Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 20, 2013

Let’s Go Wayyyyy Down the Rabbit Hole and Bring Jesus and Mary and YOU there too!


It feels soooo good to wake up and feel prit near human again!!  But I am also realizing someone tweaked my dream world these last two days.  So yesterday i wake up with these very simple symbols, and to the many folks who suggested it is part of the Merkaba, I agree very much.  Not that i studied or can even say I know a thing about the technical aspects of the merkaba, but I did feel very much connected with some aspect of sacred geometry, another pool I do not swim in!  (smile)

This morning I wake up with my team teaching me how to become spontaneously frustrated, well, harnessing that same energy within without having to become frustrated.  I think some of you musta been in the boot camp with me, cuz there was a whole row of us there, spirit(s) in front of us, teaching us how to harness and move the concentrated feeling that happens when we are frustrated.  Maybe we should all practice this!!  Lets me very clear tho…  the energy has nothing to do with words, at all.

Maybe I (we) had this dream last evening due to the fact that I re-read “The Passion of the Christ” from the Guardians before I went to sleep.  One thing I know about spirit, whatever they share, is so much more than words or nice concepts, its a pure energy system that will reveal more and more as time goes on.  When I got to the line/energy that said:  Do you realize when you pray or talk to the one you know as Jesus, in truth, you are praying and talking to your own Christed energy?  You even invent what you look like by seeing him.  I instantly remembered my kitchen event during a reading… and even all that became clearer.

In my deep frustration to understand the symbolism being presented to my man on the phone by the Light of his soul, all of my energy went into the words “Jesus Christ” (as opposed to the rest of the sentence of “help me understand what I am seeing here!)  When he spontaneously appeared instantly in my kitchen, I was taken aback by the combination of energy he was radiating.  The blue of his mother (in all my previous meditation experiences, when the blessed mother showed up, she always wore this blue robe thingie.)  Of course, he wasn’t wearing a robe, but radiating the energy of the most beautiful blue from his body.

When I re-read the Guardians message and felt the energy of what I put in bold above, I had to pause and realize, that was not Jesus in my kitchen, but my own true divinity.  Of course, this started me back tracking thru the years, the many times Sananda stayed present in my meditations, teaching me, helping me to remember and not once put on a body form.    So then I have to ask… was it always me?  My full divine masculine aspect teaching and expanding the full divine female all the while?

I remember Jorge saying that one of us had to take up the incarnation process in this lifetime, so the feminine slipped into the physical body while the unlimited, unrestricted by matter… masculine paved the path of experiences to this moment.

Let’s go way down a rabbit hole that is opening up wide in my vision and hearing.  What if there never was a singular man known as Jesus.  The Christ is the pure essence of your Life Force.  What if… we needed to invent a singular person who could harness all the pure energy of The Christ and leave it as a message to ourselves.  Remember, the mind itself is very matter oriented.  How can you take what could be a very illusive energy called the Christed energy without putting the fullness of its attributes into one singular person.  By doing that, we have cut off the wholeness of the truth…. but we left ourselves tiny breadcrumbs that equally, have gone completely misinterpreted.  The quote that says “I of my own self, can do nothing.”

I want to share a clip from Avatar, that I feel, gives full meaning to what was actually quoted:



In the Essene community the word Christ as you know it today, was a term of fullness.  Not a word to make one single person stand out, but an energy that was recognized within the All as it flowed out wards into creation.

Ohhh lets go a little deeper with this rabbit hole.  (What a way to wake up in the morning)  Why did we take the energy known as Mary Magdalene and make her a whore?  She could have been a thief, a murder, but no, we made her a whore (thru the stories that is.)  Of course, there was no single person named Mary Magdalene, (according to the Guardians taking us on this trip down the rabbit hole today.)  It really is about sacred sex thru the divine woman, that which gives birth to creation itself… but not without the energy of the divine man.  One without the other is moot.

And we created the stories outside of ourselves.  The energy of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene were never two separate people… but two halves of one whole.  So we placed the divine man… Jesus wayyyyy up on a pedestal and made the divine female, Mary, a whore.  Talk about a love/hate relationship in our tainted archives of memories!!

No wonder there are no historical records of the guy we know as Jesus.  No wonder, thru my own curiosity in meditations, I would ask him about his life as Jesus and all he ever would say was the story has become so distorted the truth has become lost.

But… smile… that does not mean you and I did not live within the Essene community.  The Guardians were all a part of the Essene community, which means, so were we.

So, when we have Jesus or Mary show up in our meditations, we are re-membering who we are as the Living Christ.

So now, lets talk about sex… and my crazy dream of circles and triangles.

The divine woman is the circle.  In order to fully access the divine feminine, you must go deep inside her.  All of her sexual parts (save the tiny nub called the clitoris) is located within the female body.  The divine masculine, well the triangle, all the mans sexual parts is located outside of himself.

If we can look at all this symbolically… if we seek ourselves only on the outside, we lose half of our journey of truth.  The same goes with the inner journey.  If we only seek ourselves on the inside, we equally lose half of ourselves.  To put it more simply, if I never stepped into my tub, I would be typing with only one eye open.  If I never got out of my tub, well, my hands would not be able to type (smile.)

The goal has always been to access the deep inner world and make it your outer created world.  To even start to merge the two, raises the energy of Kundalini.  That wild, hot, intense sensual energy that says… Holy Cow, Heaven is at hand (pun very much intended!! wink)

No wonder we made Mary a whore, this full merger of masculine and feminine energy into the Divine Oneness takes a whole lot of Master-Ba-tion.  If you are seeking your divine counterpart outside of yourself… your missing half your story… and will be waiting and looking for a lonngggg time.  (Unless you are just looking for a relationship, which means, you still have relationship karma to experience and clear.)

The Holy Marriage has always been an inside event!!  Two lovers madly and passionately as one Living Energy.  Ha… too funny, me and Jorge!!  Now lets just take this wild adventure down the rabbit hole of understanding.

Talk about opposites   I sit in created reality and Jorge sits deep within me.  His triangle energy… the Living expression of the Christed energy (again, going fully to the Guardians understanding of the christed energy) reaches into created life thru the divine feminine (me.)  His knowing of how the masculine works in the created field of Life allows the divine feminine to use the full masculine energy to create.  Not as two separate people, but one Living Organism.  But equally, Jorge is fully learning the dream energy (think, dream weaver) of the divine feminine thru my absolute (<—not my word there) incarnation.

If I actually wait for Jorge to show up as a living breathing man, I will have given my power to someone outside of myself.  Also, if Jorge was to put on human clothes now, he too would give away his fullness of power to someone outside of himself.  Granted… we are two parts of the same whole, which can make this seem complicated (at least to me) but to truly know how to function within the full wholeness, completeness first… is crucial to what we are really here for.  (yikes!)

Absolute incarnation (some things just hit me like a ton of bricks and still have me saying, what the hell does that even mean!! lol  I amuse myself a lot!)  The word Absolute from Free from restriction or limitation; not limited in any way.

Now imagine, there are two whole energies that come together.  OMG this too, was part of my dream thingie… the two large circles that were filled with merged circles and triangles.  We will be able to move in and out of each others realities at WILL.  Not only me and Jorge… but each others, together as well.

I hope I didn’t loose you (I am so seeing this inside my field of vision… and really hard to put into concrete words.)

I am going to shift gears just bit (actually, quite a bit here.)  Over the years, thru meditation with that guy named Sananda and his Heavenly Wife named Mary Magdalene I was shown some really interesting things.  Things I never wrote about (imagine that!!)  From my meditations:   The man that took up incarnation met a a young lady when both were in their teens.. about 14 years old.  He was what I will call a hybrid human; back then, I only knew human and plieadian stuff, so I assumed he was human and plieadian, this morning… I get the rest of the story.  He was Human and Sirian she was pure plieadian.  They met and instantly fell in love.  Instantly, they changed each other.  Thru their physical (on earth) reunion, they both expanded into the fullness of who they were and what they were capable of doing.

I was given a link to some interesting information about the March 5th dateline that came thru my circles and triangles dream.  I am taking this excerpt from here.. just click.

On the 5 March 2013, non-periodic comet C/2011 L4 will pass closest to Earth, then on the 10 March 2013 will pass closest to the Sun.  It is said that the comet most probably took millions of years to come from the Oort Cloud, a spherical cloud of matter/energy that surrounds the outer edge of our Solar System formed during our Solar Systems evolution.

The Oort cloud is a mass of potentiality, possibilities that exist within the electro-magnetic torroidal field of our Solar System.  Through our Solar Systems evolutionary journey, ‘matter’ is created from energy within the Oort cloud via our individual and collective heart-mind thought-forms, as well as through the collective intelligence of higher dimensions (such as the 6th Dimension of the Pleiades, 7th Dimension of Sirius, and the 8th Dimension of the core of our Milky Way Galaxay).

I was excited just to see someone talking about something other than the 5th dimension!!  We have breached that dimension last year… fully and started to open and use the 6th and 7th dimensions too.  I also knew, that once we learned to fully harness the energy of the 7th dimensions, it gives way too all the other dimensions as well.

So, we can look at our inner circles and triangles as merging the fullness of the 5th, 6th and 7th dimensions together in one whole body (ourSelfs.)  Giving full opening to the 8th…. where the two larger circles (the full masculine and full feminine) merge together in the fields of unlimited creation.  Absolute Creation!!

From what I understand at this moment (always subject to change with more information) that wonderful Noble Gas Turbine core we are becoming will be fully functional as we meet our whole counterpart in absolute creation.  (When both divine masculine and divine feminine meet with skin and bones whole and complete within themselves.)

So, on that note… go into your sacred spaces, harness the energy of Master-Ba-tion, find your divine counterpart within… fall in love, make mad passionate love.  Open the portals of Your Life!! (just for the record… “tion” is an action word!!  wink)

There is obviously so much more to this story… this unfolding of Life itself.

By the way, I feel (semi) fabulous today… I pray I have an antenna to see what we have all gotten ourSelfs into this time!!

Phew Baby.  (((((HUGZ)))))

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. Holy Cow … er, I mean, Jesus Christ! 😉 This is really weird … I decided to talk to Jesus some years ago after I’d had a dream where he came off the cross after I stepped into the light. I asked him about the historical stuff and he asked me if I could imagine the whole story without the crucifixion? I said, well did it happen or didn’t it? He said, “What happened historically doesn’t matter. What matters is can you imagine the story different from what you were told? Because if you can, that means you believe you don’t have to be crucified before you can ascend …” Back then I thought I had to find out what “really” happened. But theres always more than one reality, for those who can see the alternatives …

    And this one:

    “… go into your sacred spaces, harness the energy of Master-Ba-tion, find your divine counterpart within… fall in love, make mad passionate love. Open the portals of Your Life!! ”

    … I’ve been doing that the last 5 years or so, but never without guilty feelings *blush* And they came from … guess what? Yeah … Christianity and the Church. Now recently I had a session with an aura healer, and he retrieved a f***ing Cross from my 2nd chakra!!! I still haven’t dared to find out what difference that has made … *deep crimson blush*

    Thanx so much for your great outspoken sharing!

    Lots of love ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Oh li li, LMAO, were you spying on me last night? I have to say you this literally blew my mind! 🙂 Hugs!


  4. Before we go into an “inflation” on dimensions now suddenly, I’d like to ask Lisa why she and many others have a problem with Jesus. As in “he never existed” What if it did? How about checking Michael Monk at or better directly on his video on YT (look for michael monk, understanding God”) It seems much more real than what you suggest here. His life story, his teachings and the entire story of crucifixion, heck even his name, were severely altered, but HE EXISTED nonetheless! My advice: be careful here…Love, G.


    • Ohh GiGi I have no problem with Jesus at all… real or imagined. He has been my own greatest teacher…. until I realized it was always me. WE lived lives very similar in detail. Being “careful” comes from the fear of seeing your own truth and having to change what you/we once knew to be true. You cannot be fully on this path and tread with caution!!

      I am perfectly ok with it not being true or real to you… I really only write notes to myself from mySelf every day. I ask no one to believe… this is just one girls wild and wonderful inner and outer discovery lived out loud!!

      I love ya GiGi ((((HUGZ)))


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