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The Final Quarter of 2014 Revealed!

new life force

So much to share!!  Let me start off by sharing what I couldn’t remember yesterday.  It’s funny, for the life of me I couldn’t remember what was so clear in my heart and understanding the day prior, not until my very last reading of the day was at the end of his session, then it was like a floodgate opened and it all poured back in.  I also realized too, I needed yesterdays field of readings to really understand the rest of our story.

So, in that beautiful, artistic way I have about me (smirk) I created a diagram to go with the story:

4th quarter 2014

First, let me explain the September and October visual.  There is purposely a gap between the two months, representing the leap from this temporary dressing room that was created January 2013 and ends September 30th, 2014.  I also realized yesterday, with each progressive reading, the landscape I call September was becoming less and less visible to my eye.  Then it dawned on me, it’s evaporating, ceasing to exist, for we used it and it is no longer needed.  Which also created the sudden light bulb moment of why this upcoming Eclipse will create the winds of forced placement.  The fence is gone and you gotta land somewhere!!

Let’s talk about this change too.  I started my sharing yesterday with how odd it is to know in the heart we are making the leap to the new world, yet the mind itself, see’s no difference.  My team showed me how that works out for us.  Imagine (which is the word for “this is real”) there is a vibrational carpet beneath your feet.  The carpet represents the frequency in which you vibrate: old world, new world and even this temporary changing out world that is already leaving us.  This carpet is resonant with higher or lower energies, depending on where you brought your self to.  It will reflect and power all the possibilities of the new world, or if your choice (or forced winds) see obstacles as too challenging to overcome, then back to the older, denser vibration to choose again.  To see it all as the illusion it is and create your power field to move beyond limitations.

October, up until this week and a place I have been seeing since early 2nd quarter this year, has changed too.  It had always looked like a massive upwards flow of magnetic energy, very golden in color.  The closer we got to October, the color deepened and included bronze in its spectrum.  I just realized that since we were released from the belly of the moon, I no longer see that magnetic energy.  This morning spirit said it is because we have absorbed it into our Beings, at least those standing on the edge of September.

Now, if I can insert something that may be confusing, but is equally important to the ALL of evolution… a new temporary earth has been created.  I talk in a linear story, but nothing is linear or solid.  There are timelines upon timelines, energy systems upon energy systems layer together that the physical mind cannot see.  There are many who brought themselves to that massive choice point I call December 2012, and the temporary changing station was created for us to endure the intense releasing of our old physical construct and change out or old biology, our old thought systems and become birthed a new.  Well, there is a new wave now going thru that exact same thing.  I have the beautiful privilege of reading for a young lady who is showing me this information in her readings.  For her, there was never the energy of the moon, just vast choice points that brought her to a higher level of herself and will get to experience what all that means to her, as we did this last 21 months.  However, I am hearing, that temporary earth/cycle will be shorter for those arriving there than it was for us.  We set the trail of light and wisdom on the ground to allow those to accelerate their change, faster.  Yay us??  lol  It was HELL!!  I smile as I hear “ya gotta go thru hell to get to heaven.”  We paved the freakin road!!!  lol   …and lived to not only talk about it, but celebrate it too!!

So October opens up like a large orientation month.  Think, first days at the University after graduating high school.  We will be getting our inspirations, our life plans of education and experience and settle into our new world.  Which brings us to November.  Phew, November!!  An intense violet-maroonish color in vibration.  Masters in body.  Living as a Master.  Living the magic and power of a fully embodied spirit in matter.  (I have not gotten to see what that looks like yet, November is still a thick, living color spectrum.)

Then it becomes very very odd (to me.)  December is as black as coal.  The entire month is filled with the vastness of the deep unknown, unseeable.  And yet, with its conclusion, we hit a life changing choice point…. again.  Nothing exists at (this) ground level past December.  Very reminiscent of December 2012.  Instead, whatever transpires thru our action and application in this last quarter, catapults us into yet another higher frequency as we leap into January 2015.  Or not.  I have no clue where the “or not” lays…

The energy line I started seeing as 2015 a few months ago, is that now familiar white-blue.  Beyond the soul living in matter, is the creator him/her Self living in matter in full partnership, in full consciousness as us.  The unified field so complete, there is no other way to live.

But lets come back to yesterday’s field of readings.  Four out of five people were standing at the edge, the gap way from September to October.  The only person that didn’t show this, is the girl I said is now on that temporary earth, giving me the crystal clear understanding of the wave effect.

I want to start with my fourth reading of the day, I was so puzzled and so not understanding pretty much any of her reading, that I chose to reschedule her instead of count the time as a reading.  I get it now and so I want to share this for her, but also, to many of you as well.

The first thing I had seen as we opened up her reading, was her standing at the edge of September.  Directly in front of her was this huge fanned out spread of feathers.  The feathers were super large, at least 6 feet in length.  They were also a very strange color spectrum, orange, yellow and green.  What made it even stranger for me, was I was wearing a tie dyed t-shirt a former client/friend created for me when we had The Wonder of You open in Virginia.  The more I looked at these really large feathers, I started to think they were tie died too, I could see the white edges of the feathers… what the hell??  I can interpret the colors, soul, heart, sense of self.  But for the life of me, I had no idea why they were in front of her, looming so large and wide that she could not pass them.  I personally could not even connect to the energy of them, that place that releases the feeling of what something means, I could only see them.  I started yelling at her team to bring in audio… HELP!!  Nope.  For the second consecutive reading of hers in a row, the sound of silence was deafening.  What the hell??  I don’t know what to do with this.  Suddenly, I got a feeling to look beyond September and her big as feathers, that felt, if she picked them up and put them on her head, they became very reminiscent of the indian headdress.  But then what??????

My vision was taken to the beginning of October energy, way in the deep west field, sitting up on a wire where the moon once hung in the readings, was her spiritual team.  They were energetic forms, but man I could feel them and see their non-solid presence over there.  But again, not a word.  The strangest thing for me, and actually is now the most revealing thing for me too… in her present moment, I could see her so clear that if I didn’t know better, her and her feather spread were literally in my back yard, but I had no feeling connection with any of it.  On the other earth however, her team was vague energy that I could feel thru my whole body.   And thru it all, not a single word was spoken from them, again.  Dammit.

Puzzled let me tell ya!!

After I finished my (very audible) fifth reading of the day… I took to pondering her feathers.  I was missing something.  Of course, we are shifting every single day, the imagery is like nothing I have ever seen, nor interpreted before.  I am not one to just let things go…

Suddenly and thru the next several hours I kept hearing “Polarity vs Duality” in reference to her colorful feathers in front of her.  Huh?  The one thing that has been incredibly consistent thru all the readings, when your team falls incredibly silent, you are at a massive choice point in your evolution.  Usually tho, they do not give clear as day visuals as I got with her.  So even that confused me.

This morning I got up with her still on my heart.  I looked up why indians wear that headdress and what feathers really mean to them.  That is the strongest connection I got with her feathers.  I found a wonderful website (here) that started to fill in some blanks:

People always associate Indian headdress with feathers, but do you know what the feathers represent? Warriors earned a feather each time he did something the tribe felt was a brave act. Many times, the first feather earned by a warrior was given to him for being seen as an adult member of the tribe. However, the warrior was not just given the feather. The warrior had to prepare himself to receive such an honor and that often require days of fasting and meditation.

Each time the warrior earned a feather, he would either wear it (but he only wore a couple into battle) or put it on a pole used for special occasions. Once he had collected enough feathers, they were then made into a headdress. Because each feather had a special meaning, binding them together in a headdress made that Indian headdress even more special. Only the men, closest friends of the warrior, were involved in making the headdress. The Indian chiefs also “earned” each of their feathers. The most prized of all feathers to receive for an Indian headdress was the Golden Eagle feather. Because the Indians saw the eagle as a messenger of God, this feather could only be earned through hardship, loyalty, and strength.

These feathers were from her team, the tie dyed effect were showing where her strength lays (core energy within, tied together.)  The ongoing silence was her teams way of saying… go within.

So then, I looked up polarity vs duality.  I found a wonderful article on the galactic free press (I am so sorry, I have no idea who the author is) entitled:

Duality and Polarity – There’s a Big Difference  (click the title to read the whole article.)

One of these is essential to the way the physical realm works, the other is nothing more than a two-dimensional belief system. Some people use the terms duality and polarity interchangeably, but I’m going to make a strong distinction between the two for the sake of clarity.

The first thing to understand about duality is that it divides, it’s either one thing or the other. Black or white, right or wrong, good or evil. It does this through judgement, separating things and creating conflict. Duality is how human beings, who have much more in common than not, are convinced to fight with and even kill each other. Duality is used to create an “us versus them” mentality.

Now polarity is something else entirely. Where duality has a positive and negative that conflict with each other, polarity has a positive and negative that attract each other. In the case of what recently happened with our Sun’s poles, they can even switch places. Polarity is complementary forces that work together to create balance, duality is the belief in opposing forces that conflict with each other and create chaos. …

The opening paragraphs hit home in what I was hearing yesterday.  Hmmmmm.  Her feathers, worn as a headdress of understanding and empowerment, leaves duality behind as she goes within and lands on the new earth with polarity as her only conviction.

How many are still picking duality out of their consciousness?  Good, bad, right, wrong.  Stuck on the other side of the moon, the fence of life and limitations that do not embrace freedom.  She got herself to the edge… now to wear it as a Life Force!!

Even tho there is so much more to share, as always, I am going to close here.  This is a big chunk to nibble on!!

Ohhhh I feel magic in the air!!  Thank you so much for allowing ALL of us to understand life as you seek to understand You!!  You are invaluable to our ongoing evolution!!

Lisa Gawlas

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