Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 18, 2013

The Harvest Moon Gives Way to Ripened Fruit… namely… Banana’s!!


Wow, what a flipping diverse, confusing, exciting day yesterday was in the field.  My first beautiful man opened up in the back yard, the energy thick as night, with one lone star wayyyyyy up in the sky in the deep west.  His team was clear “the Dark night of the soul” with the Light to pull you thru.  I actually heard the nursery rhyme simultaneously with seeing the star: Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight.  Later in the day, a friend on facebook posted a sharing by  Andrew Fazekas  “Low in the southwest sky, the second planet from the Sun will be the first visible—as the brightest star-like object in the entire heavens.”  That was his star, the planet of Love, Higher Love.

But also significant from his sharing, the Equinox and the shift in our readings too:  Autumn equinox is at 4:44 pm ET on Sunday, September 22,  and officially marks the time of year we kick off the fall season in the northern hemisphere and the start of spring in the southern hemisphere.  The word equinox comes from Latin meaning “equal night” and refers to the 12 hour long day and night that occurs only on this particular day of the year.  It’s only on the spring and autumnal equinox that the Sun rises due east and sets due west.

The East and West are so equal that as we pass this moment, the two will become one large pool of combined energy… and then some!!

I had to think, how many of us have gone thru this intense, heart crushing, heart expanding night this month.  I didn’t even realize I did, until I seen him in his moment.

By the third connection of the day, I was going to the other side of the spectrum, a place I just couldn’t stop giggling thru.  About 5-10 minutes before I connected with this lovely lady, I started to get her visuals lined up in the front yard.  I was sure I was confused, because there she was, a 5 foot yellow banana standing upright in the center of her field.  I ignored the visual feeling my mind must be playing tricks on me.  Not!  I connected to her and doncha know there she is, a huge banana, now a quarter of the way peeled, and she even looks like a banana under the peel.  I just couldn’t stop laughing!!  What the hell you doing looking like a flipping banana??  I have no interpretation for a banana, not when it presents itself as YOU!!  But she wasn’t just a banana, whose fruit only became exposed in our connection (when I had pre-seen her, the banana was not peeled) she had a ton of these beautiful, intelligent sparkly lights all around her fruit and spread out thru her inner field.  I received a one word understanding to these little light beings…. “Sprites.”  Lots and lots of sprites.

Thru my own uncontrollable giggling I kept asking what the hell does a banana mean?  All I could get back was the word “potassium” alrighty then,  I took a trip in wikipedia land to some sort of understanding:  Potassium ions are necessary for the function of all living cells.  Potassium atoms have 19 electrons…

The number 19 stood out in my field of vision, so I simply told her to pay attention to the 19th, too boggled in her laughter creating imagery to connect the 19th of this month with the Full Harvest moon.

So I decided to turn around to see what was in the backyard imagery… what was her banana form creating for her next reality.  MORE FLIPPING BANANA’S.  There were 5 separate bananas all coming in from the “future” making their way to her center.  All of the incoming banana’s were green, still ripening as they make their way into her ripe world.  Her team did say that each of these “banana’s” represent a person coming into her life, they are going to seem unrelated to each other, until they are all together again.  A very powerful soul group energy coming together in a single spot in creation.

It took me close to all day to really understand why the hell she was a banana!  If the first fruits of the earth were apples and apples represent the wisdom from the tree of Life, Banana’s were the second fruit, grown in a very different climate, the tropics, where the moisture of emotion, the wisdom of the divine feminine was bountiful and gave birth to the outward expression of the Divine Masculine.  The fruit starts out green (heart energy) and when fully ripe, are yellow (soul energy.)  They have a thick yellow skin that is much easier to peel than an apple.  The fruit itself is easier to eat, soft and sweet.

The Harvest moon takes on a much deeper meaning today.  To access the seeds of wisdom, you must get into the core of the apple, the true seeds of wisdom made manifest that transmutes itself into a Banana.  Soul clusters working together to enliven the cells of the emerging new human and new earth together.

Had on been on my game instead of giggling thru my very patient ladys whole reading, I would have really understood my last reading for the day, but I was still giggling.  A new man on the field.  Ohhhh I LOVE a virgin man, they are so few and far between in my world.

He had the fullness of the east field represented in the front yard (new energy coming in) moving fully into him.  His body (thank god it was not a banana!!) was stretched across his inner field from east field to west field.  What I didn’t realize yesterday (but do today) was he actually had shoes on, the old black pat and leather kind of shoes.  It was his shoes that I could see, toes down to anchor him on the rim of this east field as his body stretched like gumby across to the west field, where I sat.  The new earth energy was pushing her heart center up thru him, enlivening every cell in his body with the new earth fullness.

He even asked me a question that should have taken my vision back to the fact he was wearing shoes, but I was still recovering from the banana image of the reading prior.  He mentioned that he spends a lot of time bringing in the energy of the sun into gaia, infusing her with the new energy.  My question is…. why?

The new earth is Here, we are standing and living upon her,  She is pristine, filled with vital, magical energies and so ready to release that to each of us.  But yet, our minds remember the old earth, the perception of being sick, toxic from mans abuse.  But even that earth is leaving.  Slowly, but surely.  Death is a process of Life.

When a new born baby arrives all bloody and mucusy, we do not look into the eyes of that baby and think… OMG your broken, let me fix you.  Instead, we love it, we put that baby to our hearts and press into its new energy.  We should be doing that with this new earth, our new earth body’s too.  Neither are broken.  We are now releasing our fullness to each other.  New earth, the apple of our eyes, new human, Banana’s… the potassium of the new earth.  Protected fully by our soul (the skin of the banana) as the old earth movers slowly but steady away from our moments (and she is taking the old energy with her.)  We expose the fruit of our soul when aligned to other banana’s.  To the clusters that grew and ripened on the palm tree of Life.  Ready to infuse the cells of life with the vital seed energy of pure wisdom and become loving spirits in biology as we become the fruit itself that fills the horn of plenty.

Reach for the stars, become that which you cannot see, and nourish the life that surrounds you with ALL that you ARE!!

This is going to be a very interesting final quarter of 2013!!  So glad we are doing it together!!

I love you soul much.  The fruit of my life, of my heart and soul.  Yummmmmmm!!


Lisa Gawlas

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  2. Lisa, that photo made me laugh so hard today…I don’t know where you come up with some of those photos.


    • Sheila I am so grateful to return the favor. The moment I seen that crazy banana in my search for art for the sharing, I couldn’t stop laughing just like yesterday. Gotta love some profound comic relief!! lol I love ya girl!! ((((HUGZ)))) that are banana flavored! 😀 ❤


  3. Hi Li li! I loved since it became available the dancing banana emoticon that you see posted on people’s web pages! When I read your message into my brain came the song…Hey mr. Talliman tally me banana, daylight come and me want go home!

    the new earth is indeed here, the new us…and sitting in deep gratitude for that and pressing Sophia-Gaia to my heart as well! Huge hugs! Alex


  4. Like

    • Thank you so much for sharing this particular video Jess, I laughed my ass off. I wanted to put Day-O in my closing, but didn’t have enough time as I had a reading within minutes. This clip (along with all of beetlejuice) is priceless!! ((((HUGZ))))


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