Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | September 21, 2013

We Are The Eye of the Hurricane!!


Ya feeling it??  To me if feels like a massive love fest coming in from every direction and parking right smack dab in the middle of my heart.  It was apparent the very moment I woke up on the 19th, where Harvest moon meets incoming equinox energy.  I woke up at exactly 4 am and felt like I was give a very personal gift.  I have been trying to wake up all week long at 4 but instead, this body would rise between 6 – 6:30 every day, pretty much ever since August started.  So on the 19th, moonbeams glowing thru my windows, I was able to do a slow stroll thru my morning sharing and I was grateful!  But something happened once it was published… something the entire day would bring that I was so unprepared (emotionally) for.  Engorged molecules of loving gratitude thru so many people.

Granted, I feel you every time you reply to my sharings or on my facebook or in email, but this particular day was very very different.  When I can feel you so deep I have to cry to release the overflow… that’s big.  You are big!!  You have indeed put your power suit on!!

Even the readings, my good lord, it was as if I was feeling the connections, feeling YOU,  in a whole new way.  I think the only two words I can accurately use to describe the inflow of energy is both expanded and concentrated at the same time.  Your love for me, overwhelming and I spent most of the time between connections, leaking the inflow of love, the pureness that was so evident in our connections Thursday, leaking out my eyes.

By the third or fourth connection of the day, all I could really ask my team was “what the hell is happening to me.”  It was as if the personal energy between us was greater than the soul energy unfolding in the connections.  Instantly, I was brought back to the new moon of this month, of being seeded with whatever the universe needed from me without even asking.  It was really a great shift in relationship.  Obviously, it took root to shift our relationships too.  What was once available thru the soul energy unfolding is now streaming straight from the heart of the coalesced heart.  Of course, coalesced is not my word, I had to go look it up to make sure it fit the sentence… and holy shit does it ever:

Coalesce: come together and form one mass or whole.
“the puddles had coalesced into shallow streams”

Let me tell ya, I FEEL YOU!!  YOU have changed!  You truly do embody the synergy of the new earth.  I have always felt privileged for your connections in my own heart field, but even that has been intensified.  Your beauty, determination and strength, fill me more than you can ever know.  You expand me in ways, nothing else on earth could.  Thank you (geez, those words seem to get smaller and smaller) for Being in Our Life!

I do want to share the last reading I had on the 19th (cuz the my team shut me down yesterday to “assimilate” pesky).  I have been asking the field to please not let anyone else show up as a banana, I cannot stop giggling thru the imagery.  Until that moment, they obliged.

This lady who culminated my day on the 19th… talk about a source of strength and love.   Earlier in this year, everything was taken from her life.  Her home, belongings, even her vehicles were burned by one of the large wildfires in Colorado.  Even tho she was shocked from such a sudden ending in her life, hope didn’t burn up with her stuff.  She found a way to let it all go, the earthly stuff that is, and strengthen what really matters in life.  Her love, her hope, her gratitude.  So in this profound moment of Full moon, equinox energy, I was not very surprised to see her as a large, strong, seedy banana in the middle of her heart center.  What did surprise me tho, was that she was “peeled” in four directions.  Her covering (banana peels) were laying on the ground, stretched out in the 4 directions.

I realized (well, took me to today to fully realize this) that those perfectly laid out peels of soul energy has a very powerful purpose.  They gather energy from the 4 directions, the 4 seasons if you will, and bring that energy deep into the soft body of the new form I see as a banana and brings it to creation.

When I turned from the front yard to the back yard to see the rest of her story, dammit if there wasn’t a black out happening.  Considering this energy is new and we are barely adjusted to its fullness, the universe has got to wait til we are “centered” in it or we could blow things up (smile.)  She is ready for a partner and found some wonderful potentials out there in her life.  She can feel the attraction, then gets a bit scared of it, releases it, then wonders where that attraction went to….  we are shifting it all and the feeling within us are our own… but on steroids!!  Intense highs as we really allow our hearts to be open and fully connect… and sometimes, even the retreat as we feel to big for our shoes and overwhelmed and maybe even a little worried that it may just not work out the way we hoped.  Not a problem, we will burn off the residual energy that keeps us from stepping to the whole dream made real.

We are the eye of the hurricane and changing the land mass as we emerge!!  The calm center when everything else is being wind blown and drenched.  Rearranging Landmass, streams of love, connecting what has never been connected before!!

October is going to give us our first huge glimpse of what it means to “live the dream!”

((((HUGZ)))) of DeLight and Joy to everyone!!

Lisa Gawlas

October Special Now Posted and available!!







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  3. Hi Lisa,
    It has been a long time that I wrote something on your blog. I read your posts on and off when I have the time, because since some months, a floodgate opened and I have been trying to surf these waves (with occasionally fall downs) So much happened inside of me that I hardly can keep up. Since months I also do a daily meditation with others all over the world, even in China with over then 500 people, who join in this crystal connection meditation with amazing results, like we are reading each others visions.
    Thanks again for sharing these amazing stories, it is certain something is happening.

    Happy solstice my sister,
    Love Lisa


  4. “being seeded with whatever the universe needed from me without even asking” = surrendering your will to The Divine/God…little i to Big I 🙂
    Pure Love devotion! I tried to find a short clip on the wedding dance scene from What the Bleep (sigh) – I was reminded of the dancing neurotransmitters lol. My internal Love/Joy “water buddy” was dancing at 3am too!
    The best answer Spirit ever gave me (& immediate lol) to that question “what the hell is happening to me?” came from an Elvis song:
    Well bless my soul
    what’s wrong with me
    I’m itchin’ like a man
    On a fuzzy tree
    My friends say I’m acting
    Wild as a bug
    I’m in love
    I’m all shook up

    ❤U lisa❤


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  6. LOL let’s see if this posts–third times a charm-loving you Li li and feeling this intensely! WE are absolutely rocking this! 🙂 Alex


  7. Hi,Lisa!
    Some friends and I have been talking about experiencing what you are describing in your blog here. I have been calling it meeting on soul level. Where you feel this overwhelming sense of pure love for the person. I love you seems to be the appropriate thing to say to anyone passing on the street. I felt the connection in my chest when I read your post. Namaste.


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