Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 27, 2014

Step Up, or Step Back… Choose Neither and the Lunar Eclipse Will…

choice point

The one thing I am absolutely sure of today, there is no more fence-sitting!!  The days of saying “I want to step into the New, but… but… but…” are going to be done as we enter the Total Lunar Eclipse on October 8th.  As I was reading for a lady yesterday, getting all pimped our in her new energy body and new bubble of creation, she asked a question about her husband and where he is in all this (a major theme for yesterday let me tell ya.)  He was up on this side of the September full moon, on that electrical wire that could serve to ignite him into the belly of the moon, but instead, he simply choose stillness… remaining in the shadows of the moon, watching her, but not interacting in her Light field with movement.  Suddenly and I might even add, surprisingly, the energy of the lunar eclipse came into the reading, releasing an energy akin to the sonic boom.  The understanding thru this force field/sound wave was knocking those fence sitters into their best alignment (old earth or new earth) with its passing.

I also realized that this past full moon has its own duality to it as well.  For those ready for action, for acceleration of their entire life and Willing to fire up the new blueprint of their Soul Life Plan, the moon served as a portal, the chamber where the old you died and the new you emerged into this amazing now moment of movement.  For others, those that allow life to be their obstacle, the reasons why they can’t yet, or won’t,  the moon’s presence is a purposeful block.  The proverbial brick wall.

If you take a moment and look at the majesty of it all.  The 3D story, the things we tell ourselves, the things we believe we must or must not do, are all beautiful obstacles of challenge, of absolute choice.  Its one thing to convince yourself you are done with the “old way,” it is a whole other thing to put the energy of being done into action.  A leap of faith, and total ungluing from all that got you to Here.

For those brave enough to see this momentous time thru with action (not intention, not wishful thinking, pure action) and you have a partner or spousal unit clinging to the old, what I seen was like a large rope stretched to its capacity and it finally snaps.  One going back to the old earth to relearn the value and importance of letting go and the other breaking ground on the  new earth.  Two very very different frequencies.  Two realities so different one cannot engage with the other.

This upcoming Full Lunar Eclipse, seals the deal for everyone.

For those who have willingly and completely surrendered to the New, this moon phase will be releasing harmonic codes to enliven your new blueprint of life.  Your soul song, if you will, upon the new earth.  Those upon the old earth will start to feel and sound like static, screeching in the energy field of life.  That is simply giving us a marker of non-resonance of the new earth.

I know we would love to drag those we love and are connected to along with us, but that ain’t happening.  It cannot.

Again, as duality would have it, we are going to see an upswing in divorces and separations as one embarks on the new earth and the other chooses to stay behind (or is forced to by the decision-making blast of energy from the eclipse.)  But equally, we are going to see a lot of new, intensely passionate relationships sprout up as well.  A super surge of love energy coming alive within us and seeding this new earth with healthy, balanced Love.  And those that are already nurturing that unconditionally loving partnership will be amazed and excited as the love you bring forward blooms in ways you didn’t even know it could.

And I am also being asked to put out this caution flag as well, even those prepared and aligned with the new earth, if your choice is to remain in the old, with your familiar(s) your will find that the magnetic flow of creation diminishes.  Not because of any other reason than your magnetic energy is aligned to the new, intense magnetic energy of the new earth and not the old.

The way I am seeing and understanding this incredible moment in time, it is BIGGER than the choice points we brought ourselves to by the end of December 2012.

But lets take a look for a moment, when you simply change your mind.  Change your relationship with who you were last week and who you have allowed yourself to become NOW.  I read for a lady a couple of weeks ago, I shared her story in one of my blogs, she was grayed out from the neck down, holding her hands in front of her private parts, with a great big ol daisy as her head.  New beginnings, new energy embedded in her consciousness, yet her body was (at that moment) blocking the inflow of new life energy.  Well let me tell you, she did serious magic since then.  I read for her yesterday (thank goodness spirit gives me amnesia with every appointment, I forgot her visuals from our last reading) and the CHANGE, OMG the change was so exciting.

She was aligned now fully with the changing room of the “Eye” of the Source energy I see rotating like a hurricane system, only much more gentle and full of pure Source (god, Presence, pick a word) energy embedding its full essence in the new bubble of creation that will come online as we move into October/the new earth.  For so many months she had wanted to move to a new home, but nothing ever presented itself.  In these last two weeks, she changed her story, changed her approach to her potential new life, made a single decision that changed it all and amazingly (to me anywayz) I could see her new home in the landscape of October.

It is really amazing how restricting our own energy field is when we keep telling ourselves and holding ourselves to the old story and not changing out the character relationship of yourself with the new.  One single change of mind, of Self perception, and the action required to declare it to the field of life, opens the floodgate to your greatest desires made manifest!!

Let me now talk about that bubble of creation.  One of the lady’s I read for yesterday, was in the “eye” blowing up her new bubble of creation.  For those that do not know that term in my reading language, it is your own personal field of creation, the bubble or hologram where your entire life unfolds.  In our old story (umm, like last week lol) the bubble of creation was large, it included the entirety of your inner (home, personal relationships, yourself, etc) life field and your outer created life (like when you go to the store or to someones house, you outside of your personal creation, but still part of the larger creation but less responsible for what takes place there.)

I watched as this beautiful, honey colored bubble started to emerge upwards around her.  Instead of being dome like, it now resembled a hot air balloon shape.  Her team allowed us to fast forward to what it will look like on the new earth.  It was no wider than about 3 feet around her at the body level and expanded as it emerged over her head.  It is only this morning I understand that significance.  The upper atmosphere is attracting those in her (our) personal collective consciousness, the energy system/collective consciousness I call Shambhala, while at the same time, keeping out the frequencies at her body level that do not vibrate at that unconditional, supportive, active consciousness, out.  This may sound kinda cruel to say, but I am gonna say it anywayz… like a living bug zapper field.  Nothing but the highest resonance can enter your field, all others will be electrocuted away.  How that plays out, is going to be interesting to see!!

There is so much more to share, but I am going to leave that for tomorrow.

I so look forward to “seeing” you in the Living Earth of Shambhala, and YOU are Her first Flowers!!  ❤

(((((HUGZ))))) filled with breathtaking joy and leaps of faith to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas







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  2. I had such a weird experience last night. I was walking up to the house after dark and happened to glance between two trees. I saw the new moon rising in the west and for some reason I was filled with the feeling that it looked alien and that I was on a different planet. How’s that for a “new world” visual?!

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