Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 28, 2014

The Kingdom of Heaven IS YOURS!!


I know I left off yesterdays sharing saying I have so much more to share, this morning, I will be damned if I cannot remember what that is!!  So instead, I will share what I am recalling with yesterday since that seems to be my teams focal point this morning.  But before I get into that, I just want to share a little personal thing I became very aware of this past week.  I/We talk about the “new earth” a lot these days, I mention it often in readings, since spiritually this is where we are all heading.  When I write about it, or have inner dialogue with my team about it, it is so real, so true, so unquestionable.  The moment I say “the new earth” out load, in a sentence, it sounds so funny, unreal even.  The logical mind becomes so present and thinks to itself, when we wake up on Oct. 1st, the walls will be the same, the view out our windows will look the same, there is nothing “new” to the minds reasoning of external experience.  Yet, the heart, in its deepest core, knows the truth.  Kinda weird feeling really.  I can more deeply appreciate those who just can’t wrap their minds around what is really happening and chose not to entertain it as their reality.

Anywayz… For the first time in a really long time, I was pulled in to do a meditation yesterday.  I decided to light a very extraordinary candle that made its way to me this week from a precious soul going full force in her new life.  She is now making homemade soaps and started making candles.  I suggested embedding crystals in her candles to enhance and release the energy thru the flame from the crystal within.  She sent me her very first candle of that kind:

my candle

The moment I held that candle in my hand and looked/felt the details she infused into it and around it, my heart just burst open.  She infused it with peacock ore, one of my most favorite rocks of the earth, something embedded in our earth from realms far away.  Then the rope around the candle, I had seen that very thing in so many readings, knots and all.  Even the little silver balls, parts from readings, power balls (thinking, Mario and his mushrooms) and then the key… wow, that key!!  I heard from deep within my heart it is the key to the new world.  Yay!!  But I didn’t know I needed one lol.

So, in my bathtub pull yesterday, I lit the candle with loving intention, set it on the side of my bathtub, sprinkled cedar wood essential oil into my bath… and set sail.  Before I laid down in my bath, I breathed in the candlelight, the energy of the whole candle and suddenly I became aware of the key, it lifted up (in my mind’s eye) and turned and I heard this…. sound, a melody maybe, but like nothing I can describe.  Instantly I remembered what I shared yesterday about the eclipse moon releasing a harmonic tone to awaken our new soul songs.  Thats what I must have heard!!

Thru this harmonic tone I heard “The Kingdom of Heaven is Yours.”  That was repeated several times, maybe to override my mind saying “it’s mine??”  As I laid down in my tub, I could see this steam or vapor coming off of my root chakra, from pelvis all the way down to the feet.  What the heck??  Then, I was shown the frequency of my heart, it was made of energy, like nothing I have seen before and my team simply said “this is the resonance of heaven and is yours.”  The next thing I know, I have this man on my massage table, face down, and I am under the massage table, aligning my energy to his.  What the hell??  This is a man incarnated on earth, that I am aware of, but don’t really know.  I was shocked to see him on my table and said hey!!  I don’t have permission to bring him in here, my team smiled and said of course you do, it’s from the soul level.  Alrighty then!!

After we got done with the crazy energy alignment/connection on the massage table, the next thing I know, we are up on the side of the mesa having amazing sex and I am watching and experiencing at the same time (I am my own voyeur!! lol) when this light started to emit from our coupled bodies and create a large circle of energy as if we were releasing a string of light and binding it around something.  I also became aware of the Guardians at the top of the mesa, they started to assist with this energy creation as our ummmm…. session reached a crescendo, suddenly from the above the top of the mesa, out of this sting of light energy that we bound there, this HUGE  multicolored thingie sprouted up, it looked like a helicopter propellers or a windmill where the blades were horizontal instead of vertical.  Of course, I had to ask…. what the hell is that??  The Guardians simply replied, it is the next phase to the vortex energy we brought to life.  Alrighty then!!

The next thing I know, we are back down on the ground and he is sitting in a chair facing the mesa (right by the river) and I am doing a massage on his head and shoulders with the purpose of bringing his Guardian into his body.  Shouldn’t I have done this first????  Guess not! lol

As I was doing this massage thing, suddenly my own memories started to come forward with the vast information I have been given over the years about the energy I call Shambhala.  Keeping in mind, the Guardians who have been ever present at the top of the Mesa, revealed themselves to me long before I moved here to the Jemez and called themselves “The keepers of Shambhala.”  I told them I don’t like the word “keepers” so they graced me with the word “Guardians.”

Shambhala, the thing we know and think of as “heaven on earth” is not a place but a frequency, a resonance that can only be brought into the physical plane of existence thru the human heart.  There are codes and energy structures to start building this place (energetically, I suppose) thru the alignment of the physical body, thru the heart of absolute love, than can only be released thru physical intercourse, with purpose and intention.

Geez Louise, ya know, I would love to keep some things secret, but noooooooo.  I must come back to the initial strange session on the massage table.  He was laying face down, I am laying on the floor face up (trying to figure out what the hell I am going to do from down there) and suddenly our root chakras elongated and met each others.  From what my team is saying, it was the activation and encoding to start this process.  One by one, the rest of the body system merged too.  It kind of reminds me of sticking a plug into the socket, one without the other is just potential waiting to be experienced.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, this is going to be a very interesting next phase of our evolution.  Just for the record, I am not saying who this man is, I am still processing/getting over the sudden and unexpected intertwinement myself.

After we got done with the guardian/mesa and stuff… the next thing my team showed me was standing on the new earth and two chords emerging from me, one at the root chakra and one at the crown chakra.  The root chakra was plugged into the “upper atmosphere” of Giaya, the other plugged into the center of the sun.  It was only at this moment did I learn that Giaya also has an upper and lower atmosphere just like us humans.  The lower atmosphere is the tangible reality, where we, and all visible life forms lives.  This is where earthworkers work from.  (not me)  The upper atmosphere is where the truth of her vision for Life and incoming new life exists and that is where I am plugged into.  They called me a “generator” in this next phase of our evolution.  Above and below as one energy Source… the building blocks of (our new) life made manifest.  Now how I do that… is going to be interesting.

As the meditation ended and I sat up, once again and several times thru this meditation, again that phrase was repeated “The kingdom of heaven is yours.”  I was actually puzzled and cannot say I am not completely not puzzled this morning by the repetitive phrase that can sound rather possessive.  I am feeling (and hearing) this morning that if you know you have the frequency of heaven within you, the energy and codes of Shambhala within your DNA, we are responsible to bring it forward, use it.  Release it into the inner atmosphere of the new earth, this is how we start building!!

On that note, my day is about to begin.  Let me leave you with this thought:

It is not enough to know who you are, to know the kingdom of heaven is within you, You must actively LIVE Who You Are and it is YOURS!!!

With so much honor and grace wrapped in bountiful ((((HUGZ)))) of excitement!!

Lisa Gawlas














  1. Hea-veN is OURS )))

    H+e+a = 14
    v+e+N = 41
    14 + 41 = OUR H-and-S ((= h-DNA-s -))
    1 thumb 4 fingers + 4 fingers 1 thumb = 14 + 41 = 55 = EE

    EE = “E.veryone E.lse” in the movie “k-NOW-in-g” …
    … and the movie is about an E.xtinction E.vent … just saying )))

    FROM the per-sp-E-ct-i’ve of LOVE, and under-st-DNA-in-g the SUN is OUR CO-m-pan-i-ON, and NOT a big BiG dis-as-ter … “waiting to haPPen” ((ya right)) … the MOVE-i “K-nOw-IN-G” is about the T-SUN-AM-i of LOVE !!! – )))

    Hea-veN is IN OUR H-and-S ))))
    … and the sp-EE-d L-iMi-T is 55 )))

    Ha Ha )))

    BE HappY )))



  2. Thank You Lisa! No matter how personal something is, you always strip yourself bare (literally lol) so that we all will share in what is being offered and shown to you. You are so amazing! I’m so glad you are in my life!


  3. Heaven is the whole of our hearts … ❤


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