Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 19, 2014

How is the Mirror of Life Looking For you?

We can fool ourselves, but not the reflection back!

We can fool ourselves, but not the reflection back!

On Wednesday the 16th at exactly 2pm in my world, my internet and phones went down.  They were down for over 12 hours.  Wednesdays are Soul Gym nights, so I went down to the reservation store where I know I can get a little cell signal, just to post on my facebook about not being able to do the soul gym, only to find out that someone crashed their car into the fiber optic box by the high school and through most of the Jemez offline and out of phone coverage.  Hmmmmm….

The next day, my internet went down for about an hour.  Hey!!  This is not nice.

Then yesterday, I think every communication device just blew up.  My first appointment of the day, her phone never rang when I called, so I left a message, she never got it.  My second man, completely MIA to this moment.  My third lady thought she missed her appointment and left me a frantic message 30 minutes before her appointment time saying all she keeps getting when she tries to call me is “all lines are busy.”  My fourth lady was perfect and I could actually do a reading for.  My last two, My fifth one, I couldn’t “see” for but man did we have an illuminating conversation that brought all this craziness to clarity.  My 6th lady, MIA.  I even had one precious soul calling a whole week early.  Crazy and exciting at the same time!!!

Talk about a loss of timelines and a merger into the center of creation, timeless and a bit disorienting too!!

For the entirety of this year, spirit has been talking about, focused on our communication, our expression of our Self in the world outside of us.  These new outer grids we are creating, houses that energy, communication from the divinity within yourself.  And the field of ALL life is powering that up now.  Many systems seem to be going down, even things like people’s personal computers/laptops, cell phones and now even land-lines!!  A complete reboot on all communication levels.

My one and only actual reading yesterday really gave us a clarity on what that means to us personally. and how exciting this is too!!

The first thing I had seen was like a flowing waterfall of marshmallow liquid coming down from above and entering her crown, covering her entire outer body by about 3 feet out from her.  I could feel the energy coming down thru her and moving from her root to deep in the earth.  This was allowing all the energy to mix, mingle and expand in new ways in all she does.  Then I watched as the new mixture of energy moved back up and thru her, inspiring her heart into action.  The analogy we got with all that, I feel really makes our creative times right now, very very clear to at least understand.

From our center, I could see that outer grid, at least a small section to give her an understanding of the change that has happened.  The outer grid now looked like a very shiny silver mirror.  I watched as the energy moved up and thru her from the earth to her heart and moved outwards to that section of the silver mirror to splash colors onto it.  The colors I realized are her feelings, the energy she is feeling.  Altho I knew the colors were taking form and would be actually experiences in her physical reality, her team kept the emerging pattern blurry.  At this moment, they said, this is enough for her to understand.

To take this into the analogy of a painting artist.  Each feeling is the color palate in which one paints with.  Her action, her movement within these feelings creates the patterns of color on the palate which creates the tapestry of experience we move into.

She even mentioned that in the earlier part of the day, she was so inspired to email a friend and tell him how very glad she is that he is on this earth and her friend.  She didn’t know why she needed to do that, but the feeling was so overwhelming that she did, even at the risk of sounding crazy.  That action moved the paintbrush of her experience to be reflected back to her in very tangible ways on earth.

If you can really see the fullness in the little saying “The more you do for others, the more you do for yourself.”  But again, there can be no alternative motives, no sense of well, this will come back to me, that is expectation and actually falls in the realm of greed.  But ignore the desperate pleas of another (whether out loud with your ears or just from your hearts knowing that you could be in service to another) and watch elements and opportunities be removed from your own life.  I am bearing witness to this very scenario with someone I love very much.  We may see ourselves one way, and yet life is projecting a very different scenario back to you.  It is a call for true and deep honesty within the heart of our creation, especially when our frequency becomes very self centered (small s there.)  Just sayin…!! ❤

In this high calibration field of life we brought ourselves too, life will present many opportunities to be in greater service, to reach down deep inside of yourself and give of yourself in ways you may have resisted or down right refused before.

Communication is not just a packet of words we utter off the tongue, it is an action word done from the depths of the heart back out to the heart of life.

The game has gotten very real and all buffers are gone.  What is your reality reflecting back to you??  Take a moment and really look.  Are doors swinging open to fulfill your hearts desires?  Are people going out of their way to give you a hug?  Or is there chaos, service to others but not to you?  It is all a reflection of your true emotional field.

Thru all the crazy chaos that seemed to unfold around my own personal appointments yesterday, there was one thing that gripped me like nothing before.  I am calling it Joy-titude.  A cross between full on joy and gratitude, mixed together and felt all day long like a tight-fitting glove.   THIS IS Heaven!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of incredible reflections of the divnity you shine outwards to everyone!!  I love you and honor you and am so damn thankful for your Presence in my world, in my heart of creation!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site.   (One week left, special ends with the New Moon.)





  1. Hey Li li, I love how the field is giving us confirmation on where we are vibrating and it is with such truth and clarity. It helps us to see where we really are as opposed to where we perceive ourselves to be and takes us exactly where we need to go to continue on with the work. Miraculous and wonderfully loving things are occurring in my life but also finding that things that still need cleaning up are being presented to me with the inspiration to really make sure they are released with love. Spectacular! I adore the Joy-itude and feeling it more and more each day! Big hugs! Alex


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