Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 21, 2013

The Melting of the Reality Construct’s Fuels the Turbine Engine called YOUR Life!!

melting reality

It is rare that I actually dream on any given night, well at least dream and keep the memory of it.  So I have got to really pay attention when I have the same dream two nights in a row!  I woke up again this morning being taught how to harness that energy… that energy I call frustration, only without being frustrated.  We must have been working hard because I woke up with a doozy of a headache!!

Yesterday, while writing my blog within my own silence, I felt sooo great.  I didn’t cough prit near all morning and that was a reason to celebrate alone.  That is, until I attempted my first reading of the day.  The moment I tried to use my voice, my lungs and throat threw a hissy fit and launched me repeatedly into coughing jigs.  But with the intense coughing I realize my lat’s hurt sooooo bad (the muscles on the sides of the body) as if they were severely overworked.  I didn’t have this discomfort the day before.

I so wanted to do my readings… so I pushed thru anywayz.  The moment I started to crank out my antenna, while still in my kitchen on to the left side of my view  there was an intense strobe light affect happening.  I vaguely remembered something like this happening inside of my own meditations last month.  I did find the post that I wrote about that and really, all that is taking place now… here.

Altho I could not see another thing and due to the fact I was consistently hacking up a lung thru trying to talk I think our beautiful lady gave us a large glimpse of what is happening to many of us.  We are breaking thru yet another layer of the veil… but this time, beyond meditation.  My kitchen represents my inner heart field, my passionate place of created reality.  The fact that her strobe light effect was on the left side amplifies this change is happening in our physical lives, the part we live within from our heart center.  (Just to be clear on what that means, when I go to walmart or anywhere outside of my home and landscape, that part is what I call the outer life field.)

She was going to be the last peek we got into the field yesterday.  I did try my 2nd appointment and it hurt my head so bad, like an ice pic on the left side of my brain.  When spirit wants me down, they pull out all they can to sit me in my own silence!!

So, I ran to the mailbox after I hung up with her.  When I stepped outside I was suddenly hit with the rest of the boot camp style dream in learning how to harness that energy of authority within…  in the dream, I heard my landladys truck pull in.  My landlady has been out-of-town for a week and I had no idea when she would return.  Obviously spirit did and wanted to give us a bigger validation that yes, we were together and practicing this.

My mailbox is about a half mile up the road… on my way there (in my car) the energy of the guardians were very present on my drive.  The first two months that I lived here, they consistently tossed me bible quotes daily and then giving me the true meaning of what it all really meant.  I so wish I wrote a blog about it and was going to several times.  But I know how people love their bible stories and I didn’t want to create any wakes in that river for folks.  So I didn’t write, except for “The Passion of the Christ” and it was as if I had no choice.  If I am going to live here in Guardian territory (smile) I am going to be responsible for sharing the truth of our very tainted history and how we connect and channel Beings that are really ourSelfs.

They (the guardians) also showed what was really happening inside me (our) bodies.  Things are indeed changing from the inside out, which is going to have a deep effect on the walls of the chamber (the external body as well.)  Imagine that the fuel of our life, our very breath itself is under going a massive change from lets just say regular car gas to atomic energy.  The molecular structure of the body MUST change with it to be able to harness and use this new high intensity fuel of creation.

Given that view, I was ok with yet another day of rescheduling (not that I have very much choice in the matter, but I can choose how I feel about it.)  So I decided, if I cannot read for others and am in a spiritually imposed silence, might as well take a bath!!

It was very strange in there let me tell you.  I think the only word I can use to describe the energy in my meditation… distant.  Of course I called on Jorge, since he is the part of me that is completely on the freedom side of the veil (smile)… I have questions that need answers!!  He never got very close energetically.  Even his energy was so different.  Distant.  Visually he looked like well… a person.  When I see people who have crossed over but were human, they have a very distinct energy field to their body… Jorge was feeling a lot like that.  I eventually understood what was happening.

Things are moving out of my tub and demanding I work these energies in my created life.  Jorge is ready to become REAL.  But I was told in no uncertain terms, I have done as much work in my bathtub as I could.  Now it is time to take what I am able to do in meditation, and do it in my constructed reality.

I feel like I just entered kindergarten again.

First of all, my entire reality construct changed instantly in a matter of one blog (yesterdays.)  I know spirit has been telling others that their reality is about to change… I was sure that didn’t apply to me!  How much more change can there be in my world!!??

I was walked backwards in my life’s journey, well, this spiritual life’s journey.  One of the first figures that ever appeared to me outside of my spiritual guides Jill and Ramus was the one I refer to as The Blessed Mother.  Back then, I was very much entrenched in my Catholic upbringing.  Little did I realize the reason my own soul, my Divine Female took on the energy of the Blessed Mother was because I really needed a mother figure to help me thru the hardest part of my healing journey.  A mother figure I could trust completely.

One of the first things she told me back in early 2001, was to “lay down all your beliefs so you can be filled with the truth of spirit.”  That is not as easy as it seems.  Three days of agony trying to understand how to do that… I begged her for help.  I will never forget how she helped me.  With what I can only call a huge gutting knife, she sliced my body open from pelvis to sternum… and OMG the black that billowed out.  I left that tub, that moment in time… forever changed.  More lost than anything.  Without a gut full of beliefs, there is very little orientation to life itself.

She showed up periodically over the next year or so.  The last time she showed up is also forever etched in my heart and memory.  It is the story I have shared so many times now… when she told me that “My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon.”    I am not going to share that story here, if you want to read it in its entirety, just click here.

It was the end of that meditation experience that always left me wondering…  when I asked her what her soul name was is when everything changed.  Again, if you want to know the whole story, click the link above.

The energy, the song of the universe came thru in “aaahhhhhhhhhh”  and when I read “Proof of Heaven” and Eben Alexander met “god” and he sounded like “oommmm” I was really starting to feel the whole picture.  God, the divine masculine if you will… is held in the energy of “oommmmm” the energy of the divine female is in the energy of “aahhhhh.”  Even with that understanding… I still thought the blessed mother was real… the bible story version of her, well, kinda sorta.

Well, that is until yesterday.  And it all started to make so much more sense.

And so, that naturally lead me on a path of asking about all those meditations I had with the one who refered to himself as Sananda… and even the scroll journey that was sooo real.  And it was!

Sananda never once referred to himself as Jesus.  He allowed me that association, because in my own emerging life I needed that to house and store what was given to me thru our meditations together.  I trusted that.  Spirit could care less if you think it is Willie Nelson… the only thing that matters from spirits side is that you trust in what is being given to you.  I trusted it all with my life.

And today, I realize Sananda is a group energy.  Many of us who have spent eternity on earth are very much part of that group soul.  Many of us lived very similar lives as the man we know as Jesus or Mary or the Blessed Mother.  But in fact, the singular story itself… as we are lead to believe it… utterly false.

All those channeling any version of those “people” are tapping into their own higher memory, their own incarnation that resonates with what we have come to beLIEve as true and make it someone elses energy.

Which makes soooo much sense to me today.  Every single soul on this earth, on the other side of the veil  has what is known as an energy signature.  I have read many different channelings from those who claim to be channeling “sandanda, or his mom or Mary M and not once have I felt the energy signature I was so familiar with in meditations.  Now I so understand why!!

It has always been us connecting to our own Self… our own incarnations (for those who remember what really took place during the incarnations.)

My wiring went thru another melt down yesterday.  It was almost sad really.  Like the friend you always thought you had, was never really that at all… it was always yourself.

But I also realize fully this morning… in order to fully and completely harness the energy that I will just call our inner atomic power… we have to let it all go.  Unless you still need the illusion… then, your time will come when you are ready.  Took me 12 years to finally release the fragments I so needed to get to here.

And like the day I got out of the tub after being gutted like a fish… I feel more lost than found today, obviously in a very different way.

I have mastered the bathtub (smile) and now… to become the master of Life itself, unlimited  unrestricted, and getting that beautiful Jorge into skin and bones!!

let the Noble Turbine Chambers Begin!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of loving Bliss to ALL!!  You just rock my world!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I just got off the phone with my first reading today… and spirit is quite pesky.  They only allowed us to see a “single frame” but what we seen was exciting.  For those who have done the inner work, there is a full one energy alignment that is the fullness of this whole year (2013) and we will be exploding into “change” and a full expansion.  That is what spirit said… but of course, no details of what, how and where… yet.   And yes, talking still hurts!!  But who cares, I wanna see!! lol







  1. Lisa, I had an experience yesterday which I am sharing here because it is right in line with what you are speaking of. SOMETHING is about to happen, IS happening, or I don’t know where my nose is on my face!

    Yesterday while at the gym, I accidentally (HA! No accidents!) saw a man I have known for many years, but have not seen in over 5 years. There was always this “pull” towards him, but really no interest. Anyways, I was on the way to the ladies’ room to put my sweatshirt in my locker…..I was “too hot” to wear it.

    Well, in seeing this man, I internally combusted. I mean literally combusted into a Being feeling Perfect Power, Perfect Health, Perfect everything to the point I know I glowed. I didn’t SEE myself glowing, but man did I ever FEEL like I did. It was as though a key fit into a lock and a door opened and there I stood in my Full Power, in my FULL Glory.

    I floated into the ladies’ room. Did I put my sweatshirt away? yeah…..but no memory of it. With grin on my face and feeling like a BILLION BUCKS BABY, I continued my workout (hazy here but I know I did 40 pound curls! OMG! ME????) and then found myself on the floor doing crunches. The haze was wearing off. I even looked earlier into the mirror to see if I was glowing, and nope, no difference.

    At first all I wanted was to be near this man. Let me be reeeeeeallly clear on this……THIS was NOT sexual. Not in the least. This involved my entire body, my every cell, waking up, screaming with JOY and LIFE, making me feel ME for the first time since I have walked this earth! OMG! OMG…….

    Then, in calming down, nope, no I didn’t want to be near this man. So what the heck just happened? I think I was privileged to get a glimpse of a preview of what is to come, because right after this happened, more of the dis-empowered dark showed up for me to send packing. We must be in the home stretch for something like this to happen, and to encourage me it is ALMOST OVER! OH OH OH! For this to be almost OVER, Lisa, brings me such JOY JOY JOY!

    Would LOVE to hear your “take” on what happened! (((HUGS)))


  2. […]  / link to original article […]


  3. Dear Lisa, thank you for adding to my transformation.Moving out of the Catholic foundation……that is a deep one. I knew this with channeling quite awhile ago when my higher self made me aware it was all aspects of me coming through for expression. That my way of understanding an energy and clothing it in a form of an ascended master or angel was limited. I could hear the laughter saying that is how you need it to be to be comfortable. Opening up to greater knowing and allowing the old foundations to crumble. I so love the experience of eternityeagle above! Realizing it is not related to another but rather something internal happening, perhaps sparked by another as codes are exchanged and activated. This is getting more fun by the day!! Open for miracles and magic


  4. Well, well, well, after the chat yesterday I tried a few things out and it put me in an Entirely different place–spirit fever all freaking night and didnt close my mind off until 6 in the freaking morning! Loads of stuff coming through which i will organize and share but I will say this, which I find interesting. I too grew up catholic and when I removed myself from those teachings and followed my truth, the only entity I took with me was the blessed mother-I even rewrote the hail mary so it felt better to me and shared it with my daughters. I completely felt her energy as a mother without judgement and one I could trust because I certainly did not feel that way about my mother. things you shared yesterday hit me like bricks because my mother gave up her first daughter to adoption and I felt from birth that I was never going to replace that lost baby. It took years and our sister finding us and me understanding that this is part of the soul journey and placing myself into her energies and emotions for me to understand it was all perfect. I also felt for a long time around in the soup of channels and it came through clearly to me that all I needed was my own higher guidance. When I got that, I was able to flow much better for Me. Thanks again Li li for your sharing and your catalyzing knowing for us all! You rock! 🙂 Alex p.s. hi Enerieeagle! I recognize you from Aisha’s! Glad you are here and what a blessed experience you had!


    • Thank you, Alex. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lisa’s “thoughts and experiences”! Today has been a heavy hitter day with muck oozing out all over the place. I probably was given a “preview of what is to come” to get me through this letting all loose. Holy Moly! I am clinging to the “feeling” of the “glow” I experienced all day today as I walked through land mines. This computer has been a real “God send” for me today.


  5. “But I was told in no uncertain terms, I have done as much work in my bathtub as I could.”

    A really good choice – let it happen in real life.


  6. Hi Lisa, As someone who was raised in a strict Greek Orthodox environment I know exactly what separation from that illusion entails. As i became more disillusioned with that belief system, I knew I had to make some decisions about what was real to me. I started on a journey of reading about other belief systems (religions) and saw some similarities, but in the end the greatest similarity was in it’s restrictions and limitations. Don’t get me wrong I still believed in Jesus and Mother Mary (having had two live visitations from them both as a child. There was a comfort in knowing that they cared and protected me. As I got older I felt more and more that I had the true answers within my own being. Meditation helped in inner connecting, but I still felt I’m not quite there. Then 2012 happened and everything started accelerating. Yikes!!! Now with all the movements going on in my body, there is no doubt that “WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR” as the Hopi have said.. I have been in a process of “Uncreating” all that no longer fits (old energy) , either thru transmuting or just not putting attention to it. This info that you gave us makes perfect sense. In the end, it’s all God, Spirit, Source however you want to phrase it, which means in every sense of the word “We are all One”. That’s my take on it, right now, anyway, until something else makes even more sense…it’s just so great that one person’s awakening will result in all people awakening. (the pieces of the big picture (puzzle) is coming together and we are all contributing to it. Bless you Lisa for giving us a really large piece!

    Love ya, Elaine


  7. @eternityeagle: WOW, amazing experience … thank you for sharing! 🙂 And I agree, SOMETHING is afoot … I can feel the energy building in my system, maybe not as dramatically as you did, but WAY more than usual … can’t wait to see what will happen next!

    @oystergirl: Here’s seven hail marys for you … enjoy! 🙂


  8. Hi Lisa,
    Connecting with you here today instead of at Fb, just about every second word for me this morning was life, I seemed to have experienced more life today than I have for awhile.
    I felt the change so strong this morning too, love has definately taken over in a big way and this is what we finally get to live bigtime now I feel too, YEAH!
    Love Maggie


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