Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 19, 2013

The Bridge Has Been Built and Many ARE Crossing!


I spend most of my time looking at, understanding the individual shards of light and seeing how we, the earth as a whole is changing because the intricate parts within the whole are changing.  Every now and again, I expand my vision to the world stage itself for a broader view.  I don’t spend too long there, but every now and again, it is important to broaden the lens and really “see.”

I look at Syria, and how important what Syria is doing to its own people is right now, as the catalyst of choosing differently.  Change rarely happens when sunshine and roses prevail, so we must have something chaotic, down right awful (from the human perspective) take place, to push us into choice, into change, into action.  Then we have two life long antagonist’s (Russia and USA) with two radically different approaches to the big bully in the school yard.

Putin, I kinda like that guy.  He dares to not fit into a mold of “public image.”  Our media has a field day with his chest exposed life style.  We tend to hide ourselves within our clothing.  We create facades that we want others to see us as.  But when you are naked, even if just from the waste up, like many pictures of Putin, to me, it says, I have nothing to hide and I don’t care what you think.  To me, that’s says so much about his character than the starched and pressed image of DC, which includes Obama too.

Two vastly different approaches to the Bully of Syria… of course the US want to blow it up, because we have seen so well how violence against violence works so well.  And then you have good ole shirtless Putin saying, lets take their weapons from them.  What a radical thought.  Of course, I am sure Putin didn’t completely burn the bridges of the landscape, so his suggestions were heard and taken to heart… at least for now.  The USA doesn’t so much burn bridges, we blow them up then let them burn and call it all “sacrifices that must be made.”

A couple of days ago a wonderful soul put a video on my facebook wall that really made me see this huge transition we are in.  (Click here to watch video and read the full report) The first paragraph in this scientific sharing says a lot:

If you place 32 metronomes on a static object and set them rocking out of phase with one another, they will remain that way indefinitely. Place them on a movable surface, however, and something very interesting (and very mesmerizing) happens.

First of all, I look at the fact that they used 32 (3=action/communication and 2= duality, together they equal 5 CHANGE!)  When placed on a surface that is immovable, solid and dense, they are always in a state of chaos.  Such a representation of the old energy, the old world.  However, when they are on a surface that has give to it, is flexible… they sync up in harmony with each other.

The article goes on to say:

The metronomes in this video fall (click here to watch video) into the latter camp. Energy from the motion of one ticking metronome can affect the motion of every metronome around it, while the motion of every other metronome affects the motion of our original metronome right back. All this inter-metranome “communication” is facilitated by the board, which serves as an energetic intermediary between all the metronomes that rest upon its surface. The metronomes in this video (which are really just pendulums, or, if you want to get really technical, oscillators) are said to be “coupled.”

Of course, in my world, the only true “softener” the only thing that can truly create the flexibility that is needed for harmony is the connection to the soul, to our loving heart energy.  Only then do our approaches become life sustaining and lasting.  We begin to sync up with each others hearts and look for higher solutions.

This may seem like strange comparison, but hey, what am I if not strange (smile,) apples are firm, solid, dense, you have to dig deep into the apple to get to the seeds, to the core, a banana by contrast is soft, supple, spreadable even, the seeds easily exposed.  Apple’s also have a much longer shelf life than banana’s do.  Life gives us every opportunity to seek and consume the wisdom that is so readily available to us, but once we consume it, we must use it as we transform from the solid apple to the pliable banana that quickly turns to sugar if left out too long.

WE ARE CHANGING.  The world stage is proof of it.  Even when it looks contrary, its not, look deeper, not closer.

Even to that scale, I think about how much readings have changed in the last 11 years.  When I first started doing readings the two biggest concerns of people were money and relationships (love) and now, their true concern is the spiritual growth.  That’s huge really.  It is so reflective of first, we do not change over night, but we have changed,  Our focus is so different than it was a decade ago.

We ate the apple and have become banana’s.  That is (we are) one hellofa GMO!! (grin)

We are becoming the first fruits of the new earth.  The rooting system of spirit alive and flexible on earth, in earth, with earth.   We are witnessing the world stage at huge choice points, and we are witnessing the collective desire for peaceful resolutions.  I am so grateful when a cycle returns to give us new choices, someone dares to take off his shirt and find a better way thru the challenge of change.

We are witnessing and old energy world falling away and thru our internal effort to open to the soul of our life, we have built a bridge to the new and it is being used!

We can even bring this closer to home, the events that happened at the navy yard in DC, that man, the shooter, was such a perfect reflection of our political system.  Schizophrenic, paranoid, and armed to the hilt.  A messenger from the old dense world, begging for something to change.  I wonder how many in our political system will recognize themselves within him and then be brave enough to do something to change themselves as a political body.

I am frequently asked a question that has no absolute answer: “what is my purpose?”  Perhaps the answer is a broad stroke without absolutes.  Be the Divine change maker in any way you can.  Change yourself and your approach to life, the world around you changes with you, just like the metronome example above.  Do what you love, love what you do and thru it all, do no harm.

Life really is that simple, uncomplicated and allows for constant change and evolution for as long as we are not solid in our beliefs and views.

Together, we make a great fruit salad.  Funny, my first taste of this new fruit (life) was that of a Kiwi (wink).  Ohhh the memories that just warm our hearts and souls.

Well, this was my broad view for this year (smile) and today we usher in the Harvest moon and the incoming energies of the Equinox.   May your garden of Life overflow with the harvest of loving wisdom of your Soul!


Lisa Gawlas

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  5. Cheers to us all going (becoming) Bananas!


  6. As I got to the DC shooter commentary, ‘Suspicious Minds’ began to play in my inner jukebox. I’ve been reconnecting with the musical genius of The King this past week or so (went in to Outback Steakhouse & they were playing that song! Lol). Great song. Says it all! ❤Lisa❤


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  8. Lisa, what a wonerful post! I,m going to spend the harvest moon at the Grand Canyon, should be spectacular!


  9. Huge hugs Li li! I loved this overview and what I loved the most was my own evaluation of the past 12 years and I would say a little bit before that stepping onto the path and how the focus at first was simply to find happiness and at that point that meant improving my relationships and having more money! LOL My internal self has changed so dramatically but I will say this FEELS like the real me, while before I was simply trying to fit into the mold presented….Awesome!

    much love and blessed harvest moon and equinox to all and especially you! Alex


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  12. ‘We are becoming the first fruits of the new earth.’ And I thought it was plenty to be a ‘fruit’ of the Old Earth, LOL! Well, at least in New Earth, I shall be perceived as ‘tasty’ and ‘sweet’, instead of just ‘overripe’ or ‘rotten’!


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