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The Creator Beings (You) Getting it Done!!


creator beings

Do you feel your heart energy working overtime??  Everyone of you are in some sort of (re)construction mode and the heart center is doing all the work, if you are allowing it too. There are several phases to this construction, working in tandem with the full moon to new moon energy phase.

With one lady, I could see 3 of her.  One body standing towards the west, one of her body’s standing towards the north, the other towards the east.  Each of her body’s had her right arm extended and was shaking it, as you would shake your arm if you were shaking out a rug.  I could not see or even understand what was happening between her presence and movement and each direction.  Her team did say that was on purpose, what was happening was so deeply in the quantum field, even our best scientists would be clueless to understand the richness of it all.  Better to leave that part blank that we completely misunderstand it.

However, did I eventually understand the positioning of her three Self’s.  The energy exchange at the West, an exchange using the higher mind.  The energy exchange at the east, an exchange using the lower mind and the one in the north, the (eventual) action to bring it all together.  It could very be reflective of the sharings I have done with my own experiences this last week, playing witness to the vastness of Me.  For this lady, there was zero energy coming from the south, her past.  It is done with nothing left to do or glean from it.

Then there were several that I could see standing in the center of their heart energy and the field looks very much like the image I used in my last sharing:

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

With the exception that no one that I have seen yet, has the outer grid complete, but that is where all the construction is happening at.  I am also seeing the activity very similarly with each person.  The body of whomever I am connecting to, situation inside the inner grid, the heart energy, the strands of golden energy coming out from the heart grid area and an image of the higher Self taking the strands of energy and creating/connecting it to the outer grid area.  Right now, a lot of the concentration seems to be in the north-west area, more west than north.  The west representing the higher, pure energies, the north our (perceived) future.  With each section that is activated and completed, we feel it in our bodies.  This is allowing a higher frequency from earth to join in the energy, and higher frequencies from above to do so as well.  All flowing back into the human to assimilate the new energy mix in the cells.  That equals, headaches, body aches, more flu-like symptoms and so on.  Ohhh the strength this body has built into it!!

I have got to share this very very important reading I did the day before yesterday.  She actually kicked off this new field of visuals and understanding and I find her priceless.  Well, I find all of you priceless, but those who are standing against their flow, that is special to me.  Because we have to see some adversity to understand how to work out our kinks and let Life flow thru us.

There she was, standing as large as the outer grid, facing me, golden bodied beauty, in a full on shoulder shrug:

shoulder shrug

Instead of using this energy as the power source it is, we become a prisoner of our own doubt and external obligations to the world we created for ourselves.  And the creative forces that align with us, go into a full on shoulder shrug too, waiting for the energy to do someone differently.  You are the KEY to everything!!!  Employ the love attribute of COURAGE!!  It will be divinely reflected back to you in your new creation!!

I also want to clarify something that I didn’t understand, but do now.  The individualness of love, in the example group I gave the other day, I included passion in the mix, I was wrong.  Passion is the outcome of employing the attributes together in your heart, as your life.  Passion then is the energy of love in motion!

For those I was able to see constructing their outer grid, I did my very best to lock into some of those individual emotions, and each time, i was given a talking to.  lol  We humans can take something, think we know something about that something and distort it completely, changing not only what we think we know, but the energy that is embedded in it all too.  So, spirit is not harnessing the individualizes of any aspect of love for our lower minds to dissect.  Instead, the higher mind, or the soul is doing all the work in that area and that is enough to know.  When the grid is complete and you feel the surge of passion, or new people or opportunities crossing your path, that is when the lower mind and the physical body MUST leap into its own action to employ the new energy field as your new life.

There are some yet, still closing the door to our past.  I seen one lady who gave us a great visual of this energy and the significance of it all.  She was in the middle of her heart grid standing to the south (past) changing out light bulbs (well, what looked like light bulbs to me.)  She was in the act of screwing in new bulbs and I could see the blown out previous light bulbs, jagged edges, glass completely blown out.  She was not only putting in new light bulbs (higher frequency energy) in her south field, but not putting them in the same place as the old blown out bulbs (the things, places and people that got her (us) to Here) she was constructing new housing for her new light and with each twist of the bulb, the light got brighter and she rotated a hair towards the west field, ready for new energy, new relationships from her field of harvest.

Then she turned on one of my own lightbulbs when she said it reminded her of my exploding Buddha globe.  OMG indeed!!  Even the jagged glass shards look similar.  Completely FREE from our past, the good, the bad, the neutral.  Free from our bias about this spiritual journey too and OMG is there a lot of bias, inaccurate information that comes with this path.  It would be like anything tho, and very much why spirit will not talk about the individuations of love, when we (humans) start to understand things, we change it because we think we know even more than we do and suddenly there are rules and limitations to even this path of absolute love and freedom.

As I continue to listen to the audio book by Neal Donald Walsch “The 25 core messages of Conversations With God”  and was listening on my drive into my doctor’s appointment the other day, he was talking our rules around food.  That there are faiths when you can only eat something at a certain time, or in a certain way or even rules about what you can eat/put into your body.  Of course, this too is the evolution of that person, these groups… but when you hear it out loud thru the way he was expressing it, can you imagine a god that says ok, here you are, in the land of plenty and now I am going to give you rules on what to eat, how to eat it and what you can and cannot put into your mouth ohhh yeah, and you’re gonna forget all these rules and doing it wrong will hinder your spiritual progress and relationship with me.  I would so fire that god in a heartbeat!!  lol  I cracked up laughing.  But that is exactly what we do as a species!!  We put rules around everything and wonder why we are choking ourselves out!!

Even the (perceived) difficult parts of this journey, when some part seems to hard to accomplish, we set new perimeters and call it something new, then say, oh we don’t have to do the other part because I invented this new part.  It really is just avoidance, but hey… a million lifetimes to get it all together.   The Soul is just glad to be here!!

Or just one incredible one… Our personal choice… ALL-WAYS!!

Have an amazing day my beauty golden Beings.  I love you are from the depths of the ALL and back again!!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (One week left, special ends with the New Moon.)










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  3. Hey Li li, its interesting because I think I spent some time in my south field over the last few days. Been feeling wonderfully in that joyful gratitude spot but as I went to sleep I realized I had done so many clearings over the years but had yet to release the chords to all the catholic sacraments that had been done on my behalf over the years spent in church with my mom. I had a really good talk with Jesus and was happy to reclaim him as a friend and not as some god different from us. I also then spent some time speaking with my sister and healing some stuff related to our family. Today I feel so much more love, so much freedom and peace in my heart. It did take courage to go through these things that I intuitively knew must be done in order to move forward into this energy. Awesome! Much love! Alex


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