Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | July 16, 2014

Your Magnetic Field Seeking New Connections/Experiences.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Your Heart is the inner grid, creating the reality as your outer grid.

Three days ago, as I was concluding my fourth connection for the day and preparing for my fifth, I felt it… my entire body crashing and I knew, there was nothing I could do stop it.   What I didn’t realize, until the next morning was why, since I was officially a pool of electricity just sparking on the floor.  After my first attempt to connect the next day and I knew from deep inside I was still down and will be down for the rest of the day, I went into pouty face mode.  I sat at my computer looking at the 6 appointments on my calendar and as usual, bitching to my team for remaining unplugged.  Usually, they just let me rant, but not that day.  Instead, they gave me an image, an understanding of why I was purposely unplugged and what is happening to us now.

What I am going to explain here, is for those who have taken out their polishing rag and consistently (that does not mean flawlessly) keeps polishing their human.  taking the knowledge of spirit and applying it to their life, turning knowledge into wisdom.

Still sitting with my pouty face staring at my appointments I suddenly seen an image floating in front of my face.  A profile view of a golden human, very statuesque looking:

gold statue


Now if you can image this image, profile view, and then these golden strings coming out from every pore of the body, reaching outwards about 2-3 feet (about a meter.) At the end of each and every golden thread was a fray:

frayed rope1

From what I was understanding, this is really what these recent power surges have been all about.  The confluence of pure earth and pure spirit energy (that water world I had been seeing) creating a new current of energy from the heart of every human.  These golden strings I see, think of them as your new magnetic currents reaching outwards seeking its new connection(s.)

The frayed edges of all of the strings, are seeking their counterparts in connectivity:

frayed rope

Translate that to mean, new experiences, new relationships, a new window into the wholeness of your Self.

The more I pondered this image, the more I realized these frayed edges of the golden strings of creation being emitted thru the human reminded me very much of neurons within the body:



I found this wonderful site called:  What is a Neuron that gives us some important relative information about this really means to us:

Neurons are specialized to transmit information throughout the body.  These highly specialized nerve cells are responsible for communicating information in both chemical and electrical forms.

Now if we can think of this in a bigger way.  These highly specialized golden strings of magnetic energy is communicating to the entire universe of creation and building your next version of reality based on the energy flowing thru your heart.  The true emotional energy.  Keep this in mind, not what you want to feel, not what you may say out loud, but your true core emotional energy.

From what I am further understanding about this monumentous time in our lives, this highly charged, magnetic field is seeking out its like vibration in the wholeness of your life based on 5 building blocks within you.  At least, five in phase one which runs from this Full moon of July 12th thru the new moon of July 26th.  We get a pause to stabilize, then more is added in the next super moon phase in August, with the completion in September.

If we look at the wholeness of what we think of as love and strip it down into its singularities, these are the building blocks I am talking about.  Just some of the feelings that individual from the pool of love are:  Grace, gratitude, passion, joy, servitude, peace, humility, kindness, generosity, patience and the list can go on and on.  From what I am understanding, each of us (well, at least those of us who have polished our human and emit that golden energy) are carrying (living) five of the various singularities of the wholeness of love.

What you should be experiencing now is an amplification back to your created world 5 of these strands of love.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are those struggling to embody any or many of these feelings as a way of life.  What would be their new creation is a way to fully release any judgement, expectation and conditions that may still surround the feelings to become more pure, more whole in the next expression that happens in October.

And then there are some who could care less about any of the love qualities, well, lets just say, I wouldn’t want to be them!!

Now lets dig in a little deeper to this landscape we call duality.  In order for these amazing love qualities to express themselves to you, then you may just have to be in a spot that may look like its opposite.  The greatest and most clear way to fully experience the wholeness of yourself, is thru what we call the opposite, well sorta.  Let me get personal here with my own understandings of my present life lol.

First, let me make very very clear, when my team told me I was in the ending of my book of life, that did not mean I was checking out today or tomorrow or even next year.  It’s a big book!!  lol  They also said that what I will be in was EXPERIENCE (and trust me, I have a lot to experience lol.)  Seeing and experiencing myself in the wholeness of creation.

We can take in a lot of understanding, even apply it as much as possible in our day-to-day lives, but when the big things happen… that’s really where the proof is in the pudding.  To completely and absolutely surrender to experience.  How do you really know if you have released fear unless it shows back up for you in a way that would normally cause fear of some sort.  My current journey with my boobie!!  (big grin)  Full on Experience in the most amazing ways.  I am witnessing myself, experiencing the fullness of myself in ways I could not, would not, except thru this “adversity.”

For those of you who feel the need to heal me (I am not broken) what part of you is coming up to be experienced??

I am so madly in love with how this particular journey is unfolding, allowing me to fully experience myself, I cry from the intensity of the gift.  I really get to witness the power, the focus, the absolute love of my lower mind (and in that package, I do include that which we think of as the ego.)  When my lower mind goes to the edge of the unknown, my soul comes in and wraps it, wraps me in these waves of love that just overwhelm my heart and leaks thru my eyes.  And my mind tempers even more.

The day I had seen that golden human, my new breast doctor’s office called to confirm my appointment for (yesterday.)  The moment she said the doctor’s name, which I didn’t know until she called, the warmth that flooded my whole body and the love, OMG the absolute love flowed out of my eyes.  I went to the computer to google him, now that i have a name… the most perfect doctor in all this world is going to be mine.  He is qualified in dermatology, is a breast as well as a melanoma specialist, he is everything I NEED.  I cried so hard you would have thought I won the lottery.  In my own way, I really really did.

We look at the partnership that is involved and in harmony really.  My higher mind, my soul sent me the inner prompting to change doctors for this phase of my journey, and my mind felt its call and focused every once of this human until I got it done.  The wave of relaxed energy was amazing to experience.  The lower mind had no idea about this doctor, so it did what it is designed to do, investigate.

So yesterday, the date I had been waiting for, arrived.  I am going to meet this new doctor, who is a specialist in every field i need him to be and I pray he is going to do a biopsy, maybe even a mammogram, but I want a damn biopsy.  My lower mind became refocused and I couldn’t do a reading at all, thank goodness I only had two scheduled.  We looked up people who have had experience with Paget’s Disease, a thread on the website dedicated to paget’s people helped my lower mind understand more.  It needed to go into this appointment informed.  A punch biopsy is the very best way to discover or illuminate paget’s from the realm of possibilities.  I want that.  Most of the women sharing on that site said their mammograms and MRI’s all came back clear, yet the biopsy revealed paget’s.  OK, armed and loaded.

I didn’t even have to ask, he said he was doing a punch biopsy today and then sending me for a mammogram right after.  I was in love with this man and his nurse.  He warned me about the stinging that happens when he puts the needle into the areola to numb it for the punch out of my boob.  I told him “it’s ok, I wore my big girl panties today,”  the look of perplexed energy on his face was so priceless, I wish I had my camera in my hand.  He simply said “what???”  the nurse was giggling and knew exactly what I meant.  I just replied, don’t worry I am brave today.

Much to both of our surprise, there was no stinging, there was no discomfort at all.  He decided to do two punches instead of just one, my crusty spot is quite big now.  He took two pieces of my boob and even gave me the gift of seeing these two little pieces of me swimming together in a vial filled with liquid.  Awwww.

Off to the mammogram I went.  Much to my surprise, they were going to read it as soon as I was done.  My mammogram lady said my doctor is staying to get the results and order an ultra sound immediately if one is needed.  They know how far I traveled to be there and didn’t want me to have to come back for these tests.  Awwwwwwww.  Holy love fields batman.  My mammogram was clear.  Even the cysts I had 4 years ago, gone.  Yay.  In that moment, when she said my mammogram was all clear… I felt my entire soul reconnect with my body.  The love of this precious moment… OMG.

So on my car ride back home I had some questions for mySelf.  Where were you all day long?  The closer I got to the women’s hospital, I could feel the nerves emerge.  I called on my team and said, I am going to really need to lean into your strength right now, instantly, I had four members of my team on each side of me all holding hands, spread out of my car, in JOY.  I passed an unexpected wooden roller coaster in that moment to my right.  I thought, what the hell is an amusement park doing in the middle of a busy area??  I love a roller coaster, more than anything, I LOVE a wooden roller coaster.  I decided to have some playtime once my appointment was done.

I stopped at the amusement park, sadly, the coaster was not operating.  Dammit.  I am not spending $25 to not ride the coaster over and over again. It really is my favorite ride.  So I went to Olive Garden instead lol.

Now, if I can back one one day, just to tie this bigger understanding into a larger picture of expression.  I was cleaning my house, exploding in so many frequencies of love that kept my cheeks quite wet, when I bumped an end table that had 7 little knick-knacks on it.  One fell off the table.  A little Buddha sitting in a snow globe that was given to each of us when we gathered in Loveland, CO.  He smashed all over my floor.  Shit.  Altho the sparkly confetti he was sitting in was now illuminating my floor, I had to wonder… is this a positive omen or not so much.  lol

Well, lets just say, this morning, I get it all!!

We can keep ourselves in such a protective bubble of energy that we do not allow ourselves to experience the fullness of Life.  When we break free of that bubble, we can experience the genuine FULLNESS of life.  We signed up for duality in its greatest and fullest expression of our WHOLE self.  It doesn’t have to be a roller coaster ride into hell… but the expansive expression of love in the fullest.

By the way, I should have my biopsy results either the end of this week, the beginning of next and no matter how it turns out, I am ready for this incredible ride of LIFE EXPERIENCE!!

Ohhh, shit almost forgot.  On my car ride home, when i asked my Self why my lower mind was given such free reign this day, the reply humbled me to no end.  This is a partnership, and in any given partnership you have got to allow the other freedom to be what it was created to be.  My lower mind does that unceasingly to the higher mind, and it needs its freedom too.  Awwwwww… for those in actual relationships… is this a gift you give to your partner too??

I love you all more than my words will ever tell.

((((HUGZ))))  of beautiful illumination to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  FULL MOON to NEW MOON SPECIAL:  With so much change happening, I brought back the BOGO not only for the 30 minute readings but also for the 15 minute readings too.  Just click here to go to my site. 













  1. Thanks for your words today, Lisa. The truth vibrated down into my core. I shook and cried with understanding. I am so grateful for your sharing and your wisdom. Many blessings to you, sweet one. Ellen Wisewoman Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 13:34:53 +0000 To:


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  3. Thankx, Lisa, we are grateful for the sharing, the update and even the complexities of what is going on in our own lives just now. All who feel gratitude for your daily missives stand together with you in a circle of love.

    Judi D. Havens

    Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2014 13:35:04 +0000 To:


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  5. Big hugs Li li, it is amazing when we absolutely embrace the situations and changes coming in for us and allow the overriding vibration of love to infuse the experience. We as a family experienced something this past winter related to high school that could have been very disturbing, but we knew we had to go through it and chose to infuse love into the situation and went in prepared for the best outcome going with the flow as much as possible and we not only learned a lot about ourselves but did create the best outcome for all. When we meld all the parts of ourselves and allow them to do their thing, amazing things happen! Hugs! Alex


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