Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 2, 2015

With Loki on the Loose, it’s Time for Your Own “Blind Justice.”

blind choices


I am sitting here, staring at my computer, trying to figure out how to open todays sharing.  Two things that are the most challenging for me when I sit down to write, the first is always, the first sentence.  What do we want to talk about today?  My team usually gives me an opening with visuals, same is true for right now… the swish swash of water on the ground, which I think is funny because I know we are going to talk about that pesky spirit known as Loki, the trickster god/spirit.  Ohhh and the 2nd thing, finding art to match the sharing.

Even tho no one is on the “ground level” of this transition into the first eclipse this month, instead, the focus is on our upper atmosphere, our higher consciousness and the choices we are putting into play.  So, given what I had seen and heard thru the readings yesterday, it does make sense that the “ground level” of life is akin to the agitation of a washing machine.  And what does the washing machine do… it cleans the debris out of our clothes, out of our lives, it we let it.  Sometimes, we have really ground in stains, big gaping holes or just plain old don’t fit us any longer and its time to toss that to the curb, and we are pack rats, it might have been comfortable to wear in our lives, so we keep it anywayz.

So, here we are, on the most magnetic high wire of new life we have ever experienced before.  In a way, that gives us the opportunity to be removed by a degree of what is happening on the ground level of our lives, to look at things. feel them, from the higher perspective we are in and choose again.

And Loki has been set loose.  The trickster god, not the malicious one of lore, but the way spirit is sooo good at tricking us to go here instead of there.  The trick of temptation, putting something familiar yet done in our face again… do we choose from the guilt within, from the longing… or the power of knowing that is done.  Then again, not everything is as it seems.  Sometimes, speaking of myself here, we set conditions on what we are willing to do or not do.  Big fat lesson in my face and heart right now.  I was pretty damn sure I trimmed out all the conditional love that I had brought to my table a long time ago.  Well, not so much.

To give you a very real example of how Loki has been set loose in our lives, I will use my present experience, cuz god knows, I still wear the mantle of what not to do!!  Dammit!!!

My youngest daughter turns 25 on September 29th, in July I made the decision to come to her world in Virginia to be with her as she passes the quarter century mark.  Besides celebrating her birthday, I would also be there for her two hearings she has pending, one on Sept. 28th and one she is in jail for now on Oct 2nd.  So I used the flight voucher I received when I went to visit my son in July as a one way payment to Virginia and waited until I had the extra cash to book my return flight.  The night before she landed in jail, I got the return flight, the next day, I found out she was in jail again and since I knew I had a 24 hour window to cancel and get a full refund, with hesitation in my gut (my first and only warning I was doing something against my “flow”) I canceled the flight.  It was only $140 back then.  I sure as hell don’t want to be in Virginia and not be able to hang out with my daughter.

So in my conditional state of loving support, I made the choice to abandon her in her time of needing support, thru these two hearings, even tho, that hesitation in my gut was my souls way of saying… go there anyway, no matter what.  But the trickster of the mind, my own Loki, was at play and I let him have his way.

Until a few days ago, as I was listening to the audio book with Jerry and Esther Hicks… and I KNEW I needed to be in Virginia to support my daughter whether she is home or in jail.  Its only this morning as I come to realize what I have done was set conditions on my expression of love to her.  If she is home where I can hang out with her, I will be there.  If she is in jail, to bad so sad, I’m not coming.  Even tho I KNEW I could make the choice to go to Virginia no matter what, I still freaking hesitated three days in a row.  I looked up airfare when i got home from my grocery trip and it was under $200.  I waited.  Still sitting on the fence of conditional love and not putting action into motion.  The next day, airfare went up to $200.

I cannot tell you how invaluable your readings are to my life.  I pay close attention to every detail that comes thru you to you and apply it the best I can to my own life.  And several of the conversations were focused the “magnetic flow” of the first part of the super powers course.  Per spirit, that is the single most important part of the course, which is why it is the beginning and threaded thru all 4 hypnosis sessions.

I booked my damn flight yesterday for $221.  Of course, I need car rental since i have no idea if val will get or even make bond if she gets it, I gotta have a way of getting around.  I too dilly dallied with that and paid an extra $50.  I was truly waiting to hear if my daughter is getting her second bond hearing or not and on a wait and see mode…. well, until yesterday.

The moral of the story… whether we are hesitating to our soul direction or choosing old themes that should be done in our lives, there is an energetic cost to it all.  Fortunately for me, right now the delay only cost extra money.  But as I was going to the post office yesterday to get Lia’s letter from Valorie in the mail, my team revealed that this time with valorie, this intense transition in her life, is also a new story, a new adventure for me personally, unless I choose not to go before knowing if she will get bond or not.

Which brings me to one of my beautiful lady’s yesterday and her reading, which now feels a lot like my own reading.  I cannot even remember how her initial visual started, I know it was like everyone else, up there in the higher atmosphere, on that high wire thingie going into the eclipse on the 13th, the next thing I know, she is looking a lot like a tarot card.  I had seen this image once before in a reading so I was already understanding it.

She had a blindfold around her eyes, depicting blind justice in her movements forward.  At her solar plexus she was holding a single sword (I know that in the tarot, its the two fo swords, by why can’t spirit create their own cards lol) to represent the sword of truth in her energy field.   But equally, that sword can be used three ways… first and always, feeling the vibration of truth in your hands and in your gut, then either using it to “anoint” what you desire in your life, or cutting away what is no longer needed for your growth.  Kinda like a machete lol.  You let too many weeds grow up in your garden of life, the true beauty and fruits will be choked out.  It is the lesson of absolute choice.

It is one thing to make a choice when you know what you are getting into, from last month thru this eclipse, we are making choices blindfolded.  How can a master, master their own field if they always know what they are getting into.

So with all of us, Loki will be playing and having fun.  Bringing old adventures back to your realm to choose again, or new ones that you really didn’t want to choose, but becomes some of the most important choices of your new life.  Hesitate (like I did) and it will have a cost to it, beyond money… true energy.  We are either going to dilute our field or bring in the bounty of flourishing growth.  And we are choosing day by day right now.

There are many rewrites underway as well.  Of course, that is the agenda of reincarnation.  What I could have never foreseen for myself (dammit) is just how much my own focus would change.  I have been so hell-bent on a Jorge de Norte adventure, and as my youngest daughter makes the biggest internal shift of her whole life, my soul blueprints have radically changed to align there, to put my energy and focus there with her.  How… it is going to be interesting to find out.

So now is the time to fully and unequivocally align to your magnetic flow, flow where your soul needs to be, not where the trickster god of the mind lives.  We all have our own personal Loki and it is time to choose flow over what you think or expect.

I have a private hope here, that I am going to share out loud.  I am praying that my daughter does get bond because I have a show to do with Kelli in the Raw on my daughter’s birthday, the 29th of September.  I would soooo love it if she could sit next to me, talk about her experiences, how she changed inside, how much you affected her change… and give her the safest, greatest place to own herSelf on all levels and perhaps even, give hope to others thru it all.

That’s where my vision is being held and staying…

May the turbulent emotional field of the ground level clear and cleanse all the lingering debris in your energy field.  Choose wisely my beloveds!!

I love you all so much.  Thank you for showing up and helping me to be a better Me!!

((((HUGZ))))) of deep and unyielding gratitude and spontaneous joy to All!!!

Lisa Gawlas








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  2. So needed this today (and everyday). Thank you.


  3. I still can’t believe you had decided not to be with your daughter at all, in Virginia, for her birthday even, period.
    I’m still trying to digest that weird-ass information, from yesterday (day before? — who cares, “time” is an illusion)

    You don’t even have to be a moderately compassionate empath, much less a slightly enlightened Being, to have difficulty understanding THAT one…..


  4. Ok, ok, after reading a few more sentences, I now SEE what you “problem” is.
    It’s been your huge issue all along, and you let it run your life, and you broadcast it everywhere energetically, and thus you keep attracting it and boomeranging it right back in your face.

    Your huge issue is your focus on LACK. Of MONEY. It’s all you do. You’ve let “lack” become your Lord and Master.
    My suggestion is to look at every video that Esther Hicks (Abraham Hicks) put out, on how to attract *ABUNDANCE*.

    Once you start broadcasting the vibration, that you have *plenty of money*, the Universe doesn’t care if this is true or not, all it ever does, is read your Vibration and respond in kind to it.
    So fool the Universe, into sending you tons of money, constantly.
    Start the momentum of this process going.

    And the first thing you do, is shut the hell up about all your niggly money issues. Quit shooting yourself in the foot.


    • And no wonder the collective Ascension process of this planet, is taking so long…….my gawd, but humans are mentally sloowwwwwww.
      Slower than a sack of snails.


      • And one more thing — aren’t you making a shitload of money anyway, charging $60 per “reading”???

        Considering how many you do per day, and on average per week… should be rolling in the dough.

        So what is the problem, anyhow?


  5. To me, many of these ‘Channels’ that give these messages seem like negative and suspicious suggestions on Life and the ‘Event’.
    I read of so many Masters and ‘gods’ that claim to message us; I wonder what would happen if you asked ANY of ‘them’ to say, out loud, the Name of Jesus Christ; if they can say it, they’re probably Ok, if not, then you know…


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