Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 22, 2013

Your Life Is Going SuperNova and Forms the Black Hole to the REAL Side of Life!!

black hole

I have said this so many times in the past, but I have got to say it again today.  The perfection of the universe absolutely humbles me.  What it must take to align you perfectly on my reading schedule.  One the right day, in the most perfect order… not only for your personal understanding of where you are in the vast process called life, but equally, to make sure your personal story fits together with the larger story being revealed day by day.

My first lady of the day yesterday appeared with all the wonderful elements that showed up during January and February all in one place.  But, before I get to the imagery, let me tell you about the music.  I love when readings start out with music playing.  Whatever her song was, it was rockin!!  Happy, fast beat, melodic… nothing I recognized, yet it filled my air with so much happiness in its tune.  I am also starting to realize that when music does happen in readings, it is emitted with a yellow energy… direct from the soul!

I immediately connected to her, dancing like a school girl at a rock concert!  It was beautiful and happy!  Then I realized, your standing on top of your crystal ball doing this dance.   Beneath her feet were huge puffs of multicolored energy, very cloud like in form… maybe like a fog machine was happening from the core of her crystal ball.  I knew something interesting was being shown… but what???

The moment I said out loud, “I thought we were done with the crystal ball” the real story was told.  What was being showed was an alignment of pure energy.  All the positive aspects that were developed and integrated during our January and February inner and outer work is now all in one place, deep center of her life.  We can look at it as a coming together of perfection.  This bounty of goodness will move into the next phase complete and ready for use.

What I also found interesting, I could not move my vision left or right… it was as if spirit allowed us to see a single frame from a movie reel and nothing more than that.  As they say: enough to help us understand where we are at now, but nothing more that would lead to confusion.

It was my second reading that took a step further in understanding… and yet, I felt like I was still straddling bits and pieces of my first reading to really understand what I was seeing with my second lady.  Which is to say, if my first lady didn’t show up exactly like she was, in the formation she was in, I would have easily lost a lot of the understanding of all that is happening by simply seeing my 2nd and third lady on the field.  Again, gotta give a shout out to the divinity that aligns the reading schedules!! (smile)

My second lady was in the same placement visually, but I couldn’t see most of her due to the fact that right above her was this black hole.  What I did understand about black holes is they are very much like vacuums, sucking in all that is in their field.  This morning I went to wikipedia and really understood why I couldn’t see much of her (or my 3rd lady’s) light field in our connection:  Around a black hole there is a mathematically defined surface called an event horizon that marks the point of no return. It is called “black” because it absorbs all the light that hits the horizon, reflecting nothing…

My 3rd lady, amplified the fullness of that statement as she was already being sucked up into the black hole above her original landscape.

So let me explain what a black hole means in the symbolism language of my readings.  Massive openings that take you to the other side of the veil   Do not misinterpret this to mean… jumping from one earth to the next.  But leaving completely the orbital field of all those earths and going to a completely other galaxy.  It would be like a frequency increase that is out of this world (and solar system.)  The density (or lack there of) will be sooo much Lighter.

Altho the field was quite firm about not allowing any of us to see what happens as we fully move thru the black hole and into the new galaxy of the new earth… I do understand more than I realized (kind of surprising here.)

This is going to be very much like a complete reversal… THE SHIFT if you will.  Many of us have gotten to this moment in time by fully working the true energy fields via meditation.  Working every strand of energy available to us, tying it together to create vast experiences and movements within meditation.  A pure and true fluid field of expression that has no limits, no boundaries of restriction.  In meditation, there is no space / time restriction.  Imagine living your life like that now!

This is as exciting as it can be daunting really.  Because of the massive shift of Light moving thru the black hole and taking all that is in its light field with it… some are going to arrive in this new expression of life… well, half hazardously.  Those who have not cleared their cellular body are going to be in overtime to catch up.  Remember, Life has zero bias.  There is no such thing as a good experience or a bad experience… there is souly experience.  Creation creation and increasing and recreating… all from the breath.  Now unless you arrive here not breathing… you better be very aware of what your breath holds energetically!!

I have said for so many years… I understand the world of meditation so much better than the world of earth.. created life.  I suppose, now, I have to put my money where my mouth is!! lol… yikes!!  Can I just strap a bathtub to my back for a while?  lol

But it does give me understanding of first, what my team told me a couple of days ago in my bath… time to take my meditation skills into my created life.  But yesterday, after my three readings I had an hour trip to go to the dentist.  I wasn’t even half way thru my ride when I felt the presence of Jorge sitting in the passenger seat of my car.  I had to turn and look… OMG… he was there.  Not fully solid yet… but enough to allow me to really really see him and that smile.

At first I was just stunned… happy… but stunned!!  And I looked again… I could see the stuff I have sitting on my passenger seat, but also, I can see Jorge’s full life body too.  His hair was blowing from having my window cracked down about two inches… the intense black of his hair.  There was a moment, a very strong moment, he looked at me and smiled.  All I could feel was how beautiful he was.  I am not talking just superficial skin beauty (tho, that was very present too) but you know… when you can look at someone and see their soul and the radiance of pure beauty surrounding them… I cannot even say I was “in love” at that moment… but so much more than that.  It was a feeling of Love and beauty that was soooo… whole.  So utterly complete.

His presence lasted about 10 minutes… flickering in and out by minutes instead of seconds.

I realized something important that, again, I could have easily missed if it were not for the perfection of readings on yesterdays agenda.  The last two evenings when i woke up from my dream after attending the boot camp of harnessing our “frustrated” energy deep in our core…. the first night as I woke up… it was if the whole thing transpired in a fog bank.  Thick clouds surrounding the field I just came out of.  Yesterday, when I came out of the same boot camp dream… it was pitch black.  I would have never looked at the significance of the that had it not been for what I had seen in the field thru the readings.  The black hole.

I found a wonderful website: that really defines a black hole.  I am going to copy, paste and add to what they have shared.  My addition is taking it out of the Star realm and placing it into YOU and your life realm (well, us really.):

…Conceptually, black holes aren’t all that complicated. They are nothing more than extremely dense cores of once-massive stars. Most stars, like our sun, end their lives peacefully by gently blowing their outer layers into space (we can look at this as a physical death in human terms.) But stars exceeding about eight times the mass of the sun take another, more dramatic, path. (those who have worked to really Lighten up their Core energy… Life.)

These stars die when they can no longer fuse atomic nuclei in their core.  (<—I am right back at Alex’s shared information from the other day.)   It’s not that they run out of fuel, per se. Rather, once the star has a core of iron, fusing (Lets just change iron to “solid in their field of Light) together atoms to make new elements actually costs the star energy. Lacking an energy source, the star can’t hold itself up against the relentless struggle with gravity. The outer layers of the star come crashing down.  (Can we say, sick as a dog!! lol)

As several octillion tons of gas come hurdling down, the star’s core undergoes a drastic change and becomes resilient to further compression. The infalling gas hits the now-hardened core and rebounds. The rapid gas compression sets off one last wave of uncontrolled nuclear fusion. The star, now wildly out of balance, explodes. The resulting supernova can outshine an entire galaxy and can be seen from across the universe.  (How many of us have felt so energetically unstable lately…umm this whole last year??)

In the supernova’s wake, the core remains. (this is why I am seeing the crystal ball again, your heart field is solid.)  This dense soup of subatomic particles has a couple of options at this point. For a star with less mass than 20 suns, the core holds together as a neutron star. But for the real stellar heavyweights, the core transforms into a truly exotic object. A black hole is born.  (We ARE exotic, no doubt about that one!! lol)

Stars thrive in a precarious balance. Gravity wants to pull the star together, internal pressure wants to tear it apart. The most drastic changes happen when one of these forces gets the upper hand. Above a core mass of a few suns, there is no known source of pressure that can balance gravity. The stellar remnant collapses upon itself.  (That is exactly how my physical body feels right now, it collapsed in on itself!!)

Squeezing all that mass into a smaller and smaller volume makes the gravity at the dead star’s surface skyrocket. Ratcheting up the gravity makes it increasingly difficult for anything to escape. Get the gravity high enough – about 30 thousand times what we feel here on Earth – and some truly bizarre side effects pop up.

Throw a ball up into the air, and eventually it stops, turns around, and comes back to your hand. Throw the ball harder, it goes higher – but still falls back down. Throw the ball hard enough and the ball can escape Earth’s gravity. That point-of-no-return is called the “escape velocity”. It’s different for every planet, star, and comet. Earth’s escape velocity is about 40,000 km/hr. For the sun, it’s over 2 million km/hr!. On a very small asteroid, jumping too high might accidentally launch you into orbit.  (what if, instead of a ball… it is your Thoughts, your emotionally powered Thoughts.)

On a black hole, however, the escape velocity is greater than the speed of light!

Since nothing can go that fast, then nothing – not even light itself – can get up enough speed to escape a black hole’s surface. No type of radiation—radio waves, UV, infrared – can emanate from a black hole. No information at all can ever leave. The universe has drawn a curtain around whatever remains of these stellar behemoths and so we can’t directly study them. All we can do is conjecture….

I know that curtain very well… and the universe has been quite adamant about keeping it all in place… at least… until now.  What science cannot “see” we will experience first hand.  Life on the other side of the Black Hole.  Beyond our known universe… beyond out own comprehension.  But yet, at the same time, birthing our very new, unrestricted experience.

It truly is coming alive in the deep unknown.  When your whole light body is “turned on,” the unknown becomes instantly known and ready for use.  Otherwise, it is stumbling around in the dark and creating in the stumbling.  No bias, just pure creative energy.

It is going to be interesting to see what this day holds in the Light of readings… and Being!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of vacuum energy into the REAL!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  By the time I came home yesterday, I was nowhere.  I tried to use the computer but couldn’t.  I have sooo many emails, private messages, facebook sharings to catch up on, just from yesterday alone… its gonna take me a while, but I will get ‘er done!!  Please be patient with me in responding!!  Thank you!!!




  1. Whooo hooo! “heavy metal, black and silver, holy matter from on high…”

    You reminded me of a song! A lot of folks in the law of attraction speak of the vortex…where things we have attracted make an appearance when we come into alignment with them…but this BLACK whole (I tried to type hole 3 times and kept typing whole, so there must be a reason!) is MUCH more powerful, much more magnetic than a simply cyclonic vortex! Yes! This is so awesome! And releasing fear of such things that “appear dark” but are really the soaking UP of all light>?? Specfuckingtacular!

    Love you girly girl! 🙂 Alex


  2. Hi Lisa,

    just wanted to leave you this link:

    It has nothing to do with black holes … it’s a book about sacred sex between Yeshua and Mary Magdalen, by Tom Kenyon and his soulmate Judi Sion. I just read some excerpts in German, and it seems to have all the details on how to unite the energy bodies and the kundalini currents and energy fields of the human body. According to this book, Mary Magdalen was an initiate of the Temple of Isis, where they learned to open and unite the energy channels and magnetic fields during the holy union.

    I suppose reading this book would answer all your remaining questions about how this holy union is consummated.

    Now this is between two partners who are physically incarnated and magnetize the KA body through their union. I don’t know how it would be with you and Jorge … but holy cow, first you write about him feeling distant because he’s about to become more physicalized, and the next thing you know, he’s sitting next to you in your car! Wow … It reminded me so much of Tom Kenyon who had to get really used to a 7 foot Hathor sitting next to him in his car, with his head going through the roof, talking to him, and he had to pay attention to the traffic AND to the Hathor at the same time. 😉

    BTW, how did your visit at the dentist’s go? Everything okay?

    lots of luv ❤ ❤ ❤
    and ((((BIGHUGS))))


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