had a shift, an expansion.  I truly felt like the grinch whose heart grew three times it’s size.  When I got home from shopping and was eating my dinner, that energy expansion from my heart dropped down into my sacral plexus and just filled my abdomen with such intense love vibrations.  By this time, I made the choice to go to Virginia so I can be at my daughters hearings weather or not she is in or out of jail at the time.  The sacral plexus is a huge important aspect of this time we are in, what the ETs have referred to as our “community center.”  We are no longer to sit on the sidelines of life, with our pom poms doing cheers and just sending light or energy… but to be in life, participating as the spiritual guides you now are!!

The one thing I am pretty damn sure of, on the evening of the full lunar eclipse I will be on Virginia beach, sucking in the ocean energy and the ignition of whatever comes next thru that powerful eclipse.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  LAST DAY left to save $26 on the Super Powers course.  I have extended the price special until the last of August.  Normally $59, now $33.

My daughter said she has a new song that means the world to her.  They play it in jail, which shocked me.  I want to leave it for you, it really is an inspiring, determined Song:










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